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1 BY ONE Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Large Cuff

1 BY ONE Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Large Cuff

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of 1 BY ONE Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Large Cuff.

  • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT DETECTION & MOTION SIGN: If irregular heartbeat is spotted, the irregular heartbeat icon on the screen will illuminate. Likewise, the machine will notify you if your body relocation while measuring to keep your measurements accurate
  • DATA EXPORT & CLOUD STORAGE: Physical Copies Last Permanently. 1byone Health App can export your crucial information as PDFs and send out to your e-mail so you can print it out and provide it to your doctor. The app likewise supports cloud storage and sync with Apple Health so you won t lose your information when you alter your gadgets
  • FAST & STABLE CONNECTION, LARGE DISPLAY: With Bluetooth 4.0, you can link the BP Monitor with our 1byone Health App quicker. 4.7 in Large LCD Screen with Backlit and Big Scale enable you to read your information really quickly even in the dark environment
  • STORAGE BAG & LARGE CUFF: All these accessories need a correct location to be kept. This kit includes a storage bag for you to store not only the bp machine itself, however likewise large cuff, which fits standard and large adult arms from 8.6 in (22 cm) to 16.5 in (42 cm)
  • United States BRAND WITH QUALITY CERTIFIED: Quality certified. No need to fret about the accuracy. If there is anything wrong with our product, please call us on for perfect after-sale service. We will attempt our best to resolve the concerns

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 1 BY ONE Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Large Cuff.

Question Question 1

Do You Need Bluetooth To Use This Device?

It works completely great without bluetooth.But the bluetooth function is super super smart, it keeps a lifetime record people and our family’s BP within the app. Can reveal the doctor at checkups.Saved great deals of time and cash.

Question Question 2

What S The Call Of The App?

1byone Health App

Question Question 3

Exists A Compulsory Personal Privacy Arrangement To Share Your Personal Information?


Question Question 4

Will The Blue Tooth Work When Our Phone Is Locked?

No we don t think so. When taking a reading, if you want it synced to the app, you will need to have the app opened.

Question Question 5

We Need To Contact Seller. What Is The Contact Information?

we do not know.we have had no concerns with the device.

Question Question 6

Does It Have Spanish Language Options?

Yes, it cover 8 languages on 1byone health app. English, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano and others.

Question Question 7

How Long Is The Cuff Cord?

from the arm to the machine, 2 feet (23 inches-24 inches)

Question Question 8

Do You Have To Sign Into A Site To Use The Wireless Functions?

When you have actually downloaded the app to your mobile phone your cuff monitor can always read by your phone. Unless your in a location where your mobile phone does not have a signal

Question Question 9

Can We Order A Medium Adult Arm Size?

Pretty sure it s one size. It s like the doc workplace. It changes. we are med too. All of it finishes up into a small case

Question Question 10

Where Is It Made?


Question Question 11

Will It Display Without Having A Smart Phone Or Bluetooth?

Yes, it has a large display screen.

Question Question 12

What Size Power Input? Re: 100 ~240 V ~50/60 Hz, 0.3 A Max?

we are using 4 AAA batteries

Question Question 13

If We Have Utilized The Monitor Without Opening The App, How Do We Update The App With The New Readings? If You Press M The Bluetooth Indication Is Not There?

As long as your monitor is still paired with the app when you open the app it ought to raise all readings taken that were not contributed to app. There ought to be a function that lets you choose which or all readings to upgrade to your app.

Question Question 14

Does This Device Handle And Storage Reading For Multiple Users?

for multiple users, when syncing with the app, does it blend all the information (like Omron Silver)? Is it easy to keep two user’s information different into their own apps?Thx.

Question Question 15

Is It Possible To Buy A Smaller Sized Arm Cuff?

May be not

Question Question 16

Does It Functions With Apple Health App?

It does. We sync both the BP app and the Apple health app. It is easy to establish.

Question Question 17

Does This Deal With An Iphone 11 Pro? Omron Machine Didn’T. Thanks.?

This macine was awful.sent it back the very same day we got it.Worse product ever

Question Question 18

How Can We Transfer Information To The Computer System?

No need to move information to the computer system. The 1byone health app on your phone will track everday’s information.

Question Question 19

Can We Set Some Other Languages?

Yes, it has 8 languages on 1byone health app. You can pick anybody you like.

Question Question 20

Can We Use This With Our “D-Ring Cuff (W/Out Connector) For Digital Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, Xl(38-55 Cm) (15-216 Inch)”?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on 1 BY ONE Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Large Cuff, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Daddy is monitoring his high blood pressure. He has hypertension and utilizes treatment to regulate it. For signs, he must measure the pressure a number of times a day. We bought him this monitor as a gift and he is really happy))) he likes that is has huge monitor, easy to use and accurate. He likewise inspected it when he was visiting his doctor, and it revealed the very same outcomes. It was really crucial for us to know that is accurate. It folds really easy in his charming black bag and doesn t use a great deal of area.

Easy set up & easy to use, the app is easy to use. We like to be able to have our numbers for our doctor to see at our consultations. Really happy with our purchase.

An easy way to keep a lookup to our grama s high blood pressure in your home. Really accurate and easy to check out. It comes with a manual that discusses whatever and you might likewise find videos describing whatever about it online too. Conveniently for travel too as it is available in it s bag. Fast shipment (got it in 48 hours) just make certain to have 4 aaa batteries home, cause it doesn t come with it.

We like this product due to the fact that it is accurate and easy to use. It is likewise light that it’s easy for you to carry. We purchased this for our other half due to the fact that he’s the one who travel a lot for his work. We are issue of his health specifically his high blood pressure. So we looked for a product that will be easy for him to use. We are thankful that found thisproduct It’s great, accurate and value for cash.

We are pregnant and we purchased this for our self to monitor our high blood pressure, it’s really efficace, easy to use easy to check out. Excellent quality, it’s memories each time you take your high blood pressure, gon na be easy to chow it to the doctor. You can travel with it, can just put it in your purse, easy to carry it. Really highly recommended.

Just recently got this design and pairing with our iphone. Love the bluetooth alternative that we can keep truck and have information record of our high blood pressure in this monitor. Really accurate and easy to use.

We bough this machine for our mother. She is having high blood pressure issue. She requires it to monitor her high blood pressure. She like it. It provides an accuracy numbers. One we revealed her how to use it. She got it rapidly so it s easy to use and to be checked out.

Monitoring our bp is considerably more hassle-free with the bluetooth function and the app is developed with the capability to keep in mind for each reading. They likewise make it easy to get a spreadsheet of all your information whenever you ‘d like. When we began to have bluetooth connection concerns the business was easy to reach by phone with an american service representative and right away provided a replacement.

The device itself is perfect. Press one button and it switches on and begins pumping up the cuff. Numbers are larg and easy to check out. Does not take as long as some others we have utilized. Our only problem, and what keeps it from being 5 stars is that the bluetooth performance either does not work or is hard. We have tried out multiple events to get it to link to our ipad however it simply will not. We have a scale made by the very same business that links without problem, so we understand it’s not the ipad. We like just taking the tablet into the doctor’s workplace so he can see the numbers, however given that this monitor will not link we need to by hand include them using a various app. It might be that we do not know how to link it, however the instructions are quite horrible so we are not exactly sure. 5 star pressure monitor, 0 star bluetooth.

We purchased this system due to the fact that of the bluetooth performance. We set up the app and invested 30 minutes attempting to get it to match through the android app (attempted with 2 various phones) however kept getting mistake messages. We are quite tech savvy and have more than 30 bluetooth sensing units around your home, so we have matched a good variety of bluetooth gadgets. We will pack it and send it back when we chose to attempt something else, and it worked. After making it possible for bluetooth on the high blood pressure device, we had android find it and then attempted to match it straight through android. The device asked for a password (which we didn’t have), we then attempted to match it with the app, and that worked. We think finding it with the phone first is what made the distinction. It now works fine. In general, the user interface is a bit kludgy (common of numerous chinese developed products). You need to press particular buttons, often long presses, often brief presses,. If the battery is taken out, all settings (consisting of time and date) are eliminated. We purchased it for our elderly moms and dads (in their 70 s and 80 s). We are sure they’ll get puzzled with some of the “not so instinctive” steps, however the cost is good and it has bluetooth performance which indicates we can gain access to the information from another location.

We are happy with this high blood pressure monitor. It is really simple to setup and configure and the cuff is comfy and adjustable. The results appear inline with our readings taken at the drug store. We took 3 readings of ourself and two of our relative and they are really constant. This kit is a great value and we have no grievances. We think the only drawback world be is that it needs 4 aaa batteries which are not consisted of. We will advise this monitor to others for its benefit and value.

Really happy. Appears accurate, as long as we put it on right. ?? you can notate particular conditions for each bp record, we are really ecstatic about that due to the fact that we are tracking woozy spells. Really charming and hella hassle-free carrying case. Our only problem is the cuff is truly large for our arm. It take 4 aaa batteries, however you can purchase a usb (is usb the ideal name?) cord and plug it into the wall. Truly happy that you can include other products on the app,.

Portable and rather lightweight high blood pressure monitor with fast measurement time. Comes with an adult cuff with size 22-42 cm, suggesting it can covers the variety of small, medium, and large bp cuffs. Measurements were found to be fairly comparable when compared to a 2nd device; note: make certain measurements are brought out by the book (in this case, the user manual). Go through the directions, ideas and techniques to make sure good measurements. Permits two different user profiles. Information can be kept in an app for each profile. We utilized medm bp app with an android device, and information – high blood pressure and heart rate – gets synced to the app nearly right away after the device ends up taking measurements. The size of the display is bigger; not a substantial fan of the display as we generally choose black lcd screens and not white on black background, as holds true with this monitor. Having actually stated that, this is only an extremely small issue and gets oeclipsed by the general benefit of the system.

Just purchased it, desired the cuff not the wrist and bluetooth to download to our android phone. Functions well, we have a home nurse beginning monday so we will inspect how close it concurs. Establishing the bluetooth was a bit odd (and we have been a techie for 40 years) focus on the app logo design and set it up and you ought to be good. Keep in mind the app needs to be running in order to have the download. Let us know if we can help.

We got this blood pressure for our daddy and let us inform you he is truly happy with machine it keeps him stress free from questioning his high blood pressure the machine comes with tools the very same that a doctor workplace has and its easy to use and provides you leads to a few seconds making you mindful about your plod pressure scenario without the trouble of stressing everyday about it we truly advise.

We have utilized a great deal of high blood pressure assesses in our life, however we have never ever seen anything as good as this one. The first advantage of this product is its brief measurement time. For that reason, so the pain in the arm does not take place. For other products, the pressure increases gradually at the start of the measurement, stopping at the greatest pressure and triggering pain in the arm as the pressure decreases once again. Nevertheless, the measurement procedure for this product ends as quickly as the pressure reaches its acme. So we do not have any pain in our arm. And it’s really hassle-free to send out the outcomes straight to your smart device through bluetooth. We truly wish to advise this product.

We purchased this blood pressure monitor for our daddy as today. He has actually taken it to the doctor’s workplace. The doctor was impressed at its accurate readings. And the screen is huge enough to check out. For the bluetooth function, it’s easy to set up. Tap the start button and open the app. The monitor will link with the phone rapidly. You do not need to do extra steps. It’s so easy. Now our daddy can track his high blood pressure and share it with his doctor as pdf. Toss the pen and paper away. Reward: our daddy can conserve his records on their cloud for free. He will never ever lose the records. (omron charges 10 dollars for one month. ).

Really hassle-free. Tracks all you need and likewise it provide you access to all info at any time through your phone. Certainly you ought to get one. Health is super crucial however most crucial is to know how healthy youare We might state this is an essential item in your home.

Really pleased with this bp machine. Really portable. The app works great, keeps an eye on all our bp info.

It’s simple to use. We downloaded the ios app for this bp checker and it was a quite simple procedure to start. When you wish to upgrade your readings onto the app, just open the app with the bp monitor on and it looks after the rest (as long as bluetooth is on and it has actually been established to do so). The cuff appears quite durable and the motor isn’t loud at all. We are quite pleased with this purchase.

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