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120/Life Natural Juice Drink for High Blood Pressure

120/Life Natural Juice Drink for High Blood Pressure

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of 120/Life Natural Juice Drink for High Blood Pressure.

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN COMPONENTS TO REDUCE YOUR NUMBERS: The first juice drink for individuals with hypertension, 120/Life is made from a blend of beetroot, cranberry, tart cherry, pomegrante, and hibiscus along with added magnesium. This isnʼt a secret. Thereʼs some severe biochemistry going on in the fruit and vegetables aisle of your supermarket. We just combined it together.
  • STRENGTHEN & RESTORE: Strengthen your bodyʼs natural defenses versus hypertension. Our one of a kind formulation integrates 6 healthy foods shown to work like proven high blood pressure medications; Together, they serve as natural variations of Calcium Channel Blockers, Beta Blockers, ACE inhibitors, Nitrates, Vasodillators, Anti-oxidants and much, muchmore Integrated with other sensible steps, 120/Life has assisted improve numbers in just 14 days of daily use.
  • DRINK AS SOON AS A DAY IN THE EARLY MORNING: Traditional high blood pressure regimens require a great deal of you. 120/Life isn’t likethat It’s simple. Start your early morning with a rejuvenating drink of 120/ life and take your high blood pressure routinely (do not alter your medication program). If it works for you, consult your doctor to see if they ‘d want to reduce your medication. Pow. The rest of your day just got better.
  • VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE FORMULATION: Unlike high blood pressure supplements, and pills, 120/Life is vegan, gluten-free and consists of no artificial preservatives or coloring. Beetroot, for example, has been utilized because the Middle Ages as a natural remedy for disorders; it consists of high levels of dietary nitrate (NO3), which the body transforms to nitrite (NO2) and nitric oxide.
  • 90- DAY MAKER GUARANTEE: Hesitant? Itʼs easy to understand. This sort of changes whatever you know. If for any factor you choose that our drink is not a fit for you, you have a FULL 3 MONTHS to call us for a 100% money-back refund, definitely no questionsasked 120/Life is happily made in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 120/Life Natural Juice Drink for High Blood Pressure.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Contain Potassium And If So How Much?

Can’ t keep in mind, it has been a few months because we utilized it.we found the product to be ineffective in addition to badly costly, just to be sincere.

Question Question 2

Exists Any Guarantee With This Product? It Is Not Inexpensive.?

Hi – we are happy to provide a cash back guarantee for our two-week bundle. Please call us at info @120 life.com if you want to ask for a refund after attempting the drink if you find it does not help stabilize your high blood pressure. Thanks and we hope you enjoy your experience with 120/Life

Question Question 3

What Are The Carbohydrates? Bottle States 21 Grams?

Thanks for your question. The carbohydrates in 120/Life come straight from the naturally taking place sugars present in each active ingredient, consisting of Pomegranate Juice, Sour Cherry Juice, Cranberry Juice, Beet Root and Hibiscus Flower

Question Question 4

Does This Product Need To Stay Refrigerated?

A bottle is a serving – the bottles as a whole do not need to be cooled, however if do not drink the entire bottle (it’s only 8oz – so you should drink the entire bottle as the single serving it’s meant to be), you should cool any partly utilized bottle

Question Question 5

What Is Recommended Use?

Matthew – We advise one bottle every early morning. Numerous consumers like the drink when it s cooled. Hope this helps.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on 120/Life Natural Juice Drink for High Blood Pressure, these may be helpful for better understanding.

120/ life is an amazing product that reduced our high blood pressure by 40 points after a two week trial intake. If you do not wish to take artificial medication this is a sure way to lower your high blood pressure that is all naturaland tastes great. Attempt it for 2 weeks. You wont be sorry.

Our high blood pressure wasn’t through the roofing system however our medical professionals were absolutely worried and all set to put us on medication. We encountered 120 life through a good friend and idea, “let’s provide it a shot” we are happy to report, our high blood pressure is now 100/64 And our medical professionals are delighted. We have recommended and/ or purchased the drink for a number of good friends and they have all had comparable outcomes. Even recommended to some elderly individuals, moms and dads of our good friends and they have all thanked us with comparable outcomes. 120 life tastes great and it works. Feels great to be much healthier.

Entered for an outpatient surgical treatment and got a scare of a bp 189/116 Having investigated in years past for something herbal or natural to help lower bp, we found this drink. In fact? it cam up on google in the waiting space at medical facility. We purchased it and had it in 2 daysfrom We hesitated to examine our bp as we understand often the worry and anxiety alone can make it increase too. We consumed this for 2 weeks and inspected it the other day after remaining in the heat and working outside. It was 149/96 We just inspected it once again today and it was 146/95 We personally like the taste-then once again we like all the active ingredients within. Our only question is, is it 21 grams of carbohydrates (we are low carb’ er) or 10? the bottle checks out 21 gms of carbohydrates. We will continue to use this in hopes that the numbers will continue to decrease. We truthfully do not know what our bp was on that surgical day-was that genuine? or was it really high due to white coat syndrome. We want we had inspected it prior to that day in order to know if it was this drink or? fyi, we are 56 year old woman.

5 stars for flavor5 on effectiveness for lowering blood pressure1 star deducted since regrettably it provides us diarrhea, however we have an unusually delicate system, so it might be a good fit for you although we have issues with it.

This 120 life natural juices is fantastic. We use it for hypertension and we like it. We take it daily and feel great when we take it daily. We do my own first thing in the early morning. The taste is really, great. Otherwise, we might not use it. We likewise feel it helps with swelling which is an added advantage. We can’ t state enough about this juice.

second buy it truly work.

We purchased this for our other halves hypertension and it has lowers his numbers in only 3 days. We are really amazed with this juice and it’s benefits.

It’s works as marketing states.

Tastes great.

The product packaging is stunning and we were anticipating something really tasty however we could not end up the first bottle no matter how we attempted. We do not know it it is the beets or what however the taste left a lot to be preferred.

Way to early to examine the efficiency of theproduct Rather expensive. Provided as assured.

It truly assisted our other halves bp however way excessive cash.

It is useful to your health.

It was great.

Our other half was detected with hypertension 194/114 and we both were terrified. As severe as it was we understood he was not a fan of medication. It was recommended he take 120 life and we both had our doubts if this would really work. After the first week he took his pressure and it was reduced to 134/83 We both were not only delighted it had reduced however we were amazed that 100% natural active ingredients had such an effective effect on his body and he didn’t need to take one tablet. We are so grateful for 120 life. We really think it conserved our other halves life.

We attempted this drink since the active ingredients are super healthy. We didn’t anticipate that it would help with our anxiety. We did some googling and found out some of the active ingredients are understood for their relaxing affect, especially the beets, hibiscus, and magnesium. We like the health benefits of this drink. Not a huge fan of the taste of beets, however the pomegranate in the drink masks it well. It tastes truly good cold. We highly advise it.

Our other half has been using this product for a year and he has gone from having alarmingly hypertension to keeping a normal healthy rate. After his continuous persistence that we attempt it, we were happily amazed by the taste. We provide this product two thumbs up for assisting our other half preserve his health.

We attempted this on an impulse. We entered into it believing ‘what have we got to lose?’ in between 10-14 days, we began to see our bp decrease. We sent out a message to our doctor along with our 10- day readings. She asked us to cut our lisinopril in half and track for another 10 days. Our readings were low enough after a 30 days, that our doctor has reduced us from 30 mg to 15 mg of bp medications. It does not taste the best, however it’s not dreadful. If it decreases our bp, we will drink it. Putting it over ice makes it more tasty for us. Our outcomes have been great so our company believe in this product.

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