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3M Littmann Stethoscope

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Lightweight II S.E., Pearl Pink Tube, Stainless Steel Chestpiece

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Here are a few main benefits of 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Lightweight II S.E., Pearl Pink Tube, Stainless Steel Chestpiece.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Offers reliable acoustic performance for taking high blood pressure readings and making minimal physical evaluations of adult clients.
  • Tunable diaphragm reacts with a simple pressure modification to record low and high-frequency noises
  • Tear-drop shape for easy fit under high blood pressure cuff. Epoxy/Fiberglass diaphragm Product
  • Anatomically developed headset is angled to fulfill the course of the ear canal

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Here are some more information on 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Lightweight II S.E., Pearl Pink Tube, Stainless Steel Chestpiece.
Color: Pearl PinkProduct DescriptionThe 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope is a perfect entry-level instrument, with a tunable diaphragm, dual-sided chestpiece, and reliable acoustic performance. Its teardrop shape makes auscultation around high blood pressure cuffs simpler. The recommended use for the Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope is as a diagnostic aid as part of the physical evaluation of a patient. It is Preferably fit for certified nursing assistants, certified nurses, EMT/ EMS, certified employment nurses, medical assistants and nursing trainees.The power to learn in the palm of your hand with our free instructional app. Practice your auscultation abilities anytime, anywhere with the 3M Littmann Knowing Institute app, free with the purchase of a 3M LittmannStethoscope The app permits you to practice and improve your auscultations abilities, which can lead to better performance in school or your practice and offer better patient results. With the app, you can: Establish diagnostic abilities using patient situations Listen to genuine heart and lung sounds to acknowledge various conditions Track your development Test your understanding Open the full material of the app with the identification number found on the chestpiece of your Littmann stethoscope. Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download the free app and begin training today. The colors shown online are approximations. We have striven to reveal the very best possible match to the color of the realproduct Nevertheless, some variation is anticipated, due to distinctions in both lighting and monitor calibration.From the ManufacturerThe 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope includes tunable diaphragm technology for reliable and clear acoustic performance in this light weight version. The special shape of the chestpiece likewise permits easy navigation around high blood pressure cuffs and plasters. This stethoscope is a beneficial diagnostic tool for high blood pressure and minimal physical evaluation in adult clients and its light weight and tunable diaphragm make it a perfect choice for certified nursing assistants, certified nurses, EMT/ EMS, certified employment nurses, medical assistants and nursing trainees. 3M Littmann tunable diaphragm technology provides reliable and clear acoustics, adaptability and time-saving benefit. Changing in between bell and diaphragm modes is as easy as a simple pressure modification on the chestpiece. There is no need to eliminate, index and change for same-site auscultation. Resistant tubing folds securely for pocket mobility and keeps its shape while patented Snap Tight Soft- Sealing Eartips help form an effective acoustic seal. The anatomically right headset is angled to carry noise and boost listening convenience while the nonchill rim and diaphragm offer patient convenience. The Lightweight II S.E. is made in theUSA The product and bundle are latex-free and come with an alternate set of small eartips and directions. What are Stethoscopes? Stethoscopes are diagnostic instruments that enhance noises made by the body from the heart, lungs, abdominal area and digestive system, or other body websites. A stethoscope is utilized to spot and study internal systems, such as fetal advancement, blood flow or high blood pressure (BP), and respiration, and sounds, such as heart, venous, arterial, lung, and uterine. Stethoscopes generally have Y-shaped rubber tubing that permits noise to travel from the chestpiece to the eartips. An open bell spots radio frequency sounds, and a diaphragm spots high frequency noises. A stethoscope can come as single, double (dual), or triple-head. Binaural stethoscopes are utilized with both ears, and single stethoscopes work with one ear. Differential stethoscopes are double-head, and permit sound contrast in between various body websites. Non-electronic, likewise called mechanical or acoustic stethoscopes, transfer noise through hollow tubing to a listener s ear. Stethoscopes are utilized by trainees and a wide variety of doctor consisting of doctors, nurses, and vets, in addition to experts such as cardiologists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, and breathing experts in health center, clinical, or other healthcare centers. About 3M Littmann For more than a century, 3M has used development and technology to enhancing our clients lives and supporting their business objectives. Today the business, from its head office in St. Paul, Minnesota, serves commercial, healthcare, industrial clients and customers in almost 200 nations. That exact same spirit of technical development is constructed into every 3M Littmann product to offer healthcare experts with precision, innovative design, and high acoustic level of sensitivity for extraordinary performance. The 3M brand, throughout countless products, represents consistency, superior quality, and value. What s in package? Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope Directions Producer Contact Information651-575-5000 See more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Lightweight II S.E., Pearl Pink Tube, Stainless Steel Chestpiece.

Question Question 1

Does Anybody Know If This Stethoscope Is Adequate For Small Animal Veterinary Medicine?

All stethoscopes can be utilized in veterinary medicine.You just need to regularly use it so you begin having the ability to recognize the various sounds.we have utilized a number of various stethoscopes in our profession.All have goods and bads.The heart scopes are great for lower frequency noises, such as heart beats, however not so All stethoscopes can be utilized in veterinary medicine.You just need to regularly use it so you begin having the ability to recognize the various sounds.we have utilized a number of various stethoscopes in our profession.All have goods and bads.The heart scopes are great for lower frequency noises, such as heart beats, however not so great for greater frequency seems like subtle lung and respiratory tract noises.Still, its how you use it.our pal is a vet cardiologist.He’s utilized a pediatric scope for years and is so utilized to the noises he can hear subtleties we will miss out on with fancier scopes.Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

Only If YouKnow Other Than Rate, This Must Absence Includes Or The Quality Of Greater Priced Ones?

we like this stethoscope. Anything you get with the littman name will be high quality, the distinction from the greater priced models is that this is not heart particular. It is a general stethoscope. There is no loss of noise recognition. You can still hear s1-s2, lung noises, bruits, whisperings, bowel noises, and the like.

Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized In Pediatrics? Or Is Better To Buy The Classic?

The lightweight CAN be utilized in pediatrics however it’s better to buy the classic simply due to the fact that it has better acoustic performance. Here’s a link to a contrast chart. https://www.allheart.com/m/littmann/a/littmann-stethoscope-comparison/Hope this helps.

Question Question 4

Did Yours Feature The Box Covered In Plastic? Mine Came With The Box Partially Opened, We Idea There Would A Protective Covering Around The Plastic.?

Mine can be found in package with a1″ plastic band around package, not all that safe and secure of product packaging. When we called Littmann, the operator didn’t know what the product packaging required. However she did state that what we buy off of is a 3rd party purchase, so she has no other way of understanding anything about the real product we purc Mine can be found in package with a1″ plastic band around package, not all that safe and secure of product packaging. When we called Littmann, the operator didn’t know what the product packaging required. However she did state that what we buy off of is a 3rd party purchase, so she has no other way of understanding anything about the real product we purchased.Then we called a regional supplier and talked with them. we informed him we bought one and that it had the band around package, however that the item did not have a plastic bag around it or any other product packaging. He stated it does not come covered inside package, that it rests on a slice of black foam, and that’s it. That’s precisely how my own was packaged. His rate is $24 greater than the rate. And truthfully, even if we purchased it from him, we still would not know if somebody had formerly bought it and returned it anyhow. we can’ t inform you the number of times we have bought products in shops to later on find that it had been utilized and returned. UGH. The larger problem is it a fakeitem we would have no other way of understanding credibility unless we bought it straight from the producer. Next best thing would be an authorized supplier. we bought this for home use, so we are not going to fret about it excessive. However, if we were a medical trainee, we would be buying from a licensed supplier.

Question Question 5

Is This Good For Listening To Lung Sounds On Pediatric Clients?

we can’ t state whether it’s good for peds however we find it great and was recommended this one our a 20 year peds vet.

Question Question 6

What Product Are The Ear Buds?

we do not know the specific product, however they seem like a company rubber

Question Question 7

Can We Use For Pregnancy?, We Want To Listen Our Infant?

Doppler gadgets are normally better for that function, particularly when you’re still in the 2nd trimester.we operate in a practice where we do refrain from doing prenatal care, so we have not had the chance to try.If this is an infant that is presently in the womb, ask the OB/midwife for advice on this.

Question Question 8

How Can We Order In Another Color?

Hi Victoria, we would attempt finding other colors here: https://www..com/s/ref=sr_nr_seeall_1?rh=k%3A3M+Littmann+Lightweight+ II+S. E.+Stethoscope% 5Cc+28%22% 2Ci% 3Ahpc & keywords= 3M+Littmann+Lightweight+ II+S. E.+Stethoscope% 2C+28%22 & ie= UTF8 & qid =1417920428

Question Question 9

Can This Be Utilized To Hear Heart Whispering?

It is not a heart scope however we are able to hear heart sounds incredibly and irregular heart beats. we would not see why you would not have the ability to hear a whispering.

Question Question 10

We Check Out Some Evaluations That This Is Not A Littmann Is That Correct?

This is a Littmann product

Question Question 11

Our Relative Is Pregnant (12 Weeks) At 20 Weeks We Must Have The Ability To Hear The Infant’SHeart Will This Scope Work?

Hey There Mike.we are not a doctor however we had the ability to hear our child around that time. Congratulations.we do not know you however every infant is a true blessing.

Question Question 12

Is This Design Effective Enough To Look For Wheezing?

Yes, we can hear all lung, heart, and bowel sounds quickly.

Question Question 13

Exists Any Way To Make It Louder? Whatever Appears Extremely Murmured.?

we had the exact same issue. HORRIBLE sound quality. we returned my own.

Question Question 14

Is It Made In The Usa?

we are sorry however we do not know.we provided this as a gift and it was sent out to another address.

Question Question 15

Is The Hearing Quality Of The Lightweight The Like The Classic?

we have not owned the classic, however the diaphragm does get the noises extremely well with the lightweight version. we were changing one we had for possibly 12+ years due to the fact that it was getting stiff; (we are sure fromdisinfecting it numerous times). You can’ t fail with Littmann.

Question Question 16

Is It Good For Veterinary Use?

we have only utilized mine on individuals and mannequins in sim labs, it works very well on the mannequins so we would think it would be just great on oets.

Question Question 17

Primarily Thinking About Blood Pressure, Is This The Best One For That? Exists A Reliable Book, Online Tutorial Etc For Training (We Know About App)?

YouTube has some good videos, however in our viewpoint practice makes perfect, find relative, buddies and practice as much as they will let you ??

Question Question 18

For Our Nursing Program We Need A “Stethoscope With A Bell And Diaphragm”. Does This Meet Those Requirements And If Not Which Stethoscope Would?

Yes it satisfies those requirements. The bigger side of completion of the stethoscope is called the diaphragm. The smaller sized side is called the bell.

Question Question 19

Why Does It Need A Battery?

The stethoscope does not need a battery

Question Question 20

How Can We Order This Item In Black?

We will send out the black color unless defined when orderedThank you

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Lightweight II S.E., Pearl Pink Tube, Stainless Steel Chestpiece, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Some individuals stated this isn’t a genuine littman, we just wished to let individuals know that despite the fact that it does not have an identification number, it is for sure a genuine littman. On littman’s site, they resolved this worried w/ the lightweight design: “the lightweight iwe s. E. Stethoscope does not come with a traditional identification number. There is nevertheless a number and letter mix on the chestpiece that operates as the identification number if you need to trigger your warranty. If you wish to access the littmann discovering institute app, please call us at 1-800-228-3957 monday– friday 7: 30 am– 6 pm cst to get a code. Thanks. “we purchased this stethescope for nursing school and we were astonished at just how much clearer we can hear noises for physical evaluations. Likewise we enjoy how light it is.

We are veterinary trainee and we have been basically using a littmann cardiology iiwe for all of our small animal things and liked it. Nevertheless, as we have begun equine labs we have found that our old stethoscope was a bit challenging to steer up in to certain locations (like auscilation of the tricuspid valve in the underarm location) and this stethoscope was recommended to us by among our horse teachers. We utilized it today on some tests and we enjoyed with the quality of the noise, it was extremely light weight and appears durable to use for large animal, and the shape worked truly well to help us get in to the locations we had a hard time with previously. This will most likely become our favored stethoscope for large animal and it makes a great backup to have for other utilizes too.

Our ears aren’t great and that’s the main factor we purchasedthese You truly can hear a lotbetter If you go from these to the standard cheapo version it resembles night and day. We can have these in and the patient will be speaking with us and we can’ t hear what the patient is stating- just what’s coming from the stethoscope. They are developed well and easy to clean. They are light and not large, which you will value towards completion of a 12- hour day. Don’ t be inexpensive. Getthese You will thank yourself later on.

We are nursing trainee and we required a stethoscope for our clinicals. We were not sure of which stethoscope to buy, however we are thankful we got this one. We bought it in a lilac color. It is truly lightweight and easy to use. It fits completely in our ears without any inflammation from the earpiece, which we fretted about. It sounds clear and we like how you re able to change the setting. It truly worked well throughout clinicals, thankful we bought it.

It works as marketed. We just found out from a colleague that the head system rotates so no noise comesout The site stated “3. Turn to the right side. When using a double-sided littmann stethoscope, you need to open (or index) the side you wish to use — bell or diaphragm — by turning the chestpiece. If the diaphragm is open, the bell will be closed, preventing noise from being available in through the bell, and vice versa.” did not know this. We got an offer so we are happy.

Our old favorite. Just changed the similar scope that was 20 years of ages. The plastic broke at the tubing connection to the bell when dropped on a hard surface area. Other than that there was definitely no wear and tear. Good noise. Can hear well despite the fact that clothes. Only disadvantage we can see exists isn’t any possibility of fixing it, however our first one lasted a full 20+ years of daily work use and no doubt it’s been dropped a lot of times. Light weight if you use your’s around your neck as we do. No threat of clunking a patient with a hard metal head.

We purchased this product for our sweetheart considering that she is beginning medical school. The littmann’s are extremely costly so we enjoyed to find this one considering that she truly desired one a littmann stethoscope. She likes it and it sounds great however as another person composed in the evaluation, the earpieces for her are likewise huge that makes it hard for it to stay in her ears. The product likewise came open so we questioned if it was a returned product been resold. Still attempting to choose if she wishes to keep or return it however it certainly sounds great and clear.

We are nurse who drifts around the health center we operate at, so we use this stethoscope for a range of clients. We have owned a littman cardiology stethoscope in the past, however after (more than) a few years of use that one chose to either grow legs and leave, or we left it someplace. While we might never ever know the response to this (or see our littman cardiology once again), we chose we required to stop loaning other’s stethoscopes and buy a new one. We dislike to invest cash on things we currently own, so we would been preventing the circumstance (however once again, that implies we were obtaining and that is super frustrating). That being stated, this stethoscope is showing it’s well worth the rate. Breath sounds, heart noises, all clear as a bell. Physicians and colleagues have always bummed our stethoscope off people (as we had started doing when we lost mine), so we chose to go with the bright pink color and more glam it up with stethoscope beauties and bling. Now we are a minimum of ensured a good laugh even on the worst of days when some of the more stoic doctors and associates need to obtain our equipment.:-RRB- worth it.

Great bang for the dollar, light weight and great head shape for sticking under the cuff for a bp. The light building may be a concern for audio disturbance, however for the most part for what we do as an emt we just need to listen to rate, quality and existence and even in a loud ambulance it is more than sufficient.

We will first of all say that we have offered this product 5 stars for it’s total quality and ease for the rate that is paid for it. We have had 4 various littmann stethoscopes (classic, lightweight i, heart ii, and heart iii), an ultrascope, and various off-brand stethoscopes. While we find that this stethoscope works very well, it would be ridiculous for us to state that it outperforms it’s heart iiwe brother or sister– however $50 is extremely various from $300+ for the costlier products. It works exceptional for the cash that you pay. Frequently, it is a nursing trainee or nurse/paramedic/emt that is checking out whether to buy a littmann lightweight vs. A littmann classic. We are an emt, a medic in the arour, and a near graduate nursing trainee. We will support the lightweight for a few factors:1. Rate for quality. We have heard (and think, ourself) various viewpoints about which is better (the lightweight vs. The classic). Seeing no large distinctions, it is most likely best to go for the more affordable of the two. 2. Weight: while only a few ounces looks like absolutely nothing, when you use a stethoscope around your neck all the time, it get’s tiring. The lightweight stethoscope supplies a hassle-free lightweight feel that permits your neck to breathe a bit more (even if only a bit, we will take it. ). 3. Sound quality: we have remained in loud, field-type scenarios with the lightweight, the classic, and the heart iwe & iii. While it is apparent that the heart iwe & iiwe are better for evaluating heart noises (s3/murmurs, etc.) all over (consisting of loud scenarios), we found no genuine distinction in normal sound quality for lungs, bowel noises, and normal s1 & s2 heart sounds. So unless you are dealing with a heart system, your best shot is to attempt the more affordable scope & if you wind up requiring something better– offer it to a bad nursing trainee, due to the fact that it makes hearing the noises a lot simpler at a smaller sized rate for new students. Side notes: littmann stethoscopes are easy to clean and the colors that are used are wonderful (and none of mine have faded in the 5+ years we have had them). Numerous regional locations in our location (in addition to some online) will digitally compose your name on them and they come out looking great. Other off-brand stethoscopes do not offer this choice with the way they are crafted. Ear buds: the littmann stethoscopes normally come with extra earpieces, nevertheless the lightweight iwe se does not. It comes with the breeze tight soft-sealing eartips, which are softer than most off-label brand names and offer great sound quality. We have in fact purchased a set of replacements just to slip on our ultrascope (which was a gift) due to the fact that they are so soft and great quality. Colors: we have seen numerous colors of littmann stethoscopes considering that we have started in the medical field. Most are true to the colors explained. The best thing is that if you do not like the color that you initially preferred, you can send it right back to for a replacement. We just recently purchased the seafoam green. The enjoyable colors make pediatric nursing enjoyable, and permits you to identify your own scope from the others at the health center. All of us know in the medical field that stethoscopes and pens are best-sellers and we do not want them out of our sights. Length: we find the 28″ stethoscopes (like the lightweight iwe se) to be enough time for ourself, however not too long. We have a muscular neck that has to do with 16″. We find that this is not too long, as the 32″ we have utilized captured on whatever we bent over near; and the 27″ was just a bit too brief for our taste. However once again, our neck is bigger than the typical woman’s neck. Need to work completely for a male, nevertheless. Diaphragm shape: it is a hassle-free ovoid shaped chestpiece. This works completely to get in the ideal area for high blood pressure without having the cuff rub too loudly on the bell. Likewise, just turn the chestpiece or tubing and you can use the bell to auscultate various frequencies. We hope you enjoy your purchase as much as we do.

We like the reality that it s light weight and we enjoy the pearl blue color. We are little dissatisfied in the quality. We can t hear in addition to we would like. We are vital care nurse and have remained in nursing for 32 years. This stethoscope is a good buy for the cash.

This stethoscope was the factor we purchased our littman cardiology. When we were a trainee, medics left this stethoscope on the ambulance, and we utilized it on a patient. We had the ability to hear her high blood pressure through a winter season coat. We immediatedly purchased our own cardiology iv for when we began operating in the health center. When we got a new task operating in the field, we purchased this littman lightweight due to the fact that we didn’t wish to break our costly set of ears. We have no problems; we can hear lung and heart sounds completely. We would suggest this stethoscope not only for emergency medical technicians or military medics however likewise anybody who requires a top quality stethoscope however doesn t have $150 to invest in it. This is the stethoscope we gave medical school; it s easy to carry and works well.

Love our littman lightweight stethoscopes. Not super costly, and certainly not inexpensively made. We hear what we need to hear and it doesn t weigh us down. Extremely comfy. We suggest these to nursing trainees and any nurses in general. Unless you re in a specialized department and need to hear more.

We purchased these for our vet techs in our veterinary clinic for getting heart rates on clients. They’re super lightweight, easy to learn on, and offer good clearness with auscultation. They’re not as good as the littmann cardio iiwe or master cardiology, so we would not always suggest these for medical professionals that depend upon auscultation. For support personnel that are running around like insane and just need to get vitals, these are perfect.

It is an incredible stethoscope, you can hear extremely well with this kne. We highly suggest it to any nurse or nursing trainee. The tubing does not kink up quickly as you take out of package you’ll be so happy. We recommend getting an individualized name tag.

We attempted this stethoscope out on heart clients right after getting it and believed it was exceptionally clear and delicate sufficient to get subtle whisperings. It should not be anticipated to be as good as a cardiology stethoscope however is great if you use it around your next for 12 hours at a time. An impressive product for the rate. If you have difficulty auscultations with this you must get your hearing inspected.

We use the lightweight everyday for work as a paramedic. The sound quality is truly good, and the rate makes it so we are not as anxious about losing it on a scene as we utilized to be about our pittman cardiology stethoscope. Great product.

Rather good for the rate. Our spouse bought this and being a previous paramedic, he’s selective. He states littmann has always been among the very best and this lower-end design is extremely delicate which is great so there you have it.

We required a stethoscope in the house for home high blood pressure readings for our spouse. This one is perfect. As a nurse, we have another more costly one for work, however this one supplies for good lung noises and use of high blood pressure readings. Came super fast.

We wished to get among these to help us listen to our rat’s breathing and heart beats. Considering that they’re susceptible to breathing infections, it can be truly essential to hear it early so they can get treated as rapidly as possible. We feel better having them around, and we get the sensation that it’ll help when they in fact get ill too, considering that it ‘d let us listen to how their lungs are sounding while they recuperate. This is most likely a near need to have if you own pet rats, heck any pet we think, however particularly for rats. The rate and quality appear good, a minimum of for what we want itfor The color is great too.

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