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A&D Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of A&D Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Clinically confirmed for accuracy
  • Extra- large LCD screen
  • Correct Positioning Guide makes sure an accurate reading
  • Multi- user: shops up to 60 measurements each for two users
  • 5 year warranty, FSA eligible

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on A&D Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

Question Question 1

How Do The A&D Gadgets Keep Track Of Previous Readings? Do They Program Date & Time? Txs.?

Yes, when you program the date and time, your readings will conserve under those times and dates.

Question Question 2

May We Know The Size Of The Display Screen? Thank You.?

approx. 1-5/8″ x 2-3/8″

Question Question 3

Is This Sold New Unopened Etc.?


Question Question 4

Does This Include A Plastic Case To Store It In?


Question Question 5

How Long Does The A&D Wrist Bp Monitor Continue Working? Only A Year Of Working Makes The Product Expense Prohibitive?

we do not know who informed you the device will be working will pass away after year.Life span is most likely to be more than a year however It is most likely to depend upon your use and how you look after it. You might want to call the maker about their normal life span ranking. our personal experience is good. A light tel we do not know who informed you the device will be working will pass away after year.Life span is most likely to be more than a year however It is most likely to depend upon your use and how you look after it. You might want to call the maker about their normal life span ranking. our personal experience is good. A light informs you if you if your arm remains in the correct position. On the other hand, the highly ranked A&D arm monitor ges through 3 readings. It averages these readings.Worst case circumstance, you learn after the 3rd reading of a measurement error.we do not have that problem with wrist monitor.Good luck.

Question Question 6

Do You Have Bp Devices With Bluetooth Enability Particularly For Life Source Premium Ua-787 Ej?

Yes, we do have a bluetooth allowed high blood pressure monitor, the UA-651 BLE.Neither the UB-543 or UA-787 EJ are bluetooth monitors, however you are welcome to use any of them with our A&D Link app- the very same app the bluetooth monitor utilizes – to by hand log your measurements, monitor patterns, and share outcomes with your doctor.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on A&D Medical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is easy to use and works well. When we synced it with the dr it checks out a little greater than theirs however it’s not bothersome.

Bought this for a pal; we are getting one now too.

Up until now this item is all we were looking for in a wrist high blood pressure monitor. No problems.


The memory function of this device is a little tough to gain access to. Likewise it is accurate, and easy to use compared to a more standard bp device. Relieve of use is the main factor we purchased it. In general we are pleased with this purchase.

We purchased 3 of them which stated they all were expect to be new however one can be found in as old so needed to return it other then that the product is great.

We are delighted with this wrist installed high blood pressure monitor by a & e. The quality of the products and the build is first rate. We have a large wrist and this meter fits well. It is tight to attach prior to closing the velcro strap, however this tight fit is common of all the meters that we or our physicians have utilized that have a pre-formed and tensioned wrist band. It is easy to attach the wrist band in the appropriate location and the orange and blue sign lights inform you when your arm rises at the appropriate angle from the table on which you rest your elbow. This positions the meter– more or less– at the level of your heart. The main barrier to getting up and running with this high blood pressure meter are the guideline pamphlet and fast launch sheet. The guidelines might serve to be a whole lot much easier to check out and to comprehend (older individuals tend to need these meters and this very same class tends to have a loss of visual skill). We have kept in mind that, in general, small electronic product coming from asia tend to stint the guideline sheets. An effective launch with this meter needs clear know how– and if you do not have easy access to the web where there might be videos– then you need to depend on the paper guidelines. Please makers, help your clients be successful by offering easy get-started guidelines and ideas. We had the ability to comprehend and use the guidelines with a little trouble. We utilized this meter a good twenty times in 3 days to attempt it out and find it is the most accurate of the 3 bp meters that own. Outcomes of contrasts to two full size high blood pressure meters having arm cuffs are shown below: omron hem-fl31 (connection to a sphygmomanometer inspected by our doctor) real reading: systolic 121, diastolic 66, pulse 65 welch allyn 90104 real reading: systolic 114, diastolic 66, pulse 64 a & d medical wb543 (subject under evaluation) real reading: systolic 119, diastolic 66, pulse 66 conclusion: the a & d meter appropriates as a bring to keep in car or brief-case or pack if you need to take your high blood pressure when away from home and it is not practical to get to a drug store or doctor. 5 star for the product less one star for so-so guidelines equates to 4 star ranking.

We requested this blood pressure monitor in the hopes that it would encourage our partner to do a better task of tracking his high blood pressure. (he has shown borderline high worths on event.) we believed he may be more most likely to use it due to the fact that it is smaller sized and much easier to establish and use than our standard arm cuff monitor. There is a little a knowing curve to figuring out how to use this high blood pressure monitor properly. The wrist cuff must be held level with your heart. The first few times we attempted using it, we kept getting a mistake signal (and frustratingly, it was a mistake signal that wasn’t noted on the accompanying guideline sheet). Once we recognized that you need to wait till you see a blue light representing that you’re holding your arm at the best angle prior to pushing the start button, we began getting error-free readings. When we looked into high blood pressure monitors online, we found numerous medical sites that did not advise using this kind of wrist cuff monitor, on the basis that your readings will be less accurate if you are not holding your arm at specifically the best level/position. And we will state that our experience with this system revealed a great deal of irregularity in the readings we got when attempting it out consistently. So if your health condition is such that you need a specific and exact reading of your high blood pressure, we may advise pursuing a more traditional kind of monitor. Nevertheless, we think this system does have some crucial benefits: first, it’s rather compact, so it would be perfect for bringing along with you if you’re taking a trip and still wish to monitor your high blood pressure. Second, it’s incredibly easy to establish and use (when you figure out how to place your arm properly). Just strap the cuff around your wrist and press the proper button. We likewise like that the device can be established to store readings from two various people. So, while we think this is not the most accurate and reliable instrument on the marketplace, if its size and ease of operation makes it more most likely that our partner will in fact use it, we figure that’s a good idea.

The most significant perk of the a & d medical high blood pressure monitor is its small size; even saved in its case, the monitor uses up extremely little space in a handbag, book-bag, or brief-case. It is even lightweight. Setup was extremely easy, with a clear, easy-to-follow user’s manual. Just appear the batteries, struck a few buttons to set the time and date, and we were ready-to-go. Getting the best position of our wrist took a little practice, however there were signs on the screen which assisted us get our wrist to the appropriate height for accurate measurement; if you do not get to the appropriate position, the reading might be extremely incorrect. The biggest favorable of the system, its size, is likewise an unfavorable element. A few of the icons utilized to communicate information were rather small on the screen, such that we needed to make certain to take the measurement in a vibrantly lit space, so we might see what the small icons were (these icons show things like irregular heartbeat, user mistake, measurement concerns, etc. ). Likewise, if you have a large wrist, be encouraged that the cuff only works with wrists that are 8. 5 inches or less in size. If you have no vision concerns and an average-sized wrist, this a & d medical device need to serve you well for years (according to the manual, the machine is ranked to last 5 years or about 11,000 readings). We advise it.

This is a great high blood pressure monitor. The fit on the wrist was a little tight, so you may examine the measurements on this prior to purchasing to ensure it’ll fit you. Getting the batteries in was relatively easy, however getting rid of the inner battery is a bit difficult due to the stiff band partly obstructing it. You can get it, however. There does not appear to be an internal battery, so getting rid of the batteries will remove the date/time and other saved information. The measurements concur quite well with our bigger monitor, so we think the accuracy is appropriate. It comes with a hard plastic case, that makes this a great monitor for taking a trip with if you need to take routine measurements. We would advise carrying extra batteries for such journeys, however, as two aaas are not likely to last extremely long.

We have numerous blood pressure monitors due to the fact that we have hypertension to the point that we have had a hypertension crisis. Our doctor chooses us to use a arm band bp monitor over a wrist monitor due to the fact that of accuracy. We have one good monitor that our doctor recommended that a is extremely accurate. We compared the readings to the a & d medical wrist high blood pressure monitor and found this a & d to be relatively accurate. It was not as accurate as our arm band, however it is extremely close. The great feature of this device is it is so small. We can quickly bring it with us when taking a trip or just leaving your home. It suits our bag. We comes with a small, hard plastic, carrying case. It comes all set to use. The batteries are long-term. The display is extremely easy to use. You put the band on your wrist, and then bring your wrist near to your chest. There is a sign light that turns blue when you have you arm in the appropriate position. In general, it s easy to use. The instructions are extremely easy, and it is relatively accurate. Left us know if this evaluation was valuable.

This is available in with a 5 year warranty; we likethat What we likewise like about this is that it is incredibly compact, and is available in with a small plastic framing to hold the bp monitor. The screen is quite cool and extremely simple. It does not get much easier to take the bp on your left wrist. When we attempted it, we attempted it 3 times, and we got quite equivalent outcomes each time. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we get constant numbers on this machine, we are still not persuaded that these are the proper numbers for our bp. The wrist part was a bit tight, and if you have a larger hand of thicker wrist this might not fit you. We liked the truth that it had batteries consisted of also (triple a). In general, appears to be fine. Thank you. And we hope we were valuable to you.

It’s hard to know if your high blood pressure reading is accurate when your monitor does not fit well. We are heavyset individual and our wrists are not substantial, however they’re likewise not small. This cuff is not adjustable – if you have anything bigger than a medium-sized wrist, this most likely will not fit you properly. We would have offered this item 3 stars, however the readings are in line with the readings of our other monitor, which is adjustable and fits us well, so we added an extra star forthat Just do your research prior to you buy – the return procedure is not always as easy as it utilized to be, and you do not wish to wind up with a high blood pressure cuff you can’ t use.

This wrist high blood pressure monitor isn’t as accurate as an arm monitor (we took it along to a doctor s check out) however it offers a good ballpark concept of high blood pressure and it s more practical to carry along than a full sized arm monitor. It can quickly be tossed into a knapsack or brief-case, and even a large bag. It s great for individuals who have altered or terminated high blood pressure medications and need to keep track regularly.

This “medical wrist bp monitor” from a & d is the first time we have utilized a ‘wrist bp monitor’ and we found that it worked effectively; no irregular outcomes at all. It is comfy to use, easy to use and read with a large digital display, and of an easily small size, too. A carrying case and multilingual manual are consisted of as are two triple “a” batteries.

We had an omron that passed away, got another one and the readings were all over the location. The quality of the omron is extremely bad. This ca & d medical cuff is extremely great. We like the stiff wrist. Readings appear extremely near to what they are on other cuffs and at the docs. It likewise has a really great tough case to keep it clean and safe.

Lastly an accurate wrist bp monitor.

No issues.

We are incredibly amazed with this bp monitor. We just recently acquired an omron 5 series upper arm high blood pressure monitor with cuff that fits standard and large arms for $39 99 on which is wonderful. We likewise own a healthsmart premium series talking arm high blood pressure monitor which is excellent also, although the cuff is less as our omron. This bp monitor has equivalent functions to both these monitors other than that it is portable and takes our bp by means of a wrist cuff and not an arm cuff. In addition, when comparing our bp readings from this device to both of our other gadgets, they are likewise within the very same range provide or take a few points. In bundle (see images)- one bp system- 2 aaa batteries consisted of- one flying start handout- one manualfeatures- numbers can be saved for approximately two users. – it can store up to 120 readings (that is 60 per user). – the bp numbers can be balanced over time. – it has an irregular heartbeat sign. – it includes c. P. G. (appropriate position assistance)– guides users regarding the best bp position to be in comparable to the way a leveler operates in building and construction. – it comes with a hard case that helps prevent the system from being switched on mistakenly. The most trouble we had with this device is re-seating the battery cover after setting up the two aaa batteries. The factor this was bothersome is due to the fact that the cover is partly covered by the wrist cuff. We then set the date and time. This is necessary for those historic readings so we can reveal our doctor our bp worths in time. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that this system does not display the time when obtaining the historic readings; it only shows am or pm. Getting use to the functions of this small monitor needs we evaluate the manual regularly till we are use to obtaining our numbers. Taking our bp with a wrist cuff varies than with a routine bp monitor. Our arm needed to be bent so that the monitor itself is straight in front of the heart as if drawing a straight line from the wrist to the heart. When we mastered that, it was a cinch to use. As long as we had the appropriate user picked (user 1 or 2), all we needed to do was attach the cuff to our left wrist with the system dials facing me, flex our arm into appropriate position, and then press start. In less than one minute we had our reading and then we pressed start to switch off. The systolic and diastolic pressures and pulse are showed. There is likewise an irregular heartbeat sign showed if there is an irregular rhythm throughout the measurement. Numerous times we compared our readings on this system with our omron 5 (which to us is the gold standard of bp monitors) and likewise our healthsmart premium and they were equivalent provide or take a few points. We understand our omron is appropriate due to the fact that we took our bp in the doctor’s workplace with our system and they were reasonably the very same. Note that no two readings will be precise as bp varies. However, they need to be comparable. In summary, we are definitely blown away by this monitor. Its mobility is its best function as we can now carry this around with us at all times if needed. We did not find the wrist cuff too tight on us at all however, we have a medium sized wrist. In truth, talking our bp with an arm cuff causes us more pain than this system does. After having attempted this, we would be comfy having this as our only monitor. Nevertheless, we choose to have at least two — one for home and one for on the roadway. There is presently no cost noted for this on; nevertheless, we would pay no more than $45 for this monitor.

Really great to have on hand. Generally you get what you pay for however this is in fact a bit better than anticipated. Wrist cuffs are generally not as accurate as arm cuffs due to positioning needed, however this has a function we sanctuary t seen prior to. It reveals when the cuff is at the best position by means of 3 colors lights. When properly held at the height of your heart and unwinded, this can be extremely accurate. It s easy once you master it. It s a tight fit so we would anticipate individuals around 250/300+ pounds would have a difficult time using it, however we compared it when utilized properly to our workplace wall install welch allen sphygmomanometer and this accumulated great. Great for a travel or extra cuff, however we wouldn t advise for clinical/ workplace use. Minus one star for its size and trouble to get the precise position for correct measurement.

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