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ADC Adscope Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology

ADC Adscope Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ADC Adscope Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Adjustable frequency design (AFD) offers the acoustic response of a traditional bell and diaphragm into a hassle-free one-sided chestpiece.
  • Extra-large, toned ovoid chestpiece is CNC precision-machined from lightweight zinc alloy plated with an appealing satin surface, boosting both acoustic performance and ergonomics.
  • Clinician headset includes strengthening yoke formed into versatile 22- inch PVC tubing, stainless binaurals, and Adsoft Plus silicone eartips for the ultimate in using convenience and acoustic seal.
  • Includes two extra sets of Adsoft Plus eartips and a complimentary scope ID tag.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ADC Adscope Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology.

Question Question 1

Will This Tactical Version Help United States Remove The Bad People Much More Better?

Regrettably your grasp of the English language suggests that you will most most likely experience problems when trying to “remove the bad men much more better”.;-) Nevertheless, if you plan to take their high blood pressure and/ or listen to heart & lung sounds this “tactical version” will get the job done effectively.

Question Question 2

We Have Ringing In The Ears That Makes It Practically Difficult For United States To Hear Faint Heart Beats With A Low-costScope Anybody Else Have That Problem Who Likes This One?

Can’ t response to the ringing in the ears, nevertheless our relative is REALLY delighted with this scope. we got it on the suggestion of a cardiologist and she utilized it for a national physical evaluation training certificate in New Mexico. There was a lot of envy for her scope at this occasion. Think that does not address your question direct Can’ t response to the ringing in the ears, nevertheless our relative is REALLY delighted with this scope. we got it on the suggestion of a cardiologist and she utilized it for a national physical evaluation training certificate in New Mexico. There was a lot of envy for her scope at this occasion. Think that does not address your question straight, however our relative has absolutely nothing however the greatest marks for it.

Question Question 3

Is The Noise Perrormance A Big Distinction Compared To The Adscope Cardiology Scope?

we can’ t inform due to the fact that our previous scope was a Riester Duplex Deluxe (and prior to that, a Littman Cardiology II). Compared to the Riester, is a BIG enhancement, the acoustics are extremely comparable to the Littman one.

Question Question 4

Does This Fit Into A Standard Hip/Belt Provider? We Are Very little Of A ‘Neck Person’.?

Thank you for your question. The 615 series ADSCOPE does fit in standard Hip/Belt providers. We do likewise offer a great hip clip too if you are interested.

Question Question 5

We Can Not Hear Really Well And We Wish To Know Which Among These Products Will Be Great For Somebody That Has A Little Little Bit Of A Hear Loss As A Nurse?

This scope is extremely similar to the sound quality of our Littman Master Cardiology, however we agee, it might not suffice with hearingloss On the other hand, it needs to work great for BPs and heart exam for rhythms. You might have issues if you are attempting to hear great seem like S3 or S4 or subtle crackles.

Question Question 6

Any Problems Cleaning The Tubing With Alcohol Wipes?We Have Heard Some Tubing Gets Sticky If You Do That.?

Thank you for your question.Yes, cleaning your tubing down with isoprophyl alcohol wipes is the safe and recommended way to clean your scope.Other kinds of wipes can damage the scope and is not recommended.Thank you for picking ADC.

Question Question 7

Can You See Thru The Tubing Of The Stethoscope On A Few Of The Colors??

Strong colors, we have had purple for more than 3 years.the metal tiredness however the color does not fade. YOU CAN NOT SEE THRU THE TUBING

Question Question 8

Is This Scope Truly Good To Use For Blood Pressure Measurement? We Have A Hard Time Hearing The Specific Diastolic #, When The Noise Begins To Fade.?

It takes a respectable pressure along with lung sounds, however we think it likewise depends upon the individual taking the pressure, and/ or the patient. If you do not wan na invest $100 plus on a scope then this needs to be good scope for you.

Question Question 9

Does This Have Latex-Free Tubing?


Question Question 10

How Much Does It Weight?

we are not exactly sure however it’s quite light. It’s an outstanding scope and we are extremely happy. It sounds better then the Littmans we have attempted. You will not be dissapointed.

Question Question 11

Does It Include A Case?

no, it does not come with a case. the accessory kit comes with extra size hear buds, however not an extra diaphragm. it is new with an inscribed identification number and in the producer’s box, however no case. still an outstanding scope and a great cost.

Question Question 12

Is This Scope Truly Good To Take Bp Measurements? We Have A Hard Time Listening The Diastolic Number, When The Beats Start To Fade.?

It works well for us. we have effectively utilized it to take BP’s in a moving ambulance.

Question Question 13

Where Can We Buy Estetoscópio Littamann Classic Iwe Neonatal 2157?

Question Question 14

Where Is This Stethoscope Made At?

Thank you for your question. Last assembly, evaluation, and product packaging is carried out in our New York center using parts from China and Taiwan.

Question Question 15

Does It Have A Case?

No it does not come with a case. One can be bought independently

Question Question 16

We Have An Abnormality On Our Right Ear Indicating We Have No Hole Would This Stethoscope Be Beneficial To United States Only Hearing Out Of One Ear?

Scopes are created for binaural transmission.Using it with one ear, will reduce viewed volume.we would recommend you buy it from a merchant that allows returns.

Question Question 17

Is The Color More Of A Red Or Pink? Thanks?

The one we got was absolutely a pearlish rosy pink. Not red at all.

Question Question 18

Ok, Dumb Question.The Color Indigo.How Near To Purple Is It Or Is It More Like Jeans Blue? Explain Color If Posible.?

Thank you for your question.It is basically a cross in between jeans and purple.We can send out a color sample if they would like.Contact our customer support department and she can get that began for you.Maria can be reached toll free at 1-800-ADC-2670 or through e-mail at msardella@adctoday.com

Question Question 19

Carries Out In Included Various Size Earpieces?

yes it does

Question Question 20

How To Get The Ear Tip Changed?

Good question. we did find this video. we hope it appears. https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-samsung-ss&ei=JABpXJOrG4bMjgTTzKywBw&q=how+to+replace+adscope+ear+tips+&oq=how+to+replace+adscope+ear+tips+&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.3.33 i22 i29 i301059127051281556.0.1.129428543 j7. Good question. we did find this video. we hope it appears. https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-samsung-ss&ei=JABpXJOrG4bMjgTTzKywBw&q=how+to+replace+adscope+ear+tips+&oq=how+to+replace+adscope+ear+tips+&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.3.33 i22 i29 i301059127051281556.0.1.129428543 j7. i39 j0j0i67 j0i20 i319 j0i20 i263 i319 j0i10 j0i13 j0i13

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on ADC Adscope Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are an emergency doctor. We use our stethoscope every day of our working life. For many years we utilized a 3m littmann master cardiology stethoscope, black plated chestpiece and eartubes, black tube, 27 inch, 2161 ( presently over $200). A year ago we got this adc adscope 615, and ever since this has ended up being the only stethoscope we give work. The longer tubing helps prevent flexing over and conserves our back. The lengthened chest piece manages extremely perfectly. Seriously for us, it is light around the neck. Much much lighter than the littman. It’s rather possible that a technical acoustic evaluation would find distinctions in between the littman (with it’s thicker, much shorter tubing, and much heavier and more costly chest piece) and the615 Nevertheless, for the scope of our operate in the emergency department there are no distinctions which affect our clinical performance whatsoever. Even cardiologists these days rely far more on echocardiograms and do not make definitive medical diagnoses of whisperings by auscultation alone, so we question if there are any doctors for whom there is a considerable distinction in performance. At under $50, with the longer tubing, the lighter carrying weight around the neck or in the coat pocket, and the exceptional acoustics, this is a great choice for any doctor, pa, np, nurse, paramedic, emt or medical trainee. The cost absolutely takes the sting out of losing among these, which takes place every few years.

Factor’s this stethoscope helps us to supply better care: minimized background sounds vs double sided stethoscope (we do not work with kids so we do not need that style). It’s distinct enough to not “vanish” if we set it down/leave it at work. Soft/ comfy rubber pointers – we use this feature of 100 x daily and our ears are fine at the end of the day. Heart/ lung noises are clear and permit us to more quickly recognize and comprehend issues. We do rapid fire evaluations on as much as 35 individuals at a time, and if we hear something unpleasant we can refer them for a greater level of care (ekg). We have currently wound up screening out an obviously healthy man who required cpr an hour later on – partially due to the fact that this scope plainly let us comprehend this this patient was extremely irregular. Factors this scope might not work for you: you’re hung up on purchasing a littman due to the fact that if you do not you think individuals will judge you. You want a double sided stethoscope due to the fact that you think they look cooler (or possibly you in fact need one for some genuine factor). You have bad health and your earwax might appear much easier on the black eartips. You’re low-cost and wish to buy among those lousy, double tubed monstrosities that do not do a good task however look outstanding to clients.

Directly we truthfully cant think the cost of the stethescope. Uncertain why it got any bad evaluations. We had an mdf stethescope provided to us by the school which was a 300 dollar stethescope with accessory for pediatrics etc etc. And truthfully we can hear noises a lot clearer with this stethescope. What we did see too was the flexibiliy in the tubing and the length which was exceptionally good. We had a littman which was 150 we bought years ago when we had initially done registered nurse school, however it did not have the clearness this one has. 40-60 dollars (even if you do not concur with the quality deserves it in our viewpoint). Absolutely a good purchase to attempt and see if you like it. So for those of you who feel the need to have a heart stethescope for your practice and do not wish to spend a lot. Absolutely worth checking out. Will upgrade if we have any futute problems with this product.

Er nurse here. This stethoscope works well. Not excellent, however as any diagnostician understands: this piece of equipment either works or it does not. We have effectively auscultated pneumothorax, heart whisperings, bowel noises and dysrhythmias with this stethoscope. Really durable tubing and general building and construction appropriate for trainees and busy experts. We have no problems after a few months of use. We will always encourage versus paying too much for a stethoscope unless you are field specialist who will not have access to better diagnostic tools. Littman’s will get taken long prior to you get your cash’s worth anyhow. Suggest buy.

We are nurse and we need a good stethoscope for listening to heart and lung sounds. We likewise need a stethoscope for taking manual high blood pressure. The adc adscope is great as far as listening to heart noises. It’s clear as a bell. You can inform the bell part is high quality – its developed like a littman. Compared to lots of stethoscopes, the tubing on this one is rubbery. We can’ t state that we like that function – it might show to be more difficult to clean than the more vinyl tubing of other stethoscopes. Likewise, there’s no carrying case. Sure, we intend on using this around our neck most of the time, however its less pompous to keep it in a storage case on your way to work. Plus it remains cleaner that way. Wow – we like how tight the earplugs suit our ears. What a great stethoscope for the cash. Great noise. Amazing purchase.

We have been a nurse for 13 years and we have never ever purchased a stethoscope for ourself. We have been obtaining from our colleagues given that we have worked most of the time in charge with no need to have our own. Just altered our task and we are dealing with the system that we need to have one. We have investigated lots of sites, asks lots of colleagues about which one is the very best and which one weneed We have chosen for this one and we are enjoying it. Love the color, it is lightweight, perfect length for us and works great. We have listened all our family and good friends:–RRB- can not wait to use it at work. Great stethoscope with lifetime warranty for half cost of littmann’s and works great.

Not rather as much noise seclusion as our litmann cardiology iiwe ($150) however in a quiet space we think it s as good or better acoustically. We got this one bc we got tired of the dual head. If you need better acoustics than this you need to get your hearing examined. Good to good build quality.

Our spouse is an emt and he likes his stethoscope for work. He likes it due to the fact that it is clear and delicate however not double sided, which is necessary to him remaining in unforeseeable environments where he can’ t control outside sound. When we purchased this, his grandfather was refraining from doing well and our spouse took it when he would go out of town to be with his grandfather for a few days. It has special significance now because right after, his grandfather went on hospice and our spouse existed to hear his cherished grandfather’s last heartbeat with this stethoscope.

Best stethoscope we have had today. We purchased this about 6 months back and it is still tough and hanging in there. This is absolutely bang for your dollar. It does not spend a lot like other name brand names, however it does the job as if it was among those high quality name brand ones. As quickly as we put it on, the sound decreases falls considerably that we need to take one out of the ear just to hear the patient talking. Absolutely worth it.

We can hear whisperings, bruits, and valvular clicks we have only heard in training dvds in med school — however never ever prior to with our own stethoscope. We can plainly hear low and high-pitched noises through clothing, with only the periodic rustle of the material. The head is a little heavy, however that s not a con for us. The earpieces are far more comfy than our med school sprague stethoscope. The scope comes with an id tag that firmly grips at the ‘y of the tubing; after composing our name on the tag, we covered it with cellophane tape (waterproofing) due to the fact that we are low-cost and didn’t wish to shell out more cash getting it expertly laminated. We are chuffed about the navy blue tube color, extremely professional and commanding look. We are way better with this stethoscope than we anticipated. And it got here in 1 business day — purchased on sat. Afternoon, got here monday afternoon. We can t advise this scope highly enough.

The tubing hasn’t stiffened and we have been treating it the exact same we treated our littmanns which were too stiff to use in less than 6months after paying for replacement tubing. At $40 for the stethoscope, it’s absolutely worth the cost. We can hear practically along with our cardiomaster, for a portion of the cost, without the stiff tubing. We use it around our neck and decontaminate it with those “gloved use only” health center wipes. We leave it in the trunk of our cars and truck in the 100 degree+ texas heat too.

We had utilized a littman cardiology iwe stethoscope in our work as an ed doctor for years. The tubing had gotten stiff, and the sound quality was suffering (and we had currently bought new bell caps periodically). We went with these based upon the evaluations and could not be better. Lightweight, longer tubing, exceptional noise level of sensitivity. Highs and lows are easy to regulate. We do not need bluetooth, recording, volume modification or any of that things. These are genuinely remarkable, and regardless of being priced far less than littmans, absolutely anupgrade Plan to come back to adc needs to we need a replacement in the future, and will direct our associates in the exact same instructions.

We like this stethoscope. We choose it over the littman s we have owned in the past. The tubing is longer than standard stethoscopes, which likewise enables it to be more versatile so we can put it around our shoulders without it moving off. Looks like most we have owned in the past have been too brief and stiff and would continuously move off our neck. However the tubing is still high quality and the bell is heavy and amazing quality. We are an rt, so we only use it for breath sounds, however the the clearness is amazing and the cost is evenbetter Our colleagues like it.

Bought this ‘scope for nursing school and up until now it has done what we require it to do. Gets heart, lung and bowel sounds rather plainly. Ideally the absence of bell will not cause us any problems in the future. Our schoolmates with littmans invested two times as much and suffer their ear pieces being uneasy. The adscope is in fact rather comfy in our ears and light around our neck. Great bang for dollar, particularly if it were to get taken, less of aloss And the tactical black appearances good.

We purchased the bca metal pink after the metal raspberry got here as a purple color rather than the bright fuschia that lots of images reveal. We have connected the image of the two side by side. This stethoscope has remarkable acoustics, you can hear lung noises and heart sounds all at once yet clear. It helps if you use it as created (light for diaphragm, company for bell). For the cost we are happy that we are amazed and not disappointted. With this 615, we had the ability to plainly auscultate a click whispering that we could not get extremely clear with our mdf md-one nor our schoolmates littman classic iwe so we are offered on this adc. Ensure you register you scope with adc immediately for your lifetime warranty. So that way anything that need a changed can be delivered out, the stethoscope business comprehend how crucial it is for us to be geared up with our much required tools in order to supply care to our clients.

Attempted a number of stethoscopes and this is the only one that that has not broken down and noise are extremely clear. We do dot physical every day and rely greatly on this item to help figure out a motorists health. Yes we would buy it once again, light, easy to carry around our neck all the time. Get one.

We purchased this design of the suggestion of a good friend and we can’ t advise it enough. We are firefighter/emt and this set of ears out carried out a great deal of the more costly models we have utilized when in a healthcare facility setting. In the back of a rescue this stethoscope still provides growing clearness when listening for bps and lung sounds. They’re light weight and tough. The only draw back we had with the set was the ear pieces themselves. They provide a great noise, however we didn’t find them the most comfy. However with the choice of replacements sent out by the business we ultimately found one that fits our choice. Bottom line, if you’re on the fence about buying this, buy it. It’s a great cost for a wonderful product.

We are med trainee presently in our clinical rotations like all others we remained in a predicament whether to buy litman or the never ever heard brand adc. We invested about 2 days looking for out the very best stethoscope possible. After comprehensive evaluations, we believed we need to go for the top quality litman and it was costing us around 120$. Then our buddy and most other individuals even recommended litman. We need to inform you truthfully if you wish to get litman get the top cardiology one do not lose your 120$ for something which is not extremely worthwhile we feel. However if you are med trainee and you are on a budget plan and wish to get the top cardiology litman imitate then get adc adoscpe 615 platinum. We need to inform you this one practically looks like the litman cardiology and it just beats litman classic-3. Our company believe this is just the right product for any med trainee who remains in their rotation and when we got the product we felt its rather durable too. We hope we do not need to get another one up until we complete our residency. Litman’s classic series is just a brand we feel. Its like benz there are basic and top-end models. Individuals who ride the basic design they do not know why they are costs a lot still they are purchasing it just for the brand. Please do not fall under the trap and not all branded products have great quality and vice-versa. This is our viewpoint due to the fact that we have invested an adequate quantity of time comparing and utilized litman products in hand. We would highly advise by far.

We are trauma nurse and need to hear lung noises, heart noises, and stomach noises. We have bad hearing. We utilized to buy the costly “heart” stethoscopes and electronic stethoscopes. This is as as good as any costly non-electronic stethoscope we have ever utilized. The business is great and workers individuals with specials needs–and have every won awards. We highly advise this. Now when we lose one, we are happy to buy another–and we can still pay our lease. Lol.

Great stethoscope for the cost. We usually use our littman, however periodically we leave it at our other task and chose to get a secondary stethoscope that can be left in our locker. The general build quality is great and easy to use. The heart and bowel sounds can be heard quickly and are clear. The only thing we need to state that is a con, however insufficient for us to reduce the general ranking is the quality of tubing utilized. The littman has far superior tubing compared to the adc stethoscope.

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