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ADC Advantage Manual Blood Pressure Kit

ADC Advantage Manual Blood Pressure Kit

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Here are a few main benefits of ADC Advantage Manual Blood Pressure Kit.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • D-Bar cuff, auto valve and connected scope streamline measurements
  • Latex free

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Manual high blood pressure monitor with self adjusting D-Bar cuff, semi-automatic air release valve, connected stethoscope. LatexFree Carry case consisted of

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Does The Semi-Automatic Air Release Valve Enable A Complete Manual Release Of Air?

you can entirely release the air from the cuff

Our Insights:

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99% happy with thisproduct The only problem we have is the release valve does not turn, however you press it to release all the pressure. We like letting a little air out quicker for the convenience of our patient, which isn’t an alternative with this style of valve. Nevertheless, as long as you are mindful and quick, it isn’t an issue. The readings were accurate to what we understand all our guinea pig bp to generally be, however we could not test versus another machine. Extremely happy to have this in the house in case we want a quick set of vitals on an ill family keep in mind, or am worried about bp for somebody. We had the ability to hear remarkably well through the stethoscope and the cuff appears to be of good quality. We like that we can take our own bp with it too, given that the stethoscope is connected to the cuff. Extremely helpful function practically necessary to taking your own manual bp reading. Assembly was extremely quick and easy, likewise. Would absolutely suggest.

Have been having a hard time to do our own high blood pressure with a cuff and seperate stethoscope and was going bananas to make it occur. Check out blended evaluations on this product however gambled out of desperation. Ths product has been exceptional value for the cash and is extremely easy to use rather than our old approach. It appears to be extremely accurate and easy to store away. We think this is a good value and would suggest it to anybody requiring to have self taken high blood pressure readings.

We were looking for a cheaper, less bells and whistles, yet accurate high blood pressure monitor. This one fits the costs. It is an old made stethoscope and blood pressure cuff and gauge so you are the one listening for the reading and able to follow the needle on the gauge rather of only being provided a digital readout. It’s a little like having a real oil gauge for your cars and truck rather of just having a light that is either on or off. The gauge has an automatic air flow valve that lets the air release from the cuff at an even speed without needing to change a screw while attempting to control the remainder of the equipment. The cuff has both a right and left arm adjustable velcro closure with an indication line drawn for the required fit. Great product.

It’s relatively affordable, and does what it’s expected to do. The stethoscope isn’t the best quality (we have utilized much better), however it does get the korotkoff sounds just great. Our only gripe is that we want the carrying case were bigger – it’s hard to get the cuff in the event as soon as all of the pieces are put together. Just take a look at the size of the stethoscope earpiece and the size of the case it’s laying on and you’ll see why it’s hard.

For home is a great product, provided it to our mom, easy to use and accurate. She can use it on her won, since it’s created that way.

This is a really easy to use high blood pressure kit. It is accurate as we determined our high blood pressure with a health center high blood pressure system. We highly suggest it.

Goodproduct As it states in the reveal.

This bp cuff is extremely hassle-free. It’s working great.

The adc advantage manual bp instrument is easy to use and provides constant readings. We have moderate hearing loss – yet the stethoscope incorporated with the handcuff sounded crisp and loud sufficient to get an accurate reading. We find the dial to be smaller sized and more hard to check out than a japanese made instrument we had previously. It would have made the instrument even more hassle-free to use and read. In general, we would rate the instrument – good.


The factor we pick this ranking is, since it satisfies our health requirements and up until now it works well. Thanks.

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