Aldactone is prescribed as a treatment for high blood pressure although it can be used to treat other conditions according to your doctor’s instructions.

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Aldactone is a prescription drug that works as a diuretic as well as an antiandrogen that is also sold as Berlactone Novo-Spiroton, Spiractin, and Spirotone. The scientific name for this drug is Spirionolactone.

Aldactone is prescribed for conditions that may include high blood pressure, conditions affecting the kidneys, congestive heart failure, low potassium levels, and cirrhosis of the liver as well as other conditions that your doctor may decide to treat using this drug.

As a diuretic, this medication helps the patient to push fluids and sodium out of their body thereby reducing or eliminating excessive fluid retention.

Aldactone can also be used to diagnose and treat Hyperaldosteronism which is a condition that causes excessive production of the hormone Aldosterone by adrenal glands.

Usage And Directions

Aldactone Aldactone is often prescribed as a treatment for high blood pressure although it can be used to treat other conditions according to your doctor’s instructions. Aldactone can be used by itself or with other medications to treat high blood pressure.

For best results, this medication must be taken regularly, if doses are skipped or not kept on schedule blood pressure will be under poor control and it may take several weeks for this medication to reach its full effect.

Since this medication is used to treat symptoms of high blood pressure and not to cure the ailment, it is not advisable to stop taking the medication once you start feeling better.


Aldactone is a prescription medication that must be taken according to a strict schedule. All doses should be taken on time. Discontinuing use can cause complications including causing the condition to worsen.

If a dose is missed, it is important to take the next dose as soon as possible without taking a double dose, if it is close to time for the next dose then it is a good idea to take one now and skip your next dose.

That way you will have it in your system sooner and you will limit the amount of time without the medication while protecting yourself from accidental overdosing.

Discuss with your doctor or pharmacist the foods that you should avoid while on this medication. If you plan on having surgery or you have a medical emergency you should let the doctor know that you are taking this medication.

Side Effects

Patients taking Aldactone at times experience side effects due to the changes in potassium levels excessive thirst, irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, muscle pain and/or muscle cramp.

Other symptoms experienced by users include headache, diarrhea, drowsiness, fever, and skin problems as well as some more gender specific side effects that include breast development in men, deepening of the voice, irregular menstruation, and excessive hairiness in women.

Some possible serious side effects include bleeding or inflammation of the stomach and liver. Patients who have heart, kidney, or liver problems shouldn’t be prescribed Aldactone and neither should people with a high potassium level.