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ANCwear Fitness Tracker Watch Activity for Men Women Kids

ANCwear Fitness Tracker Watch Activity for Men Women Kids

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ANCwear Fitness Tracker Watch Activity for Men Women Kids.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Multifunction Bluetooth Smartwatch: Date and 12/24 H time display, Heart rate/Blood pressure/Sleep monitor, Call/ SMS/Message reminder, Calories estimation, Auto pedometer, Clock alarm, Stop-watch, Inactive reminder, Remote video camera etc.
  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor Watch – Use 24/ 7 heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimise exercises and reveal health patterns that influence you to make proceed your health and fitness objectives. It is such a product that helps you better record sports and health and make life more charming.
  • All- day Activity Tracker Waterproof Watch – Our health tracker watch can precisely track your steps, range, calories burned and active minutes. You might know well your activity in genuine time.And waterproof score as much as IP67, best choice for fitness enthusiast. However fitness trackers are not recommended for swimming or bathing.
  • Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Phone – Compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smart devices to get call, text, calendar and mobile phone app notifications when your phone neighbors. The APP is “FitPro”, When conference or dealing with other things. Hang up the telephone call straight or silence through the smart watch.The watch is slim with a soft breathable band, really comfy when using.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ANCwear Fitness Tracker Watch Activity for Men Women Kids.

Question Question 1

Can You Actually Swim With It, Likewise Does It Still Work After Months?

we didnt get to test the swimming part.but the battery last long however, we would state 5-7 days full charge

Question Question 2

Must We Get Rid Of The Bands In Order To Charge The Watch Via Usb Cable Television?

No just open charger and line up pins on watch with pins on band and close

Question Question 3

Is It Easy To Set Up Blood Pressure Monitor Does It Work. Good? R?

Its automatic, and yes it works

Question Question 4

Does It Need A Phone?

You do need to have a device to user interface with the watch. Phone or tablet need to work.

Question Question 5

Will This Deal With An Android Tablet That Isn’t A Phone?

we think itwill You need to grant all approvals for the app to work, so if it passes that test, it will most likely function. You control the smartwatch from the app, so use a device that makes this practical for you. It can be a bit interactive.

Question Question 6

Exists Another App This Is Compatible With? We Attempted The One That Pops Up With The Scan Thing And It’S Not Compatible With Our Tablet.?

No we are not knowledgeable about another app for this device, however attempt not using the scan app, just download FittPro from the app store or play store by hand.

Question Question 7

Is It Touch Screen?

Not , only one area for the function sensor (button?) to touch

Question Question 8

How Do We Open The Watch For The First Time?

What do you suggest by” open it the very first time” like turn it on, open the app, or opening the plan??

Question Question 9

Do You Have To Be Near The Iphone For The Heart Monitor And Blood Pressure To Work?

You need to control actions from the app. To take a high blood pressure reading, you must use your phone, beginning the reading by tapping the in the app.

Question Question 10

How Wide Is The Watchband?

Less than an inch

Question Question 11

How Do You Turn The Watch Off To Restart It?

Press up until you get to the MORE alternative. When there, long press up until it provides you more choices. 2nd alternative isReset Long press to RESET the watch.

Question Question 12

We Have An 8″Wrist Will This Watch Fit Me?

we think itwill our wrist is 6″ around. The wristband has lots of holes.

Question Question 13

After Combining And Downloading App The Watch Wont Sync. What Should We Do Next?

Ensure it is linked through the app. And use the old standby: turn it off, then turn it on once again and examine the connection through the app.

Question Question 14

Searching For An Accurate Heart Rate (Pule) Monitor Watch With Large Display That Keeps A 24/ 7 Record For Health Factors, Is This A Good One?

our thoughts are, NO. we purchased mine for the exact same factors. However we do not know if your can get good accuracy in this rate range.All in all, we like it and seem like it is a good value as a starter. For a small rate you can get experience that need to lead you to a better purchase when you’re prepared to invest $150-$300The our thoughts are, NO. we purchased mine for the exact same factors. However we do not know if your can get good accuracy in this rate range.All in all, we like it and seem like it is a good value as a starter. For a small rate you can get experience that need to lead you to a better purchase when you’re prepared to invest $150-$300The pulse is generally lower than our cuff.

Question Question 15

Can We Use Any Fitness Tracker App With This Watch?


Question Question 16

The Watch Quit Working In 6 Months. What Is Warranty Replacement Treatment. The Watch Likewise Gets Resettled Automatically.?

That s longer than our watch. If you had great luck with it we think that s wonderful. we would ask for a refund rather of a replacement.

Question Question 17

Does This Device Deal With Iphones Such As The Xr And Eleven?

Yes it does we have both.

Question Question 18

How Huge Is The Watch Band?

Pretty large. Must fit an adult male quickly. Im not happy with the watch and we would not advise it to anybody.

Question Question 19

Can Anybody Inform United States How To Get Into The Calibration Setting? The Blood Pressure Isn’t Really Accurate?

It isn’t accurate due to the fact that the watch is a low-cost piece of crap. Calorie counter is garbage too.

Question Question 20

We Purchased This Watch However How Do We Sync It To Our Phone? We Are Not Able To Great The Download.?

we had an extremely tough time syncing our partner’s watch attempt the fitpro app, it did work, you need to get to the function on the watch after the video camera and press it in while looking for bluetooth on the phone. Hope this helps.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on ANCwear Fitness Tracker Watch Activity for Men Women Kids, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

As we stated in our evaluation to the maker, we must have gotten the only good one out of the thousands that they made due to the fact that my own works completely. If we get too far from our phone obviously it detaches, it’s bluetooth. When back in range nevertheless it reconnects without our needing to do anything. Battery life is great, much better than our other, much more costly one. We will state that the bp, heart rate, etc. Aren’t precise however they’re within range. Nevertheless, if you have your nurse take your bp then take it with your $300 00 bp meter it will be various. You vitals alter continuously and no two readings are ever going to be precisely the exact same. We examine it with our professional instruments and it’s always within 5% or two. If you need something that accurate, go invest $500 00 like we did. We’re speaking about a $17 00 tool here. We can’ t change the batteries in our pulse oximeter for $17 00 dollars. Obviously, prior to we buy we checked out the requirements and when it arrives we in fact check out the guidelines (you would be surprised just how much better your experience will be with a little reading.) if you want a professional grade product, invest 5 or 6 hundred dollars like we did, then, possibly, you’ll get something that matches you better, however we would not bank on it. We are hospice patient, our relative is a retired paramedic, our child is a signed up nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and we have an outstanding hospice nurse. If they all take our vitals one right after the other, ensured they’ll all be a little various. Our certain name brand watch, that expense us practically $400 00 isn’t one bit more accurate that this one is. What’s essential is the averages, not one set of numbers, and on mine anyhow, the averages are always less than 5% various. We like the user interface on this watch much better than the one that came with our costly watch. It’s not so messy and much easier to comprehend. It’s more than accurate adequate for our functions. It’s taaht old saw “you get what you pay for”. Often.

We have been using this for a few days now. We like it and think it’s certainly worth what we paid for it. This is what we have kept in mind from our observation and using the productprosvery comfortablevery durableis waterproof (evaluated it )appears quite accurate to our knowledgelooks quite coolinexpensive ($15 )easy to charge (has cool box charger )guidelines make it quite easy to setupapp that you need to download is quite cool toocan modification weight systems from kgs to pounds. And can modification in between military time and routine timeconsit only tracks kilometers and not miles( that we are knowledgeable about )can’ t consider a great deal of cons the pros exceed the cons by slot. We would certainly advise this product to all.

We purchased this product to change a super costly one that provided us a bad rash. Up until now, we definitely enjoy it. It has just adequate functions to be beneficial without being frustrating. All we desired was a step counter and a sleep tracker that we do not need to charge every night. We used this watch for a whole week and didn’t need to re-charge it yet. We are liking the reality that we are getting a better step count than just with our phone. We are not an individual connected to a cellular phone all the time so the watch matches our requirements muchbetter Our only “problem” with the watch is this. We got 2 bands. An orange one and a black one. We enjoy the color orange and was eagerly anticipating having the alternative to alter the band to that color however both bands deal with the black side due to the buckle deals with the side for the black side. Oh well. We think if that’s all we can grumble about, we can’ t grumble (smile). This watch, up until now, is a great product for a great rate. We do not feel as if we got more than we required and we do not think we are not getting our cash’s worth. It’s perfect for us. We stroll a lot– a lot and it’s good to be back with a counter that dependably records all our steps vs. The phone that only recorded about half due to the fact that we do not tend to have it on us at all times. We got the product in a prompt way with really clear guidelines on how to trigger it. There appears to be enough product support (although we didn’t need to test that out). We are really delighted with this purchase and hope that absolutely nothing changes our viewpoint as time goes on. We were a faithful fitbit customer given that their launch product however they got careless on customer care and we got a disfiguring rash from among their watches. They were so disrespectful however they reimbursed our cash and we have never ever recalled. We are happy to have a fairly priced product that provides us what weneed We hope we get to stay in love with it. Tip: all we need be is good customer care if we need help. Up until now, so good.

We purchased this primarily out of interest. We needed to know the number of steps we take due to the fact that we are among those individuals who parks far from the store so we get in extra steps, who goes the long way around, things likethat We operate in our office and take 5-minute breaks on our treadmill to keep the kinks from setting in. We were just curious. It appears to work great, we have had a good time with it. We have been pleased with the battery life. It appears to do a great deal of things, we can’ t talk about those due to the fact that the app isn’t compatible with our tablet (too old, we think) and our cellular phone does not operate at home (where we invest most of our time due to the fact that we work here) and there isn’t a desktop app. Beyond the reality that without the app we can’ t set the time, we are happy with feeling in one’s bones the number of steps we take, which is what we purchased itfor Oh, and we were likewise a little leary about using it due to the fact that we have a genetic something or other that ruins watches. Our papa, auntie and all of us share the exact same problem, after so long the electrical (wind-ups work) watch does not keep time any longer. We fretted that this would be a problem with this item, however it hasn’t appeared to impact it. Hence, we would state it is sturdy and of good quality.

We were worried purchased this watch now we are so thankful that we did. You need to remember it is only $17 and not $450 like an apple watch. We were looking for a fitbit however this does precisely what we need it to do andmore We have been using this watch for practically 48 hours now and been testing itout First off the setup and app download might be much easier however it s not rock science. When we had whatever established and prepared to go we evaluated out the high blood pressure, heart rate, and blood saturation monitor. The high blood pressure was off when inspected next to our bp monitor and the 6 times we have inspected it ever since 2 have been close, 3 were a lot lower and 1 a lot greater. The heart rate and o2 blood saturation when inspected versus our monitor have been area on or possibly off by 1 however that is close enough. We likewise examine it versus our samsung phone advertisement these levels were accurate. We are completely in love with the sms suggestions. The capability to look down and checked out a text and seer who it is from without stopping what we are doing and getting our phone deserves the $17 alone. The inactive reminder is great. The sleep monitoring appears to work. The 2 nights we have had the watch the first stated we got exceptional sleep and the second stated good and we can truthfully state that the opening night we felt better after sleeping. The pedometer appears to work, we have absolutely nothing to test it versus. Battery life appears good.

This watch is wonderful. The screen is really responsive, and the colors on the screen are great. Not to bright, not dark, perfect. The app is good, however the video camera does not deal with our phone. It always force closes. Not a huge offer. It’s a fitness watch, not a cam assistant. Up until now it appears quite accurate and the settings is simple. Not made complex at all. Battery appears to go quite quick, however we didn’t charge when we got it. The bands are soft and reassuring and beyond easy to swapout We enjoy it and for the rate, it’s completely worth it. It does most things these expensive ones do however it’s super inexpensive.

This is our first fitness tracker. We did not wish to invest a bundle of cash. With this one, we invested around $20 All we can state is well worth it. It is quite accurate. We have been using it for 2 weeks. The only issue we have had is that it ended up being detached from the app as soon as. The battery life is remarkable, approximately 8 days in between charges. Suggest this for anybody new to the fitness tracker world. We would have happily paid 3 and even 4 times the quantity we invest in a product of this quality.

We like the charging box that enables charging with the wristband on. We like the bright screen and quickly noticeable record. We like the easy connection to the app. Really responsive. Although we are fed up with our products coming from china, this affordable tracker, that we got to monitor our high blood pressure, is rather acceptable. Much better than the dayday band.

We just have got the device today however up until now it is as accurate as our partner s fitbit we have been using given that my own quit working. Time will inform however for the rate it appears worth it. Another plus was the ease of established with our iphone.

We had a fitbit rise prior to changing with this one. The rise would need to be charged everyday. We have utilized this watch for about a week, the battery meter reveals it still has 3/4 charge. This tracker watch does what is anticipated to do. We had only a problem with the application, the customer support reacted rapidly.

We didn’t need a lots of bells and whistles on a fitness tracker. We have numerous persistent health conditions, and the main thing we desired was to be able to watch on our heart rate and other vitals. This appears to be accurate – and our dr is positive enough in the numbers it provides me, that he utilizes them to help guide some of our tests, treatments, etc. It’s comfy to use, battery life is great, it’s super simple to establish and use, and we are super happy with it.

We acquired this watch to primarily monitor our high blood pressure due to having heart problems. This watch is great for the rate. It helps monitor excercises, sleep bmi, and fat. The high blood pressure monitor appears to be unreliable however we have a different monitor that we use. The only thing we would state that requires enhancement is the bp accuracy and the exercise choices as there is no other way to record weight lifting or any thing of that sort. In general it’s good for its rate and performance.

We operate in a rough environment so investing $200 on a smart watch is out of the question for us. We have attempted numerous and up until now this one has been an good alternative. We were hesitant of the watch for the rate however all functions work as promoted. Keep in mine this is not a replacement for a doctor. These gadgets are planned as a supplement to medical treatment so bp can check out low or high often and need to be inspected by hand if readings are not within normal limitations. We tend to be rough on our equipment do we will follow up ideally to let you know if we crash it. We have went through the firemen burn tower 3 times with the watch under our protective equipment up until now and its still working. We have not broken the screen yet and we have not been sufficing any slack either, its a $17 watch we can pay for a great deal of them prior to we get to $300 we will attempt to upgrade in a few to provide you a rundown of what we in fact do to it.

First off we like to state we enjoy the plan in was available in, really great and cool. We purchased ourself this tracker just to have our steps counted entirely given that with our phone its difficult to have our phone on us 24/ 7 when dealing with twins. We purchased this one due to the fact that it was inexpensive and we did not anticipate it to be so great for its rate. Im entirely blown away with all the functions it has. We get notifications of our facebook, messages and instagram on our watch, we can have a look at our high blood pressure, our heart rate steps and lots of other functions. We would provide this tracker a 5 star due to the fact that it is more than we anticipated for the rate.

Mwe reloj llegó a tiempo, funciona perfecto, la bateria dura por lo menos 5 dias, nada malo que decir de este reloj, lo unico que pudiera decir es que en las fotos sale una de alguien nadando con el reloj y en las instrucciones dice que no se debe bañar nwe nadar con el reloj. De resto todo esta ok.

This was a gift for our nephew. He is 11 and he enjoys it. It was affordable so we are not fretted about him breaking or losing it. For the cash it looks cool and he only appreciates the step counting function at this moment. We will upgrade our evaluation if we encounter any problems with this device.

We were a little hesitant about the product when we acquired it. We were just looking for a watch. When we purchased this, we didn’t anticipate much. We were shocked at how easy it was to sync to our phone. We were likewise shocked at the text messaging functions. It’s easy to use. Often the button does not acknowledge our touch and we are not certain all of our steps are tape-recorded. It’s a good watch and does precisely what we need.

In our fourth day of using it and liking it a lot. Normally within 10% of the bp, o2, hr, step #s we get from other gadgets. Sleep tracking– the factor we purchased this– is really detailed. Band is unbelievable soft and you get a second band, black on outdoors, orange on within. Battery only charged as soon as 4 days earlier and it has 3 out of 4 bars. Outstanding device, specifically for the rate.

Yes we ended up changing this watch however it was our own fault.?? we broke the watch due to our own neglect, nevertheless the watch itself was a great fitness tracker in and of itself. Do not buy it anticipating an expensive smartwatch with a touchscreen. This does what it states and is not lying. Nevertheless, do beware what replacement watch bands you buy – you may simulate we do and break the watch attempting to put it on.??.

The watch does precisely what it’s expected to do and was easy to establish. Would advise it to pals.

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