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ANSGEC Fitness Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Monitor

ANSGEC Fitness Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ANSGEC Fitness Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Strong Function: This bracelet is a health bracelet that incorporates heart rate, blood pressuremonitoring, exercise information collection and sleep monitoring. Users can monitortheir body condition by altering their hands, change their schedule andcultivate ahealthy lifestyle. The bracelet can move the customer app topersonalize and integrate the movement information. In addition, the bracelet alsohas functions such as call reminder, alarm clock, and information push.
  • Step, Mileage, Calories 1/4 The bracelet will display the totalnumber of steps, strolling range,and calories burned by the user on theinterface, and the daily 0 point information is cleared.
  • Blood Pressure, Heart Rate 1/4 When the function is switched on, the wristband will automatically monitor (10 minutesonce), record high blood pressure, heart rate information and submit the APP.Set the high blood pressure personal mode function in the APP, and input thedaily high blood pressure value to make the measurement result moreaccurate.Set the heart rate alarm value in the APP. When the heart rate exceedsthis value, the bracelet will vibrate the warning.
  • Picture Mode 1/4 Open “H Band” in the APP– > Settings– > My Device– > Take an image, at this time the bracelet reveals the picture UI.After getting in the cam user interface, you can take photosthrough the bracelet. At this moment, you can take a photo bytouching the touch button and shaking it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ANSGEC Fitness Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Monitor.

Question Question 1

We Want This Watch For Our Grandfather And He Doesn T Have A Smart Phone Could We Use This To Measure His Blood Pressure With Out A Phone?


Question Question 2

Does This Watch Feature Inactive Notifications?

Yes.The inactive notification setting is on the I-Phone

Question Question 3

Is This Compatible With Android Phones?

we returned this item due to the fact that we might not get it to set with our Samsung phone.

Question Question 4

This Watch Deal With Iphones?

we do not know we do not own a fitness tracker.

Question Question 5

Can We Use The Watch With Out A Phone?

No you need the phone to program the watch

Question Question 6

Does This Watch Predict Strokes And A-Fib?

not that we understand of

Question Question 7

It The Blood Pressure Monitoring Accurate?

It has been quite accurate for us. we understand some wrist ones can be off. However we have examined it with our blood pressure machine and both were around the exact same pressure.

Question Question 8

What App Do You Need?

you need the H Band app for Fitness Tracker HR

Question Question 9

We Purchased This Watch And We Only Have A Flip Phone. We Think It Does Not Deal with A Flipphone?

we purchased among these a while back. we have a cellular phone and might not get it paired to our phone so returned it.

Question Question 10

What Is A Charging Clip?We Need This For An 82 Y/O And If She Needs To Take The Band Off To Charge She Can Refrain From Doing It.Please Let United States Know If It Is A Cable television.?

You need to take the band off to charge it.

Question Question 11

Does This Watch Has A Timer?

we have not found a timer

Question Question 12

Can We Export Data From The Device Or From The H Band App?

H Band app

Question Question 13

Is It Water Evidence/Resistant?

Yes absolutely, we use mine in water aerobics and through the showers and it just keeps working.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on ANSGEC Fitness Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like range, and we have not seen this specific style prior to. We think it’s a cool shape and appearance. All the tracking operates work completely, and all notifications come through as soon as connected. It even works as a remote activator for our phone’s cam. Good battery power and fully waterproof = win-win.

This is a gift we provided to our father-in-law. He likes it quite, you can compute the number of steps you take and the number of calories you burn every day, automatically measure high blood pressure and heart rate at routine periods. The preferred function is the reminder of high heart rate. This will provide you better heart rate information and control your state of mind and activity. And you can take it with you when you sleep, you can compute the daily bedtime and quality. You can use it for more than 10 days on a single charge. In general, it’s a health bracelet in regards to performance, look and standby time.

Something we did rule out prior to acquiring was the time display. The information exists “white on black” and is difficult to check out in bright sunshine even if protected. The lines forming the digits are extremely thin; thicker lines would be simpler to check out.

For the cost it s an excellentproduct We were primarily using it for sleep development and it appears to be accurate. The only thing we don t like it that it s conscious arm motions that makes the device think your strolling when your not.

It’s ok for what it is however if you want an good one invest more cash. We do not like needing to take it off to shower. However for the basics it works.

It does whatever youneed We acquired it due to the fact that it had the high blood pressure function.

A little challenging to establish with the app. After establishing it works great though.

It worked better than we believed it would, great deals of alternatives.

Great watch for the cost. We offered it 4 stars due to the fact that often the heart rate is too expensive however we have only had that take place a few times.

Appears to do all it states it does.

This is as good or better than the popular brand, however with the cost savings its even better.

Dream it had a blood oxygen level reading.

Excelente producto.

The real tracker works effectively, the app you need to download is rubbish.

The blood pressure does not appear to be too accurate. The remainder of the watch works well. Good cost.

Up until now it has been a good watch.

Its a good watch.

Me encantó estoy feliz con el.

We definitely enjoy this fitness tracker. It is truthfully much like a name brand fitbit however half the expense. It tracks whatever from heart rate, steps, sleep, etc. It likewise reveals who is calling & texting your cellular phone due to the fact that it links to an app you download on your phone. The app is so easy to use, and so is the tracker itself. It has many great functions too like an alarm & stop watch. Charging it is super easy, the band plugs right into a usb port and the charge lasts a long period of time. The band is super durable and fits any size wrist. The color too is great. We highly suggest this to everybody, it s wonderful.

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