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BAIZE Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

BAIZE Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BAIZE Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • New Sport Watch & Changeable Bands ‘Classy and fashion style, slim and ultra-light design to make sure comfy wear.The bigger 1.3 LCD display enables you to check out time and information plainly even under the glare
  • Fitness Tracker with Multi-Function ‘This is an effective fitness tracker.It can track your activities, attaining all-day real-time place tracking. Link the device to your cellular phone APP can reveal the run statistics speed setup minute/kilometer, usage calorie, and range and record a map of your exercise path.You can set your exercise objectives on your watch or app, it can tracks steps, ranges, and scorched calories
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor ‘The activity fitness tracker can be utilized to track your daily heart rate & high blood pressure, properly record all-day activities like steps, range, calories burned, active minutes and sleep status assisting you change yourself for a much healthier lifestyle.It can work separately, although detaching app
  • IP67 Waterproof & Smart Reminders ‘Smart watch is sealed by IP67 waterproof product more waterproof and dustproos, quickly offer with the waterproof of every day life, however please preventing using in hot water.Feel free to use it for sports and fitness indoor or outdoor, a great buddy for sports lovers.If the phone gets a telephone call, SMS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, LINE, Skype, Twitter). It’ll vibrate to advise you of the inbound calls, SMS notifications on display, never ever misses out on crucial message

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BAIZE Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor.

Question Question 1

Why Does It Keep Informing United States A Mistake Took Place When We Download The App?

Hi buddy, if you can not download the app?Or you can modification another one phone to download, thank you.

Question Question 2

Where Do You Get The Manual?

Hi buddy, the manual is consist of in package, or if you need electronic manual?You can send out the email to us that we can send out to you, thank you a lot.

Question Question 3

Is The Battery Changeable?


Question Question 4

How Small Can The Strap Be Changed?

not for a child, however we picture it would fit all grownups

Question Question 5

Is It Compatible With Note 9?

Hi buddy, sure, it can support Android 4.4 or above for the cell phone, thank you a lot.

Question Question 6

How Do We Get Our Pixel 2 To Link? It Will Not Find The Watch?

Hi buddy, the smart support Android 4.4 or above, you need to open the bluetooth on your cell phone and get in the Wearhealth app, then click linking bracelet” on “our choices” user interface to find your device and connec it, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to call, thank you a lot.

Question Question 7

Can You Response Calls?

Hi buddy, sorry, this watch can not address calls, just can advising your call and examine the message, thank you.

Question Question 8

Bought Watch In January And Two Months Later On, The Entire Face Of The Watch Has Fine White Lines Down And Throughout. It Still Functions. Why Is The Cause?

May have struck it and didn’t understand it or if you slept on it. we have had mine for a few months and it’s great however we do not sleep with it on.

Question Question 9

How Does This Watch Monitor Blood Pressure?

Uncertain, to be honest.Has a green “laser” light that pulses on the back at a routine period.Accuracy of BP is really questionable.our BP taken with a wrist monitor has to do with 127/73, watch checks out 135/87 approximately 145/92

Question Question 10

Can You Put A New Watch Band On And If So What Size??

Have not needed to change the band yet, however it does look replacable.

Question Question 11

We Have An Iphone X And We Are Not Getting Text Or Call Suggestions. Exists A Compatibility Concern Here?

we are uncertain. You might wish to enter into the setting to ensure the the reminder and call settingis on and ensure your phone has syncing to your phone

Question Question 12

Is It Compatible With Note 3?

Hi firend, yes, it compatible with note 3, thank you.

Question Question 13

Is It Compatible With Iphone?

Hi buddy, yes, it can compatible IOS 8.0 or above, thank you a lot.

Question Question 14

How To Repair The Time?

Hi buddy, the time will upgrade automatic when you link your phone, if any question, please do not hesitate to call us, thank you.

Question Question 15

How Do We Get Our Pixel 2 To Link? It Will Not Find The Watch?

Yours is among the issues we had. we returned my own.

Question Question 16

What Size Screen Protectorwill Fit This Watch?

we pass due to the fact that we sent my own back.

Question Question 17

How Do You Sync With Facebook, Etc?

Hi buddy, you need download the “Wearhealth” App and link it, then established numerous tips in the the APP, so you can get the message in the watch, thank you.

Question Question 18

It States It’S Connected However It Won’T Sync.Is There A Wash To Repair This? We Have The Samsung Galaxy S8?

Hi buddy, which’s function can not sync?if you need to get the message,need to open the smart reminder in the APP;for the time, step, calories and other information, likewise will sync, then, you can check once again if link the smart watch.If still ineffective, please send out the email to us, we can change the one to you, thank you a lot.

Question Question 19

Does The Screen Automatically Light Up When We Raise Our Wrist? Hi?

Hi buddy, sure, you can, however you need setting this function in the APP prior to you ues, thank you.

Question Question 20

How Do You Link The Charger?

Hi buddy, you can charge it in USB socket or charger, thank you a lot.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on BAIZE Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased as a gift to our child, it s light and come with a comfy belt, quite fitting. The surprise is, the high blood pressure testing works, we hope apple watch can generate this function in next version, if this watch can do, then it shouldn t be hard.

For the rate we paid, this product is good. We have not had a it for some time however up until now it has surpassed our expectations. We like how it looks, it’s genuine light and easy to use. We would certainly advise it.

For the rate, this product surpasses our expectations. Great looking, easy to establish, and has great performance. We like the sleep tracker which informs the number of overall hours of sleep, the number of hours of deep sleep, and the number of hours of light sleepwe are likewise able to use the running or cycling or climbing up function for our exercises and recall at the time we have worked out and our heart rate. We highly advise this fitness tracker.

First, the battery life is good up until now. Usually lasts a week + in between charges. Second, it does what it states, though accuracy is arguable, specifically on the bp area. It is a little hard to browse the areas and takes some practice to get the ‘apps’ to do what is preferred. There is only one small location of the screen that is touch delicate, so no swiping. It is tap and hold to browse. It combined quickly adequate with our iphone and enables us to get messages whenever our phone gets messages. A slight vibration of the wrist and we understand something has come through. It provides us the basics, which is all weneed Back to the bp app. We truthfully do not know how this works, however it does provide a reading. Nevertheless the reading is inevitably high when compared to a real wrist monitor, so we would not count on it to know what our real bp is. However if utilized in tandem with a bp wrist monitor, you may be able to set a pattern and know that the watch reads state 20 points greater than real which would then permit you to have a standard. We are still dealing with this element. The step calculator appears quite accurate. In general, we are happy with this purchase and the performance of this watch.

We have had this tracker for over one month, and consider it an outstanding value. The pedometer/sports trackers are rather accurate, sleep counter is accurate and really useful, and the app is outstanding (important to download app so that time and date automatically sync to iphone). Heart rate and pedometer are within about 5-10% of real, as determined at physicians – acknowledge that wrist bp measurements are normally 5-10% greater than arm cuff procedures. It is essential to adjust these procedures in the app for accuracy. This is not described in the really skimpy directions. The calibration is found in the mine area by clicking the user name at top of the ‘management area. You will need to mess around with the calibration function as it is not really instinctive – not for the faint hearted. We highly advise this tracker – at $35 ir s a deal. Toughness is an unidentified, so it would be good to hear from those who have had it for a few months. Update 6.15 19 tracker continues to function well. One small problem is that the face often spontaneously chanes to an alternate – not an offer breaker, however a small trouble. Likewise, the bluetooth connection dropped, and we needed to turn our iphone bluetooth off and back on. Correction/update to adjusting the high blood pressure and heart rate function: to access the calibration function press the measure button on the opening page of the app. That will take you right there. Update 2.25 20 tracker continues to function well. Charge generally lasts about a week. We use it to track steps, high blood pressure, and hearts rate; all fairly accurate. It synchronizes well to our iphone so time and date are always accurate. Still stay really happy with this purchase.

Extremely easy to use. However take us a bit of time to set the clock. It can likewise examine our daily step and heart beat. We will advise if somebody ask us about this.

We purchased this fitness tracker, activity tracker watch for our more youthful sibling and he enjoyed it. This watch is simple with fitness tracker, activity tracker with heart rate monitor. The watch seems good. Battery life might have been improved.

We got the item ontime. And satisfied our expectation as a great gift for a male.

The watch has an extremely good display that is large enough and relentless adequate that we can read it during the night without our glasses. The display functions work well however there are two issues we have recognized up until now, one hardware, one software. The hardware concern is that charging utilizes a custom-made usb cable television that has a magnetic accessory with two spring-loaded pins to make electrical contact. Among those pins vanished into the cable television and the charging no longer worked. We returned for a new one. The cable television does not seem able to be bought independently. The 2nd issue remains in the wearhealth software (2. 3. 0). It counts steps well however we had problem discovering historic information till we found a youtube video proving that the watch does store information and how to access it. The feedback box offered through the app does not work. Combining was easy (iphone) and operation relatively instinctive.

We just enjoy this smart watch. Highly recommeded, easy to link to our phone and easy to use. The watch screen can set your picture as you want and have 3 type of dial plate for your select. The smart watch likewise have lots of functions, such as smart advising, movement information record, heart rate monitor and and so on. All in all, recommended for it.

We didn’t anticipate much, based upon the rate, however we wound up being happily stunned. We enjoy it smart watch. It showed up really perfectly packaged. The charging cable television is good, and enough time to be practical. It can got the message or app information in the watch, is really usful for us, we always forget check out the message due to hectic. Love it quite, worth for cash.

Well, we have blended feelings about this watch. The product declares to be water resistant. However we were captured in the rain recently. We essentially needed to run from the restaurant entryway to our vehicle. No more than 20 backyards. After that day the watch has entirely stop working. Prior to that scenario the watch worked ok. It did whatever that’s noted in the functions. It’s not a touch screen. It’s a interactive screen. Huge distinction. Arbitrarily, it would not register our activities for the day. No rhyme or factor. We kept it linked through bluetooth. If we didn’t open the app everyday on our phone we run the risk of not tape-recording the information.

We enjoy this watch. Having the ability to monitor steps, pulse, high blood pressure, sleep monitoring and have connection to the phone at this value is amazing. Don’ t sleep on this one. We have another watch like this from another business, however had little parts that broke and made it ineffective. This one is easy to charge up. The only thing we do not like is the small typeface when showing text or call however that is not an essential function for us. Battery life is okay however 2-3 days prior to a charge ain’t bad.

This sports watch is precisely what weneed We frequently go to the fitness center. This watch demonstrates how lots of calories we have taken in, and we can find heart rate like the iphone watch. It is really useful to master your own sports results. The surprise is that it likewise has the function of measuring high blood pressure. We like it quite.

The watch is great for the rate. We have an apple watch, however this is our preferred.

We bout this due to the fact that we desired something that would track our steps without moving our arms. We banded it agist walls and still din’t break. It has a great batterer we utilized it for weeks and was still on100 We enjoy this watchand we hope individuals well buy this.

The watch and pedometer appear to work great however we have no concept how to use any other function. The directions were essentially nonexistant and what did come with it remained in type so small you ‘d need a magnifying glass to read them.

We are thankful we bought this watch. This will help us monitor our high blood pressure and heart rate. Being a cardiac arrest survivor.

It’s good for the rate. It helps keep us on track with our calorie count and activity level. Likewise the notifications when you get a call or text is great when you’re not near to your phone. We would reccomend for sure.

Excellent rate with is quality, really easy to use also. We like that it is waterproof.

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