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Blackview Smart Watch All-Day Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

Blackview Smart Watch All-Day Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blackview Smart Watch All-Day Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor.

  • ‘ Smartwatch for Men Women Kids ‘- Blackview BV-SW01 smartwatch utilizes a 1.3-inch TFT-LCD color full touch screen, clearer display, more practical to run, bring you a new upgrade experience. Functions 4 various stylish Dial Display, specify your various state of minds.
  • ‘ 24/ 7 Heart Rate Monitor & All- day Activity Tracking ‘- Advanced HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring, automatic sleep tracking, and supply comprehensive analysis of your sleep( deep sleep, light sleep and get up time), concentrate on and know more about your health. Likewise can track your all-day steps, calories burned and range took a trip. The fitness tracker constructed with 9 exercise modes that can help you better record your various activity information.
  • ‘ Smart Watch for Android ISO Phones ‘- Get notifications for calls, texts, calendar and apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) when your phone links to the smartwatch, you can even hang up inbound call from your wrist. All operates work well with iOS 8.0 & Android 4.0 above system.
  • ‘ IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch & 45 Days Battery Life ‘- Blackview smart watches is developed with IP68 waterproof score, which, water resistant approximately 50 M, so you can use your watch in the shower, swimming pool and beyond. Large capacity and low power intake design uses longer endurance. That only takes 2.5 hours to charge and can be utilized for approximately 10 days with a standby time of 30-45 days.
  • ‘ 100% Refund Guarantee ‘- Buy without threat! After-sales service to ensure your long-lasting pleasure. If you have any question about Blackview BV-SW01 Smartwatch, please call us. 7 *24 hours quick reply, and resolve all the issue for you. You have definitely no need to fret about getting a loser product as we assure to return your cash if you are not happy with your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blackview Smart Watch All-Day Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor.

Question Question 1

Does This Have A Warranty?

Yes, Blackview BV-SW01 smartwatch has 1 Year warranty & long-lasting service, after-sales service to ensure your long-lasting pleasure.

Question Question 2

Can You Modification The Clock Styles Or Colors Or Is It Just The Blue-green And White?

Blackview smartwatch includes 4 various stylish Dial Display, specify your various state of minds.

Question Question 3

Can We Download Apps To This Watch? We Would Like More Options Of Watch Deals With Than The 4 Provided. Or Will An Update Be Including More Options?

There are only 4 watch deals with. Not exactly sure if they ll upgrade so that you can downloadmore And you can t download apps to it like an Apple Watch

Question Question 4

Does This Watch Support Spotify?

Yes, our smartwatch can control “Spotify”, you can play and time out music or switch tunes by control watch, without needing to eliminate your phone from your pocket.

Question Question 5

What Music Apps Can You Use With This Watch?

we use Pandora.You have the alternative to put it on spotify, Google play music, and sound player. we have it on noise player. we can modification tunes and time out from our watch.

Question Question 6

Is It Best To Diminish Battery Or Charge Daily?

we would let the battery drained pipes to a certain portion and then charge possibly around 15%

Question Question 7

Does This Have Spo2 Oxygen Saturation?

It does not. It tracks Steps, Sleep and Heart rate, has alarms you can set and can control your music player. No other health functions.

Question Question 8

Does This Smart Watch Have A Stop-watch Function?

Yes, Blackview smartwatch includes stop-watch function and Countdown function.

Question Question 9

Can You Modification The Band?

Yes. On the we side of the band, closest to the watch, there is a metal “button” on each band.Press it and it launches the pin that holds the band in location.Where to get a band, we do not know.

Question Question 10

Does This Watch React To Notifications?

It can only see text, not respond to them

Question Question 11

After Reading Mixed Evaluation’S, We Wonder How Accurate The StepsEtc Are? Thanks.?

For this watch, it was quite near our Fitbit.Think steps were only a little off and mileage was 0.02 greater than the Fitbit in a 1/2 mile test we did.Calories had to do with a lots less so we think it would make you work out more if you were tracking calories burned.

Question Question 12

Exists A Case Or Screen Protector That Would Work For This Watch?

we do not know

Question Question 13

Does The Stop-watch Function On The Smart Watch Have The Laps Element?

we are not exactly sure what a Laps part is. There is a sports tracker that tracks running, strolling, cycling, climbing up, treking, treadmill, spinning and yoga. The running part tracks heart rate, calories burned, steps, range, and TIME. So we would think from the sports part, you might track lap time rather of from t we are not exactly sure what a Laps part is. There is a sports tracker that tracks running, strolling, cycling, climbing up, treking, treadmill, spinning and yoga. The running part tracks heart rate, calories burned, steps, range, and TIME. So we would think from the sports part, you might track lap time rather of from the stop-watch one. The real stop-watch function provides you elapsed time and you can likewise predetermined a quantity of time.

Question Question 14

Does This Phone Work Well With The Iphone 7Plus?

It should,. Download the app the watch utilizes

Question Question 15

How Do You Link To Iphone For Usssages ?? Whatever Is Switched On However The Watch Won T Get Messages.?

Thanks for your query. We will deal 12 -Month warranty to guarantee your experience.Please make certain that your phone’s os is not ios 13.1.02 And if not, please reconnecting your phone with this watch, then re-open the message reminder function in the app.And if your os is ios 13.1.02, as the current Apple system Thanks for your query. We will deal 12 -Month warranty to guarantee your experience.Please make certain that your phone’s os is not ios 13.1.02 And if not, please reconnecting your phone with this watch, then re-open the message reminder function in the app.And if your os is ios 13.1.02, as the current Apple system, our app is a bit complex for this kind of setup, here is the way to set it up.1. Make sure to switch on your phone’s notification approval reminder alternative when you link the bracelet for the very first time.2. Switch on the Bluetooth function of your phone and choose the connection ID205 L. 3. Click ID205 L and open “Shared System Notification” in the display page.If you follow our steps, your bracelet will get the message.Any more question, please let us know in time. Hope this will help. If we might use more help, just do not hesitate to call us.Best regardsSolCasa-US customer support Group

Question Question 16

Our Charger Quit Working How Can We Get Another One?

Type in the watch brand on and they will reveal charges offered. Get the two pack just to be safe due to the fact that it s needs to size charger one will work

Question Question 17

Can You Use With Ourfitnesspal App? How?

we are sorry, however we do not know. we are not familiar with the app you discussed. The watch utilizes the Really Fit Pro app, which we downloaded to our iPhone. Then we had the ability to sync our phone with the watch.we hope somebody else has more information about the app you discussed.

Question Question 18

We Can T Get Our Music To Play. Can Anybody Suggest A Setting On Our Iphone We May Be Missing out on? We Have Pandora And Spotify.?

You can only change music on your phone, you can’ t play music straight.

Question Question 19

Can The Bluetooth Be Switched Off (Either Using The App Or On The Watch)? We Want To Be Able To Ensure It’S Not Transferring.?

If you switch off Bluetooth you will loose the information that has been saved on your watch. In effect it resets whatever on the watch. You will loose any sports records you have on it.

Question Question 20

Does The Music Controller Deal With Apple Music Or Just Spotify?

It ought to work with any music app. we use it with PrimeMusic It only enables you to play, stop briefly, avoid and reverse tunes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Blackview Smart Watch All-Day Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

09 dec2019 we are doubter at heart. We have owned numerous “smart watches” over the years. We have invested numerous dollars on private supervise the years. Some sufficed, however they’re heavy and huge and let you know they exist at the most unfavorable times. Others are the right weight, however do not function like they are declared to. Still others are the ideal size and weight however are only truly an attractive paperweight To be completely sincerity, we fully anticipated this to be the case with this watch. When we got our new blackview smart watch, we checked out the small owners manual(10 minute read. Do it) and stuck the watch on the charger. It illuminated that the battery was full. Rating. That does not take place with mostproducts Typically theirs at most half power and you need to credit full prior to you begin it. Not needing to wait is a win in our book. We downloaded the app to our phone( galaxy note 8) and linked the watch. The touch screen is respectable. We do not need to mash it to get our choice throughout. It is properly responsive. Absolutely Nothing more to state about it. The watch has to do with the size of a standard watch. Not that this description is informative, however it’s not interfering or self-important. Sleeves quickly slip over it with normal button use. That is another win. We are huge person so we typically have to buy different watch bands or links. This one is plenty long for us. After playing with the settings in the app for about 5 minutes, the watch was prepared for full use. It now notifies us to text, call and e-mails. It likewise tracks our daily steps, calories burned, miles strolled, heart rate and sleep patterns. We didn’t see in the online description that it has a phone locator function on it too( click the gray icon and it makes your phones alarm ring). There are other includes to it too, however we will need to take a little time checking out those to get a good feel for them. After using the watch for a little over a week, we can vouch for the claims that the battery lasts 10 days. It was at 28% at the end of day 8 when we chose to charge it. The watch remained on our wrist the whole time. Showers and the health club do not phase it. Operating in the rain was no issue. In general, we are blown away with this little watch. It would be a deal at $100 We are exceedingly happy with it. We can’ t wait to see where the app goes and what new functions they come outwith We will be purchasing new watches as they comeout More to come.

We definitely like this watch. We genuinely only required a watch with a large digital display however this has the bells and whistles to go along with it. We wish to beginning and state that when establishing the watch you will need to follow the guidelines to the specific word or you might have difficulty. We checked out whatever plainly and had the ability to figure itout We are able to control our music through the app, along with veiw our text when they are available in. We likewise like the “find our phone” function. We are permanently setting it down and can not find it so this was a major plus. The watch is super light weight and it looks trendy aswell. The straps are slick rubber sensation that does not pull or pull on your skin. It resembles buttery soft. We can not state enough good ideas about it. We have been using it given that the other day and the battery life is exceptional. 10/10 would suggest.

Super like this watch. Appears like an apple watch. Really easy to link on our iphone xs max and pls don t forget to link it on the charger to turn it on and start using it. We didn’t have any issue with it. Whatever well while getting notifications from our phone. The quality is likewise good.

We have only had this watch for a day and currently like it. Quick and easy setup and sync to phone with no issues. Screen is clear no blumishes, will keep fingers prints however quickly to clean away with completion of your t-shirt or paper toweltext messages are understandable, print is small if you have bad vision. However understandable with readers. Chargers really fast and low-cost. We brought this to change our blaze fitbit that is 2 1/2 years of ages. The strap is just a little longer and thicker than the blaze. However much stronger. We have needed to change our blaze band when. We will compose another evaluation in a month with an upgrade. However up until now +++++.

Looking for a strong smartwatch however do not wish to spend a lot? do not look any even more this watch is for you. It’s easy to use, multwe practical and just looks smooth as heck. We like the reality we can see calls, txt massages, instagram and linkedin notifications, and control our music all in one location (naturally other than for our phone lol). The step counter include motivates us to stroll more and the alarm function is great too. We can not suggest this product enough.

We just got this watch so we have not utilized all functions, yet. The texture is really soft and it is not sticky. The device was really easy to link to our phone through the veryfitpro app. The app is free. Functions consist of: sports, heart rate, unwind, alarm. We are so thrilled about our smartwatch purchase, up until now, we are in love.

We are in love with this smart watch. It’s day 11 and we have not needed to charge it yet. Super easy to use. At first, we were fretted it was going to be lousy due to the fact that of the rate however that’s not the case. We like this better than our mama’s fitbit versa 2. Get yourself one.

Wearable electronic devices is where things are headed and truly so. It s crucial to know how your body is operating. This watch is simple in design however it feels comfy and it gets the job done precisely. Plus the rate is exceptional for a product like this.

We like our blackwell smart watch. It s monitoring our health 24/ 7. We feel good understanding the number of steps we are doing daily so we can attempt to beat it everyday-like a plot of mine. We like that we can have the time, date and more on our wrist rather of needing to depend upon our phone all the time. We like that we can feel the vibration on our wrist when we get notifications from our phone. We can t wait to attempt it outside in the rain. We don t wish to get our iphone damp. In general a greatbuy Plus it will find our phone if we lost it. Incredible.

We attempted 2 other smartwatches that costedmore One was too thick and round. The other watch screen resolution was low and looked inexpensive. This watch appears like an apple watch. The size has to do with 40 mm in length. Screen resolution looks sharp. It was easy to sync up with the app “really fit pro”. It has all the basic functions weneed Our child desires one now.

We have been using this watch for a little over a week now prior to composing this evaluation. Why? due to the fact that we do not rely on any 5 star evaluation by users that “just got the product” they are evaluating. And we are seriously satisfied with this smart watch. First, we fully charged it when we first got it and here we are week later on and it still has 70% charge left. That’s excellent. Particularly given that we are utilized to about a day worth of use on our previous smartwatch. Now, this isn’t rather a full blown smartwatch as there are things it wasn’t developed to do such as reply to messages, nor does it have it’s own connection to the web. Which, we are thinking, belongs to the factor for the great battery life. Regardless of the low-cost rate, it is rather full full included. The step counter is as accurate as any others we have utilized as is the sleep tracker. There are 4 watch deals with to select from and the display has 3 settings, the brightest of which is functional in bright sunshine. From the watch you can check out inbound messages, set a timer or stop watch, examine your heart rate, set an alarm, or begin an activity such as strolling, running or cycling. It even as an integrated in unwind mode where it coaches you on unwinded breathing. There is likewise a buddy app that you set up on your phone which is where you set and control most of the performance. Here you get some great charts of your activity, set alarms, notifications, etc. It has a general great design and products are organized in such a way that makes good sense – you’re not searching around for a mislabeled function. The consisted of watch strap is basic fare, however given that they picked to make it detachable, any market standard strap can be quickly replaced. We picked not to as the consisted of mix is functional and rather light. We hardly observe it on our wrist. To summarize, if you’re looking for a an economical smartwatch/activity tracker, this fills the expense rather perfectly. You will not be dissatisfied with your purchase.

This is not just a fit bit. A lotmore You can obtain your messages and set numerous choices on this watch. You can t call or anything like that however when in the health club it s amazing to see text and know what s going on when required. So easy to establish and work while on your arm. And the charge holds great. Can truly inform a lot from this little watch.

We purchased this blackview smartwatch due to the fact that we like that it has a heart rate monitor so we can keep an eye on our heart beats due to the fact that we need that information to monitor. It likewise has great deals of other functions that we likewise use like unwind function that helps you unwind when you use it, naturally it has a alarm clock that works well and a sports monitor so you can monitor running, strolling – which we use when strolling, treking, and bike ridding. The battery in the watch lasts a long time, we have been using it for 7 days and its at 55%, okay. It has 4 various watch deals with which is great and its waterproof and has a great watch strap. This blackview smartwatch is packed with functions, works great, and deserves the rate we paid for it.

After lots of days of conversation with our family over purchasing a pricey smart watch and going through evaluations of more affordable watches too, our search ends here. We got this watch and happy that we didnt invest dollars in a pricey 200 plus dollars smart watch as we holds all the functions of a smart watch and we have no factor of rejecting it to be perfect for us with the ideal size and fit to me. Screen touch working appropriate much like our phone, steps counting while we stroll to and from bus stop. We can examine our messages and check heart rate which is really beneficial for us, charges up quite quick and battery lasts long which is the most essential element of the electrical products.

The watch is really lightweight and comfy to use thanks to the smooth and soft rubber watch band that is consisted of. We like the band has a quick release function so it is easy to change the band. The display looks good and regardless of the reality that it is not the sharpest or the brightest system, it is easy to check out outdoor under bright sun. The battery life on the watch is great that we can last a few days (potentially a whole work week) on a single charge and the magnetic charger is great too. Regardless of the reality it is made with plastic, it feels great. Nevertheless, we do want the crown can have more function as it is absolutely nothing more than a button that turns the screen on and off. Matching the watch to our phone is easy and without any issue. The uwe is simple yet easy to browse where the swipe and tap gestures work fine. Icons are user-friendly though we feel the graphics looks rather dated and a little bit simple and not as sleek that matches contemporarily mobile phone design however it does the job. We do want it can have a little more modification so we can disable functions we do not use and put the icons and functions that we use more frequently to location that is much easier for us to use. The music control is really restricted and is buried in other settings that takes two swipes. There is a minimal watch face and sadly you are unable to include more than what is consisted of or tailor it. The watch has heartrate and step tracking. It likewise offers calorie burned and range information and has a few predetermined exercise modes. We are not exactly sure how accurate the information would be however offered to the reality this is not a full fledge fitness band, we feel that the information offers is more of a reference to supply some health and fitnessinformation The veryfitpro app consisted of has a great and clean ui. It offers goodinformation We sanctuary t invested a great deal of time using it or monitoring its accuracy. We simulate that it can sync information to google fit. We are not a fan of the notification on the watch due to the fact that it appears like old sms from the flip-phone period. Nevertheless, we have no difficulty getting messaging notification on the watch, sadly, the watch does not let us send out a quick reply. We like the wrist sense function where the screen switches on when we move the wrist. Nevertheless, we feel it is a bit slow where it needs about a 2nd to triggering the screen and it does not always work. Likewise, we wish to see the alternative to change screen off time from the present 10 seconds. In general, we feel that the watch is a simple device that helps you keep time, relay notification, and likewise offers some health and fitness tracking on a spending plan.

We acquired two. One for ourself, one for our hubby. We have had them for a little over a week and only charged them when we first got them. It’s quite high tech for the rate range and the battery life is great. Our hubby has had zero issues with his. It credits a full 100%, does not detach from the bluetooth continuously. Mine nevertheless only holds a 99% battery, detaches continuously. It informs us our bluetooth connection is unusual and to reset the bluetooth on our phone. However its not just a bluetooth problem. We need to unbind the watch and then turn our phone off and then rebind the device 2-3 times a day now. We have attempted to just reset our bluetooth and it never ever repairs the problem and will not link to the watch. We are happy our hubby’s works with no concerns however we are little annoyed mine is having concerns. We still think it is well worth the cash.

We have only had the watch for about a week, however it seems the very same or better than all the comparable watches on. This one wins out due to the fact that it is the least expensive. We purchased our sweetheart a comparable watch due to the fact that it came with a purple band, however she in fact likes this onebetter The other had to do with $5more The app is quite basic, however it’s the very same app for all comparable style watches. The touchscreen is fully practical and the brightness is good. It even has a dimming alternative. The resting heart rate appears to be accurate, however we fall in the normal range so we can’ t guarantee its accuracy. We likewise have not fully checked battery life, however it ought to last a minimum of a week. In general a great watch and the very best watch when rate is considered.

This watch is amazing. We got it for our 15 years of age boy whom plays jv football for his highschool. He enjoys it he states it’s perfect for a professional athlete. He enjoys the reality that he can track his heart rate. As he has asthma and has been encouraged by medical professionals not to press too far. Likewise he truly enjoys the reality that it might inform his high blood pressure. We might be wrong about the high blood pressure part however we are nearly certain our boy informed usthat Nevertheless he utilized it everyday he went to practice. He likewise used it in your home on the weekends. He believed it was rather stylish. He walked like he was mr huge shot, or mr hot person with his watch on his wrist. Oh young boy was he revealing it off. Oh we are informing you he believed he was mr elegant trousers. Needless to state the watch is really trendy to state the least. Really stylish all his highschool football pals ask where he acquired his watch. And the girls oh they provided many matches on his watch too. We seriously wished to state okay kid no more watch at school. He even stated he was making phine calls from it. We offer this watch 5 star and so does our boy.

Functions truly great with galaxy note 8. Batter life is insane. Outcomes are comparable to samsung equipment 2 however better battery than equipment 2 do not comprehend how such a low-cost product can have a great battery life. Recommended few of our good friends.

We have utilized this smartwatch for the previous week. There are few things we like/dislike about using this watch. Pros:1. Truly good battery life. (up until now, with a week of continuous use, its still has 40% battery life. )2. Good display/touchscreen3. Great build quality (both case and band) 4. Great features/functionalitycons:1. Restricted watch face choices (presently only 4 offered) 2. Small text size3. Intermittent connectivity/having to reconnect watch with app4. Regular mistake messages after sending/receiving textsit’s not a bad smartwatch for the rate, nevertheless, there are other choices around this rate point that may have more modification.

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