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CanMixs Touch Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women

CanMixs Touch Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of CanMixs Touch Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Stylish Smart Watches for Men and Women ‘Smart watch has a simple and good-looking design,with its fully circular display and full touch 1.3 inch colorful screen, which has 240 *240 pixels resolution make the screen clear and bright.The case of smart watch is made from Zinc alloy metal and band is made from soft silicone,user-friendly design makes you use comfy and fashionable.The Smart watch to men is no screen glare, screen brightness can be changed, so your eyes are not quickly feel tired.
  • Smart Reminder for Call and Information ‘By linking smart watches men with your mobile phone, your information can be shown on the smartwatches synchronously, such as inbound call, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Line, SKype, Gmail, etc.No matter where you are, you can quickly see messages and hang up get in touch with your wrist. Not only will it help us stay updated with the outdoors world, you will not miss out on any essential notifications.Your personal assistant for work and life.
  • Accurate Activity Tracker ‘Full touch fitness watch, Accurate track your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep phases;The Activity Tracker deals 10 information record modes, Such as strolling, running, biking, etc, which covers practically all your daily sports.This special sport modes provide you even more in-depth insights into your most regular activities, which is great for sports-enthusiasts who want to track a range of sports and track their fitness status.
  • Protect & monitor your health ‘Smart watch for men and women is out of the traditional-watch and pedometers, it can even measure your high blood pressure, heart rate and sleep, the Fitness Tracker helps you to get a clear image of your health.Smart watch offer with abundant performance, that make your life smarter and efficient.Sedentary reminder, pedometer, remote electronic camera control, find smart watches, all the time activity tracking, brightness change, vibration alarm clock, IP67 waterproof, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on CanMixs Touch Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women.

Question Question 1

Does This Watch Need A Sim Card?

No. It does not need sim card

Question Question 2

What Does Ip7 Means?

It is IP67 It is score for Protection from Solids and Protection from Liquids.

Question Question 3

Can We Control Music With This Watch?


Question Question 4

Cv An You Include 3Rd Celebration Apps?

Hey there pal, Thanks for your thinking about this smart watch.The smart watch can set up “H Band” App.

Question Question 5

If We Desired A Replacement Band For This Smartwatch What Mm Size Should We Purchase?

Dear pal, Thank you for your question.You can change the watch band, the watch band width is 22 mm.

Question Question 6

Need Help Coupling With Our Iphone SIX. Exists A Contact Number We Can Call?

Dear pal, Thank you for your question. Please download the “H band” app on your cellphone. Please switch on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and set it with the watch.It will pawe with iPhone sixes. Any question, pls call us.We will offer best service.

Question Question 7

Does This Watch Link To The Samsung Crown?

Dear pal, Thank you for your question.Yes, it is work with samsung crown phone.It can support most android and ios phones. (Support IOS 8.0 and later on, Android 4.4 and above).

Question Question 8

Can You See The Display Outdoors In Sunshine?


Question Question 9

We Want To Know If We Can Use Various Bracelets With This Sport Watch?


Question Question 10

Can The Watch Find The Phone?

Hey there pal, Thanks for your thinking about this smart watch.Yes.The watch can find the phone.

Question Question 11

Has Anybody Bought A Screen Protector For This? If So What Kind?


Question Question 12

Is The Case Of The Watch Made Of Metal Or Plastic?

The case of the smart watch is made from Zinc alloy metal, watch strap is made from soft silicone.

Question Question 13

Can The Watch Modification The Face Skins?


Question Question 14

How Do You Set The Time On This Watch?

It sets automatically win connected to a cellular phone

Question Question 15

Does The Watch Switch On When You Turn Your Wrist?


Question Question 16

Hii, How Can We Trigger The Sleep Monitor Function?

It works automatically. To our understanding you can’ t trigger it by hand. The manual MAY inform of a way to trigger it by hand.

Question Question 17

Does It Deal With Samsung A20 (Smartthings)? Or What App Is Utilized?

Dear pal, Thank you for your question.Yes, it is work with samsung a20 phone.It can support most android and ios phones. (Support IOS 8.0 and later on, Android 4.4 and above).

Question Question 18

Is It Good For Kids?


Question Question 19

We Have Hearing Aids And Am Wondering If This Watch Can Be Paired Without Hindering Them?

Yes, just pick the one that you want on the call screen

Question Question 20

Can This Be Utilized Without A Connection To A Phone? (Emf Issues)?

Hey Dear pal, Thanks for your thinking about this smart watch. Yes, it can work without a phone?If you link the phone, there will be more functions and more in-depth information

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on CanMixs Touch Screen Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Someone put a great deal of time into developing this interface. The watch is definitely lovely, the display is bright and colorful. It make connecting with it a great deal of enjoyable. Not only is it a smart user interface into our mobile phone’s applications, however likewise a fitness and sleep tracker. Waterproof too, so we can keep it on all the time and stay on top of the most recent news.

Extremely cool watch. It was easy to match this with our iphone and has actually worked well. There are variety of various faces to pick from, depending upon your state of mind and just what you wish to be shown. The face is rather large, although we have uncommonly small wrists, so we rather anticipate it. Our father has currently asked for among his own. We like how you can tailor information within the phone app and monitor development. Ladies, it likewise has a cycle calendar that we have yet to test out however am really thinking about it s accuracy. Fit is comfy and in order for the bpm and high blood pressure, a tight fit is needed. Delivering was fast. The bundle was well insulated. The watch came with a partial charge however we did provide it a fully charge prior to establishing.

So happy we purchased this. A little background: we need lose weight after the covid-19 quarantine, so we chose to purchase a smart watch to better track our steps and exercise, considering that we don t always carry our phone. Why we picked this one: * huge and clear watch face so we can see the numbers, with or without our glasses (see images) * easy to use pairing and user interface. First step was to download the app, per directions, and it was easy for us to figure out from there. Extremely essential to us due to the fact that we are not a techie. * satisfied our rate point- outstanding value for under $50 Functions well with our iphone. * long battery life * tough design- as a working moms and dad, we need something with durable design that s comfortable to use. This is it. We like it a lot, we are thinking about getting one for our kid.

Did not anticipate this watch to be this good. Touch screen is so smooth it seems like appleproducts We use it everyday to track our biking and calories burned. Hband app is another thing that we like about this watch. In general, it feels and looks pricey than it is. For the rate we would state this is better than apple watch.

We will be sincere – we purchased it due to the fact that of its rate. You get a high quality for the portion of fitbit or apple watch rate. It was purchased as a present for our other half. He was pleased to see it, particularly after he examined its performance. Touch screen works good, charging and browsing is easy. Why would you pay more for the exact same quality? that is a great watch and fitness tracker. And outstanding value for cash.

Love whatever about it.

This smart watch is great. It is easy to sink to your phone to get the most out of it with an app. It has all the functions you are looking for with a smart watch and is easy to establish and easy to use. The screen is really responsive and works great upon touching it. It has all the functions we were taking a look at for our brother-in-law. It is easy to charge – and the battery lasts relatively long for all of its functions. We like that it is waterproof – so you do not need to take it off when you clean the meals. It is a truly good watch for a great rate.

This watch is easy to use the software is just amazing. If you use to android you will like it, the software is really versatile and provide many alternatives. Durable you can feel that right now when you take it out of package. If they can send out screen protector with the watch it would be 6 star. Absolutely suggest.

We have been looking for a smartwatch that might track our heart rate and bp all the time when we do some hard activities like tennis. Prior to we purchased some, however they were not providing the appropriate outcomes. We check out some more evaluations and lastly found this one. We utilized this one for 5 or 6 times while playing tennis and we see what and all we wish to track. We highly suggest whoever is attempting for a smartwatch without costs much. Linking to the app is likewise easy and anybody can do it. We like the sleep tracker also, as we continue to track we have been attempting to improve the pattern to get a good deep sleep. Furthermore waterproof too. Social network notifications are likewise sweet.

This canmixs smart watch is a greatbuy It is easy to use and tracks bp, heart rate, sleep patterns, and clearly the time. It has a cinema which is clear and easy to check out. The band is really durable and looks great. It’s easy to sync to the app, and we like the lots of alternatives you need to tailor the watch deals with. We think this is a great buy for somebody looking for a less costly smart watch.

This smart watch is soooo cool. We will start by prefacing that our other half took it from us on day 2. The various faces make you seem like you have 3 various watches. It s relatively lightweight however likewise feels strong, made with quality products. It has a simple/modern design, with great deals of alternatives for usasuring various exercise modes, sleeping, health, however it s easy to use and we are quite sure it would accommodate the more technically challenged folks. We are thinking about buying another one for our father as a xmas gift. The app is great, with great deals of individualized notification alternatives. On a full charge and utilized a fair bit, the battery lasted 5 days, with some life left (20+%). In general it s an incredible value, whether you re looking for something simple or something multifunctional to play with.

This smart watch is incredible, it works great and it maintains with whatever completely we wish to state just as good as this apple watch we have.

This is a good smart watch for the rate. At $45 ish dollars, it does most functions of an apple watch or more pricey watches, and it does it quite well. Always desired a watch that you might see full text on. This works incredible. Often our finger doesn t work the swiping effectively however it arrives. We likewise have the ability to set alarms on it. So now when our phone alarm goes off, we get the exact same alarm alert on our watch. This is incredible bc we don t always have our phone on our individual. The heart rate monitor works quite well. Love this function as it is matching our monitor. The music control will play whatever music was last used your phone. You can t see the tune list on watch however can start, stop, and time out plus avoid. Convenient function. In general a good watch for the rate, does not dissatisfy.

We have been attempting to exercise a lot more and lose weight and as we were browsing for a new watch we discovered this one and enjoyed the way it looked. When we first got we charged it for a couple hours and then just downloaded the app and it was easy to link. We have had so concerns just recently with our high blood pressure and pulse being a little to high so this one not only counts our steps it likewise lets us monitor our health at the exact same time along with our sleeping pattern to help us get a better nights sleep. We have been using this watch every day and it has actually assisted us a lot with tracking our high blood pressure and our steps. If you wish to track your exercise, however likewise your health this is the watch for you and we certainly suggest it for anybody.

Extremely easy to handle that, you just got ta download the app and inside has an alternative to set with the watch, the lcd display has a truly good quality with good colors and the very best part has to do with you can alter the watch face, they have lots of alternatives and you can modification quickly. Gps, battery, heart monitor whatever work smooth, no remorses, good rate up until now.

We like the large screen compare to our amazfit bip. The display is bright and we can see it so plainly. We were really stunned compare to the expense vs other well called maker. You can link with several apps also for notification. We only thing function we want android watches have is reply to notifications.

So cool, we had a garmin and this one works the exact same. We like the design and the rate. Absolutely suggest it.

Does a lot for the value. Numerous various clock deals with to pickfrom Band is comfy. Charger is magnetic to back of watch. Has the wrist turn function.

This watch is quite good. The length is just as a chopsticks while the weight is light to carry. The most beneficial function for us need to be the heart rate sensor and high blood pressure sensor, we did the measure at early morning, prior to sleep, in addition to prior to and after exercise. It makes us happy to understood that our information remains in a healthy range so that we are inspired to maintain our lifestyle. When we feel anxiety, we do a measure and it will help us to cool down. The stats for various exercise can likewise be tape-recorded. Absolutely rewarding.

Got this for our other half after seeing it on our sis. It is a great little watch. Has a great deal of beneficial functions plus it links to his phone so he can see messages rapidly at work rather than requiring to examine his phone. It looks smooth and is good quality for such a low rate. He is so ecstatic to go for a bike trip and track his miles this weekend:–RRB-.

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