How To Control Blood Pressure

How to Control Your Blood Pressure People with high blood pressure should take precautionary measures to not only control their blood pressure, but they should take steps to lowering their blood pressure through fitness programs, nutrition and dietary schedules and taking proper medication throughout a certain period of time. The medical term for high blood […]

Low Diastolic Blood Pressure

A Guide to Low Diastolic Blood Pressure Blood pressure and heart rate are related to each other. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the arteries of the body. Blood pressure is the key force that drives blood flow through the body from arteries, into the organs and then into veins. Pumping […]

Blood Pressure Reading

Blood Pressure Readings Gone are the days when you’d only be able to get your blood pressure readings at the doctor’s office. Thankfully, you can now take it as often as you’d like, right at home with the home blood pressure meter. There are several types, including the “old fashioned” model that comes with the […]

How To Lower Blood Pressure

Guidelines To Lower High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a common health problem of older age groups and even younger adults. It varies depending on the age, height, weight, and gender. In this busy stressful life, it is highly important for old and younger adults to have a systematic check of their blood pressure. […]