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Sodium Chloride TABS 1 GM Size: 100

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

How Much Salt In Each Tab?

Salt is comprised of Sodium and Chloride There is 607 mg Chloride, and 393 mg of Sodium which equala 1000 mg of salt(Sodium Chloride)

Question Question 2

Is This Salt Buffered?

we question it. There would be no point in buffering simple salt. You do not need to stress over it, considering that it is entering into the stomach’s acid pH.

Question Question 3

How Huge Are The Capsules?

not a capsule, tablet, that is why you can taste the salt kinda huge

Question Question 4

Is This Just Sodium, Or Exists Potassium And Other Electrolytes Added?

This is just sodium.

Question Question 5

Are These Pills Coated?

These pills are not covered. They are pressed like aspirin.

Question Question 6

How Lots Of Mg Per Tablet?

They are 1 Gram (1000 Mg).

Question Question 7

What’S The Distinction In Between This Product For $1349 And The Sodium Chloride Tabs 1 Gm U.S.P. Normal Tabs @ $3100??

we think you get 3 bottles of 100″Sodium Chloride Tablets 1 Gm, USP Normal Salt Tablets – 100 Tablets (Pack of 3)”

Question Question 8

Expiray Date??

The expiration on all of the bottles that we acquired were at least two years into the future. They were all great.

Question Question 9

Does Anybody Know If The Pills Are Easy To Divide?

Yes, they divided quickly with a tablet splitter and likewise grind up easy for a feeding tube.

Question Question 10

Porq En Mwe Pedido De Estas Pastillas De Cloruro De Sodio, Dice Pestañas Postizas, No Confio En Hacer Mwe Pedido Por Eso. Expliqeme Please.?

A veces la traducción está mal escrita, a mwe swe us llegó el bote.we papá dijo que boy buenas.

Question Question 11

We Often Have Hypotension And After That Put 1/4 T Salt In Water ToDrink How Lots Of Pills Would Equal 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Up?

One teaspoon of baking powder weighs 4.6 grams. we salt tablet weighs 1 gram. So, we approximate 1 salt tablet would equate to 1/4 teaspoon.

Question Question 12

Is This Offered In A 250 Mg Tablet?

no concept. nevertheless, be encouraged that according to theinfo on the bottle, the quantity of real sodium per tablet is 394 mg. the rest is chloride.

Question Question 13

Use For Eyewash Ok?

Best to use sterilized eye wash preparations.These are oral NaCl tablets so sterility is concentration might aggravate the eye.

Question Question 14

What Is This Utilized For?

Vasovagal syncope. Doc advises 6 tablets each day every day. Helps when lightheaded due to standing too long, sitting too long or being dehyrated.

Question Question 15

Instructions State To Liquify Tablet In 4 Ozs Of DistilledWater Attempted This However Tablet Doesn’T Dissolve. Does It Need To Be Squashed First?

we did not check out the instructions, so this is news to me. we just take a tablet when we are working outdoors throughout the Florida summer seasons and let it liquify in our mouth, otherwise we chew it. we likewise hydrate when we are operating in the Florida humidity.

Question Question 16

Can They Be Liquified In Water? We Are Runner Who has an interest in Liquifying Them In Our Water Bottle.?

Yes they liquify in water– we use it to make a normal saline solution. However they do not liquify right away so make sure to provide lots of time. Possibly prepare the night prior to. They are really hard and thick, about the size of a cent.

Question Question 17

Why Exists Another Like This For $1247 From Very Same Business?

If buy 3 only for $3496, the very same

Question Question 18

Are These Tabs Scored So That They Can Be Halve?

No they’re not scored however they would be easy to halve

Question Question 19

How Is This Any Various Than Regular Salt?

If by normal salt you suggest salt, salt frequently includes other components such as iodine and antwe caking representatives. This product is pure sodium chloride.

Question Question 20

What Type Of Salt Is This?

Like salt, however in a strong type. A round tablet.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on CONSOLIDATED MIDLAND CORP.Sodium Chloride Tablets, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We follow a ketogenic diet – 80-85% fat and low carb under 20 g a day. It’s really really hard for us to get adequate salt on this diet. Back when we hesitated of fat, we were likewise outlined the threats of salt. So it’s hard for us to include adequate and we just do not have the combination yet for salted flavored foods. Individuals who have changed from glucose burners to ketone burners have likewise type of changed how their kidneys work and need more salt than a glucose fuel based burner. Like waymore We attempted other salt or electrolyte sources and these integrated with exogenous ketone salts truly help me. Sugar/ glucose/carbs are likewise water absorbtives in your system so when you take those away/reduce, your blood/ water/electrolyte volume/ratios alter too and you just need more sodium and other electrolytes. Thank you to other customers for remarks about drinking with adequate water. Dr jason fung has great lecture online – search yt- about salt and stephen phinney likewise mentions a study from canada about increasing sodium. Large boosts can help health problem we heard from a ketogenic scientist too– however only if you remain in ketosis. We can work out longer with among these plus exogenous ketone drink versus just the ketone drink.

We need to consume a high salt diet due to pots (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and low blood volume, and rather of destroying our taste buds by splashing our food in salt, we got these tablets. They’re just what they state they are – sodium chloride compressed into a tablet, no more, no less, which in our book is great since we do not need the potassium or other vitamins/minerals some business blend with the sc. There is no covering, however these do not harm our stomach, and we have a quite delicate stomach. They likewise appear to liquify relatively rapidly; prior to if we were getting near to a passing out spell we needed to down salt combined with water or juice, and now we can take a tablet and a) the salt does not burn our mouth, and b) we begin feeling better eventually. We will keep reordered.

These are wonderful for individuals with pots (dysautonomia). We keep these with us at all times.

These salt tablets might conserve our life as we have chronically low sodium which frequently dips to the vital level. Till we learn more about our condition, they are keeping us alive.

Valuable for our children pots. Always get here undamaged/no damaged tablets. We have found these to be really affective in her treatment. It was hard to get in 4g of sodium daily. With these she only required 4 tabs daily, other brand names approximately 8.

We have a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or pots. We need to supplement our intake of sodium to keep from ending up being dehydrated. We are taking one in the am and one in the pm now and will boost to one in the afternoon quickly. These tablets are assisting us keep water in our system and blood stream and our signs of vertigo and fainting has almost stopped. We are pleased that we believed to attempt this and we have had no adverse effects at all.

These are medium, unbuffered tablets that taste like a tablet of pure salt. Taking among these resembles taking two saltsticks. We discovered after bought that 1 gram of sodium chloride amounts to only roughly 400 mgs of true sodium, or about 18% of your daily value. On the plus side, unlike saltsticks this product is only sodium chloride, as where saltsticks consist of lots of electrolytes. Both products worked for us, our cancer/chemo was drawing our sodium levels down, so we utilized both to get our levels back up (you ‘d figure the medical professionals would have the ability to recommend something) and it worked. Though now we have resigned ourself to using just saltsticks to keep our sodium level up. If you wish to use food to raise your level, the traditional soups and stews have 30-40% of your daily allowance.

These sodium chloride tablets got the job done and they work extremely well. Every now and then we have an issue with low sodium and it can be bad if we let it go to far. So when we begin to feel bad we typically think that it has something to do with our sodium level being low. We just break among these tablets in half and take. The other half we typically take a little in the future that day. This typically gets the job done.

Our relative was hospitalized for a seriously low sodium level. Part of the doctor’s discharge guidelines consisted of taking salt tablets. These tablets have assisted her keep her sodium level at an appropriate level. Fairly priced as compared to comparable prescription tablets.

Great tabs. We use these to help manage our pots dysautonomia signs. Providing a 4 only since the tabs taste terrible. They are pure salt so this makes good sense, we just want they came with a little a finish. We need to take 4 of these daily and the taste is undesirable to state the least.

Perfect for us, we do not get enough salt since we sweat a lot when we exercise, and these truly have assisted me.

These are lifesaver. We have struggled in the past to find 1 gram salt tablets that didn’t have other fillers in them. These are better rate than our regional drug store. We understand some individuals have problems taking salt tablets since they trouble their stomach. We have gastroparesis and these never ever provide us pain or queasiness. We take these to help raise our high blood pressure and they are incredibly valuable. If you have low high blood pressure or sweat a lot, we advise you provide these a shot.

Got what we desired. Will use to prevent dehydration in a hot really damp environment where we sweat (not sweat however sweat) hugh quantities. Going on journey to river and will use. They operated at the lake when kids so sure will work now.

We have a condition that needs the drinking of 100 oz of fluids daily and 3-5 grams of extra salt each day. It is dreadful needing to include a lot salt to whatever. This has truly assisted me. We take one with each meal and stop. Great results for us.

Just like they were 40 years back at football practice.

As promoted however we found the tablets way too huge. We hope they alter it to more of a lengthened shape rather of the disc. Other than that simple tablet to repair low salt for the summer season.

There’s very little to state about salt pills, other than in our case they work extremely well. They do not trouble our stomach at all, and they fixed our low sodium condition completely.

This works well for those who need sodium/salt supplement. Many people need about 1500 milligrams a day.

We need an absurd quantity of sodium in our diet and these work. We swallow them with orange juice in the early morning since the taste is traumatizingggg.

Our dr. Said our sodium level is low so we must include 3 to our daily diet. Don’ t take unless a dr. Finds this tossed blood test. Kk??.

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