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DoSmarter Fitness Tracker

DoSmarter Fitness Tracker, Health Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of DoSmarter Fitness Tracker, Health Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • All Day HR & BP Monitor Health Watch ‘Monitoring of heart rate and high blood pressure using the most recent optical sensing units. Constantly tracking your BPM and BP throughout the day in addition to throughout exercises. Health watch automatically discover your sleep during the night, examine your sleep quality with deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. Silent alarm with rather vibration quickly wakes you on your wrist.
  • IP68 Waterproof & Comfy Fitness Tracker ‘DoSmarter fitness tracker procedures 3.6 x 3.6 x 1 inches and only weighs 0.06 Ibs. Thiner design makes using more comfy. 1.14 inches color screen brings good presence completely daytime. IP68 waterproof design permits you use the fitness tracker even drizzling, taking cold shower (not for hot shower) and swimming. Quickly handle numerous circumstances in life.
  • SMS & Call Reminder ‘Informs you and shows notifications of calls and texts from your smart phones and even the informs from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. 20 personalized clock labels where you can pick and track your present activity. Advises you to train and get up in addition to do your shopping, reading, strolling, and feeding of the pet and so on.
  • Hassle-free Charging & Long Standby Time ‘Built-in USB plug for easy charging, no cable television and dock required. A full charge fitess tracker can supply you with approximately 7-10 days of normal use time and approximately 30 days of standby time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DoSmarter Fitness Tracker, Health Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor.

Question Question 1

Does It Monitor Blood Pressure? We Are Searching for A Health Tracker Takes Blood Pressure.?

yes, fitness tracker supports manual testing and automatic high blood pressure monitoring however user need to switch on “bp automatic monitoring” in the APP to start with.

Question Question 2

Will It Bind With Apple Iphone 7+?

fitness tracker works with APP H Band which needs a cellular phone with iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 or later on.

Question Question 3

Is The Charger Not Consisted Of And What Sort Of Charger Do We Need To Buy To Charge This Fitness Tracker?

There is no charger.You need an AC/USB wall wart, like the one that comes with cellular phones.

Question Question 4

Will This Watch Pear With A Iphone SIX Plus?

unsure about the sixesPlus we have an iPhone 8 & it sets with this just fine.someone will step up to help you we are sure.

Question Question 5

How To Charge The Fitbit?

validate there is a charging icon on the one band, then get rid of off the band and plug the fitbit into charger, once it linking sucessfully its display reveals a charging icon.

Question Question 6

Does It Sync With Google Fit?

Thanks for your inquiry.This fitness tracker can not sync with GoogleFit It can sync with” H Band” APP and support mobile phone Android 4.4 & IOS 9.0 or newer.Hipe this will help you Thanks for your inquiry.This fitness tracker can not sync with GoogleFit It can sync with” H Band” APP and support mobile phone Android 4.4 & IOS 9.0 or newer.Hipe this will help youDoSmarter

Question Question 7

Will This Fitness Tracker Track Our Blood Pressure Automatically?

yes, smart fitness tracker supports automatic high blood pressure monitoring however user need to switch on “bp automatic monitoring” in the APP to start with.

Question Question 8

How Lots Of Sports Modes Does This Have?

This fitness tracker supports sport mode when you are on excersing or training.

Question Question 9

Our Watch Is Doing Whatever, Other Than Counting Our Steps – Please Help?

fitness tracker tracks steps automatically, so just use it in ideal way and make it to close your skin, and the most part is keep the watch rest a finger’s width below your wrist bone and lay fla. After syncing, the outcomes recorded will exist at the steps user interface.

Question Question 10

Will It Wakes You Up With Vibrations?

yes, fitness tracker provides silent vibration to wake you up as long as you set alarm in the APP.

Question Question 11

Does This Have Free Returns?

All of it depends upon if it might still be bought.

Question Question 12

Would This Appropriate For A Child Of 7?

Yes. This slim fitbit with adjustable band which is sutiable for kids 7+. Our company believe it is a great gift for your kids.

Question Question 13

How Is The Sleep Monitor? Does It Measure Deep Sleep?

fitness tracker tracks sleeping automatically. User can check sleeping patterns in cludes deep sleep, light sleep, drop off to sleep, got up and more in the APP.

Question Question 14

Will This Sync Up With Our Samsung 8Plus?


Question Question 15

Can We Swim With This Fitbit?

yes, this fitness tracker is absolutely waterproof, you can use it to swim no issue.

Question Question 16

Will This Deal With Galaxy S9 Phone?

fitness tracker works with APP H Band which needs a cellular phone with iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 or later on.

Question Question 17

Is The Charger Consisted Of? What Sort Of Charger Is Needed?

this fitness tracker built-in USB plug, simply place it into USB port of computer system, adapter or portable power bank, etc. No extra cable television inconvenience.

Question Question 18

We Don’ Thave A Smart Phone B/C Of Dead Zone. If We Get A Buddy To Set Up Watch With His Phone What Includes Will We Have The Ability To Use W/O A Smart Phone?

All of them however (our company believe) all the accumulative information all goes to the app. Personal choice, however the accumulative information really significant to me. And the app on the mobile phone will have this. Dunno if this assisted however there ya go. Good luck. we truthfully like the watch (for the $).

Question Question 19

Good Fit Bit. How To Modification Date And Time?

Hey there, we recommend you to make fitbit linked with app, then date and time will be auto synced with your mobile phone’s.

Question Question 20

Will This Sync Up With Our Samsung 8Plus?

Do not know

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on DoSmarter Fitness Tracker, Health Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is a full-featured electronic product we purchased. He not only tape-recorded our walking, heartbeat, however likewise the most essential high blood pressure is plainly noticeable. We are really happy.

This is the 2nd among these our papa has had. He enjoys it and it provides him a concept of where his high blood pressure is at so he understands if he requires to be worried. Great product at an affordable rate.

We just upgraded to the new dosmarter high blood pressure watch. The shift to the new watch was dealt with efficiently by the phone application. The new watch is a lot easier to check out in that it reveals your steps, time, battery, etc. All on the bigger main screen. The bigger size of the watch and strap is stronger however does not feel unpleasant. We were worried about the consistency of the readings in between the two watches however after examining 3 days of readings it is no longer an issue. The operation of the watch did not alter, and we are really happy using it for our exercises and normal daily activities.

We like that we can monitor our high blood pressure from our wrist. A simple to use wrist band, east to charge too. Read your bundle directions for charging directions. You must get rid of the wrist band and link to a usb charger. We purchased one for us and our partner. He enjoys to use it too.

We like the size and color of the graphics on the watch. The heart rate and high blood pressure were the main factor we desired this watch and they appear quite accurate. Love the step counter. It tracked us at10 2 miles at an amusement park recently offering us overall steps and overall mileage. The other great choices are the phone finder and the notifications when calls or messages are being available in. The only problems we have experienced are: 1. We got stuck on the fitness screen (image 2) and might not return to the main screen (image 1). We attempted touching the the screen and get in button, however it would just go back to image 2. After an hour approximately, it reset itself and returned to all the choices readily available to the watch. We are likewise having an issue with needing to reconnect our phone to the watch. Our company believe if you run any other app, it might detach you from your watch. Might be operator mistake. In general, we are enjoying the watch.

Our impression of the dosmarter fitness tracker as we put it on our wrist, was that it was smooth and structured. You would not even see that at its thickest point, it is 11 mm thick. Compared to our $200 seiko watch this tracker is really light. After two weeks of normal use we had anticipated small scratches on the plastic face plate. We might find none. We usually shower with our seiko watch cleaning the metal band at the exact same time. Obviously all trackers in the exact same rate range alerts you not to take hot shower with it regardless of it being rather water-proof. So, we take it off prior to showering and clean the band independently. It is okay to run in the rain with it, which is really typical here in the pacific north west. Establishing to monitor steps (sport), sleep, heart rate (hr), high blood pressure (bp), is easy using the module supervisor of the downloaded app on the mobile phone. Tracking our bp takes a little effort as it does not always keep the setting. It provides a great tool to see the course we usually take for running. It needs you to trigger bluetooth on the mobile phone, which has a brief range. So, you need to take the phone with you as you run (this is to be anticipated from trackers at this rate range). At the end of the run you need to have the ability to examine your speed, rate and calories, range finished, time finished and the course you have handled a map. We are still tweaking some settings to see the map rather of just the course taken. This might be associated with our mobile phone, an honor view10, and might not appear with other android phones. We will upgrade this once we have tried out a various phone. Update 12 jan. 2020: after updating h-band to the most recent version, when you are prepared to run, it asks you which map you wish to use, according to connected. Given that it is snowing, we are not going to run outdoors. We are pleased that this deals with our mobile phone. Considering its rate, the dosmarter fitness tracker offers all one would need of a tracker. The main function why we purchased this system is its capability to examine our sleeping pattern: the number of hours we have a deep sleep and the number of a light sleep, the length of time we sleep, what our sleep quality is, and – you choose – if you have sleep disorder. The rest the tracker needs to provide is gravy. There is a variety of costs for trackers that deal more choices that you might be good however you will never ever use. For the rate this system has offered all of us weneed We are happy with our choice of fitness tracker. We offer this 5 stars. Update: according to customer report selected your health tracker based upon what you need and not what is readily available on the marketplace that you will never ever use. It conserves you cash by trimming to the basic systems. A remark, battery life depends upon the choices. We got 5 days out of a charge with sleep monitoring plus the sport, heart rate and high blood pressure. Without sleep monitoring we think you are fine with 7 days per charge.

Great design. Absolutely simple and easy to use. One button.

We like it. So easy to comprehend.

Love this smart watch sooo much. It is stunning and smart at the rate of a routine digital watch. It has numerous functions, some of the function can only switch on when you sync your watch with your phone using the app that goes with this watch which is h band, an extremely typical app for chinese fitbit. And it is still really waterproof and has no issue with swimming. Can likewise record the variety of steps, provided us a great deal of help.

We enjoyed with thisproduct It broke after only about 6 months of use. The middle part broke off into the band and doesn t stay together anymore We reached out to client service with no reply.

Great value. Cost Effective and works extremely well for $30 We have a $200 samsung equipment fit 2 however this one gets the job done just as well if not better in some ways. Pros: we like how the usb charger becomes part of the tracker itself and is really practical. Our equipment fit we would need to have the dock with us at all time to charge and it ends up being really frustrating. It is a lot easier to look for a usb port than needing to carry around a particular cable television. The battery life is exceptional and appears to exceed our equipment fit 2. Naturally it does not have all the bells and whistles however this one gets the job done for what it is. The screen remains on for about 5 seconds prior to turning black however it appears to help with the battery life substantially. We have used this for a few days and the battery is still full. We can see this quickly lasting a whole week. The waterproof function is useful. Given that there is only one small button on the tracker it avoids a great deal of unintentional touches. The equipment fit 2 is all touch screen so every water drop will connect with the watch and waste more battery. Cons: the app takes a few attempts to link at first. We have a galaxy note 10+. Sometimes when we are playing around with the functions on the watch and the app it would detach. You can link quickly however just a small thing to think of. The tracker itself takes a few attempts to get utilized to once you ascertain it’s easy. Basically you tap on the little bar at the bottom to browse in between menus. In order to connect or press enter you would need to hold it down for a few seconds. The manual discusses press get in however there is not real get in button so it was a little complicated. The exercise mode appears to only track running. It would have good to have some other exercise activities incorporated in like weights or elliptical.

When purchasing a fitness tracker, among the first questions to ask is “what performances do we definitely need?” then you follow that up with “what am we going to invest?” for me, we required something that tracked the basics (steps, calories burned, heart rate, etc). Likewise, we didn’t wish to invest more than $100 which suggested apple watches were not for us. Our choices boiled down to fitbits, garmins, and brand names like this one. Fitbits are more on the greater end of our budget plan so we figure we begin at the low end first and go up if required. This dosmarter tracker did not dissatisfy. Aesthetically it is a spick-and-span and streamlined appearance comparable to a fitbit. Performance smart, it is simple to use and instinctive. The directions were fine, it helps to download the app because that will reveal you how to use all the functions. Whatever is driven by means of one button on the touch screen. Up until now it’s been easy to use and satisfies whatever that we need plus being waterproof. Sure we might’ve purchased a fitbit however for half the rate, we are more than happy with this purchase.

Easy to charge and for the most part, easy to check out throughout sitting. More challenging while moving. We like the app. We just would choose that it remains integrated more regularly. Frequently need to resolve the re-linking. And lastly, we swim for the function of elevating our heart rate. We were hoping this watch would be durable adequate to endure this. After reading the enclosed literature, not so positive. Maybe more clearness on waterproof might be offered.

We like the watch. The heart alarm goes off however does not inform you the heart rate just reveals a heartand We can only use one style on front face of watch cause we need to know how high the heart rate is. Other then that it is accurate each time we inspect it. Thank you.

This fitness tracker is more affordable than the fitbit. We have been using it for about a week. This fitness tracker is good, particularly for its rate. It counts the steps and let you take a look at your other fitness information like a heartbeat, it can likewise do a great deal of other cool things once it’s connected to the app, such as sms notifications and telephone call. The battery likewise lasts for days with a single full charge. Worth the rate. We offer 5 stars for this product.

We lost our fitbit and required a replacement however didn’t wish to invest the $$ once again. This was a budget-friendly alternative that works just as well as the fitbit. It has whatever we need and the app is easy to use. The charge holds for a few days.

We don t think the steps is accurate. It will include over 30 steps when we wereh our hands. Besides that we like the appearances of it and it s easy to use. However we desired it for monitoring our steps when we take strolls. We can t use it forthat The app is easy to use.

Will not sign up blood pressure on phone apt all others reveals on watch.

We bought this device for a daughter-in-law that requires to inspect her high blood pressure and maintain with her exercise to keep all her health requires working properly. Up until now she has taken pleasure in and utilizes the device everyday. She states its working good, she does not get all the steps yet. States it’s an operate in development and in some cases hard to stay on track however shes attempting.

We provided this as a christmas gift. Discovering the charging port was complicated and figuring out that the usb was connected to the watch it self was challenging because it didn’t appear like a usb. Setup was simple however didn’t like the systems are metric so we needed to transform kg to pounds other then that it appear to work as it must the individual who got it was super happy.

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