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DrKea Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Large Cuff Kit

DrKea Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Large Cuff Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of DrKea Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Large Cuff Kit.

  • ACCURATE & RELIABLE – Clinically evaluated and recommended by physicians and obstetricians for its dependability and accuracy. Durable and long-term device makes it the perfect healthcare device for your family.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply press ON button to begin measurement. No complex setups needed. Batteries and Storage Bag consisted of.
  • PERFECT FOR TAKING A TRIP – Our DrKea Upper Arm BP Monitor comes with storage bag, to keep your bp device clean and dust free. Perfect size for your travel luggage, bring it anywhere, anytime.
  • MONITOR FAMILY S HEALTH – We made our DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with the entire family in mind. Large screen and colored buttons make sure that it is elderly friendly. Easy memory settings make it inconvenience free for everybody in the family.
  • STORAGE BAG & BATTERIES CONSISTED OF – No extra purchases needed to establish your DrKea BPMonitor Comes with a great storage bag to keep whatever perfectly without losing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DrKea Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Large Cuff Kit.

Question Question 1

So Which Cuff Measurement Is Accurate? In The Description It States: Large Cuff Size: 9″ To 17″ We Have No Use For A 12″ Cuff.?

we are presently selling 9″ to 17″ cuff. Need to you get the wrong size, simply drop us an e-mail and we will send you a new replacement with the right size. Thank you.:-RRB-

Question Question 2

What Size Is TheCuff Will It Fit 18″?

our DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor for Upper Arm can fit arm size of 8.7 – 12.6.

Question Question 3

Is This System Fda. Approved?

our DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor is FDA approved and CE certified.

Question Question 4

Happy To Come Throughout A Business That Monitors User Remarks. How Do We Order This System With An Xl Cuff?

we presently only have 9 -17 cuff size. Our XL cuff is out of stock. Drop us an e-mail if you want to be notified.:-RRB-

Question Question 5

Is It Pretty Accurate???

Being a nurse and having not only taking clients BP however likewise our own for years. we never ever had an issue. This was not accurate for us (BP all over high, low and normal.). we returned it

Question Question 6

Hi We Need An XlCuff Is It Availible?

our XL cuff will be readily available quickly in about 1-2 months time. Please drop us an e-mail and we will keep you updated.:-RRB-

Question Question 7

Is This Machine Made In The Usa?

No Made in china

Question Question 8

Does Thismonitor Program Irregular Heartbeat?

our DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor only determines the heart rate. It does disappoint irregular heartbeat.

Question Question 9

How Numerous Inches Does The Cuff Fit?

5 1/2 inches. our other half is a huge person 6 feet and 230 pounds and it fits around his arm.

Question Question 10

Do You Have Medium Cuff That Can Be Bought?

our cuff is available in Large size 9 -17 (consisted of) and X-Large size 9 -205 (offered independently) Only.

Question Question 11

Can The Larger Cuff You Offer Be Utilized With This Monitor?

The cuff that come with this system encompasses fit a bigger arm however we don t understand about a bigger cuff fitting this system

Question Question 12

We Need An Xl Cuff- Is It Readily available At This Time?

not at the minute. It will be readily available in about 2-3 months time. Drop us an e-mail and we will keep you updated when the stocks are available.:-RRB-

Question Question 13

You Keep Stating, “Drop United States An Email And We Will Let You Know When The Larger Cuff Can Be Found In”Where Is Your Email??

You needs to have the ability to message the seller through if you click the blue link for the seller s name.

Question Question 14

Why Are The Cuff Faulty. We Bought 2 And Both Cuffs Have Quit Working.?

our cuff has worked with no issues.

Question Question 15

We Love It. How Do You Modification The Date Month And Year On The Screen?

1.) Press and HOLD the SET button up until the display flashes. (The year needs to turn up in the best corner. If it states 2019, tap the SET button once again. The date and time must now be flashing2.) If the month is right, tap the SET button to get the day flashing; if not, tap the MEM button up until it is right. 1.) Press and HOLD the SET button up until the display flashes. (The year needs to turn up in the best corner. If it states 2019, tap the SET button once again. The date and time must now be flashing2.) If the month is right, tap the SET button to get the day flashing; if not, tap the MEM button up until it is right.3.) Repeat this up until whatever is right. When the minutes are right, tapping SET will take you to a blank screen. Tap SET once again and it must display the current changes.

Question Question 16

Can You Use Air Conditioning Adapter?

yes you can however the Air Conditioner adapter is it consisted of inside the package.:-RRB-

Question Question 17

What Is The Measurement Of The Cuff?

the cuff can fit arm size 9 -17 Please use a fabric tape to measure for fit check.:-RRB-

Question Question 18

Can This System Be Adjusted?

our DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor does not need to be adjusted. Basically it on and it will begin measuring. It is automatic and offer reliable measurements.:-RRB-

Question Question 19

Does This Have A Function That Makes It Blue Tooth Compatible To Track Readings On Your Phone?

no, this does not have a Bluetooth function.

Question Question 20

Everytime We Use This It States E-1, So We Press It Once again And After That It Functions. Why Is That? Am We Doing Something Wrong?

the cuff is not place on properly and it will cause E1 mistake. Please drop us an e-mail if you think you have gotten a malfunctioning high blood pressure monitor. We will make things best for you.:-RRB-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on DrKea Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Large Cuff Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had two various wrist cuffs offer us improperly low bp readings. Both of them determined high blood pressure on an increasing cuff pressure. There is a factor physicians do high blood pressure on the arm, and inflate the cuff above your upper number and deflate it to get the reading. It is simply proven to be more accurate. If you do slow inflation and keep reading the increasing high blood pressure, like most wrist cuffs, you present prospective mistakes given that the “downstream” location of blood flow is small and the venous pressure (and subsequent back pressure in the arteries) increases prior to measurement iscomplete Effect, variably low readings, incorrectly assuring clients. Examine american heart association high blood pressure measurement requirements. There is a factor that pumping up to above arterial pressure and reading on deflation technique has been found to be more reliable and more accurate. This system succeeds, constant with sphygmomanometry requirements, and we trust it. We returned two wrist systems prior to choosing this one. Yes, we are doctor, and have an undergraduate small in biomedical engineering, with research experience in vascular disease. Stick with proven science.

We like the monitor. The cuff is too small for our arm. We want to have the ability to talk to somebody in client service to get a bigger cuff. *** upgrade *** this is the business to gowith The product is good quality and client service is great. They are helping us with an xl bp cuff given that the one that comes with it is a bit too small for anybody however our child. We will let you know if anything else takes place.

Functions like a beauty.

We had acquired this high blood pressure cuff a few months back and was not happy. The cuff had some electronic concerns and was providing some odd readings. We are thinking this might have been from a shipping problem. We can inform you that the folks at dr kea, reached out and desired absolutely nothing more than to make things right. This is a business that thinks in making a great product and that every customer matters. Make sure to provide a shot.

See our “open box” video. We opened it within 5 minutes and utilized it. The only tool we required was a scissors. The product appears extremely strong developed and professional on impression.

Required a replacement for our mother and we just enjoy this bp. It is simple to use and it s accurate. We took it with us at her last appt to test it versus the workplace s arm bp and it was right on point. Really happy. Great rate too.

This high blood pressure monitor got here on time and works great. It was easy to establish- the brochure with instructions describes whatever completely, and offers step by step directions. It likewise came with batteries which was a great bonus offer. It took our high blood pressure rapidly and precisely. Great buy.

When we were pregnant few months ago our high blood pressure increased so we required to monitor our high blood pressure all the time however we were using a wrist high blood pressure in the house which is always lower compared to our physicians. We have been aiming to get an arm blood pressure monitor given that our high blood pressure is still high post birth however wasn t sure what brand to get then we encountered dr kea. We have had acquired from them prior to with a various product and we were delighted with what they provide. The bp monitor can be found in a truly charming case which we like plus 4 aa batteries which is available in convenient. We like that the screen is huge and easy to check out and the cuff is perfect for our size with some more space for modifications. We likewise like that it s extremely easy to use even without reading the manual directions. We only had a little issue with setting the date/time however that s due to the fact that we weren t following the directions right. As for the bp reading we have yet to see with our doctor if it s a lot closer or as accurate as what they use in the clinic however up until now we are happy with this monitor.

We just got this two days back. For me, it is extremely accurate. For our relative (5 feet high), the cuff is too huge and she’s getting readings that are 210/100 and such. We took it into our doctor today, and her real bp is 130/72 or near it the 4 times he took her bp with his cuff while this one is still providing readings over200 If we might buy a smaller sized cuff, we would, however if not, we’ll need to return it. For me, it gets a 5 star ranking. For our relative, it’s a 0. Those do not typical to 2. 5. Modified: doctor stated that she requires a larger cuff, however that would not work due to the fact that it would really offer greater readings. Recommended she be available in and have her bp taken as soon as a month, and we must keep using this due to the fact that it’s on the button with his and we do have high bp.

The directions it came with make it easy to establish and use. Because we are both 60 ish, it is easy for both people to read it and conserve the settings for the doctor. The little person comes with its own carrying case, also, and given that we are mariners it will help protect it from the seawater rust. We would highly suggest this product to anybody tracking their high blood pressure.

This high blood pressure monitor is perfect for assisting us keep track and controling our high blood pressure. Having this monitor has been an advantage given that the monitor shops readings. Love that we can do pressure readings in the house and just call our doctor with the numbers rather than needing to go to the workplace just to have high blood pressure inspected.

The arm cuff was the normal size, about 8. 7 to12 6 size, however our arm is 15 inches. We reported the issue to them and they used to send out the xl cuff to us as part of their customer complete satisfaction guarantee. Can’ t ask any more than that.

We have been using this high blood pressure monitor for some time, and we like it. It is extremely easy to use, one click and you’re off. We likewise like that the arm cuff is huge enough for our arm. We are quite huge person, numerous cuffs are too small for us, however not this one. We have inspected the high blood pressure and heart rate it offers versus other sources, and it is extremely reliable. The only unfavorable thing we can state about it is the liquid crystal display does not have a light so hard to see in a dark space, however on the plus side dark lcd implies battery lasts a very long time. The highlight wanted we acquired this high blood pressure monitor, we got a call from a representative called me, not to offer anything, just to examine and make certain we weren’t having any issues and used to help us establish and use theitem That’s a great touch, we were extremely pleased with this business. We highly suggest this product.

After about a month of use, we are extremely happy with this bp monitor system. Feels strong, and to be of great quality. Great value, accurate and easy to check out. Still using original batteries that came with the system. Only problem we have had was with the ‘large’ arm cuff. It is borderline too huge for our arm, despite the fact that we are an obese guy – better begin pumping some iron. It took about two weeks of use for the cuff to ‘un-stiffen’ (was a difficulty to get it lined up properly initially) and fit our arm a bit better, and now it is just great. Readings are constant, and inline with our previous 2x more costly bp monitor that passed away after 5 years. Would be extremely happy if this lasts that long. Idea we may be able to use our previous cuff that was a little smaller sized, however the air ports are various sizes.

We have only utilized a few times, so we can’ t remark regarding the longevity of the product, however the high blood pressure cuff is exceptionally easy to use. We are getting readings extremely near what our physicians workplace gets, so our company believe it’s most likely relatively accurate. Just make sure not to put it on your arm too tight due to the fact that that will offer an incorrect reading. It took place to us initially, and our bp was exceptionally high. The reading was way greater than physicians workplace. When we fixed that (not so tight), we began to get what we would think about accurate readings. Rate is extremely affordable, too.

The machine appears great and works properly and precisely when compared to our physicians readings. Our only problem is it is hard to get the cuff on by ourself without it being twisted. We are not so active in our aging and it’s rather a difficulty for us. We need to wait for somebody to come around who can help me. This may be something we will get utilized to. We have only had it for a number of days. The rate is great and it looks like a good qualityproduct Easy to establish and use. When you have the cuff in location.

We wished to however bp monitoring machine for the moms and dads who are taking a trip from india. And we wished to something compact so that they can carry while they are taking a trip. So purchased this bp monitor and it works perfect. The numbers are accurate and it s extremely compact. They directions and setup was extremely extremely easy. You just need to put the batteries which they had offered in to the machine, link television and press the on button. Delivering was fast. Great buy.

We bought this blood pressure monitor, after a very long time of comparing, various brand names. From the evaluations, of the major brand names, numerous, or a minimum of numerous individuals, declared that the more costly monitors, did not preform, in addition to those, that expense less. There were evaluations, on this monitor, that stated, they wouldn t buy it once again, however those that had evaluated it, stated they found it to be accurate and easy to use and at first established. Which it is, we would definitely buy this very same monitor once again, if need be.

We could not get the first one to set the date and time. They rapidly consented to exchange and send us a new one. The new one got here prior to we even got the original one returned. We then required a bigger cuff and the representative offered us with a discount coupon for a great discount rate. They likewise straight offered us with directions for use. Really delighted with the product and client service.

User friendly display. Easy to check out the worths. Great memory capacity of this device. It supplies the benefit of a lightweight design that allows it to be conveniently used around the wrist. In general it is good product and bestproduct Our moms and dads are happy to see use this product.

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