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Dsmart Dual-HR Health & Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch

Dsmart Dual-HR Health & Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dsmart Dual-HR Health & Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch.

  • Advanced SpO2 tracking ‘Geared up with advanced O2 sensor, with Red light + infrared dual discovering for SpO2, you can test it from the watch on your wrist constantly for 5 minutes so that to know your body blood oxygen status. Much more practical and easy to use than the traditional gadgets.
  • Dual-HR + HRV heart monitor ‘Just press and hold the touch button on the watch to get discovered and examine the information reports on the app. Advanced PPG sensor deals 24/ 7 routine HR monitor for all the time. With HRV (heart rate irregularity) function together with sleep monitor to let you get a general photo of your heart health.
  • Intelligent Blood Pressure ‘Manual testing on your wrist, automatical BP discovering can be set on the wofit App. You can turn on “Personal BP mode” to adjust the sensor of the watch and get accurate discovering. V19 provides a much more intelligent and practical way for high blood pressure than the traditional gadgets.
  • Scientific Sleep Tracking ‘Set it on the supporting app, V19 can automatically track SpO2 level from every 00: 00- 7: 00 along with HRV tracing and low SpO2 advising function. Sleep quality monitor is not only for the night however likewise for the daytime, let you get more insights into your sleep phases, bedtime etc. so that to help you comprehend your sleep quality better and improve it.
  • Running & Fitness Activity tracker ‘Automatically track all-day activity consisting of steps, calories charred etc. Professional sports mode to track your exercise indoor or outdoor, phone’s GPS to draw the map for your training, along with real-time heart rate tracing for your training and max. BPM reminder to help you training more effeciently and securely. Sedentoray reminder will notification you to keep active routinely every 30-60 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dsmart Dual-HR Health & Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch.

Question Question 1

Does It Discover Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Phases?


Question Question 2

Does This Watch Only Deal With The Wofit App?

Yes. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with with our customer service if you got any problem about the wofit app.

Question Question 3

Is This A Morepro?

No, we are DSMART

Question Question 4

Will This Measure And Log Our O2 Levels Every Hour Automatically In The App?

In the MorePro app, O2 is only determined while you are sleeping every 10 minutes. You can check by hand throughout the day.

Question Question 5

Can We Inspect Our Blood Saturation Level At Whenever We Would Like Or Does It Only Inspect Oxygen While Sleeping?

You can examine it anytime on the watch.

Question Question 6

What Size/ Design Battery Is Required, After The One Consisted Of Passes Away?

The battery is consisted of in the device and is not adjustable.

Question Question 7

Does This Deal With Iphone 7?

Yes, it will.

Question Question 8

Does This Have Any Ability Ofconnecting Music Or Playinh Music?

It can not link music.

Question Question 9

Have The Alternative For Modification Of Km To Meters?

Yes, you can alter it on the support app.

Question Question 10

How Do We Get Our Free Bands For Doing Our Evaluation?

Yes.no issue

Question Question 11

Can This Watch Or Application Make A Emergency Call To Family By Itself When Its Users Drop And Lose Awareness Or Something?

No, it has no this function.

Question Question 12

Will This Link Approximately Other Apps Via Bluetooth For Heartmoniter?

Yes, the app is wofit.

Question Question 13

Does It Only Deal with An Android Phone And Not An Iphone?

It will work with both Android and iphone.

Question Question 14

Would This Work Better Than A Finger O2 Meter?

it appears to be a number of portion points off, we have both, and this one is always 2 points greater, however in some cases matches the finger oximeter, so we just use it as a gauge of how well our body is using O2, this has more utilizes.

Question Question 15

What Type Of Wall Charger Can This Use? Not Charging W Samsung Wall Charger?

we have a Samsung charger.pull out the cord from plug and insert on USB outlet of plug.

Question Question 16

What Size/ Design Battery Is Required, After The One Consisted Of Passes Away?

The battery is not adjustable.

Question Question 17

What Is The Precise Treatment To Adjust The Bp Sensor In “Personal Bp Mode”? How Do We Go Into Bp From A Real Medical Device To Adjust It To Me?

The watch will do that n transfer to mobile phone

Question Question 18

Can You Swim With This On?

we have not attempted that, it is expected to be waterproof.

Question Question 19

Does It Measure Blood Pressure Accurately?With Calibration?

It has “Personal BP mode” to adjust the sensor for you personally.

Question Question 20

Are Replacement Bands Available For This Watch?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Dsmart Dual-HR Health & Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We quite like this watch. It can check high blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen portion, ecg, and monitor throughout sleep. Wow. Happy with our purchase for home use.

The directions are not great, however you can find better ones online by googling “v19 user’s manual”. Initially it wasnt working well at all with the app. Nearly none of the information moved from the watch to the app. If you have a more recent design android (we have galaxy note 10+), use the “morepro” app, not the “wofit” app. Both apps look the exact same, butvwe think “wofit” is obsoleted. As quickly as we changed to morepro all our running, sleep and heart-related information synced completely.

We like this to examine our heart rate and bp. It likewise tracks our steps which is a plus.

It works well and it is accurate.

We are really happy with this watch/blood oxygen/heart rate/blood pressure fitness activity tracker. Really easy to use and read.

Just liked at all.

Up until now so good, well made, whatever appears to be working. Going to get one for our relative. Enjoying it, we got out of our chair. Going to deal with the 10 thousand steps and, possibly one day, boost. Thanks, wofit and dsmart.

Love our more pro watch. Really handy with our hypertension and helps us watch on it. Love the sleep function and spo2 function. Great battery life aswell. Support was really handy when the screen got moisture below and was getting hard to check out the screen. Sent us a new one with no questions asked within 3 days.

Incredibly simple and ez to establish. Less than 5 minutes and running completely. Really pleased.

To child to inform how accurate however definitely a wonderful device.

We have high bp the watch takes takes our bp and list it to our phone. We can reveal the dr. Straight off our phone rather of using, getting and pupping on bp machine. Now with one tach of the watch it’s done.

All operates works wonderful. Soo numerous functions and it provides healthy tips. It promotes full body health. It makes you passionate when you’re using it, inspires you. No bs, this watch is super amazing. Need upgrade, going to buy one for myself quickly.

Functions underfull easy to utilized sample to read we just dream that had a various way to charge due to the fact that if you not strong it’s little hard to take the bracelet out to charge.

Love our new watch. Easy to establish. Enjoyable to use. Quick shipment.

We enjoy this watch, it does whatever we need it to do. It’s easy to use and easy to establish. We use this watch to maintain with our important signs and if you need a watch to help you to do so then this is the watch for you.

Use this for tracking our activity, heart rate, time, calories burned. Love it.

Wow, a little device can do whatever, bp, ekg, spo2, hr ect. Perfect for the cost. Highly advise.

This is our 2nd one, first one lasted a 6 months approximately, good product.

Using for heart rates and oxygen levels while working and walking.

We have been having covid-19 signs and this watch has actually been so really handy to be able to monitor oxygen levels, heart rate, high blood pressure. The ekg has actually been great to be able to compare it with results our physicians has from the past. We didn’t buy it for the steps or sleep monitoring however those have been amazing also. We are an effective sleeper:-RRB-. So amazing to have all of these tools in one device.

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