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Ekrist Fitness Tracker

Ekrist Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Sleep Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ekrist Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Sleep Monitor.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep & Blood Pressure Monitoring ‘The watch fitness tracker embraces the 2019 latest intelligent algorithm and HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring; Discover your sleep and examine your sleep quality with deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. Likewise it supports track your high blood pressure, daily steps, range took a trip, calories burned, activity tracking time and extra more than 10 function;
  • Smart Genuine-Time Notification ‘The activity tracker gets call and message notifications and alarms on your wrist, never ever miss out on things that matter; Inactive alert to advise you to move for beverage. Alarm alert, Stop-watch and Female physiological duration reminder;
  • Compatibility & Long- long lasting Battery ‘Supports Bluetooth4.0, iOS 8.0/Android 4.4 and greater mobile phones; Full charge needs only about 1 hour and the standby time can be 5-7 days, and even a maximum of about 30 days (Depending upon the use environment);
  • Built-in USB Plug & IP67 Water Resistance ‘The fitness smart tracker comes with a built-in USB plug, No charging cable television or dock required. IP67 waterproof standard is readily available for cleaning hands, drizzling and sweating; Multi- Colored LED Screen design, offer you a new visual experience. With its beautiful design, it looks wonderful on your wrist;

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ekrist Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Sleep Monitor.

Question Question 1

How Do We Charge It?

Grip both bands near the watch fitness tracker. Pull them straight apart. And plug straight into a USB port to charger. Full charge needs about 1-2 hours. And please guarantee that the inner metal emerging is lined up.

Question Question 2

Bp Steps Too High Compared To Reg Bp Monitor?

That’s since this isn’t a medical device. These things are great for what they are, and they are undoubtedly extremely helpful for broad summaries, however they’re infamously inaccurate in numbers and something on your wrist is never ever going to offer an accurate BP measure.

Question Question 3

The Watch Is Stuck In The Music Control View. How Do We Exit From This Mode/ View?

What we did with my own was that we press for like 5 seconds the button in the bottom when it was suggesting the choice for the return arrow

Question Question 4

Will This Fit A 10 Years Of Age?

It depends how slim she or he is. However we think you will not have any issues. our wrist is super small like 13 cm. And it fits perfect an we can still change it more tight if we want

Question Question 5

Can It Be Used In A Swimwear Swimming pool?

we are uncertain what you indicate by a swimwear swimming pool however the instructions state do not use while swimming.

Question Question 6

Our Blood Pressure Outcome Isn’t Revealing On The App. Any Tips?

Hi pal, Thank you for your question. Pls Notes: Hi pal, Thank you for your question. Pls Notes: 1. The item supports Android4.4 above & IOS8.0 above, Bluetooth4.0 (Not for PC, iPad, Tablet and windows system). 2. It requires skin contact in order for all of the functions to work.3. Please make certain your device is not in low battery. 4. Pls inspect whether Bluetooth is on, running in background. Warm tip: Often the display information on the tracker might have a little postponed, please offer it a little time to support. Any questions, pls do not hesitate to call us through e-mail: Ekristeam@outlook.com Sincerely, Ekristeam@outlook.com

Question Question 7

Can You Check Out Text Messages On This Activity Tracker?

Yes, you can.

Question Question 8

Is This Activity Tracker Compatible With Iphone X?

Yes, it works well on our iphone. we understand this smart tracker demands iOS8.0.

Question Question 9

Would A Band That Fits The Fitbit Alta Likewise Fit This?

Sorry we are uncertain

Question Question 10

H Band App Set Up. Your Device (H Band) Will Not Link To Our Samsung S9+ Or Lg K8V Bluetooth.How Do We Link To It To Bluetooth?

Have you gone to your bluetooth app to include the device once it is completely charged and on your wrist?This is how my own was recognized.Then inside the app you need to tap link to find the device after bluetooth understands it.

Question Question 11

Can You Modification This To 12 Hour Time Or Does It Have To Be 24 Hour Time?

It can be altered using the app. Go to settings and you can select 12 hr or 24 hr.

Question Question 12

Does This Deal With The Virgin Pulse App?

It is set with H band software. we didnt see any 3rd party app part in settings tho.

Question Question 13

Can We Purchase Just The Band To Change The One Our Pet Dog Chewed Up?


Question Question 14

How Do You Trigger Sleep Mode, We Have The H Band App Open And Have Attempted About Whatever We Could Think Of, However The Sleep Mode Always States 00.0?

It is automatic. It will ‘identify’ when you go to sleep and get up based upon your motions.

Question Question 15

Does This Deal With Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Naturally, pal, the fitness tracker works with Samsung Galaxy phone. Hope this can help you.

Question Question 16

Is This Compatible With Samsung J3 Phone?

we are sure it will.

Question Question 17

Do You You Have To Use Withcell Phone?

It’s a good tracker. You need to link to phone if you wish to track your development through the app or get phone notifications on the watch. It will do things by itself, however connecting to phone increases its performance about 500%.

Question Question 18

We Just Gotten The Device, We Do Not See How To Get To More Functions, Like Alarm And Find Prone. Can Anybody Help Me?

Functions are only available and adjustable through the app. Download Hband on your android or iOS device. The settings themselves are few however easy in the app.

Question Question 19

Exists Actually An Electronic Camera Function?

No. There is not a camera.we do not keep in mind the description specifying that it had a cam.

Question Question 20

Can You Set It To 12 Hour Time Format? Or Just 24 Hour/ Military Time?

our tracker is in fact set to the 12 hour time format.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Ekrist Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Sleep Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have been looking for a fitness tracker that would work for us for a long period of time. The issue is that we are wheelchair user so not using the pedometer function can ruin the others. This one did a great task of tracking our sleep, heartrate while working out, and it even tracked our “strolling”– pressing a wheelchair counts as aerobic exercise. It was likewise easy to charge.

Well, this is not our first waist tracker; nevertheless, this can be the very first time we feel comfy themost The reason we eliminated our previous trackers (those were extremely low-cost) was since the charger was lost. This product does not trouble us for this concern at all due to its ingrained usb plugin. In addition, the screen and the app are quickly utilized, simple however good. It satisfies our existing requirements. The only con we discovered is its cost. We believed it ought to be more affordable (possibly $5+ more affordable) than the market price. Nevertheless, after getting the product, we kinds to comprehend its value concerning its app and device. This can be a good choice if you only need a simple, not an expensive tracker.

We purchased this product as a gift, and the individual liked it. It has a good battery life, came with guidelines for linking the watch with the phone (which we think is extremely simple and easy, they even send out a barcode to download the ideal app), our dad rings law is enjoying it since he’s extremely into sports and he’s had the ability to count calories, steps, heat rate, high blood pressure, see the calls and notification from his phone, hours of sleep, certainly it’s an amazingproduct It is adjustable and we liked the truth that our relative who has a small wrist had the ability to use it. To complete keep in mind that for charging it you need to press out completions and then link the little screen to a normal charger or to the laptop computer. We will buy other for us and our relative for sure.

We bough it since we wished to keep a track on our excersice rutine. Thedevice is great, and its easy to comprehend how it works, however the only thing is that we can’ t see how you are expected to charge the battery. *** edit. After read once again the product page, iwe found how to charge the battery. Thank you.

Swe far our watch has been working completely. We like that it has lots of functions and we got it for a good cost. Battery last for about 5 days. We have the app on our phone so we can get messages in the watch (only check out the no response; still quite cool) likewise it s easy to charge.

We required to keep an eye on motion given that our task has us sitting most of day. Steps not accurate as it s based on arm motion increasing over waist/chest location. Actually like the bp and pulse monitoring and enjoy the alarms. You can set alarms of app on phone and vibration works great as tips. We get hectic when we are home and set an alarm at 5: 30 to get us to the kitchen to repair supper so our 92 mom gets fed upon time. Love this smart health watch for our requirements. And got it super fast in shipment too.

We enjoy this fitness tracker, we were looking for one and this is the very best one that we buy it, we like that we can count the steps we stroll throughout the day, the calories, mileage, the hours we sleep, it is a complete fitness tracker is amazing, and for the very first time that we utilized we needed to download an app in your mobile phone it is easy to use it and the user manual is extremely easy to comprehend, and we like the color, we advise it, you are going to enjoy it.

Our mom desired a simple fitness tracker so we chose this up for her. We have attempted & returned all the name brand smart watches & fitness trackers. Either they were too large, too complex or too pricey in her mind. She at 69 had the ability to establish the app & comprehend how to use it. She stated it was super comfy and easy to use. The truth that she didn’t call us when was a testament to how easy it was to establish. She did have a hard time a little with getting rid of the band to expose the usb, once she understood that you need to require it a little & she wasn’t stressed over breaking it, she had the ability to master that too. Her only problem is that it’s a little small to check out. However lol. You ‘d need one the size of a signboard for her???? if you do not want/need all the bells & whistles of a smart watch, this is the way to go.

This is a perfect tracker for health. We have had this now for 7 days. The free software is easy to use and it’s likewise been easy to link with our iphone. Pros: pricelook intelligentvarious settings for screengreat life of the batterytracks steps, hr, and bp. Waterproofso far, all looks great. In general, this is such a wonderful costbuy Will buy it once again.

Good watch. Easy to use. Good deal with sensor. Great battery.

Fitness tracker, high blood pressure watchwe in fact provided this as a gift to a great buddy of mine and she definitely enjoys it. It’s in fact changing a much more pricey fitbit that broke down on her. She especially enjoys the colorful display and the truth that it takes her high blood pressure and the other more pricey one didn’t do that for her. She stated it was “super easy to sync with our phone”. For ease of charging, the watch plugs straight into a usb port. For the cost, this watch is an exceptional value and we would highly advise it.

So delighted to use this. Does whatever it state it does fulfill up to our expectations andmore And it s likewise extremely great looking. Great value extremely happy with this purchase.

This is a great fitness tracker, particularly offered the cost. We like that the time is so easy to check out as are the other screens that you tap it to see. The mobile app quickly links and updates information extremely well. The battery lasts about 4 days. When we had a question for the seller, he/she reacted extremely rapidly and assisted us to our complete fulfillment. We would buy this tracker once again.

This is extremely simple to use, we purchased it to a child, and this is great purchasing. It can fit to a kid hand, extremely easy to use, it keep charge 10 days if you use well. It counts steps, range, heart rate, blood measure, response on a call or sms, our child is active, so it good product to keep connection. Likewise it has stylish accurate design, it never ever be unfasten. Smart and simple to use, reccomend it.

This is a great fitness tracker at a great cost. Long battery life and extremely easy to use. Bought it for our other half and he enjoys it.

It works quite well up until now. The only thing we don t like is that charging it can be a difficulty. It doesn t appear to charge as quickly after the first number of times.

Does it s task and extremely easy to use. Battery life is good. We think we did a full charge possibly two times given that christmas. We have burned through numerous fitbit (the charge and a gen 2 design with hr) and this product does the exact same thing for way less cash.

Extremely great. As discribe in advertisement. Gift for our relative. She uses it daily, using it mainly counting her steps.

Our other half purchased this for us for christmas and we liked this fitness tracker for the first 10 days. We charged it when after about 5 days of use, however today it just went blank and will not charge. We are so dissatisfied as we liked the step counter, the sleep tracker and even the watch. Our child likewise got one and hers likewise went blank and will not charge.

We advise this product if you are looking for any sort of fitness tracker or device of the exact same classification. This isn’t your generic everyday fitness device, it remains in truth the very best of all. It does whatever precisely as marketed.

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