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feifuns Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Oxygen Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of feifuns Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Oxygen Monitor.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • All- in-one Smartwatch: Smart Watch combinds Accurate heart rate, Blood pressure monitor, Sleep monitor, Auto pedometer, Exercise information record, Message notification, Weather condition, Alarm clock, Multi-Sports mode, Inactive reminder, Remote cam control, Music control, Anti-lost alert, Find phone, and SMS reminder, Message reminder etc. Best Anniversary Birthday Vacation gift for better half hubby Dad grandparents etc.
  • Health Tracker Watch & Waterproof: Fitness Tacker Watch is a health assistant, It can track your all-day heart rate high blood pressure and blood oxygen in genuine time. Sleeping monitor records deep, light, awake time in the evening, assisting you acknowledge your physical conditioning status. It likewise tape-records the calorie usage, steps, and sports mileage.This fitness tracker is IP67 waterproof capability, which can quickly offer with typical water environment. Multi- practical smart watch to fulfill your life
  • Never Ever Miss Message: The user experience of women pedometer watch is clean and simple, simply link the Smart Band to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and embeded in the app, you will never ever miss out on crucial call and message. It will vibrate to notify you if your phone gets a call, SMS text and SNS messages. Wechat, QQ, SMS message material is straight shown on your phone with a large battery of 200 Ma, just 1 to 2 hours charging allows more than 7 days playing so that you can play more.
  • Best Exercise Partner: Activity Tracker Watch can monitor running, alpinism, biking, help you better comprehend each particular activity information. It can be real-time monitoring and precisely record all-day activity tracking consisting of: pedometers, range, calories burned, fulfill the requirements of various sports lovers. You can control the cellphone to play tunes on the wristband, and inject power into your life and exercise, make your sport more effctive and intersting.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on feifuns Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Oxygen Monitor.

Question Question 1

Does It Feature A Band?

Yes it does whatever color you choose the band will be that color it s a cool watch

Question Question 2

How Long Is The Wrist Band?

It s respectable size. we have smaller sized wrists and it s a little loose on the tightest setting.

Question Question 3

Exist Replacement Bands Avsilable? Band Broke Within 3 Weeks.?

here are the replacement bands for this watch, hope that can help you, https://www..com/dp/B07 YXSWXQ8?ref= ouri_title_dphttps:// www. com/dp/B07 YXT3HRM?ref= ouri_title_dp

Question Question 4

Every Time We Attempt To Use The Shutter Choice The App. Close down?

That is since it is crap. If you have not passed the 30 day mark, RETURN IT. we guarantee you it will only become worse till after a month it will quit working entirely.

Question Question 5

What Type Of Screen Protector Do You Use?

It didn’t work enough time for us to even get a screen protector. It passed away within 30 days of purchase. Don t waste your cash.

Question Question 6

On The Notifications Screen, We Have Our Phone Turned On For “Phone” And “Messages”, However Our Watch Will Not Program Up Any Texts. It Is Revealing Telephone Call.?

For SMS/Call alert concern, please follow these steps:1. Please ensure the text message/incoming call are permitted to be advised in notification bar of your phone, since SMS/Call alert functions of tracker resolves access to notification bar on your phone.2. Please ensure the device is not in low battery For SMS/Call alert concern, please follow these steps:1. Please ensure the text message/incoming call are permitted to be advised in notification bar of your phone, since SMS/Call alert functions of tracker resolves access to notification bar on your phone.2. Please ensure the device is not in low battery.3. Set Heroband IIwe App as a relied on app in your phone app approval manager4. Please ensure No Disturb Mode on your tracker is not switch on.5. Make certain the device is paired with your phone effectively.6. Switch on SNS alert function: go to Heroband IIwe App-Device- SNS Alert-Allow notification-switch on SMS.Warm pointers: SMS/Call alert only works under Bluetooth connection state. And if your phone is being on the talking user interface, the matching app messages will not be advised on the tracker.

Question Question 7

How Do We Modification The Time Back To Routine Time, Looks Like Our Watch Is On Military Time?

you can alter it in your APP heroband III, pls verify that your watch is linked to your phone through the APP first, then open the APP and go into the “Others” and you will see the Time Formats function so you can select the formats you want, hope that can help you. If you still need any help, pls do not hesitate to call us.

Question Question 8

Does It Track Our Miles When We Are At The Fitness Center?

we do not know we just got it we do know there is a exercise thing on here its a great watch

Question Question 9

El Reloj Puede Funcionar Sin Conectar Al Teléfono Como Por Ejemplo La Hora, La Presion Calorias Y Pasos, Fecha. Como Es El Cierre?

Para su problema, este dispositivo rastreará sus actividades durante todo el día con o sin su teléfono, solo apague su bluetooth en su teléfono, pero le recomendamos que lo use con el teléfono para obtener datos detallados y más funciones.

Question Question 10

Does It Deal With Iphone? Which App Do We Use?

Yes, it does. The APP is called HeroBandIII. Hope that can help you.

Question Question 11

How Do You Link Wireless Headphones To The Watch?


Question Question 12

Does This Deal With Iphone 7?

yes. It definitely can work with iPhone 7.

Question Question 13

Will Apple Watch Covers Fit This Watch? Are Protective Covers Available?


Question Question 14

What Size Is The Screen?

Don t even consider this product, its waste of cash

Question Question 15

How To Switch on?

Hard and hold your finger on the middle/bottom of the screen.

Question Question 16

What All Includes The Watch?

Watch, band and charger. However the watch is crap. The face is not light sufficient to check out.

Question Question 17

Where Can We Take A Look At For Various Bands For The This?

here are the replacement bands for this watch, hope that can help you.https:// www. com/dp/B07 YXSWXQ8?ref= ouri_title_dpwww. com/dp/B07 YXT3HRM?ref= ouri_title_dp

Question Question 18

Does It Deal With Galaxy J3 Prime Phone?


Question Question 19

What Other Languages Support? How Lots Of? Thanks.?

the watch’s languages will follow your phone as soon as you link it to your phone through the APP.

Question Question 20

What Is Charging Like? Do We Need To Get Rid Of Band To Expose A Usb Connector?

It is a charging cable television and you do not need to get rid of the band to expose a usb connector. Hope that can help you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on feifuns Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Oxygen Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Amazed with this watch, it s the first one that s worked with our iphone. App was easy to download and whatever was simple to establish. Yes it s hard to see in the sun however in general this is a great watch. Our dr compared the high blood pressure, heart rate and pulse ox and they were incredibly near his readings. We are happy woman.

We enjoy our watch. We enjoy that you can personalize it with your own image (as you can see). The battery lasts a long period of time and it charges fast. We have found that the heart rate, high blood pressure, and oxygen level are quite accurate. The band does take a while to get use to. It s type of difficult. If you google how to put an apple watch band on your wrist it will reveal you how to do it in some videos. The only issues we have with it is that it doesn t synchronizes with our apple health to count our steps and that the weather condition screen appears arbitrarily and then it s gone. You can download 2 apps that work with this: hero band iiwe and dafit. We have utilized both and choose dafit. It has better graphics. Another thing that too us some time to figure out was the brightness. You ll tap your watch to get to this. Go to settings -> brightness -> tap till you get your preferred brightness and then long press to use it.

We really enjoy this fitness watch alot. We compared it to another fitness watch we have and it extremely accurate. We enjoy that we can set the background to any photo of our own in our phone. The app is extremely easy to use and comprehend. Fits our wrist completely. Im amazed for how long a full charge lasts. Bright good display.

We enjoy this watch. We hesitated when reading a few evaluations, however wow is somebody not informing the reality. This watch does whatever the description states it does. The app does whatever that the description states it does. You can link whatever it states youcan Probably the individual who stated that it does not work does not know how to link the app to the watch. Check out the guidelines. Do not just link through bluetooth. The only thing we do not care for is how the band closes. However whatever else is great.

The app is called herobandiiwe for the watch. Added some images of some of the app pages (we did disappoint all the other pages with our personal info) we are amazed regarding how personalized it is. You can modification where the time, date and what you want it to reveal on the home screen of the phone. You can likewise alter the color of the the time and date. Best part without a doubt is that we can use it to find where our phone it even if its on silent. Considering that the watch can turn on and off our spotify for music we just struck play and next tune and it begins playing music. The shutter function is cool for example if you wish to take a huge family image or what not you can just position your phone down and open the cam on your phone and just take images with your phone as the “remote control” for your phone generally. We figured out how to inspect the battery life. Its on the main screen if you hold down the battery life appears. The band part is likewise a bit strange. We found it simpler to remove the band and change it so its simpler to do with our right-hand man. We will state in some cases we do pinch ourself with the metal part, however we do not take it off unless we need to charge it. The charger looks strange however it is extremely easy to use and its fine. It’s a clip that you open and put the align the prongs on the back of the watch and let charge. It’s a usb plug, we charge it on our computer system. The charger cord it 11 1/2 inches long. Last thing we do not know if it states it on the description is, that if you open the weather condition on your phone (not the app) it shows the weather condition on the watch too. We believed that was cool. Oh yeah on the profile image it asks gender, height, weight, birth year and something we can not figure out called steps. You can select steps in inches or cm. If anybody figures what that has to do with pls let us know lol.

We enjoy this watch. Got the pink band. Came rapidly and had the ability to download app without any issues. We have a samsung galaxy s7 active and whatever was great. For the cost. We are impressed all the functions it has. We just charged the watch and have the ability to see all the functions. This, for the cost is quite filled. We are happy with it.

Love this tracker. We get asked all the time where we got it. The battery life is great we charge it every 2 weeks given that we switched off the always view screen. Comfy on the wrist unlike other trackers we have used. Only failure is in some cases our steps are off however not by much perhaps a hundred steps or two. Tracks our sleep great. Only desire we might track our weight within the app, and that the app checked out miles properly. And we would enjoy to alter the band too given that we purchased the pink one and it looks unclean after only a few months of using it.

Estoy muy a gusto con el producto, hasta ahora no he tenido fallas y lo recomiendo ampliamente, las personalities a las que se lo he mostrado estan interesadas en adquirid uno.

Great watch that offers you right readings. Perfectly made with style. We suggest it.

The beyond this watch is comparable with apple watch however thinner. There are alot of function on this watch however they not remove the style of the watch. There is just 1 unnoticeable touch button for all function.

Does whatever it declares. Can’ t beat the cost, great battery life.

Our relative desired a fitbit that might inform time and appear like a watch. This compared completely.

We purchased this device and the tracker is an exceptional buy for the cash. We had a small personal concern with it and we were offered with famous customer support. Is worthy of 6 stars.

This has been our 3rd “smart watch”– this one lastly works. The battery life is respectable, it’s waterproof and the app is great. It is not full touch screen however it is easy to control the functions. It monitors steps, heart rate and shows the weather condition. The display is good and easy to check out and you can set your own background. It informs you when you are getting an inbound call or text on your phone, and you can checked out the text on the watch. This fitness tracker is a great buy and we would suggest it. Likewise, it looks great– somebody even believed we were using an apple watch.


A gift.

Blood pressure is off genuine bad. Whatever else works great.

Having a difficult time altering the watch background and upgrading firmware.

We got the watch previously than anticipated. Looked much like the image, and was light. So was easy to use. Had the ability to use everything day, without concern of it having any damage from gardening, bathing our kids, and cycling. Of you have never ever had a smart watch, and do not wish to pay huge dollars for a name brand. This is the ideal one to begin outwith We likewise liked how we might have our fill image on the watch face.

Love its functions however discovered its important indication measurements are unreliable. We tracked our high blood pressure, oxygen saturation (why we purchased the watch), our heart rate frequently. We likewise got into tracking our steps and encouraged to stroll more, in addition to monitoring m sleep. Nevertheless we questioned how it might take high blood pressure without squeezing, however given that our outcomes were always normal, we did not think of it till our hubby with extremely hypertension utilized it and stated according to this we are low normal and if so we need to stop taking some of m medications. So we utilized his wrist high blood pressure cuff and the watch, one on each arm, and compared he results numerous times, and duplicated this on me. What we discovered is the outcomes are typically 50 points off, which is the distinction of calling the dr and not. It informed him he was 120/70 when he was 175/84 So the pulse was off by about 10-15 points and the o2 is always in between 96%-98% even if you measure absolutely nothing. That was frustrating. We purchased this since the pulse oxyemeters were offered out and if we need to monitor covid signs in your home, understanding when it times to call an ambulance is seeing when that number is under94 So its a good step counter an can take activate your phone to take images when you move your hand a certain way (desire we might figure out how to turn tha off), however as far as important indication measurements, its appears to just toss random numbers out that are normal/average as less most likely to examined even more.

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