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Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

Delicious Food For A High Blood Pressure Diet

When doctors tell people they must adopt a specific high blood pressure diet, the world may seem to turn black and white. People assume that food for high blood pressure is flavourless, without character, and worse to eat than starving. Thankfully, anyone whose goal is to control high blood pressure can find great, delicious food recipes and excellent support for living a careful, healthy life.

The first step in understanding a diet for high blood pressure is to understand the causes for high blood pressure. You may have a genetic predisposition for it or you might be making lifestyle choices that bring about the condition (such as smoking, poor eating, or living a sedentary lifestyle). Whether your blood pressure condition comes from genetic inheritance, substance abuse, poor dieting, or lack of exercise, you will want to address the situation with different strategies based on the origin of the problem.

People with a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure should know that they would likely suffer from the condition at some point in their life. Doctors have not discovered the reasons for inherited blood pressure conditions, but a strong correlation exists between the problem and his family lineage.

Inherited blood pressure problems are the most difficult to overcome and often require constant lifestyle monitoring, usually in the form of heart rate monitors. However, you should not see your medical condition as a burden, but a blessing. What else could motivate you to care about dieting and exercising regularly?

An Overview of High Blood Pressure Facts:

High blood pressure is not a condition that gets noticed as it elevates. Some studies suggest that as many as seventy percent of people with high blood pressure don’t even know they have a problem. That’s because high blood pressure symptoms have no alarm in most cases. If you have a combination of three or more of the following symptoms though, you should be checked by a doctor immediately as these are signs of fatally high blood pressure.

  • Fatigue and confusion
  • Chest pains
  • Heartbeat irregularities
  • Extreme headaches
  • Sudden vision change
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Blood in your urine
  • Pounding in your ears, chest or neck

Regular checkups are the best way to prevent high blood pressure from sneaking up on you.

High Blood Pressure Diet Recipes — Control High Blood Pressure with Diet:

If you’ve identified a problem with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, you’ll be looking for safe, delicious, high blood pressure recipes. The trick to combating hypertension is to use high blood pressure remedies like lowering your salt consumption. Due to common misconceptions about healthy eating, people have come to the conclusion that low-sodium diets are bland, uninteresting, and tasteless. This is not the truth.

Many high blood pressure diets feature wonderful, flavourful foods that satisfy and promote good health. To locate such foods that taste delicious but are healthy for you, simply travel beyond the pre-packaged grocery store aisle and find a local health food store, or shop at Trader Joe’s. Those devoted to a healthy, land-responsible diet will provide a wealth of information on good foods that don’t overload your body with harmful anti-nutrients (including salt).

You don’t have to purchase all your foods from a health store, and that’s good news because it will save you money, but talking with people whose passion is food will give you an idea of the kinds of foods you can eat that will taste great and treat your body properly. Hopefully this can all be done on the budget, as well.

Below is a list of basic spices that make food taste delicious and can be used in place of salt:

Sweet Spices:

• Cinnamon, ginger, anise, cardamom, cloves mace and nutmeg

Savoury Spices:

• Black pepper, dill seeds, curry powder, cumin

Spicy Spices:

• Cayenne and chilli peppers, horse radish

Herbs for high blood pressure:

• Basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, garlic and more

Low-sodium, herbed and spiced foods for high blood pressure:

• Spaghetti, Beef Stroganoff, Fettuccini Alfredo, Roast Chicken, beef or chicken tacos, barbeque pork, Pho soup and fajitas (just to list a few).

High Blood Pressure and Dieting:

If you limit your understanding of dieting to simple changes in eating, you will limit your effectiveness in combating hypertension. Diets have to include exercise. Your health depends on working out, and how you get it is up to you. If you’re a person who suffers from high blood pressure because of genetic factors or because of a sedentary lifestyle, the only way you’ll get your hypertension under control is by doing routine cardiovascular activities.

Exercise may sound worse than death to you. You might promise yourself to never stray from the high blood pressure diet menu again if only you can be spared from having to do exercise. However, no amount of good foods for high blood pressure will help the problem if you don’t exercise. How the exercise is accomplished though, is up to the person. Many good sources of exercise aren’t half as bad as people expect.

Doing daily thirty-minute walks could count as exercise. Playing competitive sports for 30-60 minutes can also work. Running, cycling, swimming are all effective, natural counters to hypertension and controlling high blood pressure with dieting can become much more effective. If you want to avoid any physically strenuous activities, just doing power-walks or getting some air outside every day is good enough. If you do these 2 activities, you’ll quickly see an improvement in your numbers the next time you see your doctor.

Changing the Way You Think About Diets for High Blood Pressure:

Most people have seen a patient in the hospital who’s forced to eat salt less, flavourless vegetable soup. Food and high blood pressure are two terms that, mentioned together, lead to nothing good. The wince on their face with each sip of bland broth sears memories onto the brain. Such situations are not desired by anyone and not a good solution to the problem. Instead, a high blood pressure diet plan that’s effective will take into account a person’s food preferences, their lifestyle choices, and their health goals.

For example, you might need a diet for high cholesterol and high blood pressure that could force you to modify the types of foods you can eat. Without a cholesterol problem, a person might eat eggs without concern, but other life factors could mean eggs are a bad choice. The point being, if you have spoken with your doctor and he or she has told you to eat a low sodium diet to reduce your hypertension, that doesn’t mean you have to give up stakes on the grill.

Instead of giving up steak, just replace salt with herbs and spices. With careful attention to detail, you can create a spice rub for a steak, grilled chicken, or delicious soup that doesn’t make it taste bland and awful. Your high blood pressure diet can be as creative and delicious as you’re willing to make it. With proper cooking (my favourite is Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Fast Foods); a lowering high blood pressure diet can be both tasteful and healthy.

Fabulous Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure

However, the lifestyle that leads a person may also have an impact on blood pressure levels. Perform a proper diet is recommended for healthy living. It is known that sodium does not benefit blood pressure, and that there are other foods that should be taken into account to reduce the values of blood pressure to normal levels.

Eating well to Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

Sodium levels should be kept low and potassium levels in the normal range. A ratio of potassium to sodium healthy means that your blood pressure is also healthy. The low potassium causes the body seek to take more sodium, causing high blood pressure.

Three foods that provide a lot of potassium are bananas, soybeans and baked white potatoes. Potassium is best obtained directly from food and not from supplements. Potassium levels can rise too, very quickly, removing body electrolyte imbalance. When this happens, the heart may suffer complications.

People should eat more foods rich in magnesium: unsalted sunflower seeds, different types of beans and spinach are common examples of foods high in magnesium. The macro mineral magnesium helps reduce and also to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Moreover, the foods listed above are also rich in potassium so you get a double benefit.

Another food that helps achieve healthy blood pressure is dark chocolate. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that eating a small bite of dark chocolate, about half an ounce, was associated with lower blood pressure, but can gain some weight or other negative effects. Finally, there is a kind of healthy food that people enjoy taking your mouth.

Currently, it is fashionable to eat fish. The Madness of omega 3 has invaded every part of the planet. And it is not really surprising since many countries base their diet on fruits, vegetables and fresh fish. The people of these countries are often those with healthier bodies.

Fresh fish – fish with fat has especially omega 3 fatty acids known as EPA and DHA, and both are extremely healthy for the heart. In addition to lower blood pressure, omega 3 also can stop and even reverse angina boxes. Also, before starting a diet based entirely on tuna, there’s something you should know. Tuna is related to high levels of mercury. You should limit your intake of fresh tuna just once a week. You can also opt for other fish such as salmon, as they are taken from clean waters.

Lately, the eggs have declined in popularity due to their relationship with the subject of cholesterol but, in spite of the negative comments that have been received are still an economical source of high quality protein and many other nutrients.

Some studies have shown that egg proteins may have effects that are similar to those of the ACE inhibitors. ACE inhibitors are drugs available by prescription for the treatment of high blood pressure. Several scientists showed that the enzymes in the stomach and small intestine generate peptides from the egg. Fried eggs had the highest ACE inhibitor action.

Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure medications are among the biggest-selling prescription drugs in the world. But what many people don’t know is that certain foods can lower blood pressure to the point that these drugs are no longer needed.


This vegetable is the number one choice for lowering blood pressure because it is rich in potassium. Although many other foods are high in potassium – bananas, citrus fruits, dried apricots, fish, whole-grain, legumes – asparagus is also a natural diuretic, which gives it an extra hypertension-lowering punch.

Hawthorn Tea:

Made from the antioxidant-rich berries of the hawthorn plant (a common shrub in the rose family) hawthorn tea is known for a number of cardiac benefits, including helping the blood vessels to relax, which lowers blood pressure. Dr. Crandall, author of the Heart Health Report newsletter, recommends a cup of hawthorn tea daily to his patients.


Oatmeal is a star when it comes to lowering cholesterol, but it also reduces blood pressure. In one study, 88 people were divided into two groups, one that ate oatmeal and the other that ate a refined wheat-based cereal. The study found that those who ate oatmeal were twice as likely to either be able to eliminate their blood pressure medication or cut it in half. To get the most benefit, prepare cooked (non-instant) organic oatmeal.

Best Tips on Food to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has two major and high risk factors which are overweight and salt so salt is not a food to control high blood pressure. For a person it is possible to choose what food he or she should take to maintain his or her blood pressure. For instance one should take 2500 mg salt and a diet which should maintain its weight with in a limit.

Foods which can be helpful in lowering blood pressure are mostly from the vegetarian category but as of this modern world people are very much angled towards the meat family and every family should have such food to control high blood pressure.

So for meat lover thin meat, skin removed Turkey and Chicken, frozen fish are suitable for reducing weight of a person and thus this is the food to control high blood pressure. Skimmed milk which has lots of vitamin D in it is useful. Dinner rolls and English muffins which have low sodium contents are allowed and s a good food to control high blood pressure.

Apple, Banana and water melon are examples of such fruits which are rich in fibre. Soups with less salt content in it, margarine and vegetable oils are also useable. Plain rice is a very good and healthy diet for a blood pressure patient. Noodles are also allowed but only those which have less sodium in at because sodium can cause problems for a heart to pump fresh and nutritious blood to the body as it pushes back the blood which is nutritious away from the heart.

All of these items show great resistance against high blood pressure and cardiac disorders are the required food to control high blood pressure. Chocolate flavours are of huge value in lowering cardiovascular diseases. Coffee is used to stimulate the central nervous system, but access of it is very dangerous for heart because it forces heart to pump more blood in the body which in result is dangerous for a cardiovascular patient.

According to a survey done by some research centres in America it has been observed that most beneficial vegetables and spices for hypertensions are Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Broccoli, Carrot, Saffron and Assorted spices are not to be included n food to control high blood pressure.

Things to be watchful from – Smoking is the worst nightmare for a cardiovascular patient as it narrows the veins and kills the lungs of human body and a person face difficulty in its respiratory system which end results in more pumping of the heart. Canned fishes, hot dogs, corned beef, ham, sausages, buttermilk, Cheese and Cheese spreads salty snacks, potato chips and nuts, all of these lies in the same category which is known as PROHIBITED FOOD to control high blood pressure.

Apart from that quick meals should be avoided like quick cooking rice, instant noodles, pizzas, frozen dinners, canned vegetables, ketchups and regular canned soups should be excluded from food to control high blood pressure by a cardiovascular patient and food to control high blood pressure.

Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure? There are many foods that help lower blood pressure and adding them to your diet can give you a leg up on your health problem. While you could get a prescription filled for high blood pressure pills, why not try a more natural option? For centuries people have been using herbs, spices, and foods to heal all sorts of health conditions. What are some of the foods that help lower blood pressure?

Lower Fat Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Foods that are lower in saturated fat are something that you definitely want to look for. From what you drink to what you eat, you want to decrease the amount of fat that you put into your body. What are some of the foods that you need to be on the lookout for?

Skim milk will do your body good. Calcium and vitamin D are two nutrients in skim or 1 percent milk, and they work together to help reduce your blood pressure by 3 to 10 percent. Every little bit helps.

Dark chocolate is not something that most people think is good for you, but 30 calories of it a day (one tiny square) has been found to lower blood pressure. Make sure that your dark chocolate consists of at least 70 percent cocoa powder and keep it to one square for maximum benefits.

Natural Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

More natural foods can also help you to lower your blood pressure. Plant-based foods are better for your body, whether you have high blood pressure or not. Adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet can be comparatively easy and it can make a big impact upon your blood pressure, too. So what are some of the fruits and veggies you should be considering for your hypertension food list?

Spinach is low in calories and very high in fibre. In addition it has nutrients like folate, potassium, and magnesium that are helpful in maintaining, as well as lowering, your blood pressure. Mix it into salads or add it on your sandwiches for extra crunch and nutrition.

Beans have a lot of fibre, magnesium, and potassium, which all help in lowering your blood pressure and making your heart healthier. Beans can be added to most anything and they are not that expensive, either.

Baked white potatoes are rich in magnesium and potassium, too. If your potassium is low, the body retains sodium, which raises blood pressure. If your potassium levels are good, the body is better at getting rid of the sodium. In addition, magnesium helps to promote healthy blood flow. A healthy balance of the minerals can lower high blood pressure.

Bananas have potassium, which makes them a great addition to your snack repertoire, no matter how you eat them. They help reduce blood pressure, too.

Soybeans are a great source of magnesium and potassium. Whether you enjoy soybeans from the pod, soy milk, or tofu, this is a good choice for lowering blood pressure.

Low Sodium Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Reducing your sodium intake is very important if you’re trying to learn how to lower blood pressure naturally. An increased sodium intake can raise your blood pressure, especially if your potassium is low. It could also make you retain water, which can raise your blood pressure even more. Some foods that you need to look for in low sodium versions are: Bacon is one thing that you want to choose the lower sodium version of. While it is high in saturated fat, if you are going to eat it, choose the lower sodium choice.

Chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks (nuts) come in lower sodium versions. While these are high in saturated fat, make a decision to go with the least bad option.

Foods that help lower blood pressure sometimes mean making a choice between a bad choice and a worse one. While there are tons of healthy food options that you can choose, including vegetables, fruits, beans, and more, you are most likely going to eat other things as well. By thinking smart about your food, you can make sure that you are doing everything possible to reduce your high blood pressure and make yourself healthier.

Foods to be Avoided for High Blood Pressure

What are the foods to be avoided in high blood pressure? On one hand, it is exceedingly complicated and complex and has been the continued focus of research by doctors and physicians. On the other hand, the vast majority of dietary recommendations for hypertension have resemblance and similarities to general healthy diet recommendations.

Following Foods should be avoided if you have High blood pressure:

1. Alcohol

The association between alcohol and high blood pressure is well documented both in population and clinical studies. An Alcohol intake of about 80 g/day (Equivalent to four pints of beer) has been shown to raise Blood pressure particularly in patients of hypertension. Blood pressure tends to fall when alcohol is stopped or reduced and remains low in patients who continue to abstain. Patients with hypertension should avoid Alcohol.

As alcohol can raise blood pressure directly, is also an important factor in damaging walls of blood vessels, which can elevate the blood pressure further and make it more difficult to treat, while at the same time increasing the risk of complications. Limit consumption of Alcohol to no more than two drinks per day in most men and one drink per day in women and lightweight men.

2. Salt

A restriction in dietary sodium intake can reduce the incidence of hypertension. Studies have shown that there is a clear relationship between dietary salt intake and Blood pressure and people who consume less salt have a smaller rise in Blood pressure with advancing age.

Salt restriction to about 100mmol/day (2.4 gm sodium or 6 gm sodium chloride) has been shown to produce a significant reduction in systolic Blood pressure to about 8-14 mm Hg in several randomized placebo-controlled studies. In some people, eating too much salt can make blood pressure much worse and in other cases the same salt consumption may have no effect.

More salt intake will result in more retention of fluid by kidneys and this will lead to more preload on heart, that will result in more blood pressure. You should avoid salt in your diet if you really want to control your blood pressure. If you are already a patient of hypertension, then reduce salt in your diet as it just accentuates the problem. You can lower your blood pressure to a great extent if you reduce salt consumption in your diet. You should not have more than 6 grams (100mmol/day) of salt per day.

Pizza, canned foods, frozen dinners, broths, canned soups and salad dressings have high sodium so try to avoid these foods. If you are non-vegetarian then make sure you are including white meat like chicken and fish rather than red meat in your diet.

3. Fats

  • Food that is rich in fats should be avoided. Foods High in Fat are as follows:
  • Fats and oils (like margarine, vegetable oils, butter, lard, salt pork, meat drippings, gravy, and fat back)
  • Cream, ice cream, Whole milk, 2% milk
  • Most pies, pastries, cakes
  • Most cheeses (like cream cheese, cheddar, American)
  • Many snack foods (like nuts and chips)
  • Fatty meats (like corned beef, regular ground beef, ribs, sausage, hot dogs, bacon, bologna, salami,)
  • Fried foods (like French fries and fried chicken)
  • Most cookies contain high fat content

Many fast foods are also rich in fats Saturated fats are not good for heart and blood vessels. Low density lipoprotein LDL is main factor which causes thickening of blood vessels so causing extra strain on blood vessels in patients of high blood pressure. The balanced high blood pressure diet should include mild amounts of saturated and trans-fats (red meat, fast food), and moderate amounts of other fats (olive oil and canola oil).

4. Caffeine Intake:

The evidence from the literature is rather conflicting and the effects of caffeine seem to depend on multiple variables such as daily dose, pre-existing Blood pressure and coffee drinking habits. The ingestion of 250mg of caffeine has been shown to cause an increase in systolic blood pressure ranging from 6mm of hg in normal individuals to 10 mm hg in patients with hypertension and an increase in diastolic blood pressure of 5 mm hg in normal individuals to 8.5 mm Hg in patients of hypertension.

Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure – 3 Easy Food Alternatives

Are you suffering from high blood pressure and looking for the most effective home remedies for the same? Read on to know about these options you have.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

These two foods are perhaps the most accessible ones to everyone. They can be found in the comfort of your own homes. So need not hassle yourself for getting them. Foods that have high levels of potassium and fibre are best to lower BP. This is why most physicians recommend these food items to people suffering from the ailment.

Here are some food that has high amount of potassium and fibre

– Foods rich in potassium: Food items such as avocados, baked potatoes, bananas, beets, cantaloupes, dates, dried prunes, dry roasted peanuts, fresh pears, kiwis, lima beans, melons, orange juice, oranges, prune juice, spinach, tomatoes, unsalted peanuts, and winter squash.

– Foods rich in fibre: Almonds, artichokes, apples, breads, broccolis, black beans, brown rice, carrots, lentils, oatmeal, peas, pistachio nuts, raspberries, strawberries, sunflower seed kernels, sweet corns, turnip greens, and whole grains.

2. Food Seasonings

Food seasonings and spices can do more than just adding flavours to your meals. Many times we do not realize that the some food enhancers we consume are very beneficial for our heart. Everyday spices like garlic, ginger and onions have health benefits that can help you lower blood pressure. You can either have them raw or add them as flavouring to your meals.

3. Dairy Products

Dairy products are high in calcium and they are highly recommended in order to fight the consequences of high blood pressure. While all dairy products are generally beneficial to your health, the most notable products you should consume are low-fat yogurt and skim milk. These two products have great potential in reducing the effects of hypertension.

Best Foods to Reduce High Blood Pressure in 7 Easy Steps

Are you hypertensive, do you still want to live a longer life, you must reduce high blood pressure which is a “silent killer disease” before it gets at you?

Unfortunately, some people who have this deadly disease are reluctant to take immediate action to reduce let alone cure it totally. This is also the major cause of about 32,377 deaths in 2009 alone according to a research study conducted by seasoned practitioners.

If you are ready to discover the 7 best foods to reduce high blood pressure, then see below.

Eat more fruits

Do you know that fruits contain a little percentage of fats and sodium? This shows that it is ideal for your health and can help you reduce the rate at which your cardiovascular system pumps blood.

Enjoy green tea like never before

Green tea contains polyphenols which is very effective and needed to reduce cardiovascular related diseases.

You know about Cinnamon?

Another best food to reduce high blood pressure fast is the Cinnamon. Commonly used to prepare meals in our homes, it is very effective in reducing high blood pressure.

What about Flaxseed? It contains Omega-3 fatty acids and one of the best foods to reduce blood pressure fast and naturally.

Include Vegetables in your meal

Vegetables like you already know have a little percent of sodium and fats. Make sure to include vegetable while eating.

Eat healthy breakfast Rich in protein

Do you skip breakfast for any reason? You better not. When having your breakfast, make sure to increase the protein content in it. 3 – 4 scrambled eggs taken in the morning can help you reduce high blood pressure naturally so you do not have to take drugs.

Drink wine moderately

Recent studies from the world over shows that wine is amongst the best foods to reduce high blood pressure. You should endeavour to drink 3 – 4 glasses of wine every week.

What Vegetables Help To Lower Blood Pressure

We have all heard that reducing the levels of salt in our diet can help reduce high blood pressure. But did you know that there are other foods that can help the body reduce high blood pressure and potentially accelerate the blood pressure reduction.

The main food group that seems to have the most beneficial impact on high blood pressure, as part of a controlled diet is vegetables. So, what vegetables help lower blood pressure you ask?

Well, first let have a quick look at why there has been a huge escalation in the numbers of people diagnosed with high blood pressure, and the numbers are set to continue to rise.

Many experts blame the increase on the westernized lifestyle, and the unhealthy option this sort of life style leaves open to us. Some of the factors that are considered to contribute and increase the risk of high blood pressure include:

  • Inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Smoking
  • Consuming excessive alcohol
  • Having an unhealthy diet

These lifestyle factors are mostly associated with people who live in industrialized nations, and as other countries develop a well respected researcher has estimated that number of cases of people who suffer from hypertension will increase to approximately 1.56 billion by 2025.

Elevated blood pressure is very easy to diagnose, it just takes a couple of minutes in the doctor’s surgery and you will be aware of whether there is a problem or not. However, a person does not generally feel any symptoms of high blood pressure, which is why it is often referred to as he silent killer.

Once diagnosed by the doctor they will develop a treatment plan specific to your situation, medical history and lifestyle. This may include medication, dietary changes and lifestyle changes.

Changes to diet have for many years shown to have a beneficial impact on those suffering with high blood pressure, and not just because the diets restrict those foods that elevate blood pressure like salt, alcohol and foods that are high in fat.

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A diet designed to reduce hypertension will consist of mainly fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish and starchy foods (complex carbohydrates).

Generally, it is recommended that a person increases their intake of fruit and to between 8 and 10 portions per day. One of the properties of many vegetables and fruits is that they contain high levels of either potassium and/or magnesium, which have in studies shown to lower blood pressure: Vegetables which are rich in potassium include:-

  • Potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Artichokes
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Legumes – Pinto beans or chickpeas or lentils

Whilst vegetables that contain high levels of magnesium include potatoes and legumes. A study carried out at Tulane University analysed of 25 clinical trials and showed a diet that was high in fibre as well as being rich in vegetables and fruit could have a positive effect on a person’s blood pressure.

In fact, the evidence went on to show that high quantities of fibre can not only help to lower high blood pressure but can also help to improve a person’s blood pressure levels even when they are normal and healthy, and again vegetables and fruit is high in fibre.

Does Fish Oil Help Support Low Blood Pressure

In order to avail the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil should be used. Fish oil has numerous health advantages and is considered to lower blood pressure which has various benefits on its own. Better heart health, protection against several critical diseases, increased focus and functionality of the mind, alleviation from inflammation and pain and better physical as well as mental health are all included in the benefits of fish oil.

Promotion of healthier blood pressure levels is a key factor which has made fish oil popular. People with high blood pressure definitely notice an improvement on intake of fish oil supplements.

High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension is a very serious condition which can have severe repercussions if it is not controlled. Hypertension can be risky and keeping high blood pressure under control should be a top priority for hypertensive individuals.

Numerous factors can contribute to hypertension including weight, diet, and level of daily activity, age, stress, alcohol consumption, heredity and lifestyle in general. People who have a high fat and cholesterol content in the arteries and blood stream caused by most of these factors are also at an increased risk for developing high blood pressure.

The omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil are a key ingredient. Apparently, these fatty acids have an anti-coagulant effect. These essential fatty acids can cause thinning of blood in order to improve blood circulation and prevent build-up in the walls of arteries. Hence, the possibility of atherosclerosis is lowered.

The omega 3 fatty acid EPA is considered to produce anti-inflammatory chemicals known as eicosanoids. These chemicals also help in the thinning of blood, enabling it to be pumped and distributed efficiently throughout the body. This decreases the pressure exerted on the heart.

It is common for atherosclerosis to occur as a result of high blood pressure. This occurs when the arteries narrow down and harden as a result of fat and cholesterol build-up. Omega 3 fatty acids help by decreasing inflammation caused by such build-up. Overall the risk for development of cardiovascular diseases is decreased and the cardiovascular system simply functions better.

A lot of clinical tests have been carried out in order to prove the connection between fish oil and lowering of blood pressure. Such tests and studies where trials have been carried out indicate that on using fish oil supplements, people have noticed lowering of blood pressure in those who have hypertension. Several research studies have been carried out in order to prove the effectiveness of fish oil as a supplement to control blood pressure levels.

It is important to combine a healthy lifestyle, diet and supplementation with fish oil to see significant improvement and change. High amounts of fish oil are also not good since they can cause excessive thinning of blood which can have several negative effects.

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