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GARINEMAX Smart Sport Waterproof Smartwatch

GARINEMAX Smart Sport Waterproof Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure,Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of GARINEMAX Smart Sport Waterproof Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure,Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor.

  • Life is smarter ‘1.3 inch huge colored display, crafted CNC stainless metal, smart wristband watch is the very best gift choice for men women and kids. 7 sort of sports mode as strolling, running, biking, avoiding, badminton, basketball, football; Update weather forecast; Remote music; Remote cam; Raise wrist to lighten up screen; Alarm clock; Magnetic fast charging cable television, Strong battery standby 6-8 days, etc.
  • Professional Waterproof ‘IP67 level can working well in rainy days, hands cleaning, It can not be taken in water. Please do not use it when deep diving or warm water more than 40 ° C.
  • Heart Rate & high blood pressure & Sleep Monitoring ‘This watch tracks real-time heart rate and high blood pressure, All information can read in the app and the greatest and most affordable heart rate warning line can be embeded in APP. It can help us to better change physical state and effective training. IN ADDITION, Help you change yourself for a much healthier lifestyle by tracking and examining your bedtime and sleep quality information.
  • Messages Notification & Fitness Tracker ‘It is your perfect mate to keep you arranged and effectiveness all day. Get notifications for SMS messages, call suggestions, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other apps from your smart phone. Steps, calorie counter, range, sleep monitor, actual time heart rate monitor, high blood pressure, Inactive reminder.
  • App Supported ‘ZOLUIKIS Bluetooth smart watch compatible with Android 5.1 and iOS 8.0 iPhoneabove Please browse Da Fit from APP store or play Store. Please fully charge the device prior to first use. You can buy colorful bands and magnetic Charger Base by the ASIN: B07 VL89 QMX

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on GARINEMAX Smart Sport Waterproof Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure,Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor.

Question Question 1

Can You Send Out Texts From This?

You will get a call reminder, currently SMS message reminder.

Question Question 2

Can You Send Out Sms Messages From This Watch?

You can get SMS notifications on the smart watch, however you can not send them straight.

Question Question 3

Exist Other Bands You Can Buy And Does It Only Feature Blue?

Here is the asin of the bands: B07 VL89 QMX (purple) B07 VPHBJ9F( red)

Question Question 4

How Wide Is The Watch Band?


Question Question 5

Can You Make Calls?


Question Question 6

Can You Reply To Texts?

No, you can not however you can read most of the text

Question Question 7

How Long Does It Require To Fully Charge?

Less than an hour from what Ive seen up until now.

Question Question 8

Where Can We Find A Complete List Of All Of The Functions Of This Smart Watch?

we are in a wheelchair however we use our feet to propell me.Does the fitness app on this watch measure this motion?

Question Question 9

Can We Store Music On This Watch?

No.The watch only links to your phone. There’s no internal storage to download music files straight to watch. After linking the watch to your phone you canremote control the music player on/offas well as avoid tunes from the watch.

Question Question 10

What Is The Range It Will Get The Phone?

It can not address calls likewise you can only go however up until now away from your phone or watch

Question Question 11

Is This Watch Compatible With The Iphone Xr?

It is can compatible with the iPhone XRCompatible system: Android5.1 (consist of), IOS8.0? consist of) above It is can compatible with the iPhone XRCompatible system: Android5.1 (consist of), IOS8.0? consist of) aboveGARINEMAX

Question Question 12

Is It Possible To Install Our On App To Interact With Built-In Sensing Units In Your Watch?

Our smart watch can appropriate fo Da Fit APP.

Question Question 13

Does This Have An Sos Function?

No, it can advise message and call.

Question Question 14

We Want To Get A Screen Protector For This.Can You Offer United States The Precise Measurements Of The Face?


Question Question 15

Will This Watch Support The Golf Pad App?

No, this smart watch can support Da Fit APP

Question Question 16

When Call Be Available In Appears On The Screen Can It Program Contacts Names As Noted In Your Phone Rather Of Just The Phone Numbers And If So How?

Yes, it will reveal the contact name. However you need to enable the app to gain access to with your getting in touch with list

Question Question 17

Can You Make And Get Calls From The Watch?

If you can get and address them

Question Question 18

How Long Is Battery Life?

the battery typically lasts 10-15 days.

Question Question 19

Build In Gps?

No it does not

Question Question 20

Are The Step Measurements In Inches Or Centimeters?

The system of the step size can be set on the mobile APP

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on GARINEMAX Smart Sport Waterproof Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure,Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Having used a 2nd fitbit charge up until we broke the second watch band, we found this watch with an extra band for less than the expense of changing a fitbit charge. We have no issues with the y7 design smartwatch. It does whatever as promoted, and at this rate we are very happy. The battery charge lasts a lot longer than the fitbit charge 2 by days. Our only problem has to do with the “da fit” app for iphone that enables you to alter watch settings. It was clearly composed by somebody with english as a 2nd language who did not trouble to have a native english-speaking individual evaluate their app user interface. After picking a 12- hour clock and royal (misspelled as “imperoal”) measurements, we are shocked that the readouts in the app are still 24- hour measurements. There are 3 watch deals with to pickfrom Notifications can be set for phone, messages, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, wechat, instagram, skype, kakaotalk, line, and “other” you can set alarms, however only 3 of them, however that is all weneed It functions as a remote shutter release for the iphone cam, and has a “find device” function to vibrate the watch when you lose it. If the watch is out on a counter it suffices. If the watch is under a bed sheet you will not hear it. We wish to recommend a choice to sound an audible alarm noise from the watch for this function, however we did not know this function was readily available when we purchased it, so it is still a plus. You can set a language, consisting of english, german, french, spanish, italian, and portuguese, along with 7 other languages we can not check out to identify what they are, although one appears like russian cyrillic, and another like arabic, and 3 asian languages we can not determine. The suggestions to move are based on time alone. If you are strolling when the timer takes place, it will inform you to move, despite the fact that you currentlyare (not a deal-breaker for us.) the weather condition isn’t figured out by where you are, however by what place you set, so we can set it to find the weather condition in another city rather of our existing place. We would recommend that this would be more beneficial if it used place services to identify your existing place to get a weather report there and not where you utilized to be. All- in-all we are extremely happy with the watch. We just have the previous tips about the “da fit” app by “ywe xu” in case he/she/they read this evaluation. It sure beats the rate of a fitbit charge 2 for this rate. It is march12 2020, and it still works fine. We have only utilized the black band briefly, then changed to the blue band after two weeks to attempt a various color. Our preferred function is that we can set an alarm prior to completion of the work day that just vibrates the watch so that we can calmly prepare to leave work without troubling colleagues. We can inform when thre iphone rings, even if the iphone is set to silence, or we are in loud environments. We would recommended this watch to our pals, and we have.

We are not extremely competent with new technology however we followed the instructions and set it up in minutes. When you download the app onto your phone, you’re nearly done setting it up. We use the information from the watch – like high blood pressure just to offer us a concept of where it’s at. We have checked it versus our doctor’s and it was quite close. We use all the information just as a concept of how we are doing and have no expectations that it will be entirely accurate. We state this due to the fact that having checked out a great deal of evaluations, we understand it’s extremely crucial tosome We are delighted with it.

The feel on this watch is great. The watch band is really lightweight, great looking, and versatile. The feel is smooth and breathable. The screen is just the best size. We absolutely didn’t anticipate we would be so comfy using throughout the day. Love it. The only one disadvantage to the watch is the program of functions. You need to hold down for a few seconds to get to some of the functions and then hold that down for a few 2nd to see the information. We would rather just keeping pushing and have the ability to see all functions and information however that’s just me.

This health tracker has all of it. It has date, time, day, pedometer and heart rate on front for easy to see. This is great due to the fact that when st the health club we can see messages if our other half or kids need me. We don t keep our phone on us so this is wonderful. Our steps are now counted properly as we use this rather of getting and putting down our phone. And it monitors our sleep patterns to make the health problem even more powerful. We get to see the number of valerie s are burned by exercises and rates. This has all of it.

This watch is such a great replacement for a fitbit. It does all the very same things at less than half the expense. We enjoy it a lot we are preparation to buy one for our fiancé also.

We have had the watch for about a week and up until now so good we got it due to the fact that we eork in the dental field and am unable to have aour mobile phone so we use it for the messages and telephone call generally however we likewise enjoy that it tracks our a activity.

So superior in contrast to others that are out there. Prior to this, we acquired one smart watch which had a gadzillion operates promoted. In truth, about, 8. And. Not all worked well. Why do we inform you this? we believed possibly they all oversold themselves. Not this one. Whatever works quickly best out of package (when paired with your phone) the colors are bright and vibrant, not just red & yellow like lots of smartwatches. This watch marked off all packages for us as we were aiming to make medical examination throughout the day. Darn thing was remarkably accurate.

Up until now, so good. $30 vs $150-200 for something with the very same functions. The bp and hr are relatively accurate up until now. It did not track our sleep at all though and not every vitals reading appears to sync into the app (however to be reasonable we have been inspecting frequently considering that it’s new and you do not truly need to record that lot of times). Total appears like a lot, will upgrade after having a little longer. Had it for a couple weeks now. It does measure sleep, hr, bp relatively precisely. The battery lasts a good 4-5 days. Only two negatives at this moment: scratched quickly, and very incorrect gps – it appears to measure about two times the real range.

It was extremely good and great rate. We enjoy the truth that they do have bloodpressure and step walk as welleasy to use and extremely trendy. Highly suggest.

We just got our watch today and we enjoy it up until now. It does anything you might hope for in a smart watch. Really easy to use and browse and is beyond exceptional for the rate. Ideally it lasts, however we have no problems up until now.

This is our first smart watch. We delayed buying one a long period of time due to the fact that until now they were too pricey and we are 71 years old and do not prosper with high tech products. This watch fills the costs on both counts. The rate is excellent and the watch and app are extremely user-friendly. Linking was extremely easy. The app is great. All functions of the watch are extremely accurate other than the high blood pressure function, which was among the main factors for buying it. This specific watch is the 2nd one. We returned the first one due to the fact that of the incorrect blood pressure readings. Both watches reveal bp much greater than our home monitors which are both extremely accurate. The watches revealed our bp as 161/91 typically the true readings need to have been around 140/73 So, if the bp reading is essential to you we might not suggest this watch. We are keeping it due to the fact that we truly like it and the other functions are extremely accurate, even the weather condition.

We have been using the watch for about a week now, and here are our impressions. Preliminary setup might be a bit challenging for some folks, once up and running with the app, it works great. The touch screen is extremely responsive, and battery life has been quite good at approximately a day. We have used this in tandem with our garmin fenix 5x to test it, and we will state that the steps are quite accurate. We found the heart rate just a touch off, however within about 15% of where it need to be. We likewise like how, comparable to garmin, the app tracks the history of all your metrics. The notifications likewise work extremely well and appear quickly when you get texts. All in all, this smart watch is not going to knock your socks off in contrast to the apple watch in regards to its function set, however at 10% of the rate, we think it s well worth it.

With the rate rather low we weren’t anticipating excellence, however in general the system carries out rather well. The only two weak points we can reference are that the high blood pressure reading worked precisely for only about two weeks, and if we go 9000 steps it informs us we have gone 9 miles. We are sure the last one can be remedied with a setting however we have not figured it out yer.

Bought as a birthday gift for our other half. He’s70 It kept him hectic for a long period of time attempting to figure out how it worked; it didn’t come with much in the way of printed guidelines. He continued, found extremely basic info online and got it working. Appears to delight in most of its functions, other than for the high blood pressure monitor. Regularly his bp is 120/70, then minutes later on 170/90 We attempted it too and got the very same outcomes. Really fishy, we would state. However in general he likes it, it looks good, feels comfy on his wrist. Good rate, too.

We are individual who barely gets time to charge our watch and that is the factor we enjoy this watch. It come with an incredible battery life. Lasts for nearly a week. It has all functions of apple watch and even beyond as it can work acrosss android too. The screen is respectable and tracks all the foot steps, stairs and other vitals. It s light weight so makes it comfy too. Strap likewise did not harm the skin as we use it even for health club. In general we are happy with it.

Great watch. Up until now so good. Have had 2 fitbit s and both broke within 18 months. Really happy with the watch. At a great rate. Huge numbers make it a lot easier to check out when workingout Whatever we need other than track laps for swimming. Likewise, we wish to acquire a 2nd charger however can not find only charging cord for sale. We travel frequently and would like and extra cord. We emailed the business however sanctuary t got a reply since yet. When we do we will contribute to this post. Contributing to this post since august 24 lastly got the new power cord that they put in stock. Watch is working great up until now no issues after about a month. Use it in the health club and swimming pool all the time. ****** upgrade. Purchased a 2nd watch 1 week after this one. Now neither watchnis connecting by means of bluetooth.Reset Re-installed app. States on iphone linked however not syncing. Too good to be true and far too late to ask for a refund. 100 bucks lost. Won t buy any of these products once again. *****.

This is an excellent watch. We like all the functions consisting of the high blood pressure monitor. Most watches does not have this function. Great offer. The only thing is the antwe lost function might never ever find our mobile phone. We added a sim card and absolutely nothing appears to work. We followed all the guideline. We downloaded the app (bt app) & social networks, none we might get to work. However in general we like this watch and great rate.

This watch is a tenth the expense of an apple watch however is 10 times quicker, better, and simpler to use. Battery life is amazing as we get 6-7 days, where as our apple watch was getting less than a day. 6 times we attempted to download the apple upgrade and stopped working each time. This watch software was updated in about 10 seconds. It is fast, easy to check out, and operates properly. We would suggest this watch highly.

We got this item at the start of june2019 It’s now the ending of august 2019 and we must state we do not have any problems about its performance. 5 star. We had another smartwatch as a gift which was around $300 however it didn’t have half of the functions that this one has. After reading all the raving evaluations we chose to offer this one a shot. This watch goes beyond expectations. We have checked the high blood pressure and heart rate monitors and they are true to their reading. Our other pricey watch didn’t havethese We have no issue pairing with our phone, it gets right now, if it stops pairing that implies the battery is passing away and we need to go recharge. Since the battery life is so long, we go more than a week without charging. As we stated, we have no concerns around the performance, it truly did surpass our expectations. It’s a great health club pal.

Un buen reloj para deporte de buen precio y la precisión en mediciones es muy buena; excepto la medición de la presión sanguínea, esta siempre resulta por arriba de lo genuine. Recomendable para ejercicio, no como instrumento médico, aunque pulsaciones y oxigenación kid muy precisas. Bajo este enfoque es muy buen reloj y por su precio es buena compra.

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