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GPCT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

GPCT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of GPCT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic.

  • WRIST PRESSURE METER – Simplified style to measure your high blood pressure. Easily twists around your wrist for measurements, returning systolic, diastolic value, and pulse worths concurrently.
  • LCD DISPLAY – Clear LCD display reveals the worths determined by the wrist pressure machine.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – One-button automatic operation. Press the button for easy use. Powers off automatically when not in use. Comes with plastic storage case.
  • 60 RECORDS – Shops up to 60 records of readings in order. Useful for monitoring your health.
  • MARKET LEADING CUSTOMER SUPPORT – You can continue to depend on Electro-Deal to use the marketplaces most competitive costs, paired with market leading customer support, and all backed by a one year, full maker s warranty on new products or a 90 day minimal warranty for reconditioned products.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on GPCT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic.

Question Question 1

Exists A Warranty? Our Device Lasted 7 Months?

we sent it back.Did not work properly and provided wrong readings.

Question Question 2

Does It Provide You A Mistake If Your Hand Is Put Wrong? Or It Still Take Your Bp?

Provides a mistake code that it didn’t get it and for you to renovate it. You need to be extremely still and keep your arm raised for an “accurate” read.

Question Question 3

We Can not Open The Battery Compartment. Can You Help United States Out In Opening The Thing. Thank You.?

The battery slide was a little challenging, made inexpensive; however the cuff itself didn’t sign up an accurate pressure, we needed to return mine.

Question Question 4

Are They Accurate?

The one we have is accurate.

Question Question 5

Why # 7 Batteries. Whats The Distinction?

Ahh. In China they call AAA batteries # 7. It’s another name for the size of the battery. Good question though. we hope this clears it up for you.

Question Question 6

How Huge Does The Cuff Go. 10″?

maxium is 10 inch

Question Question 7

How Long Is The Battery Life Per Charge???

The one we have takes a double a battery. Last very long time. Possibly a year.

Question Question 8

Is This Machine Fda Approved?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on GPCT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This was a needed order for our mom (82) to monitor her b/p while still living individually. Extremely accurate and precisely as guaranteed. Easy for a non-technological individual to learn to do. Our mom is extremely small (92 pounds) and this worked well without bruising her.

We have utilized this cuff on 3 individuals in our household. Actually like the memory function. We have found it works best if you put your hand straight over your heart like the doctor has made us carry out in his workplace more constant readings that way.

Well worth the cost.

It’s a little unstable, however that’s more than most likely wrist high blood pressure cuffs in general. As long as you sit still and use it as directed then it’s good. Can’ t beat the cost that’s for sure, specifically not for the piece of mind it offers.

Functions great and precisely and is extremely hassle-free to bring on a journey. Love the carrying case.

This is easy to use and extremely accurate likewise.

The guidelines were accurate and easy to follow. We like the memory function too since it makes tracking your numbers throughout the day simpler.

High quality products, great style, easy to use and accurate. Great seller, reliable, we highly reccomend it.

Great instrument, great value for cash, and good quality. This wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometer is truly good and extremely hassle-free. It is generally a bit bothersome for physicians to take measurements. Now with this sphygmomanometer, you can measure it in your home whenever you want.

We have had it over 2 years and it’s accurate.

Accurate Love it. A life saver. Good cost.

Perfect for our requirements. Easy to use and read.

Functions great.

Functions ok.



Greatproduct Functions great.

Functions well. Ensure you follow instructions.

This thing works all right. The only concern we have with it is that you need to hold very still. Any relocation at all and it offers a mistake code.

Muy buen productomuy fácil de usar, lo puedo cargar a cualquier lado.?.

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