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Gurin Automatic Medium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Display

Gurin Automatic Medium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Display

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Gurin Automatic Medium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Display.

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: The Gurin Automatic Medium Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic and has a medium cuff.
  • LARGE DISPLAY: This digital high blood pressure machine has a large display for seeing high blood pressure readings.
  • PORTABLE Blood Pressure Monitor: This personal high blood pressure monitor is portable so it can be taken a tripwith The medium cuff size is 8.7 x 12.6 in.
  • PERFECT Blood Pressure Machine FOR HOME USE: Perfect for personal, at-home use, this BP Monitor machine can store 180 readings and accommodate 2 users. It likewise tape-records the date and time of readings.
  • COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee for this medium cuff high blood pressure monitor and Heartbeat readings Monitor with 1 year replacement warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Gurin Automatic Medium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Display.

Question Question 1

Can The Cuff Be Bought Seperately?

There are some high blood pressure cuff replacements by means of.You’ll need to inspect to see if they are compatible with the Gurin machine.

Question Question 2

What Is The Size Of The Lcd Display Screen?

Roughly 3.25 x 2.25 inches.

Question Question 3

We Need A Small/Child SizeCuff How Do We Know It Will Fit Onto This Monitor If We Buy Different.?

we can’ t response that for you, sorry.

Question Question 4

Is The Cuff Able To Check Out Small Arms?

Not precisely. We attempted it on a small woman at our Doctor’s workplace and it was off by 15 systemic.

Question Question 5

Does This Feature The Power Cord?

No. It uses4 AA batteries. we have utilized mine for a number of years and have not required to alter batteries. There is a jack for a power cord.

Question Question 6

We Have An Older Gurin Design That Passed Away And Bought This One As AReplacement Are The Different Cuffs Interchangeable Amongst Models?

Sorry, we do not know.

Question Question 7

Is A Cuff That Fits Size 9-17 A Large Cuff?

No. our sibling has large arms and it would not deal with him. we would state it is more medium size.

Question Question 8

Can This Be Charged Electrically?

It’s battery operated. Mine likewise wore away the batteries in a really brief time and does not work no matter the new batteries we put in, keeps rusting them.

Question Question 9

What Size Cuff Is Consisted Of With The Monitor?

Cuff Size – 8.7 inches to 12.6 inches,

Question Question 10

Does It Monitor Your Heart Rate Too?

Not that we are knowledgeable about.

Question Question 11

Is It Manual?

You put on the cuff and press one button.

Question Question 12

Is It Battery Operated Or Can We Plug It In?

It takes 4 AA’s and can be plugged in with a universal charger. our low battery indication begins about every 6 months if we use it every day, so we just change the batteries.

Question Question 13

Is The Monitor Back- Lighted?


Question Question 14

We Need United States Clarify If The Product Includes The Charger A/C?

Charger is not consisted of.

Question Question 15

Can We Download Readings To Computer system?

No this design provides no chance to publish outcomes to a computer system.

Question Question 16

Where Is Monitor Made?


Question Question 17

We Presume That It Does Not Have An Ac/Dc Cord?

no batteries only

Question Question 18

Does This Featured Batteries?

our company believe it did not come with batteries. we had a 6 volt plug in adapter (leftover from other gadgets that we no longer utilized). we positioned it in the event with this and have utilized it for a number of years with no battery concerns. It deserves getting.

Question Question 19

What Does 25.4- 40.6 Cm Measure In Inches?

2.5 cm is an inch, you can ask google this

Question Question 20

Can A Various Size Cuff Be Purchased?

The monitor and cuff are offered together. Design number Medium size cuff: BPM-210 UMLarge size cuff: BPM-210 UL

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Gurin Automatic Medium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Display, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

What an enjoyable surprise. We bought this cuff with some preliminary issues with quality. As soon as we unpackaged the product we understood we had a winner. We have remained in the medical field for right at 35 years, first as an arour medic and then as a doctor assistant. We operate in the ed and am extremely familiar with automatic high blood pressure devices. We will state that for home use, this system compares positively with anything we have utilized. We specifically like the comfy high quality arm cuff. It can be found in a great sized case that you do not need to jam whatever back into to get it to fit. It likewise has a different memory function for two users. It’s a great function and we might see taking it to the doctor’s workplace to have the doctor rapidly scroll through the last few months of bp readings that are time and date marked to reveal any patterns. One last thing, do not get a bp cuff that deals with your wrist. They are essentially useless. This is the system you want, just make certain you purchase the right size cuff.

Ok, so you need a high blood pressure monitor and you have taken a look around and state “oh our gosh, the’re so pricey. No so with this gurin monitor. We check out other evaluations for the very same monitor and figured it was too good to be true for the cost. However, we figured we would gamble with this one as we might always return it if not pleased. Well, we , like theproduct We permits both you and one other individual to monitor their high blood pressure. Easy to use and now the doctor will enjoy. Unfavorable side. Piss bad directions. However, it’s easy to figure out.

This is the first machine utilized that had the ability to different beats that were not perfect and inform you the distinction. After choosing the abnormalities existed it then offered an accurate reading, whenever. This is a smartvery well made machine that is a deal in cost and high in quality. We are doctor and it compares withlistening with a stethoscope.

Personal use for high blood pressure recording. Have been well happy with product so far.

We were extremely happy to get our gurin high blood pressure monitor (if you can enjoy to get such an item) since we have hbp and required to keep a look at it. We are likewise a nurse and we selected this one so our other half might use it also. It’s works great, quality great. We believed we were getting a large cuff however the med is all we need.

Life saver. It assisted our relative conserve our life on the day it got here. We had a heartattack that day, good thing she had bought it just to have it in your home. She took our crucial indication and given that she remains in the medical field she understood all the signs.

Functions great.

This item works as declared, was rather easy to establish and run, got here as assured in great condition. No grievances at all.

This bpm works great. Readings are extremely accurate as we validated using the “old-fashioned” way. We utilized the braun design however it offered what appeared like erratic readings and most of the time would not inflate properly. So we went with this one to change the braun and are extremely happy with the choice. In reality, we purchased a 2nd one to provide to our in-laws and they like it likewise. The only thing we would alter is the mode to change users. You need to do it prior to you turn the machine on rather than choose it after start-up, we are sure it is something we will get utilized to however it does appear odd. We suggest this product to anybody who requires to precisely record their bp and heart rate.

We like like our gurin arm high blood pressure cuff. It is ideal on with the readings we got at our dr. We would suggest it to anybody.

Great blood presure meter.

We bought this product to change an walgreens design bd-6080 w that only lasted us about 3 years and then the pump quit working. For the cost, it is an exceptional system and easy to use. The 90 memory setting for two individuals is great, you can monitor the readings for approximately 3 months. The monitor’s large digital display is easy to check out, it comes with batteries however you need to get an a/c supply on the side, it does not come with the system. The service was great and it had fast shipment, we are happy with it.

Sweet Gentle and quiet.

It is easy to use and accurate for the most part, although a number of times it did not match with a manual high blood pressure measurement. In general, it fasts and easy to use.

Our doctor adjusted with his machine and was extremely close. It’s been extremely easy to use, just one button to get your outcomes.

Extremely acccurate, easy to use, small to store. Good tough case.

Easy to use even for the technical challedged,. Compact and can be found in a small case so you can take it anywhere.

Supplied were alkaline batteries prepared to set up (new, long life batteries). Followed simple directions to slip on the arm band, and pressing the start button,and in a minute the system automatically used the pressure on the sleeve, and readings of high blood pressure andpulse appeared.

Outstanding and accurate.

Extremely quiet and easy to run. Great quality for the cost,.

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