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Health King Blood Pressure Herb Tea

Health King Blood Pressure Herb Tea

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Health King Blood Pressure Herb Tea.

  • Proven formula utilized for centuries
  • Taste great for both hot and iced tea
  • Private tea bags without metal staples
  • Most herbs utilized are hand chose wild herbs
  • Well sealed to keep freshness

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Health King Blood Pressure Herb Tea.
Blood Pressure Herb Tea (Apocynum H.B.P Herb Tea), with an outstanding natural taste, is made from wild apocynum venetum grown in a pollution-free location in northeast China. Apocynum consists of rutin, glutamic acid, alanine, anthraquinone, etc., and is cardiotonic, diuretic, to eliminate heat, utilized in Chinese medicine as a primary herb to preserve normal high blood pressure and to strengthen the heart.CAUTION: must not be utilized with low high blood pressure. Active ingredients: apocynum venetum, salvia root, red peony root, mulberry leaf, magnolia bark, solomon seal, scrophularia root, tender green tea leaf and jasmine flower

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Health King Blood Pressure Herb Tea.

Question Question 1

Do You Get 20 Tea Bags In This Bundle?

we do not keep in mind if we did get 20 tea bags. Thanks.

Question Question 2

Does This Tea Have Caffeine?

We do include a little bit of green tea for taste so there is a percentage of caffeine in the tea.Thank you

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Health King Blood Pressure Herb Tea, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

It does what the herbs are there for – it actually does help keep our high blood pressure stabilized in lower range.

We have bp concerns so believed we would attempt this tea. It tastes great, though the strings break off the teabag too quickly. Unsure if it is assisting our bp however believed it deserved a shot.

Not the very best taste however, bot bad either. This does appear to work a little. We have never ever attempted the things prior to nevertheless. The last physical, the doc informed us our high blood pressure was a little lower, the only thing we had actually done was drink a cup of this every day.

When our regional provider ran out we naturally came here and was happily amazed to find it. If you are one who consumes tea just for taste then buy lipton or something else. If you take pleasure in herbal teas for their medicinal value, and you have hypertension concerns and are taking natural steps to help it, this is an excellent product which we highly advise.

We were supersized that this tea did lower our bp. Great to drink teas and take pleasure in and likewise health happy.

We have somewhat high bp. Not that we prepared it, however on the day of an unassociated dr’s visit, we occurred to drink a cup of this tea that early morning. Naturally, the first thing they do when you arrive is take your pressure, weight, ect. Envision our shock when the dr. Informed us that our bp had actually decreased to 138/80 For the previous year, it’s changed in between 145-160/90+. We have been consuming this tea off and on for about 4 years and sporadically. However we do think that the cup we occurred to drink that early morning, had something to do with the drop in our bp.


This tea reduces our high blood pressure. We feel much better and we are not on bp medication. We think the natural way is best:–RRB-.

It assisted,,, doing other things too,,, we have purchased other teas from this brand,, we like them,,,, good to drink a minimum of 2 cups a day we think,,.

Been using for years, helps us sleep well. Works as some extra care when salt intake a little greater than typical.

Greatproduct Have to drink a minimum of two to-three cup a day however works well.

Functions great. Put down the medicine bottles folks.

We like that this is alternative to our high blood pressure pills.


We actually enjoy it we feel 100% better when we drink this tea two times a day. Our bp boils down and stay downwanda.

Assisted us previously, we will see with this batch.

The best natural way to control your high blood pressure and it tastes good.

It actually works. We have had hypertension for a few years now. In conjuntion with our medication, its a great addition. Great taste. Good with lemon and a little agave. If you do not suffer from high blood pressure, you must only drink a cup a day. Typically prior to bed. Always consult your doctor.

Testing this product to see how it deals with me.

This tea is great. We drink 2 cups a day and it has actually assisted us to preserve a reduced high blood pressure. We would not advise that you stop taking your high blood pressure medicine. If you were looking for a herbal alternative or herbal help this is it. It is great and we advise it to everybody we talk with who is attempting to preserve a lower high blood pressure. You need to drink a minimum of 2 cups of day the more powerful thebetter We are in a high demanding task and we drink this tea throughout the day, throughout the day. It worked marvels.

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