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Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

Do Not Become A Victim Of “The Silent Killer” Use Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects millions of men and women the world over and it can lead to fatal consequences. If you are suffering from this extremely common problem then as well as improving your lifestyle you should be looking at regular use of herbs that lower blood pressure.


This is the medical term for high blood pressure, and if you are suffering from it you need to get those levels back down quickly.

People who are badly overweight or obese will more than likely suffer from this problem as will those whose lifestyle is not the best. Many things can cause high blood pressure. Too much salt in your diet, smoking, and excess alcohol are major factors. You can then add into the mix stress and hereditary factors which raise those levels.

Please Do Not Just Assume!

Just because you are showing no symptoms of high blood pressure please do not assume you do not have the problem. While there are possible symptoms such as severe headaches, fatigue or confusion, chest pains and difficulty breathing symptoms do not always show.

Up to one third of people who are suffering with high blood pressure do not even know they have the problem.

Regular Checks

The procedure for having your blood pressure checked is extremely simply and quick. It will not cause you any pain and MUST be done on a regular basis.

This will not only give you peace of mind it will help you do something about the problem if you have it. In the case of high blood pressure: Prevention is most certainly better than cure!

What Can You Do About High Blood Pressure?

Lots of things! The use of herbs that lower blood pressure along with losing weight and improving your lifestyle are extremely important.

You can use such herbs as garlic, olives, basil, cinnamon and cardamom in your daily cooking. They not only add great flavour to your dishes, but will also work effectively when it comes to lowering your blood pressure and improving your cardiovascular health.

All-natural Herbal Supplements

This is the perfect way to supplement a healthy lifestyle and lower that blood pressure.

Go for a proven, tried and tested supplement which is safe to use and will combine the best herbs available in one easy to swallow capsule. When you take this supplement on a daily basis you will be working to reduce your blood pressure levels.

In combination with a sensible diet and some regular exercise you will see that blood pressure levels drop and that unwanted weight disappear.

Do Yourself and Your Blood Pressure a BIG Favour

It really cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep your blood pressure levels healthy. The unwanted problems which come with high blood pressure affect millions of people and yet they ARE preventable.

The Secret Herbal Hypertension Treatment

Oh yes, garlic does help you reduce high blood pressure and completes your list of herbal hypertension treatment. Other may just regards garlic as an ordinary spice but this was found out to be beneficial to someone’s health.

While bad breath may be the ultimate result for resorting to this kind herbal hypertension treatment, laboratory results show significant risk drop of one type of hypertension. The secret ingredient of garlic is allicin. The soothing effect of allicin relaxes the blood vessels when exposed to high pressure. This also prevents further damage of the blood vessel walls.

Garlic, as a herbal hypertension treatment, also has lipid-lessening effect. In a separate test, the garlic’s effect on cholesterol has remarkably dropped by 9 to 12 percent.

A European laboratory trial was also done comparing the effects of garlic to a commercial supplement that has lipid-lowering ingredients. The result was astounding, as the test showed that garlic has as much beneficial effect as the commercial drug has on patients.

Another review was also set and evaluated the effects of garlic as a herbal hypertension treatment. This showed significant reduction in platelet aggregation which means it can lower risk of thrombosis. This same test, also implemented on diabetic patients, displayed amazing results as it dropped levels of glucose on patients.

A separate assessment of the use of garlic as a potential herbal hypertension treatment illustrated a dip on systolic pressure by 20 to 30 mmHg and diastolic pressure by 10 to 20 mmHg.

To be able to extract the therapeutic benefits of garlic, one must need two or three cloves of garlic. Many patients, who believed in the power of garlic, prefer to take supplements as an odour-free alternative. A good herbal hypertension treatment, though, must be in its natural form.

Doctors, who agree, suggest the presence of garlic in meals. Others advise eating it raw while some prefer to make juice or broth out of garlic. It has to be noted, however, that chopping garlic will lose its allicinity in seconds that is why most doctors do not suggest intake of supplements.

Commercial drug rich in the allicin ingredient are available, though nature has its own way treating illnesses. If you choose to go raw, find the freshest garlic there is. Just make sure you don’t take in excessive amounts of it as you will experience surprising effects on your stomach, not to mention an unpleasant odour it has.

Why Take High Blood Pressure Herbs?

Some people are sceptical that high blood pressure herbs really work. After all, they’re just plants. But it’s important to remember that hundreds of powerful pharmaceutical drugs are derived from chemical compounds found in plants. For example, over half of all cancer drugs come from plants. So, yes, plants can have a very powerful affect upon the body–without side effects.

Here are some important high blood pressure herbs:

Excessive amounts of sodium in the kidneys are one of the leading causes of high blood pressure. To combat this, Hypavera contains Dandelion Leaf. Dandelion reduces the amount of salt and water in the kidneys. That’s because it’s a natural diuretic. But most diuretics also drain away the vital nutrient potassium. Dandelion spares the potassium. In fact, dandelion is a natural source of potassium.

Another key ingredient is Hawthorne Berry. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that patients with high blood pressure and chronic heart disease “who were given 600 mg/d of a Hawthorn extract had lower blood pressure and heart rates and less shortness of breath when exercising compared with subjects not receiving Hawthorn.” Hypavera also uses Ginkgo Biloba to enhance blood flow.

Laboratory studies have shown that ginkgo improves blood circulation. It does this by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of blood platelets. There is also considerable evidence that ginkgo may prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to its ability to improve blood flow to the brain.

Another important ingredient is Garlic. A study published in the Journal of Hypertension reports that subjects taking garlic reduced their high blood pressure between 1% and 5%. The authors concluded that the chances of stroke could be cut by anything from 30-40.

There are quite a few other herbal ingredients in Hypavera. Remember, it is not just the individual ingredients that make this product such a success. It’s the precise way that they are combined together.

Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Today, more and more people have to deal with high blood pressure like never before! Between our bad eating habits and the stresses of everyday life, we are in a battle for our health and with the right information we can win this battle. I really believe the answer is herbal remedies for high blood pressure.

Let’s take a look at some basic information we need to know about blood pressure. First off, normal blood pressure is 120/80 and lower. The goal is to get your blood pressure down and do it safely and naturally. If your blood pressure is 140/90, then you have high blood pressure and it’s time to start doing something about this today!

If you already have high blood pressure and you are currently on medication, please consult your doctor before using any type of natural therapy. It’s possible if you make some lifestyle changes and incorporating a healthier diet, along with using certain herbs, you just may be able to reduce the quantity of your medication. Again, it’s vital that you keep your doctor informed about any changes that you are making in your lifestyle.

Exercising is vital to your overall health and well-being. If you can go for a 20 minute nature walk every day that is a great way to help reduce your blood pressure and listen to the birds sing. It’s important when you’re exercising, that you enjoy it and listening to your favourite musical group, will make using the treadmill easier than ever!

Another important point is to reduce your alcohol intake. You will notice a huge difference by removing the alcohol from your diet. Drinking a beer or two once in a while is ok, but drinking 5 or 6 in one sitting, will make your blood pressure shoot through the roof!

If you quit smoking and lower your sodium intake, you’ll be way ahead of the game. Eating raw foods, such as fruits and vegetables will help lower your blood pressure. Also using garlic and hot peppers (habaneras) in your salads will help lower your blood pressure. *Top Herbs For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very common problem that may be suffered by many people. This condition should be treated properly to avoid any further health problems in the future. Finding the right medication for the high blood pressure is very vital for many people. This article has several recommended herbs for high blood pressure. These herbs are chosen because they are very effective to help people reduce their high blood pressure. They are good for our health because they are made from natural ingredients. It means that they do not contain any dangerous chemicals that can be harmful for our body. Here are some of those herbs for lowering blood pressure.

a. Garlic

Garlic is effective ingredients that can help people reduce their blood pressure. It contains an active ingredient that is called as allicin. This ingredient has anti hypertension and lipid lowering properties. There are many studies showing that garlic is able to decrease the diastolic blood pressure significantly. It is recommended that people consume fresh garlic because it has the best cardio-protective properties for all people.

b. Cinnamon

This is another good ingredient that is commonly used to reduce high blood pressure. Cinnamon is very effective to prevent heart disease and diabetes. This ingredient has an active ingredient that can prevent the fat accumulation in the blood pressure. As the result, it can reduce the chance of getting high blood pressure. This ingredient is also recommended for people who want to improve their overall health.

c. Oregano

This herb is recommended for people with high blood pressure. It contains a good ingredient that is called as carvacrol. It is a good substance for reducing blood pressure level effectively. This substance can also help people reduce their heart rate, arterial pressure, systolic and also diastolic blood pressure. This is the reason why many people consume oregano for reducing their blood pressure level.

d. Cardamom

It is another recommended herb for people who want to reduce their high blood pressure level. It can help people break down any blood clots in the blood vessels. Because of that reason, it can reduce the possibility of getting high blood pressure problems. It can also reduce the blood lipids in the blood vessel. Many doctors believe that blood lipid is one of the most common causes of the high blood pressure problem.

These are several recommended herbs for high blood pressure. It is recommended for people to consume them in fresh condition. However, there are some companies producing the extract of these herbs. People can also take the supplements of these herbs, especially if they want to reduce their high blood pressure effectively. It is very important to choose the best supplement that is made from pure and original herbs.

All herbs are able to improve our overall body’s health effectively. When consuming these herbs, people should also live in a healthy lifestyle. They need to do some healthy activities, such as doing sports, controlling their diet, managing their sleeping habit, and many other good activities. These activities are recommended for people who want to reduce their high blood pressure level effectively.

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