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Himalaya Organic Arjuna for Cholesterol

Himalaya Organic Arjuna for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Healthy Heart Function Support

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Himalaya Organic Arjuna for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Healthy Heart Function Support.

  • FOR CARDIAC WELLNESS & HEART HEALTH: Himalaya Organic Arjuna helps you keep high blood pressure currently within normal range.
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC & PLANT BASED: Himalaya Organic Arjuna is USDA Certified Organic, NON-GMO Verified and does not include components of animal origin. Each caplet is likewise additive free, gluten free, wheat free, corn free, soy free and dairy free, and includes no artificial fillers, binders or excipients
  • CLINICAL STRENGTH EXTRACT: Each Himalaya Organic Arjuna caplet is comparable to 8,045 mg of powder. When picking brand names always keep in mind greater milligram material does not always equate into strength and effectiveness unless there is clinical proof. Himalaya Organic Arjuna has actually been clinically studied for safety and effectiveness.
  • STANDARDIZED ORGANIC ARJUNA EXTRACT: Himalaya Organic Arjuna utilizes a mix of organic Arjuna bark powder, organic Arjuna bark extract, and organic Arjuna supercritical C02 extract, rather of just the simple crushed Arjuna you might find by itself in other supplements.
  • QUALITY & SAFETY: Produced in a cGMP Good Production Practices certified center, Himalaya Organic Arjuna is carefully checked for identity, strength and safety, through making use of well acknowledged methods and highly advanced instruments.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Himalaya Organic Arjuna for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Healthy Heart Function Support.

Question Question 1

As Stated By Seller The Extract Techniques Utilized Are Water & Supercritical Co2. What Is The %/ Weight Makeup In The Supplement Dosage Of Each Approach?

300 mg Bark powder/240 mg bark extract/150 mg leaf powder and 10 mg CO2 vital extract. per serving.Mark Herbalishous. Wayne, Pa

Question Question 2

Is This A Water Extract?

It’s a mix of Water extract and Super- vital CO2 extract.

Question Question 3

Can We Order From Nigeria?

Yes.Please call us to position the order if you have problem doing so.Mark Herbalishous. Wayne, PA.ph. 484-580-8883

Question Question 4

Is This Item Soy Free?

Soy is not noted as a component on the bottles we have however our bottles are various than the ones shown on this response box.our bottles come from India.

Question Question 5

Is This Water- Drawn Out Or Ethanol-Extracted Or Just Bark Powder Or Some Other Extraction Approach? Thnks?

It is a mix of powdered bark and bark extract. They do not suggest by which technique, howeverit programs 10 mgm of bark extract using “super vital CO2 technique” yielding 0.3 mgm of arjunolic acid. They have a question hot line at (800) 869-4640 and a site www.himalayausa.com

Question Question 6

Is This Product Vegan?

Himalaya does not use genetically customized organisms in any of ourproducts This is a Non-GMO Task certifiedproduct Cheers.

Question Question 7

Why Prop 65 Warning On This Product? Nutrigold’S Does Not.?

Prop 65 specifies to California and use in california. maybe it’s warehoused there.There appears to be much conversation on the table presently about the reality andefficacy of this proposition.This product is certified organic.All we understand is it works and works well.

Question Question 8

Do They Have This Formula In Powder Type?

we have not seen it in powder

Question Question 9

Is This Hawthorn Berry?

It’s ARJUNA.It lowers cholesterol.It does work, the cholesterol is lowered a percentage.Hawthorn berry is a various and does not reduce the cholesterol.

Question Question 10

What Does Currently In Range Mean?

Describes normal BP numbers – presently thought about to be 120/80 or less. Nevertheless, our numbers were greater when we began taking Arjuna and have dropped into the normal range. we take in the early morning with Aloe Vera juice as recommended by an Ayurvedic specialist. Grind the Arjuna to a powder and contribute to the juice.

Question Question 11

We Continue Reading The Customer Feedback When The Product Got Here With Broken Glass Or Tablets There Is No Return?Is That Correct?

credited us the total we had actually paid, and we then reordered. could not position the reorder for us.

Question Question 12

Does This Have Any Sort Of Caffeine Or Coffee Bean Extract In It?

No. The caplet is pure Arjuna and includes no artificial fillers or binders. Likewise, it’s Certified USDA Organic.

Question Question 13

What Are The Other Active ingredients?

There are no other components such as artificial fillers or binders that you may be anticipating. That’s the factor it has the USDA Organic certified seal. Feel free to see the product images and among them plainly reveals the Supplement Truths Box.

Question Question 14

Is The Capsule From Of Animal Gelatin?

No. There are no animal obtained active ingredient in thisproduct Likewise, Himalaya Arjuna is USDA Organic and can be found in a caplet kind.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Himalaya Organic Arjuna for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Healthy Heart Function Support, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Whatever remains in this tree is wonderful. We have copd high blood pressure phase 149/78, seems like we have an elephant resting on our chest and our feet are never ever warm. It can be 90 degrees and our feet are stone cold. We take garlic and it helps however not adequate. Major back surgical treatment with muscle convulsions running widespread. So we get this things today. We extremely thoroughly kept in mind the sensation after 15 minutes of taking 1 tablet. Our feet and legs appear to have joined our body and they were warmer, the elephant left our chest and we were taking deep oxygen in respiration (oxygen above 89) our muscles appeared to have unwinded and we even avoided a xanax dosage due to the fact that we were so unwinded, didn’t need it. We practically avoided some of our lyrica that we take for pain in the back. We likewise observed much like another customer that there was a warm tingling experience flowing through our legs and feet. We are baffled by this unforeseen relief when all else appears to have stopped working. Oh hey there life once again.

Okay so this is our personal review. We are 20 years of ages. Near completion of in 2015 we did mdma and kinda overdid it. Since we did it, our high blood pressure remained raised for a while. Doc would perscribe us medications we didn’t wish to take. Vision was always odd, heart pounding practically alll the time particularly after food. We believed it was going to last permanently. It was always like 140/90 Slightlt raised however uneasy. We didn’t know what else to do. Over the months it’s gotten better, however just recently we came across this and took it when a day for less than a month. Our blood rpessure got to low taking this, however we were likewise taking fish oil and magnesium. However the heart pounding stopped and we lastly feel normal once again. It resembles our heart was pumped up and this herb kinda recovered me. Our high blood pressure was always around 105/50 taking this things. So our gma informed us to lay off for a minute. Now everytime we inspect even arbitrarily, our high blood pressure resembles 120/60 or70 We feel way better and lastly seem like im healing. Going to continue to work out, and just live right. Didn’t take not one recommended med and have a new consultation in jan turning up. The search our docs deal with is gon na be valuable when we inform her we didn’t consume not one of those silly medications. Natural herbs and vitamins is the way to go. Love arjuna.

Arjuna was recommended by our herbalist for heart palpitations and abnormalities. Reordered multiple times currently. Thank you himalaya herbal healthcare.

Himalaya arjuna has actually assisted lower high blood pressure, up until now, in between 5 to 8 points. Like taking a natural herb rather of increasing medications recommended. Hoping for long term enhancement. Great product, extremely fast handing and shipment. Thanks.

Actually does help control high blood pressure so be careful if you are on high blood pressure medications as this taken daily might lower your bp to a point of issue. Remarkable if you do not have exceptionally hypertension and wish to control a little high bp without prescription medications. We are not a health professional.

Because we understand that most hypertension medications have negative effects we are so thankful that himalaya organic arjuna is replacement for our hypertension medicine we might not travel more than 6 hours in the past. The other day we drove 17 hours from houston to tucson we might have taken a trip another 5 hours this is great supplement for us (72 years of ages).

Has kept us alive past what the “recognized” pharma backed “pros” had actually informed us what our life expectency would be because of heart disease. Will stick with ayervedic solutions over “mainstream” buzz permanently.

We do not use medication. Possibly an aspirin on the uncommon celebration. However we have been worried that our blood pressure is a little too expensive (has actually been for over 20 years). This product sounded better than paying a fortune for a drug we may be stuck with for life. In a word. Stunned. Took one a day for 10 days and stopped, as we were losing a pound of weight a day. Dropped from 165 to 150 within 3 weeks. At 5′ 9″, we were back to our weight at 45 (now 69). The factor we lost a lot weight is this product made us thirsty and our water intake increased from approximately possibly one glass of water a day to eight to 10 glasses of water. Then we do exercise daily and consume grain cereal and a fair bit of fruit, consisting of plums or prunes nighttime. As for our high blood pressure, it dropped about 20 points while we were taking the things, however has actually returned up about 10 given that we stopped. We are going to attempt a half-pill a day for another few days and see if we can keep a good normal weight or vanish completely.

We have been using this arjuna for our high blood pressure for a few years. It keeps it in check. That alone is great. We have been eating extremely badly, great deals of hunk food. We needed to get bloodwork done and was extremely worried with what our cholesterol and triglycerides would be. They have always been quite high. We were stressed our dr would want too put us on medicine. Well, our triglycerides were great and cholesterol was hardly over200 Even after eating awfully for a while. We understand it was under control due to the fact that of the arjuna. We just persuaded our mother and sibling to begin taking it. We will continue taking this brand, too, given that it’s done so well for us. Love the outcomes.

This is among the very best herbs we have ever taken. We purchased this after having chest discomforts and had problem breathing. In 24 hours we felt calmer and lighter. No discomforts and we can breathe. We have observed more energy and we lost 15 pounds without dieting. We had a great deal of water weight and this assisted when we didn’t even anticipate that.

We have taken this product for 60 days and our high blood pressure has actually seen a considerable enhancement. We went for a 60 day follow up to our doctor and she asked us if our other doctor had actually put us on high blood pressure medicine we stated no we were attempting a supplement and she stated well keep taking it due to the fact that it is working. What a low-cost financial investment in our health. We take one a day. We are delighted with the outcomes.

We have been taking arjuna root for 3 months along with our prescription linsinopril for high blood pressure. Went to to the dr and our blood pressure was 121/80 Our bp has actually never ever been truly managed with rx medications alone. Taking arjuna has actually made the linsinopril more effective. We take 2 tablets for 600 mgs daily, not only is arjuna good for the heart however it s good for the kidneys too. We will be using arjuna frequently from now on.

We have a blood disease so we began taking this and our 15+ year old pyrenees has bigger heart so given that been providing him this about a week later on we see his cough had actually lowered and his swelling had actually decreased.

We attempted these on a suggestion from a pal. We currently take high blood pressure medications with a typical bp of 142/80 Taking one a day of himalaya 12 hours after our bp medications appears to have lowered our bp to approximately 125/75 When we ran out after two months, we observed that our bp was back up to what it was in the past. We bought these pills once again and our bp is pull back. It is expected to have other benefits however we can’ t inform if it does given that we do not feel any various. We do not know if we might have attained the exact same outcomes with a greater dosage of bp medications or not. Our heart likewise avoids beats however we typically can’ t inform when it takes place. We are curious if our doctor will see any modification in that condition. If so we will modify this evaluation with the outcomes.

It truly works reduces our high blood pressure from 140 to 120.

Brought our bp to normal within 2 weeks. No adverse effects. Like cancer. Highly advise.

Taking rather of toxin lorsatan pharmaceutical.

Appears to work for us, had raised heart rate and has actually brought it down, unsure how it would work for others.

Amazing product, we use this to help keep heart performance. We can get more pumps out on our exercises as it helps with oxygen in the blood stream. Two months supply at an amazing cost. We highly advise it.

We have a little high blood pressure and that’s why we chose to attempt this to lower it. It appears to be working. This is the 2nd time we have bought arjuna and plan to keep taking it.

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