Home Remedies For Blood Pressure

Home Remedies For Blood Pressure

1. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds have high potassium and dietary fibre content. The seeds act as an effective ingredient for lowering high blood pressure. This is the safest home remedy ever for you. Make a paste from fenugreek seeds and water. Take the paste twice daily for improvement.

2. Honey

To reduce high blood pressure you can use honey as the natural home remedy. It will work perfectly in lowering pressure from the heart and calms the blood vessels. Take honey daily and balance your blood pressure… it works…

3. Onion Juice

Onions wonderfully aids in lowering your blood pressure as it contains an antioxidant flavonol called quercetin. Eat raw onion daily. The outcome is great and this is a good blood pressure medication.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper benefits in fighting hypertension. It smoothen blood flow and prevents platelet from being clumped together and accumulated in the blood. You can add pepper to fruit, salad or to soup. It does wonder to you pressure… it reduces a lot…

5. Drink Coconut Water

It is a must to keep your body hydrated if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Coconut Water offers the best solution in this. Have tender coconut water daily. The pressure will be low in no time. Try it.

6. Celery

Celery helps to control high blood pressure. Eat a stalk of celery with water daily. It solves your problems easily… be patient and win the best…

7. Banana

To control high blood pressure, bananas offer the victims regular remedy. Try to eat banana daily. It reliefs you fully… it’s simple, cheap and easy to get… it’s worth a high blood pressure remedy.

8. Garlic

You must eat one or two crushed raw garlic cloves daily. Crushed garlic encourages good blood flow, removes gas and lessens pressure on the heart. It works to relax blood vessels as well. Take garlic daily and you will not be panic again.

9. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds has compound called cucurbocitrin that widens the blood capillaries. It even helps kidney to function well. Thus this reduces blood pressure levels drastically. All the best for treating yourself well…

10. Lemons

Lemons soften your blood vessels and remove all rigidity to reduce blood pressure. Take lemon juice daily. The antioxidant in lemon helps to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. For best results take this juice daily without adding salt or sugar. It will reduce your sugar quite early.

11. Exercise

Blood and its circulation are vital to sustain our life. Exercise is the best choice to fulfil your goal to reduce high blood pressure. The heart is muscle and exercise makes it stronger. Exercise daily and lessen your high pressure. Be cool and positive always… it works…

12. Ginger-Cardamom Tea

Ginger and Cardamom are warming spices that improve blood circulation. Make lovely teas and keep heart healthy. It is a powerful home remedy for high blood pressure. Take tea daily… it will cure your problems… victims no more…

13. Basil

Extract of Basil helps to lower blood pressure. Have basil herb in your diet to control pressure. It reduces greatly.

14. Ginger

To control high blood pressure, use ginger daily. You can chop, mince, or grate fresh ginger, soups, or add to tea for a better refreshing taste. It definitely will improve blood circulation and relax the muscles surrounding blood vessels. Take ginger properly… it helps you…

15. French Lavender

The herb of French Lavender perfectly suit to control Blood pressure. Get rid of problems use lavender herb.

16. Lose Excess Weight

To reduce blood pressure you need to lose weight as well. It benefits you tremendously.

17. Stress Less

It is extremely important to keep aside time for yourself. Despite busy life, it seems impossible. But it’s worth. Stress increases your blood pressure. Preparedness in life solves your problems and grants you good health. Remove stress life to reduce high blood pressure…

18. Boiled Potatoes

To lower blood pressure use boiled potatoes to relief you.

19. Grapefruit

Grapefruit prevents you from high blood pressure. Grapefruit has a vitamin that tones the blood vessels perfectly well. Eat regularly and enjoy good health.

20. Chocolates

Lower your blood pressure with just a piece of chocolate a day. It’s really true… it helps…

21. Acai Berry Juice

Acai Berry Juice keeps your blood pressure under control. Take acai berry juice daily for best results…

22. Brown Rice

Brown Rice must be eaten daily. It prevents high blood pressure and decreases the danger of getting heart attacks. Eat healthy and be happy… balance your pressure, reduce stress and pressure…

23. Apples

Eat an apple a day let hypertension away. It’s effective to naturally control high blood pressure faster.