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Homewell Essentials Home Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Large Cuff

Homewell Essentials Home Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Large Cuff

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Here are a few main benefits of Homewell Essentials Home Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Large Cuff.

  • 3-Color in 7.5-inch LCD Display: Green Light-Normal; Orange Light- Prehypertension;Red Light-Hypertension
  • Simple Operation: One-key operation, simple and convenient.Older individuals can likewise measure their high blood pressure individually.
  • Memory function: It can record two users’ historic measurement outcomes. Maximum 60 records are both for USER 1 and USER 2.
  • What You Can Get: Blood pressure monitor; Cuff(22 ~42 cm/ 9-17 inch); User manual; 4 * AA batteries.
  • 2 Years Warranty: Homewell Essentials products have FDA accreditation, we can assure you that all products will be devoid of flaws in the original manufacture of the product or artistry in two years.And each monitor is separately checked to make sure accuracy, to provide you a rewarding shopping experience.

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After comparing various brand names of high blood pressure monitors on, we chose to acquire this easy to useitem First of all, we truly like the design and color of the machine. We need to point out the 3-color hd screen. It s an extremely graph of our high blood pressure. The cuff is huge enough and extremely comfy. Easy to use according to the user’s manual. Readings are extremely accurate with a great deal of indicators. All in all, we like this product quite and highly suggest it.

Actually great cost and it works extremely well, we got the one with a large cuff and we have about a 16 arm and it works great. We have checked our high blood pressure versus this and our original arm tester and they both always check out extremely close. The batteries that come with it are still running strong and it is has been using a month.

Extremely easy to use. It read exceptionally high so when we saw our doctor we took it. He stated it was close sufficient to continue using.

Easy to setup and use.


Often we have problems with our high blood pressure so our doctor recommended we get a home high blood pressure monitor to keep track. After taking a look at a few various ones, we picked this homewell brand. We are pleased we did. This is extremely easy to use. Put on the cuff, press start and that’s it. It provides you your reading on a large lcd screen with huge numbers so we do not need to put our glasses on. The lcd screen likewise changes color to correspond with your reading. Green is “normal”, orange is “prehypertension” and red is “hypertension”. If this were being utilized by a senior, it ‘d be great due to the fact that it’s so simple. In addition to taking your high blood pressure at that minute, this monitor has a memory function that can record a history of outcomes for two users. We have not utilized this function yet however it appears helpful. This comes with the 4 aa batteries you need for power. Practical. In general, we are extremely delighted with thisproduct It’s precisely whatever we were looking for.

This is a quite simple machine to use. Just link the armband to the machine, protect the armband to your arm, and struck the start button and it goes. There are 3 buttons to work with: setting, start/stop, and memory. This machine records and shops all of your high blood pressure readings (for 2 individuals). It likewise does pulse readings. It comes with a little manual that discusses whatever completely. It takes 4 aa batteries. It s good and small and easy to store. We would suggest this machine to others. We ought to point out, we did this a few times in a row and the outcomes somewhat varied each time.

We chose to provide this one a shot. We have hypertension and have a smart one however desired one to keep at work. We have not attempted the 2nd individual alternative however for someone, worked great. Only thing we did not like is our old one has a line revealing where to put for your main artery. This one did not so was a little bit puzzling. The outcomes were only a few points off from our old one so would state it’s close. Large, easy to check out and easy to use minus the absence of guide for your main artery.

This is your basic high blood pressure machine. The cuff fits both us & our person, we are 5′ 9″ 180 pounds,and our person is 6′ 240 pounds. You do get 4 batteries with this, they aren’t the very best however they do work. The monitor illuminate and has large digital numbers that you can see plainly. Don’ t need a great deal of space to store this in, we just put it back in package when not in use. In general, for the cost point this is an economical and helpful item that works as planned.

This is an extremely easy to use high blood pressure machine. You get your lead to a large format, so it’s a perk for those with vision issues. The cuff can broaden to 17″ to accommodate large arms. The screen changes color to show your blood pressure, which to be sincere provides us a little bit of anxiety if it’s not green (normal) when we first take a look at it. The only unfavorable exists is no a/c adapter in the bundle; you need to buy that individually.

This evaluation is for the home high blood pressure monitor arm large 9″-17″ cuff,3-color in 7. 5-inch digital lcd display,2 users and 120 records memory, 4 * aa batteries includedwe checked this versus two other monitors we have that we were requiring to upgradefrom All the readings in between them were area on. We like this one due to the large easy to check out and comprehend screen. Good quality.

Our hubby requires to inspect his high blood pressure routinely. With us mostly-homebound today due to the fact that of the crisis, we required a device that we might use in the house. This high blood pressure monitor is easy to use and well constructed. Offers accurate readings, too. It’s just the best size and the illuminating display looks extremely good. Highly recommended.

Super easy to use. Large buttons. Whatever is extremely easy to check out for elderly eyes. Incredible green/orange/red display to terrify the bejesus out of you if your bp is expensive. Memory function for two users. Comes with batteries however without adapter (if you wish to plug it in).

We checked it versus a medical facility grade bpm and the outcomes came out extremely close, close enough that we will trust it s outcomes while we travel. The consisted of large cuff was completely sized for us. It s compact size makes taking a trip with it easily easy. 4 stars.

It does not come with a large cuff. This one does. It will deal with arms that are in between 9 inches and 17 inches. The 7. 5 inch digital lcd display is quickly seen and read. It even comes with the vitamins.

Functions great. Easy to use and carry around if required.

Accurate, comfy and easy to use.

Found it accurate and straightforward.

We like that the cuff accommodates a large range of arm sizes (9 to 17 ), so that would make this helpful for numerous member of the family. Furthermore, we like how the screen color changes to let one know if whatever is normal (green), or if one s readings are in the hypertension range (yellow) or in the hypertension range (red). This kit is extremely basic, consisting of only the cuff, the monitor, user manual and 4 aa batteries. Although this markets that it can be powered by 2 approaches, only the batteries alternative is consisted of. The other power approach uses a homewell licensed adapter, however the adapter is not consisted of and would need to be bought individually, which we think, for the cost of the kit, ought to be consisted of currently. Not having that adapter currently consisted of detracts from the value of an otherwise great high blood pressure monitor kit considerably. Likewise, there is no case or bag for the kit, other than package it is available in. We simulate that this is 2-user capable, so 2 individuals can have their own profiles with each having enough memory to hold the last 60 readings. The screen is good and large, at 7. 5 and easy to check out. The buttons work well and the cuff is somewhat lightweight however with a soft sufficient wrap. This appears to be accurate, although we ve been sitting tight for a while and can t take this in to a doctor s workplace to validate the accuracy. Nevertheless, with our layperson s understanding, the readings seem a minimum of in the best range. We don t think this is as good a value as it might be by not having the adapter nor a hassle-free bag to store this in, however it does appear to work well. Thanks for reading.

We have been using a standard stethoscope, and ‘bulb & guage type sphygmomanometer for years to monitor our high blood pressure, and this item not only conserves time, however there are less parts to dealwith We enjoy this design for multiple factors. 1. The display is large, easy to check out, and is color coded (red, orange, and green) for relative high, borderline high, and normal range pressure. It likewise reveals our pulse rate at the very same time. We likewise don t need our reading glasses to use this. 2. The cuff is easy to connect. 3. It s a ‘one button touch. We press the main button, and it powers up, reveals the development on screen, provides us our last readout, and then the cuff de-pressurizes. 4. It saves our readings in memory (approximately 60, then it starts to overwrite). The readings are quickly remembered, for our own tracking, in addition to sharing with our doctor. 5. Quality products and design. The cuff is amply sized. The connection to the main system is strong. The battery door on the underside is easy to open. The angle of the system makes it much easier to check out, and the entire bundle is quickly portable, (and saved). This is a properly designed, easy to use, home healthcareproduct Last but not least, the guidelines are easy to follow, and the preliminary setup took less than a minute (setting the date, time, etc). We are truly happy with this item.

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