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HuaWise Fitness Tracker

HuaWise Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HuaWise Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • [All-day Activity Tracker] This top quality fitness tracker can precisely record your sports information and all-day activities, such as steps, diatance, calorie comsumption amd lots of Sports Mode.
  • [Smart Message Notification] Never ever miss out on the message. Through high-speed bluetooth connaction, you can get call, calendar, SMS and SNS( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp) notification.
  • [Built-in USB plug and Long-lasting Battery] Built-in USB plug makes it simpler to charge with any USB block and computer system.Single charging time 2 hours, the fitness tracker can work for about 7 days.
  • [Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor] It can precisely track your heart rate automatically and have a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality to help you cultivate a much healthier lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HuaWise Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor.

Question Question 1

How Do We “Get Rid Of The Band” To Get To The Charger?

Pull with all ur strength

Question Question 2

Can We See The Screen Plainly Under The Sunshine?

yes, youcan The scrren is colorful display, you can see it plainly under the sunshine, and raise your hand to lighten up.

Question Question 3

Our Hubby Is A Larger Man – What Size Wrist Is This Efficient In (What Length To The Last Hole?) Thanks?

It s kinda hard to measure however it s about 8-1/2 to last hole.

Question Question 4

Will This Tracker Deal With A Kindle Fire Tablet Rather Of A Smart device?

Untested, however it should. The app does not know the distinction in between gadgets, nor does the watch. However you do need bluetooth connection and the app from the app store.

Question Question 5

Mine Has Been Utilized For 3 Days And Keeps Powering Off And Buzzing?

Return it

Question Question 6

Last Time We Bought 4 Silver Bottlesbut They Sent Out United States The Black One. And The Delivering Was Slower Than We Excpected. Why Not Faster?

If you re purchased bottles, that s most likely why. This is a fitness tracker. Often shipping is slow and fast so it doesn t always matter the number of you order.

Question Question 7

We Cant Find Replacement Bands?

They do not provide them, just buy another watch

Question Question 8

Does The Bluetooth Use To Much Battery When Its Linked To Your Phone?

our boy s is connected to his iPod and there s no extra battery drain that we ve observed.

Question Question 9

So This Will Not Deal With We Phone 7?

we have a Virgin Mobile smart device and the tracker works fine with it however we do n`t understand about the we phone 7

Question Question 10

Will This Sync With The Apple Health App?

Yes it will.

Question Question 11

Will This Tracker Work If We Don’ T Have A Phone?

As far as we know.yes, you can use without a phone.

Question Question 12

Exists A Way To Buy Just The Wrist Bands?We Would Like A Few Various Colors?

we do not know a store however you can examine

Question Question 13

Can We Change The Image On The Watch Confront With A Jellyfish To Something Else?

we do not think so.

Question Question 14

Where Can We Buy Replacement Bands?

we would recommend you search, we have not needed to change our band yet.Thank you.

Question Question 15

Can We Listen To Radio On The Watch Through Bluetooth?

No, it’s just a fitness (steps, pulse, BP, sleep monitor, etc.) tracker.It does not have sound abilities.

Question Question 16

Will It Deal With A Samsung Galaxy Keep In Mind 5?

we would think so, however my own gave up working after a month.

Question Question 17

Another Person Is Likewise Having An Issue To Charge It? We Did It Few Times, And Now Its Not Charging( Attempted Numerous Usb Ports)?

That’s the only thing we do not like about this fitness tracker. The ONLY thing that it’ll stay in to charge is USB port on a computer system.

Question Question 18

Do You Offer Just The Band?

we are not seller, we are just a user. Please ask the seller.

Question Question 19

Does This Fitness Tracker Program The Actual Variety Of Steps Strolled, Or Does It Just Program A Bar That Reveals Portion Of Objective Finished?

It really counts the variety of steps taken in numbers for example we set mine at 10000 a day we attempt to do our best to reach it

Question Question 20

We Want To Order It For Our Bro Birthday & It’S On 2Nd June. So When Should We Order This To Get On That Time?

You ought to permit adequate time for postage and packaging

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on HuaWise Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We bought this after at first looking online for a fitbit, and truthfully this is a great alternative for the rate. Does whatever a fitbit can do. We personally use this for the health club as it tracks our heart rate, and calories while we train. It likewise tracks your daily steps, and range that you have walked/run in a day. It likewise informs you when you reach your objective (e. G 10,000 steps a day). You can likewise link the watch to your mobile phone, and track your sleeping pattern each night. We enjoy the sleep analysis it has been great, and the alarm is great in addition to it wakes you up carefully with a vibration. The battery lasts rather some time too. It s a charming size, and not too large on our small wrist we likedthat Along with all the fitness tracking it does (heart rate, steps, calories charred, activity time, step counter). It likewise has cool functions like call/sms/what s app informs. It vibrates lightly to notify us of message, and calls. Even screens on the screen who is calling me. We enjoy it.

This is a great fitness tracker. It’s extremely easy to charge. Just eliminate the strap and the integrated in usb plug quickly suits any normal usb port (just ensure you plug in the proper end). The jyoupro app was easy to download from google play store and when the fitness tracker was charged it synced to our phone with ease. This fitness tracker monitors your steps. It advises us to get up from our desk throughout the day and walk around. It has whatever consisted of:- it determines our steps, our sleep patterns, any exercise we do and a lotmore It likewise alerts us when we get a text or call from our phone. You can even set alarms on it. It vibrates to wake us in the early morning. No fiddly buttons, you just tap the screen and the touch button fasts to react. There is multi-sport modes, we have only utilized 3 up until now however intend on attempting them all which you can pick through the app on your phone. The battery life is amazing, the battery is shown on the front screen so you can keep a good eye on just how much life is left. The strap is an excellent size too, it fits our large wrist however likewise fits our relative smaller sized wrist. All in all we are very happy with our purchase.

Easy to charge, just pull one side of the straps and plug it in., the numbers are huge and clear, there will be no glasses required, the steps counter is great considering that it advises you to get up and relocation, it informs you the heart rate and high blood pressure and the quantity of sleep you get too. So you can inspect your lifestyle and make the changes required to get the very best possible lifestyle. Social network messages can be seen from this watch without the need of needing to inspect the phone or computer system, it is water evidence and it charges in only two hours. Outstanding smart watch for our enjoyed ones:-RRB-.

We had been desiring a fitness tracker that kept an eye on heart rate, however most of them are $100 or more, so the rate of this one made us choose to provide it a shot. We purchased this item on a friday (standard shipping), and we got it on sunday, 2 days later on. It had to do with midway charged when we took it out of package, so we plugged it into a standard usb charger for about an hour to get it to full charge (it most likely was fully charged prior to the hour, though). In the meantime, we go through the manual, which was a little complicated. When the device was charged, however, we had the ability to go through the functions and it was quite user-friendly, so the manual wasn’t too essential. We downloaded the android app from google play & it was likewise quite easy to ready up and use. We use google fit and facebook messenger, and it connects with both of them, in addition to text messaging and call notifications. We have hypertension, which needs us to monitor our high blood pressure, and the high blood pressure reading is near what our high blood pressure checks out with the standard high blood pressure cuff at the doctor. We were shocked by this. The heart rate seems relatively accurate, too. Like we stated in the start, we charged it fully on the sunday we got it, however we didn’t trouble charging it once again up until the following saturday (6 full days later on). We might’ve most likely gone another day, too. In general, for $32 99 we do not think yo can fail.

Certainly a great watch. We ran a few tests on it prior to evaluating it and did some works out with our fitit charge 2. They both appear to have all the exact same functions, however the heart rate monitor on this one appears to work a little better and quicker. The fitbit always had issues maintaining throughout comprehensive fast hit type exercises. Likewise got a compliment the first day out using it, so that’s a plus. Have not charged it for 3 days and still got 59% battery left. We are using this on an app called da fit and it synced just great. All functions( text reading, music player, etc.) works perfectly. Certainly a great watch with a cool appearance and great functions.

We generally do not wish to use a watch on our wrist. However this fitness tracker is extremely light-weighted and we can conveniently use it the entire day. Whenever we raise our wrist, the screen will awaken and display the time, so it likewise functions as our watch. It tracks our strolling steps so it continuously advise us to get out of the chair and take a little walk. The tracker has lots of functions. It tapes strolling steps, strolling range and burned calories. It’s likewise hassle-free to see the heart rate when we get exercise. It can even measure high blood pressure and blood oxygen level. Now that’s quite cool. There are likewise lots of sports activities (like running, cycling, treking) you can record on this tracker. Active individuals will find it extremely practical. You can download android/iphone app and link the tracker to your phone. It will then record all your daily activities and store in your phone. You can even established message notification from social networks apps and get notification on your tracker. So it’s likewise a little type of smart watch. This is our first fitness tracker, and we need to state we like it a lot.

This is a greatproduct Use it for a few days in running and health club, the price, it’s certainly worth the cash, the watch itself is extremely practical and extremely accurate. The product itself is easy to link to the phone and has an app that you can use to track things like steps. Supply directions, they are easy to comprehend. The quality of the product is excellent and the product is better than some other trackers. The wrist feels good, sits extremely well and does not feel too troublesome or obstructive. The screen is extremely clear and looks great on the wrist and screens information such as time, heart rate andmore This is an excellent product for those who wish to stay healthy and active. Highly recommended, high quality and sensible rate.

We have had this fitness tracker for 3 days now and the battery is still over half full. It has all the functions we desired in a tracker. The ones we like are the pedometer, heart rate monitor and range took a trip. The quality appears to be good and it is comfy to use. We are happy with this purchase and suggest it to family and pals.

This is our first activity tracker and we find that the huawise fitness tracker is a perfect fit for us. We have been using the tracker for a week now to count our daily steps, track our sleep and monitor our heart rate. We find the tracker easy to use and has a quite long battery life. Along with that, it has many other tracking abilities consisting of monitor your sleep and quality of your sleep, get sms messages, track your run, cycling, stroll etc and it’s likewise waterproof. We suggest it particularly if ease of use, cost and long battery life are criterias you look for in a fitness tracker.

This fitness works respectable. The navigation is extremely simple with a single push button. Has all the basic fitness adding, step count, heart rate, bp, o2. Likewise tracks sleep activity. Message and call informs work however we observed we required to keep the app running in the background to have all functions. Has an auto heart rate monitoring function that you can set to monitor every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Battery life is proficient at about a week per charge.

There’s something various about this fitness tracker that stands out from the others that generally make it into a health and fitness plan. It’s not the appearances of it, rather its the real software that monitors your health. From a design viewpoint, the fitness band and module looks extremely extremely comparable to other popular brand names, which is primarily the point however with a special take on the performance. The bottom band can detach to expose a charging prong that links to universal usb a ports. We find this extremely practical since of how typically it is a concern to not have a charger easily offered at any offered time and that the main downside would be how most trackers have their own exclusive ports and cable televisions. We feel that while it is extremely beneficial, this fitness tracker is only ranked for ip67 water/dust resistance compared to others ranked at ip68 due to less vulnerabilities in accessing the module like this tracker that needs the user to detach the band. We have no problems with the display aside from the absence of real touch screen functions which is a disappointment for us, however offered the rate point, corners are not surprisingly cut. This band has a “home button” that takes all the commands, primarily to scroll through each function and a touch and hold function to check out more choices depending upon which screen you are in (watchface/settings/heart rate/steps). We find the absence of touch screen to be comparable to using an older cellular phone that runs with buttons that is required for engaging totally with the device. The absence of touch screen is the most significant distinction in contrast to other rivals. Software smart, this fitness tracker provides a great deal of beneficial functions. The buddy app is uncomplicated, links practically immediately and offers a comprehensive breakdown of your activity. We found high blood pressure monitor and spo2 monitoring (steps oxygen saturation in the blood) the most standout includes provided in this plan. These two functions are typically unusual in a fitness tracker so this was a welcome in our experience. The steps tracking in genuine time appears to do a good task initially look, nevertheless we understand that while we are driving our “steps” are being counted also and it makes for a far less accurate fitness tracking. For a more practical use, strolling at work and tracking our steps have really been practical. We just dream that our heart rate tracking would appear much quicker since we find ourself waiting a relatively “long” time for heart rate to appear, which is likewise true for the spo2 monitoring. As for the high blood pressure tracking, we have not seen anything out of the regular aside from questioning how the technology has the ability to produce a relative reading instead of a real high blood pressure monitoring device. In addition, since we work graveyard shifts, we sleep throughout the day. We were dissatisfied by how the fitness band did not trouble to track our sleep throughout the day for whatever factor, which we are presuming that it tracks only at nighttime. We have had no problems with other trackers really tracking our sleep whenever we really do sleep and the device is idle on our wrist. Battery life is as marketed, however likewise surpassed our expectations in that a moderate use will save more battery and will not need a daily charge due to its effectiveness. We have no complaintspros: economical alternative for entering into fitness trackinggreat battery lifeuncommon functions (high blood pressure monitor, spo2) integrated in charging prongcompanion app sync and robust information collectedpractical, simple and easy to usecons: sleep tracking can be iffylack of touch screen functionalitystep counter that tracks automobile motion while driving in addition to the “steps” apparently long haul time for basic heart rate/ spo2 information to appearvery restricted watch face choices.

The huawise fitness tracker showed up strikingly quick. The golden embeveled and its capitalization atop entirely recyclable product makes for fitness passion in me. Along with the high quality rubber, and its powerful holing, comes a qr code that is on the first page of its convenient userguide The qr code leads you to set up a one-stop tracker that keeps note of: sleep quality, steps, calorie burn, heart rate (a huge requirement) and even whether you’re too inactive. Not only does it do all this, however you can do cool things like take a selfie with it and even feel the buzz of interaction notifications with its ios or android combination performances. Something to note is that step ‘registration’ may depend upon your stride style (how your arms relocation, the length of stride for example) thank you huawise.

Just got it today. Have had 2 fitbits this up until now is 100 times better and a lot more affordable. Love how it does so much. However it hasn’t been 24 hrs. Is it too good to be true??? will upgrade. Update great value would suggest. Did buy another for buddy however the charts are hard to check out for sleep and it has tape-recorded us as sleeping when we were watch television as in deep sleep and like today took a great nap 3 hrs that did not sign up at all. We do not think the readings are all that accurate on o2, sleep bp degree of tiredness, however its convenient to see steps & its a watch cant be rate. We find it challenging to charge it just does not always make conection it needs to be done every 2 days. Strap is durable and safe and secure. We like we can get texts. It does not always turn on great just tapped it 10 times to see time.

Only done with the device for the first weekend and today’s exercise too. Band product is good, using is simple. Simple to set with app. When a set, linking each time is easy. No troubles to use on a routine day at health club and anywhere. Charging is fast and easy without needing to carry any cable television, just eliminate the band and go for charging. Strolling, running tracking, heart rate, sleep tracking works for all functions. We bought this for our dad.

We like this fitness band a lot since it’s extremely practical. It links with a mobile app, which informs your sleeping hours. How lots of deep sleeping hours and light sleeping hours you have whenever when you sleep with this fitness band. The app and the fitness band, both are able to inspect your high blood pressure; the number of steps you take; the number of miles you bike or run; they monitor your heart rate, andmore The fitness band likewise send out notification if anybody text you. You can likewise set alarm through the app, when it’s time your fitness band will vibrate. A lot of these functions are rather accurate. The rate is economical too. It deserves to acquire this.

Our fitbit charge hr bit the dust so we remained in the marketplace for a new fitness tracker. We might not pay for another fitbit so we began browsing. We found this on. This fitness tracker does whatever our charge hr did other than the sleep function andmore We monitors certain workouts and has a bar that demonstrates how much battery life you have left. We got this recently and we have not needed to charge the battery at all and we still have a quarter charge left. It looks good too. For $30 you can’ t ask formore We enjoy this. We want you might buy just the bands for it. Update: after composing this radiant evaluation, our tracker chose to stop tracking our steps. We are returning it after only two weeks. We will conserve up for a fitbit.

This watch works well, and we like that it reveals steps, range, calories burned (approx. ), heart rate, and high blood pressure. We do dream that there was a setting for a digital clock when the screen first ‘awakens, rather of a partial analog clock. The main problem we had was that oval on the underside of the watch that determines heart rate and high blood pressure was injuring our wrist even when we loosened up the watch. It felt tender and bruised after using it for a day. We are not exactly sure if our body is just more conscious the pressure than most individuals s, however we couldn’t use everything day every day, so we returned mine.:(.

This fitness tracker satisfied our expectations, it looks good, has good various screens to track various activities, the heart rate is accurate, and we likewise like how it tracks you through gps. We liked how it interacts with our phone permitting us read our text on our tracker. While we are strolling running or just sitting. This tracker likewise monitors your high blood pressure extremely precisely. We would certainly suggest this product since it does whatever it need to do with accuracy that other greater priced trackers do without the greater rate. Comfy on your wrist and water evidence we like the way that it charges through the usb without an extra cord.

For the rate its good. The good. It tapes your steps precisely. The battery life for my own has been 6 days after fully charging it. And it vibrates to where you can feel it. The bad. The charging can be a bit complex. And it detaches from our blue tooth so we do not get our messages alot of the time. And when we sleep with it on it some how changes the clock. However general not to bad.

We didnt wish to invest a large quantity in attempting aproduct We fine our steps have increased as our activity level over all. We like the sleep info and capability to inspect our o2 when feeling brief of breath. The accuracy isn’t accurate as we found we were including steps while cuddling our pet. However it’s closer than absolutely nothing and better than attempting to keep step count. Was an obstacle to eliminate band at first to charge however it has ended up being simpler with use and charges rapidly. Product packaging was perfectly done and would get good for gift providing. The app is easy to browse and practical.

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