Hyzaar Water Pills – High Blood Pressure Product Review

Hyzaar Water Pills
Hyzaar Water Pills

Hyzaar is a prescription pill to treat high blood pressure. This drug is usually associated with angiotensin receptor antagonists that improve blood pressure by preventing the narrowing of blood vessels.

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It is common knowledge that too much salt absorbed by the body causes health deterioration through a variety of conditions: high blood pressure, kidney insufficiency and so on. Hyzaar is a drug that prevents fluid retention in the tissue, which would definitely explain its designation as a “water pill”.

Commonly known as a “water pill” because its mechanism of action, Hyzaar is used to treat and prevent fluid retention. Fluids get trapped in the tissues if the body absorbs too much salt. This causes multiple conditions including high blood pressure and kidney insufficiency.

Hyzaar is sold by prescription only to treat high blood pressure. This drug is usually associated with angiotensin receptor antagonists that improve blood pressure by preventing the narrowing of blood vessels.

Combining this medication with Losartan can prevent strokes in patients who have fluctuating blood pressure. Keeping this medication on a schedule and taking the exact dosage you were prescribed will help you decrease side effects.

If you feel as though your symptoms are under control you shouldn’t stop therapy. This can cause unwanted symptoms to return and it is possible that you have problems with your blood pressure that haven’t been recognized.

When Is Hyzaar Prescribed?

Doctors usually recommend Hyzaar for patients who suffer from high blood pressure and it is usually associated with medication belonging to the group called angiotensin receptor antagonists. These drugs improve blood pressure by preventing blood vessels from narrowing.

It is known fact that the combined administration of Hyzaar and Losartan prevents the risk of strokes in patients with fluctuating blood pressure. It is very important to take the medication in the exact doses prescribed for you, since failure to do so may increase side effects.

Hyzaar should be taken with a full glass of water and in the amounts indicated by the doctor. During treatment with Hyzaar, blood pressure must be checked regularly to determine whether any improvement has been made.

Even if you feel fine, don’t interrupt Hyzaar administration; this only keeps symptoms under control, and you may suffer from high blood pressure and not even know it.

Interaction Between Hyzaar And Other Medication

Due to the similarity between Hyzaar and sulpha drugs, you should not take Hyzaar if you are allergic to the latter. Inform your doctor beforehand so as to prevent any violent allergic manifestation.

Kidney and liver disease should also be brought to the health care provider’s knowledge prior to drug administration.

Gout, diabetes and lupus are other health conditions incompatible with Hyzaar administration, so the doctor will have to recommend you something else for water retention.


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Hyzaar Side Effects And Their Occurrence

The most dangerous side effects associated with Hyzaar include thinking impairment and low speed of reaction. Therefore, it is essential to avoid activities that require alertness or vehicle operation during the treatment. Combining alcohol and Hyzaar is also totally forbidden, as alcoholic beverages make certain side effects worse.

Hyzaar eliminates excessive water retained in the tissues; nevertheless, if you are not careful enough to drink plenty of liquids, the risk of dehydration is a lot higher. Potassium and salt substitutes also get a big warning sign, since they facilitate water retention in the tissues.

Changes in the urination pattern are a side effect that often occurs while taking Hyzaar: you may urinate either more or less than usual. Furthermore, it is also possible to experience significant weight changes during the treatment, as rapid weight gain and swelling have been reported.

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