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Jay S. Cohen The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure

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Composed by health specialists who are well acknowledged in their particular fields, these succinct, easy-to-read books concentrate on a wide variety of essential health issues. From migraine headaches to high cholesterol, each title takes a look at a particular issue; each supplies a clear description of the disorder, its causes, and its signs; and each deals natural solutions that can either considerably reduce or entirely remove the issue. Some titles likewise concentrate on natural alternatives to drugs with severe adverse effects ― alternatives that in most cases can be utilized in combination with prescription medications. This growing series of titles can be relied on to offer safe and reasonable solutions to all-too-common health issue. 

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If it weren’t for this book our high blood pressure would still be out ofcontrol Prior to we got it, we went to the physicians. Our pressure was 150/110 we were provided an extra medication and a recommendation. We prayer & stated god it needs to be a better way. We awakened and this book existed. We paid and read. The 2 medications were noted in this book. We got us some liquid magnesium and our pressures have been amazing. No more hypertension for us. And it can help you too.

Can we rate the book a 6??? why hasn’t somebody informed us about this quicker? everything makes good sense. We began taking double our dosage of chelated “magnesium potassium aspartate” (nation life – readily available on ), and our bp decreased to 114/74, and has remained there. This is the greater dosage that dr. Cohen states dr. Seeley utilized – overall 1200 mg. Of magnesium daily.Amazing We likewise checked out a great deal of the medical journal short articles mentioned, and extra mg likewise helps with blood sugar level/ insulincontrol Our hubby’s fasting bg decreased a fair bit, too. Best cash invested for a long time. Thanks, dr. Cohen.

We offer this book a 5 star score due to the fact that it describes magnesium so efficiently in every way as a mineral, a shortage, a co-companion with potassium and calcium for better absorption and health benefits in addition to adverse effects.

Opens our eyes to the important function this essential mineral plays in our cardiovascular and undoubtedly our general health. Embarassment on the medical occupation for stopping working to embrace it as a simple and non-invasive part of a sound health procedure. We are currently taking it. This book is well-written and well-grounded in the science behind magnesium supplements.

We never ever thought that taking a mineral supplement like magnesium might make such a distinction. After only a few days we have currently seen a decreasing of cramping in our calves and toes. We likewise feel less nervous. Our company believe it is assisting to lower our high blood pressure too, although we sanctuary t inspected. Thanks for the book.

The book is exceptional, an extremely easy read. We gift our mother and cousin with one. Most notably the magnesium works. It’s only been 4 day of taking the magnesium that is recommended in the book. Our pressure is 113/78 We were taking 2 hypertension pills a day. We are in shock our hypertension might be treated this easy. We were informed it was genetic and there was absolutely nothing we might do. We will inform our whole family about this book and magnesium.

Following the author’s suggestions has decreased our high blood pressure to within normal levels. Extremely useful book.

We read this book after our doctor recommended medication for hypertension. We were quite sure it was the outcome of a short-term demanding circumstance in our life, and we didn’t wish to begin down the medication roadway with all those nasty adverse effects. This book opened our eyes to the other possibilities out there for treating hbp. Along with magnesium and coq10 supplements, we likewise consumed a great deal of celery, increased our vegetable intake, did some slow breathing workouts, and had an atlas change at the chiropractic practitioner’s workplace. We really think it was the mix of these efforts that assisted us reach a normal bp and stay there – without any medications. Thanks to this author for sharing his experiences and motivating everyone to listen to god’s knowledge about how our bodies work and what requirements to be done when they do not.

We read this along with the magnesium wonder by, carolyn dean md. The information in these two books altered our life. We checked out generous quantities of information about magnesium and itsbenefits This book has great information on the topic in an extremely concise little book. The majority of people need more magnesium in their bodies and this book plainly describes why.

Composed plainly and authoritatively, in addition to being supported by great documents, this book exposes the very important function magnesium plays in beating hypertension.

This is all basic information about magnesium. It’s good however it is basically a handout. There are better, more useful books readily available or just google it.

We like this book and keep it as a reference. It is packed with info on the numerous usages of magnesium, as this mineral impacts every organ of the body. A great help in understanding many disorders.

It help us to comprehend the disease and take restorative actions. Magnesium is a simple solution for hypertension ~.

Upon reading the product on magnessium, we purchased and began attempting out 500 mg daily along with antwe hypertensive prescriptions of 10 mg amlodipine (novasc) and 40 mg lisinipril daily dosage. After 3 weeks, our bp has dropped from normally 140/90 to 127/63 We are now on a progressive decrease of dosage of lisinopril. We now use 20 mg daily however preserving amlodipine. The plan is to gradually reduce the dosage till ideally making use of antwe hypertensives is entirely unneeded. This work is detailed and appropriate. More individuals need to attempt this out.

We understood that magnesium was necessary however was not knowledgeable about how basic it remains in our bodies. This is a must have book if you are dealing with high bp.

Diabetics need to read this, life altering.

Soy hipertenso tipo1 y estaba buscando más información para entender la enfermedad, su alcance y cómo mejorar los síntomas. Haré pruebas en mwe mismo y completaré la descripción.

Doctor stated we have pre- hypertension. We have been following the tips in this book and our high blood pressure has fallen into the recommended range.


We m so pleased we bought this book it’s a lifesaver. We would suggest the magnesium solution to everybody go out and buy today.

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