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Jim Swearingen Sleep Well & Feel Great with CPAP, A Definitive Guide

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Just Recently updated to consist of the latest Airfit masks, an easy guide flowchart, and glossary. This is a significant sourcebook of information and definitive guide for all who use CPAP, BiPap and VPaP devices. If you or somebody you know snores, this is a must-read. The book, first guides the reader through what takes place physically when sleep-disordered breathing, i.e. sleep apnea happens. From there, a definitive set of guidelines is supplied to help you get the most out of your pressure therapy equipment. Based on experience working with countless customers, the author has determined particular factors for failure to use and advantage from these devices. Though specific outcomes will always differ, following these standards, step-by-step, makes certain to offer something of value. All clinical concepts are grounded in released medical literature, and those referrals are added making it easy for the reader to obtain any explanation. For all who snore, are new PAP users, or have attempted pressure therapy and either felt it was not useful, or stopped working entirely, this is information youneed This work offers required and particular information handy to anybody requiring atmospheric pressure for a good night sleep.

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This book is wonderful. We just recently began with cpap. We had heard numerous stories about how tough it was to adapt to using the devices and head equipment. A relative of mine had a really tough time adapting to it’s use. Through her we became aware of jim’s book. We read it prior to we began using mine. As an outcome of understanding what to anticipate we have had very little problems with using the cpap machine. We had problem one night and kept in mind jim’s advice. We had forgotten to clean off the nose piece from the previous night. We werehed it in ivory soap and have done so every early morning given that. No issues. We highly advise reading this to help yourself or a liked one ease into making use of a cpap machine.

Great good sense information that as a new cpap user simply aren’t typical to our senses. The author supplies the assistance a doctor can’ t (since it’s not medical) and not every equipment supplier will in the “here is your machine and how to use it” session. This book made the high knowing curve of using a device to help keep you breathing while sleeping a little less high and strenuous for us.

Really handy, all the product was covered by the breathing therapist when we got our machine. Obviously we forgot whatever the minute we left his workplace. We are sure we will describe this book lot of times.

After having a hard time with a vpap machine for two months we bought jim’s book. Our doctor revealed us the book throughout a consultation and we bought the kindle versionfrom Using the suggestions given up the book we were lastly able to use the machine effectively. We connected the hose to the headboard, altered the ramp time and changed the humidity. Without the book we were at a loss regarding how to effectively use the machine. Jim’s step-by-step chapter allowed us to increase the variety of hours the machine was utilized by 50% the opening night after we made changes. We highly advise the book.

It offered us some good insights on the cpap machine and factors for using very same. They inform you when you get a cpap machine that they are here for you nevertheless when you call they are all with some one so the information was quite valued.

Are you or your partner snoring? please read this book. Worldwide it is approximated that in between 45 & 50 million individuals suffer from sleep apnea and numerous are still undiagnosed. This book assisted us to properly use our a-pap equipment for the very first time in 3 years after a near deadly event whilst in healthcare facility. For the previous week all our index readings suggested our treatment is working. A huge thank you to jim. One extra tip however. Likewise test lower pressure and humidity settings. (epr).

Clear and easy to comprehend. It had great suggestions that our air provider never ever even pointed out so we mored than happy to read it.

Great deals of handy info in this book. We ended up being sidetracked by numerous typos towards completion of the book. They detract from it, so we hope the typos get remedied.

Composed by a caring and skilled cpap providesound advice for the patient is backed with an outstanding cover of the science around sleep apnea.

Recalling to one of the scariest days in our life, about 15 months back. We began using a sleep ape machine, hooked to a hose and a mask that covered our nose and mouth. And we were informed by our doctor, this would make us feel better and we would not be so exhausted all the time. Alert medical was the company our doctor sent us to. That is when we fulfilled jim, he took about 90 minutes revealing the machine to us and informing us how to use it. At that point we believed we were good to go. Kid was we wrong two days later on we had questions; we searched in the book that came with the machine and we might not find theanswers Needed to call jim, he addressed them. This was always an issue, might not find the answers to just little things. We can’ t keep in mind the number of times jim concerned the rescue. We can see why most individuals will not ask for help, since they do not wish to look dumb. We were currently there so we did not care. Thanks to jim we now sleep much better and feel better alsowe are grateful jim has composed a book that us novice’s can comprehend.

This book will help individuals with sleep apnea to comprehend the hows and whys of all things connected to this issue. It sure assisted me.

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