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Jonny Bowden The Great Cholesterol Myth + Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

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Get proven, evidence-based techniques from the experts with The Great Cholesterol Myth Now Includes 100 Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart DiseaseHeart disease is the # 1 killer. Nevertheless, traditional cardiovascular disease procedures —with their focus on lowering cholesterol — have all of it wrong. Emerging science is revealing that cholesterol levels are a bad predictor of cardiovascular disease and that standard prescriptions for lowering it, such as inadequate low-fat/high-carb diets and severe, side-effect-causing statin drugs, odd the genuine reasons for cardiovascular disease. Even medical professionals at leading organizations have been deceived for years based upon imaginative reporting of research results from pharmaceutical business intent on supporting the $31- billion-a-year cholesterol-lowering drug market.The Great Cholesterol Myth Now Includes 100 Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease exposes the genuine perpetrators of cardiovascular disease, consisting of: swelling, fibrinogen, triglycerides, homocysteine, belly fat, triglyceride to HDL ratios, high glycemic levels, and deals 100 recipes that will help in reducing the threat of cardiovascular disease.Best- selling health authors Jonny Bowden, PhD, and Stephen Sinatra, MD, offer readers a four-part technique based upon the most recent research studies and clinical findings for successfully preventing, managing, and reversing cardiovascular disease, concentrating on diet, exercise, supplements, and stress and anger management. Then delight in delicious, heart-healthy meals from nutritional expert Deirdre Rawlings, PhD, ND.Get proven, evidence-based techniques from the experts with The Great Cholesterol Myth Now Includes 100 Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart DiseaseMyths vs. TruthsMyth: High cholesterol is the reason for cardiovascular disease. Reality: Cholesterol is only a small player in the waterfall of swelling which is a reason for cardiovascular disease.Myth: High cholesterol is a predictor of cardiac arrest. Reality: There is no connection in between cholesterol and cardiac arrest.Myth: Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs will lengthen your life. Reality: There is no information to reveal that statins have a considerable effect on longevity.Myth: Statin drugs are safe. Reality: Statin drugs can be very poisonous consisting of triggering death.Myth: Statin drugs are helpful in men, women, and the elderly. Reality: Statin drugs do the very best task in middle-aged men with coronary disease.Myth: Statin drugs are helpful in middle-aged men with coronary artery disease due to the fact that of its effect on cholesterol. Reality: Statin drugs reduce swelling and improve blood viscosity (thinning blood). Statins are very valuable in men with low HDL and coronary artery disease.Myth: Hydrogenated fat threatens. Reality: Hydrogenated fats are not hazardous. The killer fats are the transfats from partly hydrogenated oils.Myth: The greater the cholesterol, the much shorter the life expectancy. Reality: Greater cholesterol safeguards you from intestinal disease, lung disease, and hemorrhagic stroke.Myth: A high carb diet safeguards you from cardiovascular disease. Reality: Simple processed carbohydrates and sugars incline you to cardiovascular disease.

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We are not a cardiologist however we are cosmetic surgeon and am included thoroughly in clinical trials. Just recently we found that our child has extremely extremely high cholesterol. Present suggestions can be seen at this site:[. ] We have great deals of doubts about statins and found this book extremely valuable. We think that the functions of cholesterol is not well developed and that our constant drive to lower it is ridiculous offered the proof. We think mr. Bowden makes the case quiet clear and rather eloquently. We have been following elwe lily’s trial for evacetrapib and they revealed it a failure previously this year. For those who do not know, this drug does what it should, it reduced ldl and raised hdl. However it stopped working to effect on any heart occasion. The drug have the results of lowering ldl as much as statin while raising hdl by 137%. You can checked out the quick summary of this trial here: [. ] criticism? if the book stops at resolving the ourth of cholesterol, it ‘d be a 5 star book. However like most of these books it goes on to advise fish oil, olive oil, etc. As a researcher we would state that you need to use the very same standard you utilized to eliminate some of the clinical trials on cholesterol, to your research on the health advantage on the food supplements that are recommended. Fish oil might be bad for you also, for example. We are quibbling here, this is genuinely an outstanding book that we think as a whole is rather good. It’s a beneficial read and will improve your understanding and the ourth of cholesterol.

Cardiologist dr. Stephen sinatra md is best on the cash. We owe our other half’s ongoing life to the reality as exposed by dr. Stephen sinatra as he talks about in his books consisting of the sinatra solution: metabolic cardiology and earthing: the most essential health discovery ever?. When we heard the great cholesterol ourth was coming out we rapidly captured a copy from our library – we have considering that acquired a copy here on to have the ability to share with our lots of good friends who are excessively worried with their cholesterol to the hinderance of over-looking swelling. Make sure to get the new & updated 2015 version of the the great cholesterol ourth now includes 100 recipes. the great cholesterol ourth now includes 100 recipes for preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease: why lowering your cholesterol will not prevent cardiovascular disease-and the statin-free plan that willdr. Sinatra went over the great cholesterol ourth in good information on the dr. Oz program. Both dr. Oz and dr. Sinatra have openly mentioned they no longer think a lot of individuals must be recommended statin drugs and they both have talked about why kids must not be taking statindrugs When whole groups of cardiologists sent our other half home to pass away and offered us no advice to keeping him alive, a good friend informed us about the sinatra solution: metabolic cardiology and lower your high blood pressure in eight weeks: a revolutionary program for a longer, much healthier life. We likewise found reverse cardiovascular disease now: stop lethal cardiovascular plaque prior to it’s far too late and the doctor’s heart cure, beyond the modern-day ourths of diet and exercise: the clinically-proven plan of development health secrets that helps you build an effective, disease-free heart useful also. In dr. Sinatra’s books we discovered the reality of the remarkable foursome (supplements) and how to re-energize the heart at the cellular level. Rather the 10 years prior his previous medical physicians always lectured him about his cholesterol levels (never ever high, however they desired his levels lower due to his previous diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (now “fixed” per our medical care m. D.) and hypertension (under far better control now considering that we discovered the reality of metabolic cardiology. )in spite of being recommended statins, hypertension medications and diabetes medications, our other half established end phase cardiovascular disease. After 4 stents his ejection portion was still less than 15%, he might not get out of bed to get a shower, he was weak, ill, frail and pale. Today he’s growing more powerful, dynamic, radiant skin and is the photo of enhancing health. All due to the fact that of healthy eating and extremely sensible supplements consisting of the remarkable foursome as sinatra composes to great length about – magnesium, l-carnitine, d-ribose, and co-enzymeq10 (though we choose to use ubiquinol with pqq rather. )swelling is the issue. Absence of nutrition is the issue. Over-processed food is the issue (we describe this as chemicalized sludge). Over-medication is the issue. Egotistical medical physicians who reject the reality even more add to the issue. Heavy metals is likewise part of the issue. Find a acam doctor happy to do an iv chelation obstacle with urinalysis and see which heavy metals are included – we’re consistently seeing mercury, lead, thallium and mrwe contrast gadolinium amongst our good friends and associates on regional support system. We will never ever ever grant an mrwe with contrast ever once again, gadolinium is poisonous. Gadolinium triggered my other half’s atrial fibrillation and partial paralysis. The response is nutrition, supplements carefully, anti-oxidants for decreasing swelling, edta treatments followed up mineral supplements to get rid of heavy metals, etc. We use great deals of turmeric in our home for cooking rice, soups, stews, homemade french salad dressing, etc. Turmeric is a remarkable anti-inflammatory – a lot so our other half managed pain from surgical treatment to fix his hip fracture – yes, turmeric is undoubtedly that effective. This is why turmeric has been utilized so extensively in traditional chinese medicine in addition to in ayurvedic medicine (india) as practiced the previous 4,000 – 8,000 years, respectively. Garlic and the other cooking herbs have a lot of wonderful phytonutrients that likewise help to additional reduce swelling and boost total cardiovascular health, this is why they have been so extensively utilized over lots of countless years. Our forefathers were far smarter than we usually provide credit. By the way, statin drugs diminish co-enzyme q 10 which causes muscle pain, joint pain, maimed “arthritic” hands, pain in the back, etc. Check out the great cholesterol myth for the reality. You will be amazed. Highly advise. Everybody worried with cardiovascular disease must check out the great cholesterol ourth. We feel this is so crucial that we are offering a copy to our cardiologist and medical care doctor so they are on the very same page with us. Please think about offering a copy of this book to your medical care doctor and your cardiologist, let’s get them all on the very same page for the advantage of our whole society as a whole. Huge pharma is not looking out for our benefits.

Kick cholesterol to the curb. Yes, lastly a book has been composed to expose the reality about the threats of sugar and most carbs, specifically in processed food. This is a well composed book to discuss the reality about swelling and all the hazardous things this does to the body. We have been offered a system of lies by pharmaceutical and food production business for far too long. It is time we comprehended what the body requirements for fuel to perform at its optimum and for health and longevity. The authors of this book were likewise included on an episode of dr oz that was extremely informing. Great book with great information.

Best book on nutrition as it connects to the heart and vascular system. This is not a diet book per say. This matches adkins or the south beach diet books. Nevertheless this is the book to get first. No remorses whatsoever. No fluff and excess words to discuss a simple topic. We like how each chapter starts with a summary of what the chapter has to do with. We highly advise this book to all people either healthy or seeking to make a modification to a much healthier lifestyle. This book is life altering that makes it hard to put down.

We were doing cardio every day; eating right (we believed.) and working out extremely routinely. At 50 we remained in better shape than we were at 40 and to show that we climbed up (that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, we strolled up an existing path) mt livermore near feet davis, texas. 6 weeks later on we were experiencing chest discomforts and an unsuccessful stress test then triggered a heart cath treatment. One artery was 100% obstructed and two others were 90%. We were surprised. The cardiologist informed us the only factor we lived was due to the fact that of our extreme cardio exercises were triggering our body to self bypass. He stated the typical first indication of cardiovascular disease in the artery where we had a 100% obstruction was unexpected death. We rapidly chose to inform ourself and we found this book. Oh our goodness. If you wish to learn what causes cardiovascular disease and how to counter it read this book and learn. What you learn might conserve your life.

This book is an eye openerer. It is a little technical. Which we like. Stretch your mind. We have checked out a number of books on statins and how they interrupt the mevolonate path. We when had a holistic doctor ask (about taking a statin) if we would rather pass away of a remote cardiac arrest, or pass away from alzheimers. When you starve your brain of cholesrterol, well and things might take place. They put our father on a statin he got alzheimers. They put our mommy on a statin and she had a stroke. She ultimately passed away of brain cancer. Statins damage your body immune system, too.

This is a life altering book. We had the bad luck of can be found in contact with a quack of a doctor who passes himself off as a hypertension specialist (dont get us wrong, he is a md however his approach to medicine will kill somebody sooner or later quickly). Anyhow we had raised cholesterol levels. Absolutely nothing mind boggling just raised. We are young-ish. We are around 38 years of ages. However this moron just took a look at our no others and absolutely nothing else and put us on a high dosage statin of 40 mg. And think what this statin toxin got our cholesterol down. Truly down. To a precariously low level. And after that that resulted in issues such as extreme anxiety and panic attack in me. We kept feeling so troubled about why we were all of an abrupt beginning to feel that way. And after much research etc we figured that the statin was the likely offender. We fulfilled a new doctor and he stated we had no factor to be taking that statin esp such a high dosage one. Fast forward to us discovering this book just by insane possibility. And we find it amazing how well it lays out the destructive results of statins and how flawed the research was which pressed this whole program versus cholesterol and hydrogenated fats. It s mind boggling and downright frightening to see how policy makers carry out sweeping changes for the general public in such a dumb style. Anyhow the greatest takeaway for us was that our heart was getting compromised by the effect of statins and it likewise makes a reference about psychological issues that statins have resulted in. We investigated through this book and handled the supplements he recommended. And we feel they ve been making a considerable modification in our health. We highly advise this book to everybody who is skeptical about being on statins. The book plainly points out in a good sense well investigated way about how each and each of the supplements he suggests, makes good sense to support the heart and neurological function. Two thumbs up for this book.

We no longer take statins and we follow the supplement suggestions in this book. Our labs returned with much lower triglyceride levels. We no longer deal with uneasy and hazardous negative effects of statins. Read this and then take it to your doctor’s workplace and ask him or her to read it.

Exceptional book. We stumbled upon this book through a television program, not a paid announcement, where the co-author was being talked to. The information talked about appeared non predisposition and useful so we figured we would buy the book. It’s the very best cash we have ever invested. It consists of information that not only works and extremely informing, however is composed in a way that’s quickly comprehended. The title must be “the best health ourth” due to the fact that the author exceeds just dealing with cholesterol and addresses total health. This is a must check out for anybody who has an interest in getting much healthier and keeping their health and understanding why certain diseases settle and what you can do about it. Straigtforward without all the medical lingo.

Eight years back, at age 62, we took an early retirement due to the fact that the way we felt we were not going to make it to 65-66 We had no particular health issue other than “high” cholesterol, a poor hdl/ldl provision and “high” triglycerides, however we seemed like an ill, shabby, silly bumbling old guy. At that time we had been on heavy dosages of statins and fenofibrate (controverted by more existing pharmacology) with no coq10 recommended, for about twenty years. We moved when we retired, which indicated altering medical professionals. At that time we chose that if our body wished to kill us with “high” cholesterol it had made the right, however the pharmaceutical business had not. We took ourself off all prescriptiondrugs Naturally our cholesterol increased, our triglycerides increased, however we started feeling better, much better, much healthier, more active, sharper than we had ever felt in the last 10 years. A couple years after that we found this book, what a discovery; it explained whatever that had been occurring to me, things we had passed on to our medical professionals and been consistently informed that: “statins do not have those negative effects.” bs. Eight years later on we are still alive and feeling a hell of lot better than we did twenty years back on statins. Read this and choose for yourself. We sent out copies to our kids who never ever listen to anything we inform them,.

Clear, plain-language description of what causes plaque to form and what the 4 most essential consider destructive arteries are, none of which are cholesterol. The truth that there are both good and bad elements in both hdl and ldl was an eye-opener. All information is supported by many referrals to research studies supporting the product existing.

We purchased the hard copy after having the kindle version for a number of years. We wished to use it to highlight and reference research studies and returnfrequently This book alleviates our anxiety about our high cholesterol count and validates that we do not wish to take a statin to lower it. Our new medical care doctor desires us on statins based on existing standards doctors use to lower cholesterol. We have discovered cholesterol is not the villian it has been made out to be. If you are on a statin and woman, this is a must check out. The nurses’ health study, discussed in the book, noted 5 factors that lowered the threat for cardiovascular disease. Lowering cholesterol was not one of them. You will need to check out the book to get the 5 factors. This book likewise has a function that the kindle version we have does not. It has 100 recipes. Great, great resource.

Decreased our cholesterol from 230 to 210 in just a few months (and that was throughout halloween/thanksgiving/christmas/ new years when we weren’t as rigorous as we must have been on our diet changes). Leaving sugar has been the hardest battle. However we decline to take statins.

Well composed book on cholesterol, and the ourth that we need the drugs that most medical professionals recommend. The authors went out on a limb composing this book, please read it prior to you pop another tablet.

This book has updated, well arranged and extremely valuable information on heart health and alternatives to statins. A breath of fresh air to common doctor advice. We like it.

Oh our gosh. We are not rather completed reading this book however in our viewpoint this must be a must check out for anybody who has ever had hypertension, diabetes or heart issues. And most certainly for anybody who has been recommended a cholesterol-lowering drug. Our bodies need cholesterol tolive We might go on and on however just please read this book if you appreciate your health or somebody you like.

This book is essential reading for everybody in our society, considering that we have all been exposed to bad dietary advice for the last 50 years or two. Completely referenced to the medical journal literature, the assertions here are properly supported by the proof.

Read it with an eyes-wide-open mindset and alter your life. Truly. This good things. Don’ t let the pharmaceutical market toxin you and your life. This is not an extreme alarmist book. Every assertion the authors make is supported by footnotes to strong medicalresearch This book is a lifesaver for us.

We read this book as an idea from a good friend we rely on that is a pilot and his boy is a doctor. What we discovered is that much of our medical advice is not based up science or double blind tests, however rather on lobbyists or huge pharma research studies that stand to lose millions, if not billions. This book provides you engaging proof for you to offer time out to question the medical advice you might be getting.

We have understood for a long period of time that free streaming cholesterol does not contribute in cardiovascular disease however seeing it laid out like this was a genuine eye opener. An easy read. Well composed and jam-packed withinformation A must check out for anybody questioning cholesterol.

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