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KOSPET Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

KOSPET Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Sport Pedometer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KOSPET Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Sport Pedometer.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • 1.3 Full Touch Screen & Ultra-Long Battery Life ‘1.3 inch HD full round touchscreen smart watch provides 5-level adjustable brightness, you can likewise modify various watch face on YFit APP to go to various celebrations. Use low power chipset and resolve smart watch with brief battery life concern, brings you around 60 days battery life with all-day activity tracking.
  • DIY Watch Deals With & IP68 Swimming Waterproof ‘The smartwatch includes IP68 waterproof score, which indicates that it can not only fulfill your daily waterproof needs, however likewise please your need of swimming. It will help you record your arm transformation, calories burned and time of swimming.
  • Linked GPS & 10 Sports Modes ‘Your sport path will be tracked on YFit APP by GPS, 10 professional sports modes: strolling, running, biking, climbing up, Yoga, basketball, football, badminton, avoiding and swimming. The activity trackers can properly record your sports information and all-day, such as pedometer, calories, speed, range, active time.
  • Health Management ‘High- performance movement sensing units throughout the day monitor your heart rate, high blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, it will record and evaluate the information in the YFit app. You can view daily circumstance on your watch or app to help you establish a much healthier lifestyle. The effective time for sleep monitoring is from 22 p.m. to 10 a.m. The sleep start time shown on the watch is the minute when you drop off to sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KOSPET Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Sport Pedometer.

Question Question 1

Will This Watch Operate In South Africa?


Question Question 2

Can We Control The Music In The Watch?

Yes, the watch can from another location control the phone’s music and electronic camera

Question Question 3

What Is The Design Number For This Specific Kospet Watch.Just Wished To Get More Information On This Prior To Getting It.?

Dear customer, the producer design of this watch is SN80

Question Question 4

Does It Have A Stop Watch And Timer?

Yes, it have a stop watch and timer.

Question Question 5

Will It Alert To Gmail?

Yes it will when you set it.

Question Question 6

How Can We Buy An Extra Charger?

Yes you can however you got two with Ur purchase

Question Question 7

Does This Watch Support Imperial Measurements – Ie. Feet, Inches, Degrees Fahrenheit?

Yes, the watch supports the inch system, you can set it in the “Da Fit” APP: Click-Others > System System > British System

Question Question 8

Is The Sleep Monitor Accurate?

It is much more accurate than our last one, however it isn’t 100%. we have discovered to inspect all the functions and use our phone when we get up; that typically stops the sleep cycle and then it’s does not credit us for an extra hour or more of light sleep.

Question Question 9

How Numerous Levels Of Brightness Exist? We Purchased A Comparable Watch From Another Supplier With 6-Levels However Only 4 Really Work.?

It has 5 levels, use (+) or (-) to set.

Question Question 10

Can We Control The Music In The Watch?


Question Question 11

Are You Able To Check Out The Whole Text Message Gotten?

Yes, you can checked out the entire text on the watch.

Question Question 12

How Do We Set The Correct Time And Date?

Dear customer?when the app is linked, the time and weather condition of the watch will automatically sync with the phone, you can set the time on the phone, however not on the smart watch

Question Question 13

Whats The Distinction In Between This Watch And The Coulax Watch That Looks The Exact Same?? Is It Made In The Usa??

Our watches are lighter and thinner, the battery capacity is bigger, and the silicone strap is softer. We have more accessories. The plan includes 2 straps, 2 protective movies, and 2 charging cable televisions. They are all made in China.

Question Question 14

Is This Magnetic Charging?

Yes, the watch is magnetically charged.

Question Question 15

Can We Set Up Our Personal Image As Clock Face Or As An Screensaver?

Yes, you can put your preferred pictures as watch deals with.

Question Question 16

How Do We Get The Weather Condition To Program Up OnWatch We Have It Linked Whatever Is Good However Weather Condition Does Not Program Up On Watch?

Dear customer, please follow the directions to download the APP. When the watch and smart phone APP are effectively linked, the weather condition information of the smart phone will be integrated on the watch. If there is no synchronization, please validate whether the connection achieves success, or reboot the watch and then re Dear customer, please follow the directions to download the APP. When the watch and smart phone APP are effectively linked, the weather condition information of the smart phone will be integrated on the watch. If there is no synchronization, please validate whether the connection achieves success, or reboot the watch and then reconnect. If you have any questions please call us at kospetna@hotmail.com

Question Question 17

Does This Watch Have Treadmill Mode?

the watch has a running mode

Question Question 18

Is This Appropriate For Swimming? Will It Track Our Swim?

Yes, this watch hasIP68 professionalwaterproof function, you can use the watch to swim, and it can track your swimming condition

Question Question 19

Does It Deal With Gmail?

Yes, when you link your watch with mobile app, you can get Gmail message pointers.

Question Question 20

Does This Watch Function Or Support Any Sort Of Alarm?

No it does not. Just notifications of inbound call and messages like SMS, Whatsapp etc.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on KOSPET Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Sport Pedometer, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This watch is great for the cost. It for sure procedures your heart rate and notifications come right now. It works well for the fitness center and it likewise works well in the rain. The battery life will last you a day of constant work and the charging does not take long at all. We would highly suggest this as a gift for buddies or family and even your cousin that just got their first mobile phone. Extremely similar with multiple various phones. If you are looking for an inexpensive yet effective smart watch this would be the one for you for sure.

When we first got this, we truly liked it. Due to the fact that we like such cool things, this watch has actually won our heart. To our surprise, it provided us a strap, so we might alter it. By doing this we can have two designs. And, when a call is available in, it can vibrate to advise me. When we go to operate in by doing this, we can know that there is a call, and we will not be humiliated by the ringtone. We can likewise get information from others. Although we can’ t reply, it is still an extremely economical watch. We truly like it. Particularly after we end up being a preferred photo. Lol that ‘ s our style watch.

For the cost this watch does what it is expected to do. Examined versus a $250 00 tracker there had to do with a 5% distinction in steps and heart rate which our company believe is appropriate, particularly at this cost point. The sleep monitor was extremely accurate at reporting time asleep. It is well made and comfy to use. We had a slight issue and cindy at customer care looked after it instantly.

Just just recently got. This not a $400 smart watch and does not pretend to be. For the cost it seems rather good. The app works well and is not a battery burglar. Set- up was easy adequate and the functions appear to work well. We question the accuracy of any watch based health readings and they will not change inspecting using the correct instruments, however this does offer some signs of what is going on which is a huge help.

It is a great looking watch. We enjoy the style and product. We didnt wana invest alot of cash purchasing other pricey watches so we chose to go with this watch. Up until now battery is great, it’s been 3 days and battery is only to 50%. We got this watch since we need to keep track on our heart rate and we will state it’s working well and we are able to track our heart rate through out the day. Customer services is great, we got it on time. Recomend it.

This is a pauper s smart watch and works for us because we didn’t wish to pay too much expensive features/functions that we don tneed Silicone wrist band feels great and all measurements appear to be sensible. As we don t work out, our company believe one full charge might serve us practically a month. What we like most is to inspect our inbound notifications (a quick look) without touching our phone while driving, conserving us from possible citations. We do hope the screen might stay awake a little longer though.

It s a great looking watch with a great deal of possibly cool functions, nevertheless we think it s most likely quite incorrect. Nearly each time we have taken our high blood pressure on the watch, it checks out precisely 135 systolic. We have taken it 10 times over a course of 3 days, and 9/10 x its 135 systolic. We have taken it with pain, without pain, upon waking, prior to a walk, after a walk, and practically always 135 systolic. Our systolic pressure typically runs 90-120, and only strikes the 130 s with dreadful pain. Likewise, after running around at work for 8 hours. Actually running around all night: we are nurse on a subacute system. It signed up only 3000 steps. We understand that when we are pressing our cart or carrying things in the hand with the watch, that may not sign up the steps, however we think it s even more off than that would accountfor We have likewise had it for two nights. Night 1, it didn’t register our sleep, and likewise didn’t sign up a 2+ hour nap at night. Night 2 it signed up 6 hours of sleep (+21 minutes of misc orange = awake??). Then we woke to go to the restroom & take our young child potty, returned to sleep for approx 1. 5 hours, however it didn’t record our go back to sleep. So in other words: great looking, operates to some degree, however you get what you pay for, we think.

We have had this watch for over a month now and we truly like it. We had actually purchased the ze military watch and they declared the battery lasted 300 hours on a charge, when in truth it hardly lasted 2 days. The kospet does last over a week on a charge and all the functions and app are outstanding. There are lots of watch deals with to select from and we truly like the sleep tracker.

Ok so this watch deserves the financial investment. It s good for the cost and a bonus offer is the extra watch strap, 2 battery chargers, and 2 screen protectors. We had this watch for 6 days and the battery life decreased to 67% which was truly great. The response on the touch screen was good the lighting inside your home and outdoors was good. It has cool functions and the personalization is quite cool. The watch itself looks good and feels good too. It s a light (weight) watch sometimes we even forgot we were using it. The functions that we truly liked were the phone locator and electronic camera function to take images using the watch, although we could not figure out how to take images in selfie mode. The flash light on the watch is handy when the space was dark and we didn’t wish to wake our kids by switching on the light. The step counter was fine it s counts them, how accurate we might state not a 100% however it s offers you a good price quote, nevertheless the heart rate monitor was a little unconvincing to us personally because it would inform us we were at 110 when we were taking a seat. Now, the factor that we returned the watch was since it didn’t have a timer. Yes it does have a stop-watch however it does not have a timer (countdown) and that was the failure for us. We coach and like to exercise so the timer function is substantial for us and sadly this watch does not have the timer function that we were lookingfor If it did we absolutely would have kept the watch however sadly it does not and we didn’t. If you want a good smart watch go for it and offer this one a shot we are sure you will like it however as we discovered ensure you email the business first inquire about its functions prior to you buy.

Exceptional for tracking your steps inside or outside, have had it for 4 months, the battery doesn t last long any longer and below 30% it loses accuracy on its function, so keep charge up.

We required a watch with bomb battery life and look no more. We turned this on downloaded the app and quickly paired it to our samsung phone. Utilized it more than 6 hours, testing the notifications, call, and even pictures with great surprise. Why pay 300 – 400 on samsung watch when this does most whatever anybody requirements from a smart watch. Got up today and the battery was still at 76%. We are extremely happy with these results up until now. Remarkable.

Approved, at the time of this evaluation, we have only had the watch a week, however we are delighted with it. It was easy to sync with the app on our phone, the battery has actually held a charge for the previous week (we still have 49% today). It is easy to check out, and has a few alternatives on the appearance of the face. We didn’t buy it since we work out a lot or run, etc. We desired our steps and our heart rate. The addition of the music is a plus too.

The main factor we desired a smartwatch was since we sit a lot in conferences where it’s unsuitable to take out a phone. Our phone is on vibrate and when we feel it buzzing on our hip we need to know who’s been calling us or texting me. This watch is perfect and reveals us the messages and who’s calling.

Bought it for our fiancé who enjoys smart watch. This watch has lots of functions and they all appear to work as anticipated. He is extremely happy with it. It feels durable and has a greatweight He has no problem linking it to the phone & work all right. He definitely enjoys it.

This is a great samrt watch for not a great deal of cash. Lt has actually agreat function set, and not challenging to browse. The display is extremely bright and time will inform how the battery life will workout Up until now l am extremely pleased as solong as it holds up through the normal everyday using and moving. L think l will continue to be impressed by what this watch deals for this cost range. Appears to be made well not too heavy or large on our wrist. Comfy silicon strap, great design and wants to match the useful functions. Truthfully for the cost l am extremely pleased.

The first time we got the watch we wish to share our joy to our little pal, truly is too perfect a watch, endure the wrist is extremely comfy, and extremely climatic, the motion of the watch chain is extremely comfy to get in touch with the skin, when the motion of using it makes us feel great. When our buddies saw the watch we were using, they all wished to have one. Thank you for offering such a great product.

It has a cinema and looks high-end. Uncertain about the high blood pressure however the blood oxygen is extremely accurate as we compared to the reading of a meter in your home. It likewise comes with screen protectors and an adjustable watch band. It has actually been a week and still no need to charge.

Little to do not like and whatever going like this watch seems an outstanding value for its cost consisting of all the apps it was easy to set up the better half it using the qr code highly recommended.

Excellent smart watch for android ios phones ip68 waterproof, full touch screen fitness tracker watches with heart rate monitor sms calls reminder, good quality and good cost, we like it quite.

This watch is extremely comfy and has an amazing battery life. It has actually been over 1 week and we still have more than 70% battery. Easy to browse. Love the graphics and the dafit app you use with the watch supplies a great deal of easy to check out info. The only issue we have been having is with text notifications. We get notifications consistantly from others, however it is a hit or miss out on regarding whether we get notifications of our other half’s texts which is quite essential. Attempting to figure out the issue.

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