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Lakewood Pure Beet, Fresh Pressed

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lakewood Pure Beet, Fresh Pressed.

  • Stay healthy: Our juice functions as a natural source of Antioxidant Vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals
  • Nurture your body: Our natural juice helps fill your body with nutrients
  • Improve exercise endurance: research studies have shown that drinking Beet juice can boost exercise endurance while lowering maximum oxygen output
  • Certified Organic Beet 100% juice: This juice only has two active ingredients, Beetroot and organic lemons (1%). No sugarcoated, preservatives, or ingredients. Our glass containers are not only non-toxic, BPA, BPS & DEHP free, however keep our juices fresh.
  • Organic and Kosher certified: We are certified by Kof-K and individually certified by QCS Grown and gathered in accordance with the National Organic Program. No artificially intensified fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or development regulators

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lakewood Pure Beet, Fresh Pressed.

Question Question 1

How Does It Compare To Biotta?

Biotta, our company believe, iscoming out with a organic beet juice– If so, we will be putting future orders with them– Mike

Question Question 2

Why Will This Not Ship To United States A Prime Member??? Really Puzzled About That.?

we are unsure why it would not deliver to you, we had no problems getting it and we are likewise a prime member.

Question Question 3

Does This Beet Juice Contain Red Dye?

No it does not. It s completely organic not from concentrate. The active ingredients are organic fresh pressed beet juice, and 2 % lemon juice. Duration.

Question Question 4

Can We Use This To Make Beetroot Lip Balm, Rather Of Juicing Real Beets?

we don t know. we have never ever made beet juice lip balm. It is 100 percent beet juice and is delicious.

Question Question 5

What Quantity Do We Take. Keith?

The label suggests 4-8 fl ozs 2x daily.we drink it primarily for healthy high blood pressure levels.we can achieve this by just drinking 80 ml two times daily.Shake well.

Question Question 6

Can This Be Utilized For Pickled Eggs?

we think it would deserve a try.There is a recipe on the web for beet marinaded eggs. Rather of using the canned juice we would sub with this juice and continue following the recipe.

Question Question 7

Exists Added Sugar In The Beet Juice?

There is no sugar added into this or any of our juices. The sugar material comes from the beets themselves.

Question Question 8

Any Added Sodium To This Juice?

Yes, it comes with 190 mg of sodium. Main active ingredients are organic beetroot juice with 1% of organic lemon juice. Hope it helps you.

Question Question 9

Do They Offeran Unpasteurized Choice?

we do not think so.All Lakewood juices are pasteurized.

Question Question 10

Why Can’ T We Ship This Product To Fallbrook California 92028? Or Our Po Box 92088?

we do not know why is limiting delivery for thisitem Please call them straight as we have raised this issue to them.

Question Question 11

Is This Cost For Just Ine Bottle Or A Case?

It’s for a case of 6 @32 oz.

Question Question 12

What Is The Salt Count And Is It Added?

we are sorry we do not know the response. we do not think salt is added.

Question Question 13

Is Nitric Oxide In This Beet Juice?

As far as we comprehend, beet juice does not include nitric oxide. Nevertheless, nitric oxide is produced when you drink it.”Beets are brimming with naturally happening nitrates, and when you consume or drink them, a domino effect takes place in your body that converts these nitrates into nitric oxide (NO) – a particle that improve As far as we comprehend, beet juice does not include nitric oxide. Nevertheless, nitric oxide is produced when you drink it.”Beets are brimming with naturally happening nitrates, and when you consume or drink them, a domino effect takes place in your body that converts these nitrates into nitric oxide (NO) – a particle that enhances oxygen and blood flow throughout your body.”

Question Question 14

Individuals List Grams Of Sugar At 20 Or 21 Grams, However They Don’ T State Per How Much Beet Juice.What Amout Of Juice Are We Talking About Here, Please?

According to the info on back of the bottle 20 g of sugar per 8 oz. serving.

Question Question 15

What Is The Sugar Content?Has Any Sugar Been Added To The Juice?

Sugar material is 21 g.That is not sugarcoated however natural sugar you find in beets. Excellent juice.

Question Question 16

Does Anybody Have Kids That Drink It? What Do They Think About The Taste? How Much Do They Drink?

No we do not have kids who drink the Lakewood Organic Pure Beet juice.

Question Question 17

Why Was This Free Delivering Earlier However Now Well Over 20.00?

The rate for Lakewood Beet Juice here varies.Depends on who is selling.Best to buy from Vitacost.Their website offers it for $6.99 per bottle for as lots of as you want.So a case of 6 would be $4194 Or you might go straight to Lakewood’s website however there it is $5550 for a case of six.Vitacost is best priced.

Question Question 18

Is It Raw?

Yes, it is raw.

Question Question 19

How Numerous Bottles In The Pack Of 12?

we would presume 12 bottles. we have always bought only 6 at a time.

Question Question 20

Is This Juiced Made From Raw Beets Or Prepared Beets?

Lakewood Organic Beet Juice is made from raw beets. Not prepared beets.The beets are cold-pressed. That indicates no heat.Hence, no prepared beets.Cold press is a procedure where separating the fiber from the cells of the fruit and vegetables takes place without including any heat

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Lakewood Pure Beet, Fresh Pressed, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We heard that beets we re good for lowering high blood pressure. We have been taking this for a number of months and have improved our high blood pressure by a minimum of 10 points. We drink 4 ounces in the early morning and 4 ounces in the afternoon. We will continue taking this product as an aid in controlling our bp.

Our high blood pressure is down to normal. Yes. Thank you beet juice. A wonderfulproduct We is amazing and works really fast, state about 20 minutes and your high blood pressure will drop. After a few weeks our high blood pressure is normal and staying down. We highly suggest this business. They deliver fast and packe the bottles exceptionally well. We have never ever had a damaged bottle. = and we have purchased a few times.

Yes, it has assisted with high blood pressure. We buy it at the regional grocery cage, unless the rate plus shipping here drops below $44/ 6bottles. Cost and sellers differ a fair bit here on az. Taste can differ a little, so we blend 2oz with a little bit of any other popular juice, and 8 oz of water each am.

Keeps our high blood pressure more normal than it’s been our whole adult life.

This beet juice is delicious. The organic lemon takes once again the earthy taste that can be undesirable in some beet juices. We drink one 6 – 8 oz a day for hypertension. We have attempted other brand names and always return to lakewood.

After consuming this beet juice for 6 weeks now, it does offer us with more energy and likewise routine defecation. So far we are experiencing a favorable distinction in the way we feel, particularly when we drink a glass prior to bed. The next early morning we feel a lot better than prior to we were consuming it. We would buy it more frequently, nevertheless the rate appears to change by more than $25

While its not the most delicious, rejuvenating drink in the world, our high blood pressure has dropped a bit given that we began consuming it. Objective achieved. Just hold your nose and have a glass. Its good for you.

We investigated beets after just recently having raised bp levels postpartum. We have a family history of bp and heart problems, and if we might prevent prescriptions we would, no matter how practical it is to pop a tablet rather of modification in lifestyle. Anyhow, out of lots of products we found this to be helpful. We have been consuming a glass or 2 a day and we have observed a slight decline in both, systolic and diastolic numbers. We are likewise taking the really low dosage of bp medication recommended (labetalol hcl 100 mg), nevertheless the more considerable distinction in numbers followed consuming this the past few days. We likewise checked out a journal on knowable publication on beets and beet juice and their study of various beet juiceproducts On their list of a few chosen and tests beet juices was this. This was an independent study, so that was good to know. They declare it likewise improved heart function in clients with cardiac arrest.

Great healthy way to being cleaned carefully and a well balanced total sensation from thisproduct This decreases our high blood pressure.

We are really thankful this juice is offered. We were not able to find any beet juice in any of our regional shops (other than for juices that were primarily apple or grape with beet juice added). The juice tastes like fresh beets from the garden.

Takes a beet of getting utilized to the taste however you get addicted after some time. Everybody states it is good for us and we have not passed away yet, however we are sure we will.

Great product and just as explained. The delivery came really rapidly and was boxed really firmly. This is certainly the genuine offer as far as beet juice goes and is an amazing buy if you like beet juice. The concept in acquiring these bottles was to lower our hubby s high blood pressure based on his doctor s advice. Regrettably it didn’t help the bp however a minimum of we were consuming something that tasted really healthy.

Exceptional door your health, it conserved our life, no more cancer, better than chemo and it assisted.

Rates change a little excessive, we were lured to offer it a 4 out of 5 star do tothat However due to the fact that lakewood organic is amongst our preferred brand names, we wait the quality. We take pleasure in a range of lakewood organic products, we want to see there 2. 0 line ended up being more budget-friendly.

This juice is outstanding. Tastes good, is organic, and all natural. It’s taste is quite moderate. Without any after taste. When we found out that our high blood pressure was quite high, without any signs, the doctor put us on high blood pressure medication. They worked really slow over numerous weeks, however when we found out about the results of beets on high high blood pressure we chose to attempt it, and voila. Our pressure decreased visibly immediately. We informed our doctor about it and he was pleased. Along with moderate exercise, and customizing our diet (low sodium), he stated he may take us off the medicine completely if our pressure and weight remains down. Bottom line is that it can’ t hurt to take beet juice as a supplement, and likewise it is besides all else a healthy drink even if you do not have high blood pressure issues.

We like this beet juice. Individuals frown when we discuss our daily 4-6oz of beet juice. It is not gritty tasting. Healthwise, our blood lab work has improved.

Everyday we drink two cups of beet juice with organic molasses as a natural home remedy and we take pleasure in the taste. We blend two bottles of the beet juice in a glass container and the juice is fresh and delicious everyday. Exceptionalproduct We have made 3 purchases.

The 6 glass containers got here securely paked and are of sweet tasting juice. Will reorder.

This things is delicious, we blend it with cranberry juice and often water. It develops the blood after contributing.

We have been consuming an 8oz glass of this every night for a number of years. We feel good and would not be without it. We ensure we have it home all the time. If we have an issue purchasing it we get itfrom When we went straight to the workplace where they deliver it. It works for us so we ensure we have it.

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