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LEKOO Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

LEKOO Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LEKOO Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • HEART RATE & AUTO SLEEP MONITORING &#12305 Heart rate monitoring enables you to examine your heart rate anytime. With auto sleep monitoring, you can know your sleep quality from our PUBU Fit app (which can suggest 3 sleep phases) to enhance your regimen and discover health patterns.
  • ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKING & CONNECTED GPS &#12305 Fitness tracker can Record all-day activities like steps, range, calories burned, active minutes and sleep quality, Link the GPS on your cellular phone can reveal run statistics like speed and range and record a map of your exercise path. you can get the entirely report in the APP.
  • EXTRA PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS &#12305 Smart bracelet has Other practical functions consist of inactive tips, call & Message Notifications, alarm tips, music control, find the phone. All are created to make your life more effective. After linking to phone Bluetooth, the bracelet time is integrated with the phone time.
  • LARGE COLOR-SCREEN & IP67 WATERPROOF &#12305 The Fitness watches Using a 1.3 inch IPS HD full color-screen, high contrast & wide range bring an enjoyable experience of hd image; The fit watch is made from a highly clear resin product and sealed with the case by high-frequency machine. Daily waterproof enables for using even when swimming or taking a bath. KEEP IN MIND: Please DO NOT press any buttons in the water or use this watch for long time undersea activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LEKOO Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof.

Question Question 1

Does It Have A Stop-watch?


Question Question 2

How Do You Link Your Phone To The Watch?

we have an Apple phone. we kipped down our phones Bluetooth and downloaded the app. we attempted to scan the code on the paper, however that raised a mistake. we just browsed in our App Store for PubuFit. With your Bluetooth, the device is P11 Then we just combined it.The only issue we had was getting it to switch on. We didn’t h we have an Apple phone. we kipped down our phones Bluetooth and downloaded the app. we attempted to scan the code on the paper, however that raised a mistake. we just browsed in our App Store for PubuFit. With your Bluetooth, the device is P11 Then we just combined it.The only issue we had was getting it to switch on. We didn’t have the charger on right. Lastly, we took a look at the photo in the guidebook. we hope this helps.

Question Question 3

How Do You Modification The Time?

Dear, As soon as you link your phone, it will sync your phone time.

Question Question 4

Does The Time Appear 24/ 7 Or Do You Have To Tap Screen To See The Time?

If you hold your arm up the time reveals, otherwise you need to tap the screen. This device likewise does not link to our Android.

Question Question 5

What Screen Protectors Will Fit? Please Link To A Product That’S Compatible.?

Not truly sure this is a prospect for those

Question Question 6

Does This Fit A Child S Wrist? If Not, Can You Link A Band That Will Fit A Child That Will Deal With ThisWatch Thank You.?

Yes.It will fit a child:-RRB-

Question Question 7

Will This Deal With A Samsung J3 Phone?

Yes, Your cellphone must support Android 5.1 or IOS8.0 or above, you can see the system of your phone.

Question Question 8

Can You Modification The Band?

Idk. we are questioning very same question. we have the pink band. we have not seen on a location to just purchase the bands

Question Question 9

Are You Able To Check Out The Time In Bright Daytime?

YES, The fitness tracker can be changed for brightness.

Question Question 10

If We Lost The Charger Where Can We Find A Replacement?

we would get in touch with the seller/ considering that it s a long warranty duration

Question Question 11

Can You Modification The Bands Out?

Yes youcan we are uncertain what type of bands you can change them out with however.

Question Question 12

Searching For Tracker That Does Not Need An App And Steps Steps, Heart Rate And Calories On The System Itself.Is The App Required For Use?

You can use this without the app, however the performance will be restricted. You might not have the ability to alter some functions without the app, which allows you to sync the watch to your phone, and modification settings on your phone.

Question Question 13

How Long Is The Battery Life?

About a week in consistent use

Question Question 14

Does It Feature A Charger?

Yes however will not link properly and won t charge as required

Question Question 15

How Do We Match To Our Iphone?

Download the app it IDs in the guidelines. Then switch on blue tooth so they combine.

Question Question 16

Is The Band Adjustable.?


Question Question 17

Do You Need The Linked Phone With You To Be Able To Track Your Path?

Yes, Dear. You need to bring your phone.

Question Question 18

Our Partner Mistakenly Tossed The Directions Away. Can You Send Out United States Instrustions? We Have Downloaded The App However We Can not Get It To Couple With Our Phone?

No issue

Question Question 19

How Do You Modification Watch Face, We See There Are Various Watch Deals With And We Can T Find It On The App.?

There are 3 various options, you need to go through the app and tap on Home background

Question Question 20

Where Is The Made?

Don’ t know

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on LEKOO Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So our good friend has actually gotten a couple monitors time so we type of know problems about functions. This one reveals multiple messages rather of only the most current. It links genuine quick when we turn bluetooth on and off. Likewise, music player works with podcasts/youtube music/etc. As you can see in the photo, the shutter works. Only grievance is the sleep tracking, if we get up to pee it does not appear to track after we return to bed, we think it believes we are done. App is good, we just want we might set the time we are sleeping so it didn’t stop tracking.

We like the face of this tracker. The numbers are big and easy to check out. The colors are bright and the signs are easy to comprehend. It comes with a clip on charger so it makes contact and remains in location whenever.

This tracker is appropriate. It has a heart rate monitor, spo2 and high blood pressure. We required the heart rate monitor and that appears to work well. We are uncertain how good the blood pressure monitor is. We compared it to an arm cuff monitor and it was off, by a lot. The matching app is offered by scanning the qr code in the manual or you can just search for pubu fit in the app store or google play. Combining was a breeze and setup, while not user-friendly was not hard. Bear in mind that the whole face of the tracker is not a touchscreen. Rather, there is a touch location in the bottom middle of the face. It s hard to see however if you take a look at the face in bright sunshine you can see it. Biking through the menu refers tapping the touch location. When you wish to choose the item, simply hold the touch location and it will choose theitem In summary, the tracker is good for heart rate monitoring. The user interface is ok. We are uncertain about the spo2 monitor considering that we weren t able to validate versus another source, and the high blood pressure measurement was just plain off. So why even offer it 4 stars? we just desired a heart rate monitor for workingout It s expenses 1/14 th the rate of the apple watch. We need to balance the function with rate so for us, it gets 4 stars.

This works great. It looks great too. It is much better than we anticipated after some of the nagative evaluations. We desired something that monitored our bp, heart rate and particularly sp02 (blood oxygen) it appears to check out relatively accurate, however we have no other monitors to compare it too. Whatever else appears to work well. We like the functions and like the magnetic metal wrist band. It is a little manly however we are not fussy and the wrist band makes it look greater end. It likewise feels heavy and well constructed. The charger is new to us and can slip a bit if moved however truly is no issue. Not having a full touch screen is no issue for us. For the rate we understand im not getting an iwatch. If you only need basics this is great. It does not appear to always alert us of of an inbound call or text. Not exactly sure if that is just us however. We would like if they made one a bit more smooth and womanly, likewise a smaller sized wrist band (we have insane small wrists). However still like this watch quite and more than happy with the purchase.

Our child likes the smart watch. Extremely adorable. Does whatever like apple watch and versa.

Goodbuy This one impress us with battery life and extremely easy to link to the app which most fitness tracker tortures. We will suggest this tracker.

We have been using this watch for more than 24 hours and the battery is still at 40%. Likewise the metal band is respectable absolutely nothing less than an apple watch band. Offers us good functions for 1/4 of the rate.

We are caring this smart watch. It determines oxygen saturation, high blood pressure, heart rate, andmore It has map for tracking your walk. Offers notifications of various apps consisting of call, facebook.

1. Love the numerous functions it has:- heart rate-sleep tracker-message notifications2. Extremely easy to use just placed on and download the app3. Can choice and picked how you want the time to reveal on the face of the watch4. We like the huge vibrant numbers to inform the time.

Let us begin with the very best function, we weren t anticipating it to have the magnetic belt. It looks so cool, we sanctuary t seen a magnetic belt in a watch at this rate. About other functions, the screen is too smooth and the display won t dissatisfy you. Remember what rate have you paid, when you compare it with apple watch, in case. Apart from this, it has no buttons, it s fully touch which was another huge plus point. The metal belt is smooth and not heavy to trouble you much. It is a perfect gift, for us it worked quite well when we talented this to our good friend as a graduation gift. Certainly a thumbs up for this one. No problems at all. If you need more information on the functions and performances, please do not hesitate to ask.

The first impression of the smart watch is that it feels super comfy on our wrist, the wristbands are of excellent quality and the smart watch is waterproof, in it you can examine your heart rate, your high blood pressure, and you can use it for any fitness activity, for running, swimming, and sports, we will buy among another color.

Although not an apple watch we wondered what a smart watch that closet less then 50$ would do. We are pleased as it does whatever that is promoted. All physical reading are accuratewe charged watch on thursday and did not need to charge up until wed of the following weekdouble examined the milage with our gps and once again area on. Easy to check out in sunlight and only unfavorable is you can not switch off the display in the evening if you use it to monitor your sleep. Great watch for the cash.

We have attempted other economical smartwatches and was pull down by their unreliability. This activity tracker appeared more appealing, however we were still doubtful. Fast forward two weeks post shipment and we are happily happy with its performance. The watch is easy to see in all lights. We can rapidly see the time and step development through the day. We like the face has one touch location and it reacts to brief and long presses according to the choice shown on the screen. The pubufit app on android 9 works well with the watch. We will state the app is a bit out-of-date in2020 For instance, the messaging app it works with for forwarding message notifications is the old android messaging app. The new messages app does not work. We like we can run a test either from the watch or from the app. The charger feels a little under-engineered, however works. The watch does need linking to the phone a minimum of as soon as throughout a 24 hour duration or it will reset. The optional weather condition display is great, however it only updates once an hour if made it possible for. There is among the 3 watch faces we like and use. Others might grumble about accuracy of step counts, blood pressure reading, oxygen level readings, etc. We personally do not presume these kinds of gadgets are medically adjusted. Rather it’s a tool for a general concept of your health, not the be all end all. With that in mind, we like the ease of use of this watch. We do find it unpleasant to oversleep, the few times we attempted it sleeping, the readings were fascinating and our relative belittled the light vs heavy sleep information. We are not anxious due to the fact that it’s a general concept of where weare The watch’s bluetooth range is very small, we see this as increased security. If you are looking for an activity tracker on the low-cost with the capability to get some notifications on your watch, we think you’ll be happily happy with this tracker.

We purchased this watch for our mommy as a gift. She likes the size of the screen due to the fact that it s easy to see. She examined her bp with the watch and then on her bp machine and it was accurate. Our mommy has actually a bigger sized wrist and the watch fit extremely well however likewise might be sized down small adequate for somebody with a small wrist like ourself. The product of the watch band is perfect for working out and it s likewise visually pleasing. The app was easy to link our phone to, however the watch likewise provides numerous functions different from a cellular phone, which is great in our mamas case.

We have been disputing getting a fitness tracker/watch, however we weren’t sure what we desired and even if we would use it. We chose to gamble on this device, rather than go with the mutch more pricey deals. We weren’t anticipating much for the expense, and we have been blown away. Pulling the watch from package, it was extremely easy to follow the guidelines, charge the watch, and start using it. While in the previous the step trackers we have utilized appear unreliable, this one appears to quite precisely track. The pulse and high blood pressure readings are accurate also. We charged the watch when we got it, and a day-and- a-half later on we are still using it without needing to plug it in once again, so we are not worried at all with the battery life up until now. For the negatives – it can be hard to see in the bright sun, however for us, we can accept that on a $30 tracker without being dissatisfied in the product at all. In some cases it does not react when we touch the screen, however we can’ t guideline out that it’s not me, as we have concerns with our normal cellular phone also. The app had unfavorable evaluations, however we find it extremely easy to use. We installed it, resolved the various classifications, and we see no issues with using it to gather information – we even quickly est it approximately feed information into the health app, there would not be anything else we would ask for at $30 It works better than $100 fitbits that we have utilized. It tracks our fitness, appears to be extremely accurate (more than other gadgets), and the battery appears to last better than other gadgets that we have.

We purchased this fitness watch generally due to the fact that of the waterproof function where you can shower or swim with it. We had another fitness watch comparable to this one however it began to break down due to the fact that often we forget and shower with it. With this watch, we do not need to stress over that any longer. The battery life on this watch is incredibly long. We generally use this to monitor our strolls, sleeps, and get massage signals. We like the heart monitor as it’s quite accurate. We downloaded the app “pubufit” to use with this watch. The app was easy to use and works truly well. With the app, we had the ability to do more things like switching on the notification for calls and messages. You can get messages from routine sms, facebook, whatsapp and even hangout. There is 3 faces you can choose from, we like the first one that’s on top. We like having the choice to stop briefly, avoid, and repeat tunes. You can likewise see the weather condition for today and tomorrow. Essentially there is a great deal of functions. The best thing we like about this vs our previous one is that browsing the screen is super fast. It’s truly responsive and you get the next screen quickly. In general, this was a great buy for us.

We like this watch with the gold metal band great fit and is extremely comfortablethis watch was working, however will no longer link to the app despite the fact that it states we arewe turned our bluetooth off & back on then uninstalled and re-installed the app (still no luck. )we did a reset on on our iphone 6plus found out that this resolved the issue it now works. We hope that this will work for another person. We were using pubufit. However we & am now using the da fit appliving in canada we found both apps were availablewe hope that this will keep working will post once again in the future.

This watch has a large face size and high brightness, which is easy to see when strolling. The belt is extremely smooth and will not aggravate our wrist. It has various holes to fit our bigger wrist. It can precisely determine our variety of steps, and will offer an alarm when we need to move due to the fact that we have been idle for too long. We link it to our cellphone, we can likewise get text and change the music when we stroll. We can likewise quickly monitor our heart rate by simply swiping our fingers on the screen. It has a timer on it that can be connected to the alarm clock of our phone to wake us up. When we awaken, we can examine the application of our cellphone to see how we sleep, due to the fact that this watch has a lot of tracks. This is all we need in our smart watch. Great.

We keep in mind when apple watches came out we saw the rate and understood we would never ever buy one specifically considering that we have an iphone. We had an interest in fitbits. We are 60 something years of ages and saw the huge face on figured for $25 it s worth a shot. We believed we would need our kids help to set it up however we downloaded the app and it synced immediately. We like that it counts steps, monitors bp and heart rate and it s accurate we examined versus our bp monitor. We can likewise see the messages. We don t use all of the functions like music due to the fact that we use the phone for that however we think this was our best purchase of the numerous we have made while safeguarding in location with stimulus cash to invest. Thank you and leeko. We highly suggest this. As always we will upgrade if it doesn t hold up.

After over a week of use – we can state that this smartwatch is truly a greatproduct The smartwatch is available in a black box which consists of the device, a charger and a user-manual. Pro:- charging system is practical. Pull out the charger, link the charger to the watch then to a usb port. – the kept track of information (steps, heart rate, sleep etc) can be sync with your mobile by means of the pubufit app. – numerous normal functions like sports, steps, sleep monitor, message display, heart rate, music control, etc exist. – there are inactive tips. – great large colorful display with multiple designs. – battery life lasts. – waterproof. – multiple colors to select from when purchased. We picked purple and we like it. Cons:- none to reportoverall this smartwatch is a great rate and it operates well. We highly suggest.

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