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Life Extension Optimal BP Management

Life Extension Optimal BP Management

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Here are a few main benefits of Life Extension Optimal BP Management.

  • New product name however the exact same forumla as Natural BP Management
  • Offers pomegranate extract for countering capillary constraint
  • Offers grape seed extract for healthy capillary dilation
  • Offers CVH 15, a whey protein isolate for healthy blood flow

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Product Product Packaging: Standard Product PackagingNatural BP Management is the first broad-spectrum dietary supplement to integrate potent, standardized concentrations of unique dietary representatives in one practical, user friendly formula for preserving healthy systolic and diastolic high blood pressure currently within normal range.

Our Insights:

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We bewared, however we attempted it anyhow. It might be a placebo, however we highly question it. We began taking it after getting dreadful high blood pressure readings throughout an arranged check out to the va back in september2015 We did not want to begin high blood pressure medication, so we found this and after reading the evaluations we chose to offer it a shot. The only adverse effects we have experienced is regularly lower high blood pressure. Here it is now, almost 5 months later on and we need to state, the outcomes are great for us. ** note: we never ever took nor do we not take any of the typically doctor recommended medications for hypertension. Bp reading sep 2015: 170/101 (a few days later on we began bp mgmt) bp reading 28 feb 2016: 116/74 least expensive tape-recorded reading: 104/70 typical bp reading: 118/74 now, prior to you are “offered” on this supplement for bp, know that we made some major life changes that corresponded with taking this supplement. Prior to taking bp mgmt, we were currently doing some training with lightweight in addition to some lower strength aerobic training for an overall of 4 hours a week. So, this supplement might have the offered significant enhancement in high blood pressure. So, if you are able, it will not harm to get in some daily exercise and if you can, improve your food options also. Think me, when you ditch the unfavorable routines in mix with this supplement, you will most likely be less based on some of the other typically recommended medication mixes that you might never ever have the ability to stop taking. Having stated all of this, the choice is yours. We withstand pharmaceuticals with whatever fiber of our being at every chance, however in some cases you need to take them when recommended. However, if you are not a health daredevil like me, then consult your doctor. We do not take a great deal of medications and we do not suffer from allergic reactions nor do we have bad allergies, however some of you do. So, if you are unsure, then consult your doctor ahead of time. Print a copy of the product label and take it to your doctor so there will not be any confusion regarding whether this product is ideal for you at whatever phase your present health remains in. A few of the customers claim that they didn’t make any lifestyle changes and they got remarkable outcomes. Some even claim that they either do not have to take high dosages of bp medicine any longer, or that they are now free from recommended bp medications due to the fact that of this supplement. Bottom line: this seems working for us. We have arranged month-to-month orders through prime kitchen. We hope this helps a great deal of individuals.

Good product.

We have utilized this product for years and highly feel it helps control our high blood pressure. We began with one tablet daily and when we ended up being a caretaker to our hubby with stress we made it two tablets each day and it has worked. We drink more water and exercise more likewise when under more stress.

Seems working. We take 3 during the night and two upon increasing. You ought to inspect with your doctor.

Came when guaranteed. Extremely happy.


Immediate outcomes. No adverse effects. We are 43 year old male, about 5′ 9″ and weight172 Our high blood pressure regardless of a healthy diet, hovers around 160/100 or greater without medications. We have been attempting so hard to reduce our dependence on bp medication and totally altered our diet over the last two years. Just recently our doctor increased our dosage of prescription medication from 40 mg to 80 due to the fact that the smaller sized dosage wasn’t getting our numbers below140 Regrettably 80 mg was a bit excessive. We acquired this supplement and took our bp prior to and numerous times beginning an hour after. Pressure dropped from 144/98 to 129/84 in a few hours. We have not seen numbers in the 120 range in so long we can’ t keep in mind. Could not be more delighted.

We have been using this supplement for years when we ended up being borderline hypertension. In addition to water and walking, the mix has kept our high blood pressure in check. We are extremely delighted.

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