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LONGEVITY PREMIER NUTRACEUTICALS INC Best Blood Pressure Supplement - Scientifically formulated with Natural Herbs.

LONGEVITY PREMIER NUTRACEUTICALS INC Best Blood Pressure Supplement – Scientifically formulated with Natural Herbs.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LONGEVITY PREMIER NUTRACEUTICALS INC Best Blood Pressure Supplement – Scientifically formulated with Natural Herbs.

  • FORMULATION: Scientifically formulated by our skilled health professionals for health professionals, helped by released scientists. Investigated and checked most natural components typically utilized for high blood pressure and heart health. Exclusive active ingredient ratio for optimal health benefits for wider audiences.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY HERBS: 100% natural herbs to support healthy high blood pressure. The majority of the herbal components are organic. Each herb and each delivery is inspected by a practicing herbalist in addition to standard requirements. No chemical or artificial replacements utilized for genuine herbs. We wish to provide you the very best nature needs to provide.
  • BEST VALUE: By integrating 12+ herbal components usually taken separately in one bottle, it uses better value. Produced in an FDA- certified center & GMP certified. FREE e-book on high blood pressure consisted of. FREE 2-week high blood pressure log card.
  • 100% FULFILLMENT: We stand happily behind the product we strove on. Love it or your refund within 60 days. Your safety and fulfillment is really essential to us. Please describe our Frequently Asked Question in the product image, as there is not a single supplement for all.
  • SECRET ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hawthorn berry extract, odorless garlic extract, natto processed extract, sage extract, kudzu root extract, chamomile extract, algae extract, quercetin, rutin and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LONGEVITY PREMIER NUTRACEUTICALS INC Best Blood Pressure Supplement – Scientifically formulated with Natural Herbs.

Question Question 1

Are The Capsules Veggie Capsules?

No we do not think so. It’s super inexpensively made regrettably. we fell for the claims however like numerous others it in fact raised our freaking high blood pressure.

Question Question 2

Is This Product Gluten Free?

Sorry, we do not know. we through the bottle away and we have not buy this product any more.

Question Question 3

Exists Any Blood Thinning Herbs In This Formula?

From what we keep reading the label, we do not see any. However, you would need to ask the supplier to know for sure. They list something as their own blend or herbs. That we can’ t state. It works by unwinding the capillary.

Question Question 4

How Bad Do These Supplements Odor Or Are They Orderless?

we went downstairs to the kitchen and opened the bottle. Might n`t odor a thing.

Question Question 5

Exist Any “Other Components” Besides The Capsule? Does It Program What Type Of Capsule It Is – Gelatin Or Veggie? Thanks?

This question has currently been responded to in 2015 – See first question under Q@A.

Question Question 6

Is This Product And Particularly The Capsule, Vegetarian Or Is It Made Of Gelatin?

All batches produced after March 2015 are vegetarian capsules.

Question Question 7

Any Magnesium Sterate?


Question Question 8

What Herbs Remain In This Product?

The list of components are noted in the product description on.There are 15 components noted on the product description.

Question Question 9

What Is The Distinction In Between This And The New Formula Which We See Promoted At A Greater Rate?

we like the old formulabetter the new formula didn’t appear to work for us.

Question Question 10

Are The Capsules Vegan?

we are not 100% sure.we are not seeing anything that is a warning, nevertheless do not see anything on the bottle that states Vegan.You might wish to get in touch with the seller.Good- luck as it does help me.

Question Question 11

How Huge Is This Capsule?

Not huge at all. Really easy to swollow.

Question Question 12

Does This Product Contain Hibiscus Flower?

we can only pass what’s noted on the back of the container, and hibiscus flower is not noted.

Question Question 13

Why We Can’ T See The Active Ingredients?

According to the label, the following products: Extracts of Algae and Chamomile, Fructus Tribuli, and more extracts of the following: Gojwe berry, Hawthorn Berry, Kudzu Root, Malt, and Natto ProcessedExtract Other components are Odorless Garlic Extract, Magnesium, Quercetin, Rutin, Radish Seed Extract, Sage 2nd to la According to the label, the following products: Extracts of Algae and Chamomile, Fructus Tribuli, and more extracts of the following: Gojwe berry, Hawthorn Berry, Kudzu Root, Malt, and Natto ProcessedExtract Other components are Odorless Garlic Extract, Magnesium, Quercetin, Rutin, Radish Seed Extract, Sage 2nd to last on the label is “Exclusive Herbal Blends.” So other than the last item we noted, it is quite clear. our high blood pressure was as high as 160/106 when we began taking limit recommended dosage of thisproduct After a number of weeks it decreased to about 125/80 and then kept decreasing. we now take half that dosage and our high blood pressure is usually 115/70 to about 125/80 we feel no adverse effects and we are really happy with it.

Question Question 14

Will These Capsules Cause Irregularity?

They have not shown any indication of doing so in our case.

Question Question 15

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals Inc.Can You Supply A Link To The Research Documents Utilized To Develop This Mixture?

It s a good product for hypertension.

Question Question 16

We Want To Know How To Unsubscribe From The Deliveries Of This Product, Please Inform Me?

Call customer care

Question Question 17

When Is It Best To Take Supplement?

For best outcome, it is recommended to be taken 30 minutes prior to meal. Nevertheless if you have a delicate stomach, it is recommended to be taken 30 minutes after meal.

Question Question 18

Component List?

Click the label and you’ll see the components. No sure if it assisted. They guarantee a free bottle for an evaluation, however they do not send out the bottle.

Question Question 19

Does This Longevity Blood Pressure Formula By Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals Uses Cash Back Surefire If Not Pleased As It Claims.?


Question Question 20

This Business Uses 2 Diferent Blood Pressure Formulas, Why? Which One Is Best?

Hi Kevin, Thank you for your question. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your question.The first product was first presented nearly 6 years back after substantialresearch Since then, a set of constant enhancement procedures has been put in location with two contending main objectives. One is to guarantee its efficiency for an audience base as broad as possible. The other is to keep any and all part of the product as “natural” as possible. Throughout this ever-evolving quality enhancement procedure, various solutions were checked and established. Due to specific distinctions, while most of clients feel the two product are similarly handy, an extremely small portion of the clients highly chooses one over theother Though it is our objective to establish the very best product, we will not desert any devoted clients who supported us along our development. For this factor, the older formulation will be provided for clients forever. Regards Shopkeeper James

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on LONGEVITY PREMIER NUTRACEUTICALS INC Best Blood Pressure Supplement – Scientifically formulated with Natural Herbs., these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We began this product 5 days back. It has decreased by high blood pressure by a minimum of 20 points. For the previous year, we have attempted taking coq-10, magnesium, beet root powder, and apple cider vinegar with no outcome. We will continue taking this supplement and hope the pattern continues.

We hesitated we would begin needing to take prescription for hbp. We got this bottle on april 20 th. We began taking it on april 21 st. We were at 151/98 Since april 30 th, we are measuring 116/74 We have not determined normal considering that in 2015 around this time. We are super amazed. No adverse effects since yet. We are taking 4 pills 2x a day after meals.

Functions 100 times better than our prescription medicine. It disputes with our recommended high blood pressure medicine so we needed to run the risk of stopping the prescription medications to attempt this. Now we need to find a new md who is not versus this– and that will be hard. We always let herbal medicine gradually liquify in our mouth. It begins acting within half an hour. Likewise we like that this has only herbs. The business design of the medical facility is to kill the patient at the optimum rate to made the most of earnings.

We have utilized this product on and off for a few months now, as whenever we think our high blood pressure is good and back to normal we stop taking it and then it increases once again. Our high blood pressure is not that high usually, we began to get readings above 140/90 and it made us worried. This product appears to help keep our blood pressure below 125/85 We are not obese have a relatively healthy diet, low salt, exercise, etc. Turning 50 appears to be greatest issue.

Wow. Been using the full dosage, 4 capsules two times a day and our systolic has reduced by a minimum of 10 points and our diastolic by 5 points. Okay for only two weeks. It was 142/96 and now it s 130/90 We just purchased another bottle and will continue to use it. Our hope is to get these numbers even lower. We are so not wishing to begin blood pressure medications- our hope is that this will work along with lifestyle exercise and diet changes. We are keeping our fingers crossed. There are some gwe adverse effects like tumour pains and increased poops, however not outrageous. 5 star for sure. Thank you to all the customers for providing sincere feedback, which caused our purchases.

Bought it for our spouse who had a bp of 170/111 a month back. He is 50 years of ages and 230 pounds. With a very little modification of his diet and exercise, his bp today is 135/92 So near to normal range and we are having him continue to take this great supplements. What a relief to find a natural way to help him lower his bp with no adverse effects at all. He s taking 3 capsules in the early morning and 3 at night after meal. We just purchased some more.

We have a raised high blood pressure that s been treated for numerous, however we believed the medications our doctor offered us made us feel off, and not in a great way. So we attempted the longevity high blood pressure formula and am really pleased with the outcome. No more unusual sensation and our numbers are better than when we were on the prescription medicine. Thanks for a great product.

This product works if you follow the guidelines. Initially we were only taking two pills two times a day however we ought to have been taking 4. After doing this and taking our high blood pressure 30 minutes later on our bp was down to 140/90 They likewise have great customer care.

Have been taking high blood pressure formula for a little over a month. We have a history of borderline to hypertension. Had formerly been taking diovan however a modification in our insurance coverage left us not able to manage it. After about 2 weeks on the product our systolic number has not been out of the 120’s. In reality we needed to dial back the dosage as we had periodic low pressure. We now take 2 capsules am and pm; it appears that our sleep is better too. The components are exceptional and deliveries got here in a prompt style. We highly suggest this supplement. We have been used a free product from the provider for our sincere evaluation.

We are definitely in love with thisproduct Our numbers were quite bad. The doctor wished to put us on medication. We asked for a 6 month grace duration where we investigated what may naturally lower our numbers. Purchased this product along with a few others and went back to the doctor who reported we now have perfect high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Thank you.

We have been using this product for more than a year. It started working within a week of beginning a therapeutic program. Our systolic high blood pressure was 190 and our diastolic was 110 however it now varies from 130/80 and even lower. We are 55 years of ages and no longer worried about our heart dangers. This high blood pressure formula works. We no longer need prescription medications.

Been taking product for about 5 days. We have severe hbp. Begun with 4 a day, observed the modification exact same day. We are less distressed and our bp is lower than when we were on our hbp medications. We have chosen to attempt bc we have all the adverse effects from our medications and our bp wasn’t decreased by much daily. This is an amazing bottle of supplements. It has made us feel better, more energy, more focus, and most of all better for our body than the bottle of death we were taking. We will continue taking these along with working out and eating right.

We are in our late 30 s – too young for hypertension (that’s what we believed). We are fairly fit however have not worked out regularly for about a year. About a month ago we required a series of treatments and our high blood pressure was inspected two times every day as an outcome of the treatments. We were shocked at how high our high blood pressure was (150 over 100), it was high sufficient that our treatments were nearly stopped as an outcome. We asked them to provide us a week or more and we browsed and found thisproduct Our high blood pressure did decrease after using this for about a week. Our high blood pressure is now regularly in the 130 to 140 range over the 80 to 90 range. It’s still on the high side however a minimum of we seem like we can control it without medication.

This is our 2nd order of the high blood pressure formula since it has kept us off prescription high blood pressure medicine by controlling rapid heart beats, palpitations, headaches and lightheadedness due to hypertension spikes. We highly suggest it since it likewise uses added protection covering your heart and brain. Unchecked high blood pressure threatens and can cause severe health concerns, such as strokes and cardiovascular disease, however with this product [taken as directed], you are secured. It balances your pressure even throughout sleep so you do not get up sensation lightheaded or suffer with headaches throughout the day. We will continue using this product since it works for us and think it will work for you. This business uses quality checked products and follow stringent cgma requirements, so you can trust that you’re getting the components as mentioned for optimum protection of your for your heart and brain. Their products are formulated by skilled doctors, herbologists, pharmacists and md-phds that appreciate you and your health. We hope this evaluation will help you make a notified, smart and essential choice about controlling your high blood pressure using a natural approach. All the very best to your health.

This product absolutely assisting lower our hubbies bp, was 180 over 103 -now after nearly two weeks every day taking 2 times a day breakfast and dinner of bp capsules, and added a 250 mg of magnesium each time his bp is down to 143 over 80, he is sleeping better in the evening likewise, so really happy up until now. Thanking god that we took a look around and found this for our spouse. If a natural product works it a lot better than taking bp medicine with adverse effects that might cause other issues. Thanks to this business for thisproduct Next check out to our doctor will be informing him about this and ask if we might wean off our bp medicine and attempt this. Since it is natural and no adverse effects. Thanks once again.

Every night when we went to sleep, there was this thump-thump-thumping of our heart. Certainly, not a good indication. We purchased some of these, and within a few days, that had in fact disappeared. We were amazed. Impressed enough to buy the 3 pack next time around.

So, have been fighting hypertension for years now, decline to do the standard medications that make whatever even worse, so have been attempting different natural things, plus working to improve lifestyle concerns obviously. Absolutely nothing has assisted, and we have been through about every supplement on, have tossed whatever at it that research reveals has any pledge, to no get. Now attempting this latest effort, provided that it’s not a mix we have attempted in the past, and only just recently did it appear in search. Has good evaluations, so figured we would attempt it. So, 3 stars at this moment since we can’ t state, yet, it’s made a distinction, however likewise so far it has no adverse effects, settles well and appears a decently made product, so it’s made a minimum of that much in a favorable sense. We added a 4th star for the absolutely amazing customer care we got, after publishing this evaluation (see below). The only downside is that, at 18 bucks a bottle, and only a 10 day supply (you need to take 8 a day, when attempting to regulate high blood pressure), that’s almost sixty dollars for a month’s worth of medications (although it’s been clarified to us that you can invest much less, going through deals on their site, see below). Considering that there is no standard on for how long it ought to require to reveal effect, if any effect happens, we are believing to provide it one month, a minimum of. Our health is certainly worth the financial investment. (we have considering that found out that more alternatives are offered– seebelow )been on it about a week now, and appears our bp is down a few points, however challenging to know if that is the typical change, or real effect of this supplement. It tends to increase and down somewhat, and obviously we are looking for a stable down pattern, out of the risk zone to something habitable. If that takes place, obviously we can fall to two pills a day, which is really budget friendly. We are still sticking with garlic, plus another “marvel” supplement that we think is ineffective (circulogic, they get you on a repeating order which we lastly stopped, however we have a few bottles delegated run out) and likewise another product on here that hasn’t appeared to help, however has useful things in it, so no damage in taking it. Likewise taking turmeric with curcumin, and a few other things. If this stops working, the last hope we understand of is mukta vati, which individuals have obviously had advantage from using. Wish to find something that works, provided the issues of bp at high level. Other effort to attempt is a stringent water fast. Have checked out that and allegedly the body “re-sets” itself and numerous disorders are gone or much improved if the fast is long enough for the body to achieve the re-set (a minimum of 21 to 30 days, as we comprehend it from different documentaries and medical viewpoints about it). Have not attempted that yet since of possible health dangers of doing it on one’s own, plus unsure if we can still work the hours we do (which we need to do less of, certainly, however need to foot the bill too– draws living where the medical system is such a mess), however, once again, worth a shot if these other efforts are not effective for us. If it works, we will definitely publish back, upgrade the score appropriately, and be a fan for life. If it does not, we will post back after our month of taking it and let folks know, although that must not prevent anybody from providing it a shot, considering that, plainly, it’s worked for a great deal of individuals. Fingers crossed. Added: as pointed out, we added another star considering that first publishing this, because, an extremely brief while after our evaluation went live, longevity customer care emailed us (thank you eric.) stating they might clarify some of our issues. We invited such, and eric made the effort to offer some really handy information that, for us, were missed out on in just what we saw (and neglected) on the product page. In regards to expense, on their site, you can straight order in bigger amounts, to conserve cash. They likewise have a “tablet” choice which only needs 4 tablets a day, rather of the eight capsules, so, once again, a less expensive path. You can likewise subscribe and conserve, comparable to products here on. Eric likewise supplied substantial information about the research that enters into this product, and all of their products offered and we feel greater self-confidence in providing this a shot now. We have asked too that it would help to know for how long to take it, prior to rendering a decision. Eric has suggested that they will examine the product page to see what other information may be handy to include. So, wow, extremely responsive customer care. Seeing the favorable evaluations on here, reading their site completely now, and having had contact from the business, we can see why it seems the most well examined bp supplement on and we think this does stand out as a valued product and, even if it end up not working for us, we would still suggest it for a shot. Everybody’s chemistry has its distinct elements, after all. We will still publish back our results, just to share our experience. We are now taking a look at other products they offer, at their website, and am considering what others we may attempt, considering that they provide a wide selection of well-proven supplements. Here’s hoping our bp drops. Desire us luck.

We went from taking 10 mg of lisinopril to needing to take 20 mg, im likewise a company follower of looking for more “natural” thrashings. Taking this supplements has assisted alot and we are back to taking 10 mg (with these consisted of) and our high blood pressure has been normal. We highly suggest them to anyone who has slight high blood pressure or if you’re taking the best steps to getting healthier in general they have alot ofbenefits You begin sensation better after around 10 days of taking them however they are great financial investment.

Our high blood pressure has always been borderline high (120’s). Back in january it began to climb up into the 130’s on every home test and had a couple times in the 140’s. Went to the doctor for a routine check-up which validated the outcomes. We had a good friend who was having the exact same concern and wished to prevent medications and discussed he purchased this product which yielded good outcomes. After a week or two of taking this our blood pressure remained in the normal range (110 thru 119). We can’ t keep in mind in our adult life our numbers ever remaining in the normal range. We then went on trip and forgot to take them for a week. When we returned home we took our pressure for a few days it was back to the the 120 to 130 range once again. We selected back up on taking these and it has considering that remained below120 We personally take 2 after lunch and 2 after supper. Only way to test that it works for you is to have a home high blood pressure monitor and measure your development.

We began using this product 4 weeks back when we found our bp rose to 159/100 We did alter our diet to consist of more fruits & veggies. We just left our doc workplace to find our bp is now 118/68 That s genuinely outstanding. We purchased a bottle for our mama.

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