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NYZ Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Tracker Counter Pedometer

NYZ Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Tracker Counter Pedometer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NYZ Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Tracker Counter Pedometer.

  • NYZ Fitness Tracker ‘smart bands have Constant heart rate monitor, blood oxygen, high blood pressure, Pedometer, calories, range, sleep quality measurement, call reminder, alarm clock, message calls notifications, inactive reminder, remote video camera control, anti-lost, find the phone/bracelet, IP68 level water resistant, no fret about hands cleaning, sprinkling, sweating, rainy. Nevertheless, it must not be utilized for diving and shower, Remember!use it at normal temperature and pressure.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor ‘Embrace the current HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring. Fitness watches can find your sleep and examine your sleep quality with deep sleep, light sleep and awake time.
  • Call & Message ‘See Calls and Messages on Your Wrist, Get call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display, never ever miss out on crucial messages.
  • Direct USB Charging ‘: Fast charging the bracelet by USB port without cable television, and the 80 mAh rechargeable battery can working standby time for 5 to 7 days; APP support Above Android 4.4, Above iOS 8.0, Bluetooth 4.0. Please download Lefun Health app to link it.
  • Professional Solutions ‘: Any question, please do not hesitate to call, we will reply within 24 Hrs, and we will attempt our best to resolve it, within 1 years, we will take the full duty for any product quality issue,High- quality guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NYZ Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Tracker Counter Pedometer.

Question Question 1

How Do We Power On?

Once the battery is charged it must go on.we never ever turn our power off.If that does not work, go on the APP.

Question Question 2

How Do You Set The Time?

we do not know the guideline that comes woth is are dreadful

Question Question 3

Does It Feature Free Delivering In The U.S?

If you are Prime member

Question Question 4

How To Modification Language?

please connectwith your mobile app, the language function will alsosyn with your cellphone

Question Question 5

Will Any Fitbit Bands Deal With This?

we do not know.But on this, one side of the band comes off so it can be charged. Likewise there is a sensor on the back of the watch that can’ t be covered or it will not work. Hopefully that might help.

Question Question 6

Ip68 Es El Máximo En La Tabla, Es Para Inmersión Prolongada. Estás Seguro Que El Reloj Es Ip68?

Solo lo he probado en mwe celular y es bueno

Question Question 7

Can We Use The Watch To Find Our Phone?We Cant Figure It Out.?

It worked for us – made the phone discharge a truly loud beeping noise. However we remained in the exact same space so unsure about the range.

Question Question 8

The Bluetooth On The Watch Itself Isn’T On.How Do We Turn It On?The Bluetooth Icon Is Not Illuminated.?

please open the app to browse the device and long press the bracelet at the exact same time

Question Question 9

Downloaded The Lefun Health App As Instructred. Bracelet Is Charged And On, However The App Is Not Discovering It Even After Clicking Browse?

our child set it up for us.sorry,

Question Question 10

How Do We Charge It?

USB – manage one side of the strap and charge

Question Question 11

How Do We Get This Watch Link To The App?

we downloaded app, made certain Bluetooth was on, opened app and scanned the code in the watch guidelines.

Question Question 12

Does This Count Driving As Steps Like The Fit Bit Does?

Not that we have seen.

Question Question 13

Hi Can You Inform United States The Call Of The App To Link To The Bracelet, Our Child Threw The Manual In The Trash.Thank You?

Thank you for asking (and to those that responded to) since ours did not come with any sort of manual/instructions. Downloading lefun now

Question Question 14

Can You Set Multiple Alarms?


Question Question 15

Can We Utilized Kakao Talk.?

do not know what that is

Question Question 16

Do You Have To Link It To A Phone?We Want A Stand Alone Fitness Tracker For Our Kids.?

You can run in any case phone or just the NYZ Fitness Tracker which is great

Question Question 17

Do You Have To Use The App For This To Work? We Are Wishing to Get This As A Gift For Somebody Who Doesn’T Have A Phone.?

no, you do not need to use the app to work

Question Question 18

Does This Deal With An Ipad?

we don t think so. we attempted however was only effective with iPhone.

Question Question 19

Does Anybody Know How To Send Out Sms Messages To The Watch? We Just Can’ T Figure This Out.Nothing.?


Question Question 20

How Long Will The Watch Deal With A Full Charge When Strolling Everyday?

IT lasted more than a day for us of 8 hours of real strolling daily.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on NYZ Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Tracker Counter Pedometer, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is really light weight however rugged. We are really hard on our bands with doing challenge course racing. This is waterproof and endures our insane life style. The battery lasted about a week prior to requiring charged. The versitlity of having the ability to charge with any adapter was great or plugging into your computer system. We liked the high blood pressure function which appeared to consider to be quite accurate as we checked a few times with a high blood pressure cuff. The only failure was it does not come with guidelines however we called the business and they were really handy.

This gender-neutral fitness tracker truly provides at this rate point. It tracks sleep, steps, high blood pressure, heart rate, calories, and muchmore The battery life is affordable, lasting about 5 days of routine use. The app is free to download and really easy to use. One function we find beneficial is, within the health area of the app, you can track your high blood pressure readings and heart rate by date and time. To charge this watch, manage the top wrist strap to expose the usb charger. Plug it into any usb port to charge – you will know it’s charging since it vibrates then shows a battery with lightning bolt (as shown in image). We use our samsung lightning charger and it takes less than 2 hours to get a full charge. In general, we are really happy with our purchase and would suggest this product as an amazing alternative to the other, more costly fitness trackers.

We have been wishing to track our steps for a while however did not wish to fork out the cash for a good brand. We stumbled upon this wrist band and figured we would provide it a shot due to the incredible evaluations. Wow. What an amazing little thing. We weren t sure what to anticipate however we definitely like this device.

This fitness tracker is easy to use and set-up. The integrated in usb is hassle-free for charging, the band comes off. Downloaded the app on our phone to link and track in more information. The watch and fitness tracker user interface tracks a lot and is easy to swipe in between alternatives. Anticipating seeing our step development of the coming weeks.

The display is great and the mobile app is easy to use. Linking our phone to the fitness tracker was ea so. We like the find our phone function, although it s the frustrating alarm noise (dream you might alter) and you need to open the app to make it stop. The only failure is that it won t checked out the text from iphone. We got this device to change our old (various brand) tracker since it stopped showing text, so we were a little bummed to find out this one only checks out messages from androids. We would still suggest this device to anybody desiring a fitness tracker without a large cost.

General good tracker for the rate. The app is easy to use and have sufficient details/stats. Did not have connection/sync problems. Tracker is relatively accurate in step count however unsure on hearth rate or high blood pressure etc. We are sure you will get a more accurate keep reading all with a fitbit however this is at a portion of a fitbit’s expense. We did not have any problems with water proofing – it is still working just great after reasonable quantity of interaction with water throughout the day. On the cons, we are not happy with the battery life. It lasts us around 4 days with a full charge. This is with two synchronizes a day and periodic monitoring for steps and measuring hr etc when a day (at most). It is easy and quick to charge the tracjer however would like to have it running longer. We are likewise not really happy with the sleep statistics, as it only provides you an aggregate view of your activity btw 10 pm and 8 am – no per hour breakdown or capability change for sleep hours. If you want a longer battery life, more information in the app such as per hour read of your sleep statistics etc you need to look for something else, otherwise it is a good alternative.

We are definitely caring this fitness tracker. We had the ability to sync it really rapidly and quickly to our phone after downloading the app. The band is really comfy, in some cases we forget we are using it. It not only demonstrates how numerous steps you have taken however likewise reveals calories burned, heart rate, range, date & time, plus others. It vibrates when we get a phone message likewise. An amazing costs also.

We never ever entered the tracking fad since the trackers were so costly. Attempting this one was a leap of faith, however so worth it. It determines numerous things. We are captivated by the temperature tracker, the heart rate monitor, and the high blood pressure monitoring. They all appear to be quite accurate. We began using the step tracker today. Up until now so good. If you want a low-cost choice that really works, this is the one. We like that it s compatible to android and apple, so you don t need to eliminate your tracker if you upgrade your phone to a various type. We are thrilled to use all the functions.

Easy to check out display. Enjoyed the health tracker readings, particularly high blood pressure (not all trackers have that). It fit our small wrist however might quickly fit a much bigger wrist. Can be set for reading texts and see telephone call. Our sleep tracker updated after 8 a. M. And was helpful. Download the app and sync phone. The box had basic information to get you to the app and setup. Tracker has an area that answers some basic how toquestions The battery charge held for 5 days. Describe photos published for how to charge etc. Good tracker at a low rate and has most functions (and more than some) of more costly ones.

We purchased this fitness tracker for our relative and she have been enjoying it quite becouse she likes to ride bike and do exercise. This tracker is truly good if you need to know the number of calories are you burning, how your body is reponding to the excercise and if you are resting the sufficient time to enable your body recuperate. The app is really friendly and easy to use, it reveal you a great deal of information that you must to know and likewise you can read you whatsapp messenjes. This is a great.

This is a great offer for the rate. It might not have all the bells & whistles, however it s likewise. It a couple hundred dollars. The battery life appears to depend upon the load you put on it. If consistent text are got, it will be much shorter than a week per charge. Seems constant with measuring steps, heart rate, and can provide some insight to sleep quality & patterns.

Does what it states and for $10 can’ t beat that compared to call brand costs. Will be purchasing more 1 by 1 for thw rest of our family. Thank you. Desire we might conteol from watch itself rather of app however like we stated for 10 dollars can’ t beat it. Attempt it, you will not be dissatisfied. Thanks.

We purchased this tracker for our mommy. She likes it. Easy to use. Easy app to browse. Among the very best functions is that it tracks her sleep. The battery is long lasting so you can keep it on over night. We suggest this to anybody who doesn t wish to invest a fortune for a name brand product.

At first we had problems attempting to get this tracker to link to our phone. We called the business though and they were really timely and handy with the circumstance. The tracker is comfy to use. The app has a number of alternatives to tailor the tracker which we liked a lot. We seem like this tracker is definitely worth the rate, we are really satisfied with it.

This device is amazing. It fits so easily when we are in the health club. It looks so stylish we may include. We like to monitor our heartbeat while working out and this device does it all. Likewise, we like the reality that it sync with our phone so we get all our messages and our notifications from facebook through this watch. You can likewise track your steps and use it to track your sleep. All these for an affordable rate. We would suggest it to all our customers. (considering that we are fitness instructor).

For a basic fitness tracker that is easy to comprehend and browse, it is great. The battery life is great. The mobile app is a little hard initially however its okay. The touch screen is all right, however not the most responsive. Incredible that is has a color screen. Be Careful that this is not the most comfy of watches. It pinches every when and a while. For the cash its legit, bit if you want something that you need to last we would take a look around a bit more.

This is a quite great tracker. The charging system is genius. The band just manages on one side and the watch plugs right into a usb port. It likewise tracks steps, heart rate, high blood pressure, sleep andmore The accompanying app supplies a lot insight. It can be a bit complicated towe browse initially, however is good. We are really satisfied at all it does and at such a great rate. The only con for us is the band isn’t awfully comfy. We would like it if there were other alternatives.

We truly like the colored screen. It is easy to check out and to change in between functions. We have formerly owned a couple fitbits and one noteworthy distinction with the nyz activity tracker is that you do not need to monitor any cables to charge. Simply manage one side of the wrist band and plug into usb. Charges quite quickly. Enables you to check out both text and facebook updates on tracker. The app is easy to use and has great deals of information.

We like the reality that a different charger isn’t required, the usb is constructed into the band. So we can just plug into a usb port to charge. The screen is way better quality than other name brand names we have owned. Super thrilled to use this.

This is good if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative for a fitness tracker. We compared the bp measurement with the outcomes of a real bp machine and it was relatively accurate with just a number of digits distinction. If you’re only looking for an operating tracker for everyday use then this would be great for an inexpensive rate. Good battery life too, we have been using it for a week now and it still has two bars left considering that it was fully charged. We might live with small problems and is appropriate for the rate you pay.

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