Omron 7 Series Bluetooth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron7Series Wrist Blood-Pressure-Monitor is high-tech, ultra-portable model, providing discreet readings anytime. It is suitable for cardiac health management; its monitor incorporates ingenious Heart Guide Technology which automatically activates at particular heart levels and gives readings incessantly.

Omron 7series wrist blood-pressure-monitor gives you far reaching benefits at any time, allowing you to keep track of cardiac and blood –transport status for your family and yourself.

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Note We have selected the product based on positive customer reviews on various health product-review sites.

The Omron HEM-790IT blood pressure monitor is one of the most popular blood pressure monitors on the market today. The HEM-790IT blood pressure monitor uses a soft cuff that you wrap around your arm. The cuff then squeezes to determine your blood pressure, which it sends to a digital display unit.

The cuff is a soft version, and so it is much easier to travel with and many people think it feels more comfortable than the larger, firm cuff models.

The cuff is also designed to fit most size arms, from 9” to 17” around. It is actually preformed to help ensure a proper and quick fit for the patient.

The cuff uses a technology called IntelliSense to make sure it doesn’t squeeze too hard. This is most important for hypertensive users and people with heart disorders. As their blood can tend to fluctuate, they need a cuff that will not cut off circulation by squeezing too tight. The main benefit of this technology is that the monitor is always comfortable and accurate.

The morning hypertension is becoming more and more of a concern; this model was designed to help detect this warning sign. The FDA cleared it for this purpose, so it meets a requirement that many other monitors don’t try to achieve.

If you monitor your blood pressure for a period of time, this monitor will display the average of the last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes. This is a nice feature than can help you see trends more easily. The trends are so important (for example, is your blood pressure rising or falling or being constant), this helps the patient identify if things are going well or not.

The unit is very simple, with just one button to operate. This makes the HEM 790IT ideal for the older generation, who are not as tech savvy and don’t care for all the bells and whistles. They like that they can hook it up, hit one button to start, and be all done.

Many people claimed it to be the best BP monitor they’ve ever used, and all of the positive reviews said that it did the job very well but was still comfortable and convenient.

Overall, due to the overwhelming number of good reviews vs. bad, we’d have to say that this is a good pick. So, if you need a new soft cuff BP monitor, check out the Omron HEM 790IT blood pressure monitor.

What Is The Omron7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

The Omron 7 series wrist blood pressure monitor is a trendy and ease to use device. It is automatically activated when your wrist is at heart level and a flashing blue indicator light ensures once your wrist is in a proper position and ready for the consistently accurate readings.

And its advanced averaging feature is capable of displaying 3 average readings recorded within the consecutive 10 minutes, and it delivers a detailed reading for the users to understand how the blood pressure situation is.

The monitor is automatically activated once your wrist is at your heart level and display the average reading within the last 10 minutes. The orange and blue flashing lights will assist you to find the right spot on your wrist so that the heartbeat rate can be accurately recorded and displayed.

Features Of The Omron7Series Wrist Blood-Pressure-Monitor

It is designed using Heart Guide Advanced Technology; it stimulates your wrist when the heart level is at a certain level providing incessant and correct warnings.

Additionally, the illuminated orange and blue lights signals aid guiding the wrist to heart level; this makes is easy to locate apt positions. There is a dual user mode, this facilitates two persons to manage and estimate their readings discretely in the in-built memory.

The monitor has a BP level-indicator that depicts how individual readings juxtapose to internationally recognized principles for typical home cardiac and blood-pressure-level. It is designed in an ultra-lightweight and slim ideal and handy for portability, enabling users to manage blood pressure ubiquitously.

This blood pressure monitor also incorporates an irregular heartbeat-detector. This device detects sporadic heartbeats as the blood pressure is estimated. In case erratic heartbeat is identified, the indicator signals, alerting you to liaise with a cardiologist.

It features advanced averaging, with a press of a button one explores through 8 week chronology on blood pressure, morning and evening rates. It comes with 200 Memory Storage, to store data for two persons, date and time reviews for hundred readings at the pressing of a button. It is a #1 physician and pharmacist recommendation product.

It also comes in advanced averaging technology automatically manifests the mean of up to antecedent three readings captured in the last ten minutes.

Pros Of Omron7Series Wrist Blood-Pressure

This blood pressure monitoring device is imperative as it keeps your heart performance. With this tool you can trace blood pressure; this will give you a correct picture of the health of your heart.

This device comes in handy to pre-empt blood pressure impacts like strokes, heart attack, blindness or kidney by monitoring the heart rates.

The Omron7Series Wrist Blood-Pressure can enable you manage the heart rates with the aid of a doctor. A healthy and firm heart with proper lifestyles heightens the chance for a long and active life.

It is easy to comprehend readings with the aid of the blood pressure monitor. It has an easy-to-track LEDs displays with readings captured in big and front labels, every number along a tab.

It also encompasses a systolic pressure, this shows the pressure generated when the heart constricts to pressure blood throughout your body.

There is also a diastolic pressure number at the bottom of the display, detecting pressure in between heartbeats as the heart relaxes. The systolic pressure above diastolic indicate the blood-pressure. This device is a multi-faceted monitor, providing diverse health readings in one.

This blood pressure enables you to know the changes that may have significantly occurred at different times of the day, changing settings or activities. This home-made Omron monitor facilitates the detection of blood pressure changes at anytime and anywhere.

It is easy to monitor at your home, with accurate readings for blood pressure. To avoid compromising readings, it is good to track the blood pressure an hour after workouts, dining, and smoking, consuming alcohol or bathing.

You only need to position the arm cuff upon the left arm and sitting while your feet are flat on the floor to detect blood pressure, subsequently, press the button. The blood pressure comes with a box with a storing case, 2 AAA batteries and a multilingual manual, Spanish and English instructions.

What Comes In The Box

With a purchase of the Omron Bp652 7 series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit, you will get the BP device, a storage case, two AAA sized batteries, and an instruction manual in English and Spanish.

200 Memory Storage

The Omron Bp652 7 series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit can store 100 readings per person (200 in total for 2 users) along with a date and time stamp so you can compare and monitor how your BP is with the previous days. You can access these records with a single press of a button found on the device.

Can Store Up To 2 User Profiles

Should you and your spouse or another family member share using the Omron Bp652 7 series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit, you will find that this device can store up to 2 user profiles. You can track and monitor your readings separately.

More Than Just Blood Pressure

The Omron Bp652 7 series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit does more than monitor your blood pressure – it will also alert and notify you should it detect irregular heartbeat while taking your blood pressure. You can consult with your medical professional about the readings and notifications that this device records for you.

What Others Are Saying?

Omron is a very dominant brand on the market and it is a well-known and reliable product and highly recognized by many clinics. Since it is a precise and discreet portable blood pressure monitor, what did users comment on the product features?

  • Excellent, easy to use blood pressure monitor
  • Fast, Convenient, Portable
  • Right on the Mark!!
  • Very impressed with this Omron blood pressure monitor
  • Very easy to use, surprisingly accurate
  • Accurate and Easy to Use
  • Impressed my Doctor

What Developments Should The Manufacturer Consider For The Next Generation?

Nothing can be perfect. Although the Omron 7 series is No.1 doctor and Pharmacist recommended product, what other developments should the manufacturer consider to upgrade the existing product?

Some users recommend if the positioning can be upgraded because sometimes it takes a few seconds and wait to see if the reading is working properly after placing the Omron 7 on the wrist.


The seven series blood pressure monitor is ideal for detecting heart work rates and is crafted in ultra portable design. It indicates blood pressure levels and also shows the relaxation and constriction rates of the cardiac muscles.

The Omron7Series Wrist Blood-Pressure is simple to use, gives accurate readings in crystalline displays. It can be used by two persons, tracks heart rates and blood pressure to prevent cardiac defects from exacerbating. It is an indispensable tool bearing in mind the prevalence of cardiac and blood pressure related diseases globally.

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