Optimum Blood Pressure Support

Your heart’s natural ability to maintain healthy blood pressure can be compromised by the presence of cholesterol and plaque within the arteries. High blood pressure puts more strain on the heart and can lead to some heart disorders.

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Additionally, high blood pressure can reduce the amount of blood circulation at the extremities; this can damage the fragile cells in your hands, fingers, feet, and toes and can lead to serious health complications.

Optimum Blood Pressure Support reduces the presence of plaque and cholesterol in the blood vessels that cause high blood pressure. Plaque and build-up in blood vessels causes blood to slow as it journeys to and from the heart. By reducing plaque and cholesterol in the vessels, the conditions are reversed and blood pressure returns to a healthy level.

The researchers have identified the combination of herbal ingredients from Western and Eastern sources that help to relax the blood vessels, increase blood flow, and reduce plaque lining in the arteries.