Panasonic Ew3006s Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The EW3006S blood pressure monitor is one that you wear on your wrist to measure your BP. This Blood Pressure Monitor is filled with so many features that are exactly like the doctor monitors.

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Home blood pressure monitors such as the Panasonic EW3006S are becoming much more popular now than ever before. As the baby boomer generation gets older and needs more medical attention, the medical field and need for new technology is continuing to increase as well.

The EW3006S blood pressure monitor is one that you wear on your wrist to measure your BP. A lot of people like this type because it basically just feels like a watch. That way, they can wear it day and night and always be able to take a look to see how what’s going on. Other people don’t like it because they don’t like having things on their arms, so it’s all just personal preference.

This is a very simple unit, with just 2 buttons to operate it. That makes it easier for the older, less tech-savvy folks to use it easily and correctly. It’s set up to automatically save the last 90 readings, so you can easily look back and see how your blood pressure has changed over the last few days.

This is important because besides just seeing what is going on with your blood pressure right now, you want to know if it’s been getting better or worse over time.

The display is digital, with very large numbers for us old guys and gals to see. It’s very easy to read, unlike some monitors which can be confusing with all the stuff going on. The EW3006S monitor shows 3 main things- your SYS, your DIA, and your pulse.

The unit uses AA batteries, which is nice. You almost always have those lying around, but those really small ones that some units use are just never there when you need them.

If you have been spending a lot of money just trying to get your blood pressure monitored to stay normal, then you might want to invest on your own blood pressure monitor.

One of the top blood pressure monitors on the market right now is the Panasonic ES3109W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, as it is filled with so many features that are exactly like the doctor monitors.

The Features

1. Digital Filter Technology

This Digital Filter Sensor was made to detect and isolate only the essential pulsing oscillation. It eliminates all other noise factors that will then lead to reliable and quick measurement capability. Panasonic’s digital technology also allows for your blood pressure reading to be taken throughout the inflation to really prevent over tightening of your cuff.

2. One Touch Auto Inflate

The quick and easy to use one touch auto inflates comfortably and safely inflates your cuff for concise measurements. This basically means you won’t have to worry about getting any weird marks after the blood pressure measurement.

3. Larger Digital LCD Display

This blood pressure monitor display even includes large, clear, and legible intuitive symbols and characters that really makes reading your results no longer a tough task. Many experts believed that the only way for a blood pressure monitor to be accurate was if it had high tech functions, but this monitor definitely proves that theory wrong.

4. Flashing Warning System

The flashing numbers will alert you to the readings that indicate any formation of hypertension. This will help you to prevent any hypertension from occurring to stay healthy and attain overall well being.

Who Is The Panasonic ES3109W Blood Pressure Monitor For?

This portable upper arm blood pressure monitor is perfect for those who may always be on the go, because it is such a handy device. The cuff rolls all around the monitor to fit neatly to it, plus it comes with this included storage pouch that makes it super convenient and portable.

It is also such a great gift to give your parents, relatives, and friends who may be battling high blood pressure. This gift will not only lower they hospital bills, but it will also keep them healthy and in control of their blood pressure levels.

The Pros And Cons


One of the main advantages to this Panasonic ES3109W Blood Pressure Monitor is the fact that it is so lightweight weighing only 8 ounces. This basically allows you to bring it wherever you desire whether at the park, at a camping trip, or even at an amusement park. It is so handy and so easy to use.

Another great advantage to owning this blood pressure monitor is that it is super durable. Regardless of how often it is used, it seriously doesn’t lose accuracy when measuring your blood pressure.

Many customers were also so satisfied and happy at the fact that it is such an easy to use monitor that involves very little knowledge to use.

It is unlike any other blood pressure monitor on the market, and the best part is that it is sold at a very affordable price.


The only con to this blood pressure monitor is that it doesn’t store the date and time of your measurements. This basically means you won’t be able to keep track of your blood level changes.

However, you can easily do so by writing it down in your phone or a notebook. Other than this minor disadvantage, it is a great investment that will change your life for the better.

Consumers Testimonials

If you want to know how people actually like the product, I recommend looking around online.

There are tons of great reviews on this blood pressure monitor from people who have used it for a while. One thing to consider though is that some websites will have financial reasons for saying one thing or another!

Right now Amazon has 30+ reviews on this unit- most of them are 5 stars, but a few are a bit lower. Most of the people who like it say that this unit is exactly what they were looking for in a blood pressure monitor, and one person even said that it saved his life! When not feeling good at home, they checked this monitor and turns out their blood pressure was way too high, so they went to the emergency room.

On the other hand, a few people did say that they didn’t like the unit. They said the accuracy was poor and that it wasn’t consistent at all. That’s definitely not something you want to mess with in a unit meant to measure your blood pressure!

Overall, this is a great unit, but you might be able to find other wrist monitors out there that you’d like better than the Panasonic EW3006S blood pressure monitor.

Value For Money

At a very affordable price, the Panasonic ES3109W Blood Pressure Monitor definitely is a smart investment for anyone who cares about their health. It is so affordable and useful, that some doctors find it threatening. Overall, it really is a great value for your money.

Where To Buy?

You can buy this Panasonic ES3109W Blood Pressure Monitor from the official website. At the moment, they include free shipping and from what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants.


People on average go to the doctor to get their blood pressure checked two times per year, but those checkups alone are quite costly. Owning one yourself will not only save you money, but it will allow you to keep your blood pressure in check at all times.

What makes this blood pressure monitor so in demand at the moment is the fact that it is the first portable blood pressure monitor in the world.

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