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Prestige Medical Premium Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Carry Case

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Prestige Medical Premium Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Carry Case.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Including our most popular aneroid sphygmomanometer design (S82/82), the 882 includes an extra large 6″ x 9″ color-matched nylon carry case
  • Includes: Latex free, nylon cuff, Index and Range Markings, artery sign mark, owner ID label, gauge holder, standard inflation bulb and air release valve, matching 6″ x9″ nylon carry case
  • Cuff Range: 10″-16″
  • Warranty: Lifetime Calibration

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Prestige Medical Premium Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Carry Case.

Question Question 1

Where Do We Go Into The Healthcare License Number?

Yeah, it’s needing a healthcare license for us too, weird.This requires to be fixed.https:// www. com/gp/help/ customer/display. html/ref= b2b_reg_rnr_lm? nodeId =202008010

Question Question 2

Is This Product Latex-Free?

we think however don t last long had mine for a few monthsand something wrong with it currently it s dripping air

Question Question 3

Adult Size And Adult?

Yes, Adult size.This design has been offered over a years and is a top selling product.

Question Question 4

It States This Needs A Health Care License #, However There Is No Location To Enter It.?

we have no idea why this question keeps beingasked we were not asked to send a license number.Just ignore it.

Question Question 5

Is The Sea Foam Green Stethoscope Latex Free?The Description States It Is However Some Evaluations State It Isn T.?

Yes, this is Latex Free.

Question Question 6

Why It Stated In The Web Page’S Description That “Origin In Usa” While It In Fact Made In China???

well we do not understand about that however im happy with mine:-RRB-

Question Question 7

What Size Arm Will It Fit?

Most adult arms

Question Question 8

Will It Fit 26 Inch Arms?

HelloAccording to maker limit protection is 26 inch.

Question Question 9


the thing you squeeze to inflate sphygmomanometer

Question Question 10

No Longer Claibrated, How Do We Get The Lifetime Calibration Warranty?

No sure how to get that adjusted, however take it to your physicians workplace and examine it versus the wall installed system in the workplace.

Question Question 11

We Purchased This Product And Just Understood That Doesn’T IncludeStethoscope In Order To Measure, Should We Buy Another One Stethoscope?

Yes. To take a high blood pressure you need both the cuff and a stethoscope. For only taking high blood pressure A pricey one is not needed. After you get it have somebody teach you the appropriate approach of taking high blood pressure. Good luck.

Question Question 12

Why Doesn’T The Valve Increase When We Start Pumping?

we concur with the sellers response from 3/18 Make certain it remains in the close position and pump up until the needle begins moving. Often if the cuff isn’t on properly it takes longer to see the needle start moving. If that does not work, it might be faulty.

Question Question 13

Does This Containlatex?


Question Question 14

What Size Bp Cuff Is This?

mmmmm, purchased this and it was out of specification when we got it, business did not wish to change itrather buy regional where you open the system and check that it’s calibration is right prior to you invest the cash

Question Question 15

We Are Trying To Find A Cuff That Will Fit On Adult “Beefy”Arms (As We Like To Call Them.) Will This Fit Extra Large Adult Arms?

No this is a routine adult cuff.Here is the cuff range; 10″-16″ *. If the arm is bigger than 16″ around then you need the XL/”Large Adult” cuff.It does not can be found in prints.Sorry.Here is the link: https://www..com/dp/B008 XIMQNK

Question Question 16

Can It Be Adjusted?

Once it is out of calibration it is best to change the gauge. Please contact Customer Support at (800) 762-3333 and ask for Roxanna. She can help you in acquiring a replacement gauge.

Question Question 17

Does This Product Have A Metal Bar That The Cuff Folds Over?

No, this cuff does not have a metal bar.This cuff is created to twist around the patient’s arm, and fastens with velcro.

Question Question 18

Does This Feature A Callibration Secret And Directions On How To Callibrate?

This item should come callibrated if callibration is off there is a life time warranty on the callibration and a new gauge will be sent out out to you.Thank you, This item should come callibrated if callibration is off there is a life time warranty on the callibration and a new gauge will be sent out out to you.Thank you,Customer Service

Question Question 19

Is This Design Number 80?

No. An 80 is a cotton cuff without a carrying case.

Question Question 20

Does The Cuff Have A D-Ring?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Prestige Medical Premium Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Carry Case, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We bought the woodsy animals in black and it is so charming. Our tubes were currently connected and it appears to have been done properly. The calibration is likewise right and the marker isn’t specifically on “0”, however as long as it is 3mmhg (calibration square) it’s good to go. We required this for nursing school and the rate at our schools consistent merchant has to do with $10 greater. With prime, this was a better alternative than the maker. If you examine the item number (s82/882) and compare it to the info on the maker’s site it mentions this item is latex free. The manual with the item can be a little complicated as it mentions “unless otherwise mentioned this item is not latex free. If you want a latex free item purchase s72 blah blah”. The back of this box (882) suggests that it is latex free. We will upgrade on how it deals with with performance as we advance thru school.

This cuff is the prettiest. We purchased the leaves (black) and the design is extremely quite & charming without being extremely girly or kid-ish looking. We just definitely like the print and the colors. It looks great with the clear green mdf stethoscope that we purchased (see our last picture). We can not speak for it’s longevity as we have only had this cuff for a couple weeks, however up until now it’s working great. The gage appears extremely accurate and is area on with the ones our school has in the nursing lab. The needle falls efficiently & regularly and does not get stuck. And we personally like the design of this cuff much better than the adc cuff that we purchased formerly. Something about the positioning of the velcro and the positioning of televisions is off on the adc and we find it hard to use. Likewise among televisions (the part that you squeeze to inflate) is brief on the adc. On this cuff both tubes are long and we find the positioning to bebetter Likewise the velcro sits tight effectively. The product is stiffer than the adc however it does not feel rough on our skin. We in fact find the stiffer product is much easier to workwith This cuff goes on straight each time unlike the adc. We are so happy with this brand that we are returning the adc and getting a few more of the prestige in various prints. Something we are anxious about is that we saw a few examines mentioning that their cuff broke after a few months. We are using this for an ultrasound tech program and hope it will get us by for the two years that we will remain in school. To me, the ease of use of this over the adc deserves the threat of perhaps needing to change it after a few months. We plan to buy a couple of other prestige cuffs in various prints anyhow. So we will have backups, just in case. Modify on 11/13/16- just submitted some new pictures to reveal the pattern in various light & versus various backgrounds. Ideally you can see that it remains in reality gray, not brown. (had somebody ask us if the background is brown. ). Oh, and it is still working great.:-RRB-.

We required these high blood pressure cuffs to use together with our stethoscope for high blood pressure readings. In general, it was a goodproduct Relatively comfy for what it deserves. We had some problem assembling it when we got it, and we are still unsure if the gauge remains in all the way or sitting properly. Likewise, this cuff was too large for some of our clients’ arms (we were sent out to a center with great deals of elderly asian women who have thin arms, so we did not hold this versus the product excessive).

Great cuff. The bulb and valve work efficiently and are easy to control, no extreme pumping or abrupt drops. The material is durable, easy to clean down and well assembled. Velco is high quality and holds tight. We definitely like the carrying case. It’s long enough to likewise hold our stethoscope and the outdoors pocket is perfect for a penlight and extra pen. The print is great and we get lots of compliments on it.

We operate in home care. We desired a basic reliable bp cuff to change the inexpensive one the firm offered me. This fits the costs. The calibration remained in range staight out of package. The material of the cuff quickly wipes clean. The cuff inflates/deflates efficiently. We like that the bag is large enough to get the cuff back into quickly. The little velco closure pocket on the front is a good reward. We store alcohol pads therein. The zipper pull has a large ring on it to aid opening. It is an essential ring, so you can quickly put secrets there if you desired. The only con we have with this bp cuff is that it isn’t latex-free. If this ever ends up being a concern, we can put fabric in between the cuff and individual’s skin.

Extremely strong and easy to use. Good quality. We got this for nursing school after returning a number of others this was the very best and toughest without a doubt.

We are in medical school today and it s so great to lastly have our own to use and practice on. It is extremely accurate and works great.

This has been a goodproduct Ive utilized this multiple times a day for 5 days a week and over a year. Functions as good now as it did when we purchased it. Extremely accurate as compared with other brand names. Cord and hose length is effectively layed out not to brief or to much slack. Lightweight for individuals that would be carrying this on them at work and exceptional color accent.

It’s so charming. Truthfully, we purchased this due to the fact that it was the very best shade of purple. Ever. And it’s not rather the shade of purple as it searches in the image, however it’s still great. Just rather pinker than you may picture. However that’s fine, given that it will match our pink stethoscope. Lol.

Provided on time and in original product packaging. We use it for nursing school and it is perfect. The gauge is accurate and it s easy to use. We would highly suggest this product.

Our nurse specialist spouse licenses this cuff. We got good brownie points for getting it for her.

As a medical assistant this has been an amazing purchase particularly when the cardiologist we worked for attempted it and stated we bought the top of the line. To think we purchased it due to the fact that it was pink.

Great cuff. Love it.

We like this blood pressure cuff. The first cuff we had was whipped to death by either our or our roomies felines. This cuff is super incredible as it fits our roomies super small arm and appears like it will broaden wide adequate for bigger women like ourself. We like the color and the dial is extremely easy to check out.

We purchased this item not only due to the fact that it is purple and purple is our preferred color, however due to the fact that the evaluations on it were so good. We understand a great deal of bp cuffs are alike and there isn’t on thing that truly makes one stand out better than the others, nevertheless, with this one, you can put your stethoscope in the pouch along with the bp cuff. We likethat Our other one would not enablethat This one likewise has a front pocket to put little things in too. We like the color as it’s a bit on the “glossy” side. Ridiculous, we understand, however it’s the little things that make us happy:–RRB-.

Our relative got this cuff after having checked out some of the evaluations mentioning that this might be utilized on large arms; sadly, those evaluations are not accurate. Our arms are almost 18″ c unwinded, and this cuff can not be pushed up without the velcro stopping working. If you have normal sized arms, this cuff works great, and we would suggest it as an expense effective monitoring solution. If you have arms like mine or bigger, you’re going to lose your cash.

Required a manual cuff that we might quickly differentiate from those coming from others, (normally blue or black). While it has been obtained on lots of a celebration, it can be well identified as coming from me.

Greatproduct In nursing school. The pressure gauge is tight and great when pumping.

Love the design, the seller mentions this is latex free, nevertheless, the maker’s card in with the cuff states it is not latex free. Super bummed as this is an great system. Edit: seller states this is certainly latex free. Edit: gauge glass broke 6/2017

So quite. We got this for christmas and was delighted with it. Excellent quality and a dynamic design without being fancy and there is an extra pocket on the carry case for products such as alcohol swabs, thermometer, ink pen, etc. Love it.


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