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Pure Synergy SuperPure Olive Leaf

Pure Synergy SuperPure Olive Leaf, Oil, Fruit Extract

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Pure Synergy SuperPure Olive Leaf, Oil, Fruit Extract.

  • Whole- spectrum extract from organic olive leaf, fruit and oil
  • Comprehensive support for a healthy heart, immune response, brain health, glowing skin & much more
  • Highly concentrated 50 mg of Oleuropein & 20 mg of Hydroxytyrosol & Tyrosol per capsule
  • Each capsule equivalent to the antioxidant benefits of a 1-L bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Made with organic components; SuperPure Processing (no chemical solvents/additives); Non-GMO; Vegan; Irritant-Free

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pure Synergy SuperPure Olive Leaf, Oil, Fruit Extract.

Question Question 1

Has This Been Evaluated By Consumerlab, Labdoor Or Other Business? Can You Program United States A Certificate Of Active Component Quantities, Milligrams?

We use an outdoors recognized 3rd party lab to validate our label and actives claims. Supplement truths panels and their quantitative claims are under the regulative assistance of the FDA so we are needed to validate all information offered on our labels.

Question Question 2

What Is The Rack Life Of This Product?

we do not know.Because we take it daily, we do not stress excessive about the service life.

Question Question 3

In What Nation Are The Olives And Olive Leaves Grown? Thanks.?

Label does not state native land of theproduct However it does state USDA Organic NON GMO and “Certified organic by Oregon Tilth.” The Synergy Business lies in Moab, Utah, 800-723-0277 per label.

Question Question 4

The Label States Oleuropein And Maslinic Acid Material Combined Is 50 Mg. What Is The Precise Maslinic Acid Quantity?

It is not listedseparately on label

Question Question 5

What Is The Size Of The Capsule.?

It is a bigger tubular capsule with rounded ends, about 0.3″ OD and about 0.9″ in lenghts.

Question Question 6

We Want To Include More Olive Oil To Our Diet However Don T Love The Taste. Will We Get The Exact Same Benefits From This As We Would Consume A Number Of Tablespoons?

Uncertain, sorry.

Question Question 7

Can You Post The Usda Organic Certificate? How Do We Know It’S Genuine And True That Your Supplement Has It?

It is prohibited to use the USDA Organic accreditation logo design on products that have not fulfilled the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program.Our product is certified organic by Oregon Tilth — you can contact this company if you have any questions about the credibility of our claim.They can validate our accreditation. It is prohibited to use the USDA Organic accreditation logo design on products that have not fulfilled the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program.Our product is certified organic by Oregon Tilth — you can contact this company if you have any questions about the credibility of our claim.They can validate our accreditation.1-877-378-0690 or e-mail organic@tilth.org.

Question Question 8

What Color Is The Powder Inside Capsule?

Light tan color.

Question Question 9

Where Are Active Ingredients Originate From? The Native Land Is Not Defined?

Certified organic by Oregon Tilthe

Question Question 10

So Thankful To Find An Oregon Tilth Certified Source For This. Why Isn’T This Kept in mind In The Label Or Information?

It is on the label

Question Question 11

Is This An Oil Or A Powder (Inside The Capsule)?

Mine is a oil, we hear some is a powder, do not know why the differnence.

Question Question 12

Are The Active Ingredients Standardized Or Usp Accredited?

Certified organic by Oregon Tilth

Question Question 13

How Lots Of Calories In A Capsule?

Doesn t state. Most likely irrelevant

Question Question 14

What Is Thepercentage Ofoleuropein?

In SuperPure Olive, there is at least 50 mg of Oleuropein per capsule, verified and ensured on the supplement truths panel of our label.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Pure Synergy SuperPure Olive Leaf, Oil, Fruit Extract, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We enjoy whatever about this. Verified pureness, loads an effective punch. The subjective results are subtle however you’ll absolutely see an enhancement in circulation a couple hours after taking the first capsule. Certainly advise. Ps. Generally our bp if arbitrarily determined comes out to something like 124/85 A few hours after we took the first capsule from this product we chose to examine it and it was 117/76 It might be coincidence however we can never ever remember arbitrarily inspecting our high blood pressure and having it be that low. Not as soon as.

Outstanding quality.

Rate to high.

Am using the product to help recover our thymus. This product is the greatest quality of olive leaf extract on the marketplace, our company believe.

We are follower in the nutrition of oliveoil It is among our favored cooking oils and it makes a great dressing. Our company believe it’s a good concept to take. While we were a little doubtful of taking a capsule (our partner even teased us for it), we did need to tip our hat to the claim of just just how much olive oil- power these little pills loaded. And, if we take notice of how we feel when routinely taking in olive oil, this is definitely matching the obvious healthbenefits With me, we see a propensity towards better skin, and that’s always a plus. Something we like about these is just how neutral theyare It’s a capsule, no more, no less, with no cool taste and definitely not a pain to swallow.

Uncertain when taking olive oil supplements ended up being a thing, however these appear fine. About the size of a phillips probiotic caplet, they are easy to swallow. We had no stomach concerns with them and they didn’t provide us olive burbs, so that s good. Do they work? pftt, how would we understand? these things are expected to supply long term benefits, so if they and we are still around in 30 years we will upgrade this evaluation. Other than that we test these just to see if there are any obvious ill results, and we found none.

As we are growing older we tend to capture colds a lot simpler and we did some research on the web for some body immune system boosters. Organic olive extract was pointed out time and time once again and so we got the synergy organic superpure oive extract. We can’ t truly state how they are working for us as we just began taking them a few days back. However research states they are great for the body immune system and have antwe oxidants for your body. We were a bit wary of the high concentrate of the olive extract as we tend to get heartburn however up until now, this has not occurred. The capsules are standard size and are easy to swallow. No after taste, no belching and no heartburn. Time will inform how these capsules will work for us.

However we would hope the benefits are worth the rate (which equates to about 50 cents per capsule) has a moderate odor which is not undesirable. Having the benefits of all that olive oil without the fat material is definitely a true blessing. The components are remarkable and appear to be well-thought out for the benefits promoted. We will see what changes we may see or feel as we continue working our way thru this bottle (one capsule each day).

We discovered the magic of olives from our mother, who has dealt with a wide array of health problems over her life and for a season was extremely restricted in her diet. Olive oil ended up being a daily help. However a spoonful of that every day isn’t precisely sugar. This permits the concentrated advantage of olive oil in a daily capsule. Certainly it declares that each tablet is comparable to a liter bottle of olive oil, without all the fat and calories. That’s a good objective, to be sure, and so we have been taking this as a way to get crucial results without other concerns. In tablet form it does lose some of the general benefits, however it still has a lot to use.

We marvelled since we were anticipating these to appear like olive oil- filled capsules, however they in fact look more like fiber pills. They are odorless, unappetizing, easy to swallow and can be found in a great tough glass bottle. It s a hassle-free way to get an extra boost of anti-oxidants. No chance to know for sure if it is working however we sanctuary t had lots of colds this year (knock on wood. ).

We truly like these olive extract supplements, primarily since they do not smell like olives, refrain from doing we get olive burps from them. We are not precisely sure of the advantage of olive extract, however we do know that there are no concerns in taking these.

Outstandingproduct Definitely attempt this. Decreases high bp, likewise. We have even lost some weight, which was a surprise. Wonderful health benefits.

We are extremely please however we are offering 4 start since the of rate it should not be that pricey for olive leaf extract compare to other good brand names out there.


Took the severe pressure out of our diaphragm location after eating butter.

Using this as a natural high blood pressure control and doing great.

This product is amazing. We have vitiligo on our face and chest and back. The areas began reducing after 2 weeks of use. What a wonder. We have been suffering from vitiligo for 10 years and after using this the areas began repigmentations.

Outstanding supplement.

Love it for better health.

It would make much more sense to use olive oil as part of a diet rather of including undesirable calories in the kind of a capsule. Correct? well, with pure synergy organic superpure olive extract capsules on the bottle it states, each capsule is comparable to the antioxidant health benefits of a full 1-liter bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil (without the fat or calories.) so, that s our response. We swallow one capsule along with our other supplements first thing in the early morning. As a personal choice, we find it simpler taking our extra pills with food; once again, this is our own choice and everybody s system is various. It s likewise smart to acquire extra information and guideline from your doctor. What separates these capsules from the rest of our vitamin/supplement program is the charming scent. To pass awayfor The olive leaf extract smells so fresh; we can quickly think of ourself by the mediterranean waters. Anyhow, all of us know at this moment how crucial olives and olive oil is for the body immune system and for your health. Olive oil is utilized to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke (heart disease), breast cancer, colorectal cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and migraine headache. Some individuals use olive oil to treat irregularity, high cholesterol, hypertension, capillary issues associated with diabetes, and pain associated ear infections, arthritis, and gallbladder disease. Olive oil is likewise utilized to treat jaundice, digestive gas, and meteorism (swelling of the abdominal area due to gas). We advise you attempt pure synergy organic superpure olive extract capsules.

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