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PYBBO Fitness Tracker with Body Temperature Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

PYBBO Fitness Tracker with Body Temperature Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of PYBBO Fitness Tracker with Body Temperature Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Multi- Fuction Smartwatch ‘PYBBO fitness tracker has numerous functions to bring you a healthy life, such as temperture recorder, heart rate, high blood pressure blood oxygen monitor, sleep monitor, calorie counter, step counter, smart alarm clock, USB direct charge, phone cam contorl, Telephone call SMS reminder, Caller ID display etc.
  • Body Temperature Detection ‘The PYBBO fitness tracker utilizes the most recent temperature sensor to monitor your body temperature 24 hours a day. It’s only a measurement variance 0.5/ and the temperature can be determined rapidly within 10 2nd
  • All- day Activity Tracking ‘PYBBO watch will properly track your all-day steps, calories intake, range took a trip, heart rate.It likewise help you track your other exercise patterns to draw the path map in the associated app
  • Heart rate & sleep monitoring ‘Tracks your real-time heart rate automatically and tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and awake sleep so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on PYBBO Fitness Tracker with Body Temperature Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor.

Question Question 1

Does Heart Rate Measurement Deal With Atrial Fibrillation?

Hi Donald, thank you for your question. We are sorry for that heart rate measurements can only test the number of times your heart beats in a minute, it can not examine for atrial fibrillation.

Question Question 2

Is It Possible To Provide In Perú?

Hi Javier, thank you for your question. We are so sorry for this. our products are briefly not able to reach Peru.

Question Question 3

How Do You Modification The Clock Display To Digital? Right Now It Is An Analog Flower Clock.?

HiStewart, thank you for your question. Please change the bracelet to the homepage, then press and hold for 3 seconds to change.

Question Question 4

The Watch We Just Recently Recieved Will Only Program Temperature In Centigrade, Whereas The Specifications Program A. 5F/C Variance. Can We Return It?

we do not know.Bad product.

Question Question 5

How Accurate Are The Blood Pressure, Temperature, And The Blood Ox? Can You Conserve The Information To Compare Changes Over Long Durations?

Hi pal, thank you for your question. The measurement variance 0.5?/33? of temperature. And The measurement variance 10 mmhg of the high blood pressure. The app can sync high blood pressure, daily steps, sleep, and heart rate.

Question Question 6

What Health Apps Does It Sync Too Like Our Fitness Friend Etc?

Hi James, thank you for your question. This health app synchronizes your steps, overall range strolled, general calories burned, your sleep quality, heart rate, high blood pressure, other exercise and more.

Question Question 7

Exists A Low Battery Function?

Hi Roslyn, thank you for your quesiton. We are so sorry this. Our product not the low battery function. You can examine the battery level straight in the upper right corner of the display. When the battery level is low, the battery level will redden.

Question Question 8

Why Was An Empty Bundle Provided Without The Product?

Seems Like you must get in touch with the business and/ or rather than the other consumers.

Question Question 9

Our Watch Is Not Tracking Calories. Do You Have A Solution Next To Returning It?

One of the main screens do disappoint calories burned. Might be attempt switch to another screen.

Question Question 10

Whats The Tiniest Wrist Size This Will Fit Snuggly?

Hi Barbara, thank you for your question. The size of the wristband is 9 * 0.7 * 0.08 inch, and the width of the wristband is 2.36 -3.15 inch, which can be changed according to the size of the hand.

Question Question 11

What Is The Band Made Of?

thank you for your question, the strap of this watch is made from safe silicone.

Question Question 12

Love The Watch, However Difficult To Check Out Outdoors – Are You Preparation To Release Firmware To Increase The Brightness?

Hi Marco, Thank you for your question. Thank you for your recommendation, we have feedback this issue to the provider, they will upgrade for this issue.

Question Question 13

Can Extra Bands Be Bought From The Seller?

HiGurnee, thank you for your question. Sure, here is our extra bands link: https://www..com/PYBBO-Replacement- Bands-Fitness-Tracker/ dp/B088 FF7NDC. You can buy it with the watch, we will send it to you together.

Question Question 14

Does It Vibrate If Oxygen Leveldrop? And Can You Change O2 Level For Signal?

Hi Mile, thank you for your quesiton. We are sorry for this. The product has only one measuring function, if theif oxygen level drop, it will not vibrate.

Question Question 15

Is It Genuinely Water Evidence Or Is It Only Water Resistant? Exists A Depth Level?

Hi Kim, thank you for your question. Out proudct is really waterproof. After testing, the waterproof ranking is IP67, you can use it to swim, however please note that please do not use the bracelet to take a hot bath, warm water might cause damage to the bracelet.

Question Question 16

Why Won’T The Temperature Reading Program Properly When It’S Over 100 ° F? It Just Reveals (:4) Etc.?

It s ur body temperature- why would we be over 100

Question Question 17

How Do You Link It To Your Iphone?

Hi vincent, thank you for your question. You need dowload the APP “DayBand” first. And after that open your phone bluetooth to find the fitness tracker and link it.

Question Question 18

What Is The Call Of The App Through Android Playstore?

Elizabeth, the app name is DayBand. Comprehensive guidelines in the product manual.

Question Question 19

Does The App Record Blood Oxygen Level Throughout The Day And Night?


Question Question 20

So Does It Have The Time And Date Alternative? All The Pictures We Have Seen Only Program Temperature.?

Yes, there are 3 display alternatives for time, date, and day (each likewise notes heart rate and variety of steps on the screen).

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on PYBBO Fitness Tracker with Body Temperature Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We generally wished to have the ability to measure our high blood pressure and oxygen levels along with body temperature. It s right on the cash when we compare the measurements to all our other gadgets. We now only have one device that does it all. Having serious asthma makes it necessary to track all our readouts and this does it completely. Even keeps a record. Love it.

We have attempted various watches and up until now, this one has been the one that has all the functions we are looking for along with being very budget-friendly. It does heart rate (can be one time or constant with periods set by the user), blood oxygen level (it is a little off, always mentioning lower level however it is good as a standard reading), high blood pressure, and body temperature. It likewise holds the battery quite well although it is set at testing the heart rate every 2 hours. We normally charge it for an hour. We had not attempted swimming with it however we have done a great deal of other activities that would get it damp and up until now so good.

Extremely shocked that it’s really accurate given that we can compare it to our spo2 meter and our bp cuff. Have not figured how to alter temperature to f.

Got the product one day earlier, easy to figure out the programs of the device. All bells and whistles works as promoted. Day two of device use, really happy with all result. After time, we will have the ability to confirm the accuracy of the device, however accuracy was our top factor for the device. Just need to be someplace in the ball park. For those desiring this device, heads-up, position of the device on your arm is crucial, you need to find your sweet area.

Our other half bought this fitness tracker for us,and up until now we are enjoying it. The includes easy to use and for the most part it computes properly. The notifications for inbound calls and texts work well with our iphone11 We do not use all of the functions, however we are thrilled with the step counter, the high blood pressure measuring tool (though we have no concept how it does it),and the inactive suggestions. Over all for the cost it was a great purchase.

Bought this for our mama, she liked it. She desired something that can help her track her high blood pressure on the go and this worked. Now she does not need to fret all the time when she’s not near a machine. The reality that it determines your heart rate, oxygen level, steps, etc is a bonus offer too.

The activity tracker is great. So easy to establish and use. We purchased it only with the temperature function, the temperature measurement is really fast, the mistake has to do with 0. 5, it is a greatproduct Likewise, when we were on the treadmill we compared the pulse reading on our tracker to that of the treadmill and they were truly close. Buy it, you will not be sorry.

This is the perfect watch for tracking your fitness, tracking your sleep,and numerous other things. We enjoy how easy to set it up is. It is perfect for outdoor sports, and is super easy to establish and use. If your looking for something that will track your fitness or for any outdoor activities, we would highly suggest getting this watch, not to point out the cost is amazing. We enjoy our watch. And we think you must get one too.

Initially, we did not think that a wristband might track our sleep, however when we checked our physical condition with other instruments and compared with the outcomes of this wristband, we were amazed to find that the information was entirely constant. Now we plan to put this product on our moms and dads.

We have been using this watch for a couple days and we enjoy it. It has a great deal of functions that most smart watches don t have. We ran with this watch and the step counter is accurate, it informs the number of kilometers have you have strolled or ran, the number of calories you burned, your heart rate, high blood pressure, and your blood oxygen saturation levels properly. You can likewise see your messages and notifications.

We purchased this pybbo fitness tracker for our other half, and his heart wasn’t great, so we purchased this pybbo fitness tracker, which monitors his heart rate. Fitness trackers likewise consist of temperature monitors, exercise counters, sleep monitors, high blood pressure monitors and blood oxygen monitors. Usb direct charging, sms calls and suggestions.

We truly enjoy this smart watch. The strap is really soft and comfy on the hand. What’s more, it is not only low-cost however likewise has numerous helpful functions. With it, we can take note of our physical health anytime and anywhere, this is valuable.

This is a really stylish and comfy watch/tracker. We purchased among these for our father since his heart rate has been low. We wished to track it. He likes the notification so he do not need to bring up their phones when individuals call and text. In general, he is really pleased with this product.

This is practical and useful to me.

Shipment is really fast and has a great deal of extra functions. Offers great readings, more or less accurate, with little variance from the real bp monitor. An individual must set his/her routine high blood pressure to get a more reasonable reading from a fitness tracker. It likewise monitors your oxygen intake and sleep reports. That’s cool, and we suggest it to anybody who appreciates their general health.

The look looks really texture, and the function of the watch corresponds with the seller’s description. All the functions work completely and satisfy our personal requirements. The display on the screen is likewise really clear, enduring the wrist is both gorgeous and practical, we like it.

This tracker is great we are going to buy a couple more for our kids we took it out paddleboarding and an evaluated it out to see if it truly was waterproof in cold water (read that once again cold water only lol) and it worked completely we definitely enjoy this tracker.

Yes those functions work right out of the box-too bad the watch can’ t be changed up until we upgrade our cellular phone plan.

Level of sensitivity is great, accuracy is great, a great deal of information, and cellphone connection can be utilized. Easy to run, easy to learn, elegant craftsmanship, dial to strap products are great. Simple look, durable, easy to carry.

Our boy went swimming using the smartwatch we purchased. We believed the smartwatch would get water and damage it. However we found it was waterproof. And it can be charged through usb, which we enjoy. We chose to use this smart health watch all the time.

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