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Pyle Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - Portable Automatic Standard Cuff Fits Large

Pyle Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable Automatic Standard Cuff Fits Large, Upper Arm

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Pyle Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable Automatic Standard Cuff Fits Large, Upper Arm.

  • DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY: The electrical bluetooth high blood pressure monitor machine presents a clear digital LCD display screen revealing easy to check out and accurate pulse rate, diastolic and systolic pressure. Likewise includes full date and time display settings
  • STORES 99 READINGS: The automatic high blood pressure tracker permits you to store and see as much as 99 high blood pressure readings per user. It has a 4 individual memory and permits you to see typical daily, weekly, and month-to-month high blood pressure readings
  • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT DETECTION: The BP monitor is geared up w/ irregular heart beat detection, alarm clock reminder, auto shut off power conserving function, and low battery indication. It can be likewise powered by A/C power adaptor (not consisted of)
  • 1-TOUCH INFLATION: Start using your portable high blood pressure meter as quickly as you open package. Simple one touch button operation makes it easy to start. To use, cover your arm with the cuff and simply press the button for inflation
  • Note: Blood pressure differs continuously due to numerous factors consisting of stress, time of day, and how you cover the cuff, might impact your high blood pressure

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pyle Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable Automatic Standard Cuff Fits Large, Upper Arm.

Question Question 1

Where Do We Buy A 6 Volt Air Conditioning Adapter?

we didn’t buy a 6 volt air conditioner adapter, we use Batteries.

Question Question 2

Does This Cuff Fit A Child? We Need It To Fit Our 8 Years Of Age.?

It fit our 9 years of age however the system didn’t work so we returned it.

Question Question 3

How To Shut Down Our Pyle Health Monitor After Use?

It is simple. Please describe page 7 in the manual that discusses shutting off the clock display. If the clock is switched off it will automatically power off. If it is switched on it will stay shown.

Question Question 4

Is It Compatible With Samsung Health App?

we have an iPhone and it worked withthat Nevertheless, we would warn you – we took it to our doctor to see if the readings corresponded with theirs and it was way off. Regrettably, we waited to long to return it due to the fact that we wished to make certain on the readings. we can’ t advise this.

Question Question 5

Its Possible Wal Mount?

we needed to return my own as it didn’t work properly.

Question Question 6

What Is The Bluetooth Combining Pin??

There is no factor to set with this system, please listen. Just turn on BT on your phone. Download the Andesfit health app. Then Press the high blood pressure icon on the app, take a reading and the system will automatically set and transfer information to the app. There is no need to set with the device prior to taking a reading.

Question Question 7

We Can Modification The Cuff By A Smaller Sized One. The Size Of The Arm Of Our Child Is 20.5 Cm, 8″ Aprox. Aditionally,Can You Offer United States The Cuff Smaller Sized?

our do not operate at all the time one.

Question Question 8

What Size Is The Cuff?

19 by 6 inches.

Question Question 9

Can We Use It With An Imac?

the software is Android and iOS compatible.Your Bluetooth device must have Bluetooth version 4.0 or betterApplication Supports iPhones, iPads, and iPad Minwe (Compatible with iOS 6 & Later On) Likewise Supports Android Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 (Compatible with Android 4.3 & Later On)

Question Question 10

We Purchased Just Recently, Not Working Reveals Mistake And A 3 On Screen, Replaced Batteries Still Offering Mistake?

we attempted a number of times all various ways. None of them worked.Always revealed the mistake message. we sent my own back and got a refund

Question Question 11

Compatible With Samsung Health?

Quality is extremely low

Question Question 12

Does This Sync With Apple Health App?

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your technical support demand, your business is extremely crucial to us.We do not presently provide technical support. Nevertheless, the producer has the ability to work with these products hands-on and offer the know-how you will need to solve this problem. Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your technical support demand, your business is extremely crucial to us.We do not presently provide technical support. Nevertheless, the producer has the ability to work with these products hands-on and offer the know-how you will need to solve this issue.For your benefit, we have consisted of the manufacture’s contact information to help you with your demand: https://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PHBPB20/Bluetooth-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-with- Downloadable-Health-Tracking- AppSupport Phone: 718-535-1800 If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Genuinely, Sales1510

Question Question 13

Can Somebody Provide United States The Range Of The Cuff Size On The Standard Cuff That Includes This Device (I.E. 9-13 Cm, Etc)?

Yes. Mine came with a cuff size of 22 cm – 34 cm

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Pyle Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable Automatic Standard Cuff Fits Large, Upper Arm, these may be helpful for better understanding.

* upgrade below * preliminary quality and performance appear good. The readings have corresponded and reasonably accurate – however this system is extremely conscious cuff positioning. The bpm link to our iphone and the pyle app through bluetooth with no problems. This system checks out the systolic (upper) pressure a few points high based upon contrasts with medical facility bpms, however some of that might be the finickiness of the cuff positioning. The diastolic measurement appears to be right, however is likewise conscious cuff positioning. The cuff that came with our bpm is a little on the bigger side with regard to the quantity of the arm that is covered. We are reasonably brief guy with reasonably brief arms, with a bigger than typical circumference. This makes it a little challenging to get the optimal and needed one inch range from the within elbow crease. The even more you are away from the 1 inch positioning (in either instructions – towards or away from the elbow crease) – the greater the reading. We manage just great, however if you have a smaller sized arm – you will need a smaller sized cuff, otherwise you will not get accurate readings. Furthermore, this cuff will not work with kids. The only substantial critic that we presently have is the reality the app likewise reveals other health monitoring choices, however you need to buy their particular gadgets in order for those functions to work. In other words – you can not by hand go into in worths for your weight, bmi, blood-glucose and cholesterol worths – which we find a bit on the bothersome side. If they upgrade the app to permit for manual input of health indication worths – and this system keeps operating in addition to it has – then we will upgrade our evaluation to 5 stars. * upgrade * we have observed the cuff’s measurements trending a little greater gradually, and it appears a little more conscious positioning. We compare our readings with the readings at our regional clinic (using a professional bp monitor) and readings reclaimed to back reveal this bp monitor keeps reading the high side (particularly the systolic reading). We have likewise experienced through many readings that the measurements will differ substantially with only an inch distinction in positioning (towards or away from the elbow crease), and if the cuff touches the side of your chest throughout measurement. We still find this to be a reasonably accurate bp monitor, however we advise you take it with you to every doctor/clinic see to see how well it compares to a clinical bpm – so that you can gauge if there is any distinction in your bpm and so the clinical personnel can provide you guidelines to make sure appropriate positioning and reading analysis.

Was the very best meter we have ever gotten. Really easy to use and it has large numbers for those people that can’ t see that well lol. We take that back. It really draws as it is not adjusted and offers you incorrect readings.

Basically with gift cards and credits we got this for free. It works, it corresponds after 4 succeeding readings. App leaves much to be preferred. We would state it deserves $20

The product works great, we like that it will link to our phone bluetooth ideal way with the app we downloaded, works great was delivered fast and got here on time, would advise to any one,.

Functions for us. Just what we required. Easy to setup and use. Accuracy seems good.

It works great for what we need.

Great little monitor. Truly like the bluetooth user interface which let’s us keep a record of our bp on our mobile phone.

It works extremely well.

While we like that this is a bluetooth made it possible for device (the more ‘techy’ a tool is he better we tend to like it) we are mad that the systolic measurement is far greater than it must be. It is not accurate regrettably. The diastolic and pulse are right. Update: we found that if we make certain the hose accessory is not securely placed, it offers a synthetically high reading. Pushing it into the system prior to measuring repaired the incorrect readings. If you make certain both your arm and the system are at the very same level, and both a little above heart level the system will check out properly presuming you have the ideal size cuff and have it located properly.

Shipment was within 6 hours of purchased. Gotten the product and had problem getting the app on our phone. The business called us and strolled us through all steps to get the app on our phone. The high blood pressure cuff is working completely now and the app is on our phone.

About a month ago we purchased this bluetooth smart high blood pressure monitor with the intent to go provide it to our moms and dads for them to use. When we offered it to them they were extremely happy about it and they did inquire about the bluetooth element of monitor. Our papa has an iphone so that is not offered to him however he chose it was okay due to the fact that he had the ability to see that he might conserve the information on the monitor in addition to get the average on the monitor too. Our mommy was just happy that she would have her heart rate monitor and that it would not be impacted if it was not linked to a phone. On the video you can view as we play with the averages and switch in between the various ‘pages’. The pages are really various individuals’ recordings, when we understood that it might hold up to 4 individuals information we instantly registered to be page 3. We have a good time taking our high blood pressure due to the fact that we primarily like seeing the little heart when it reads our heart rate, plus its great to know your high blood pressure is normal. When you get your monitor we highly advise that you check out the guidelines, they are easy to comprehend. Our family and we are both extatic that we had the ability to buy pyle health monitor with a discount rate in exchange for our true and objective evaluation.

We acquired this system for examining our high blood pressure and we wished to keep records to reveal our doctor. If you reveal signs of hypertension as we do, this device might permit you to live a a lot longer life. We take a reading one or two times a week and reveal the outcomes to our doctor each time we see him. With this system we are able to conserve all the information and see any problems or persisting phenomena. If you are like me, the doctor might advise you to leave out certain food/drink from your diet or reduce intake of very same. Or he might recommend medication to control your high blood pressure, as absence of control will add to extremely severe medical issues such as heart issues for openers. He might likewise prompt you to exercise a bit. The price of this item is cash well invested for you and your family. We are composing this evaluation to discuss the bt connection. We likewise own the pyle scale that links to the very same app. We are able to keep an eye on our weight and our high blood pressure on the very same app and neither device requires pairing with our phone. The device and the app set automatically when you take a measurement of your weight or high blood pressure.

Exceptional and easy to use. Links to phone great through bluetooth. Highly advise.

Goodproduct Functions well. Possibly might work without batteries (internal battery or air conditioner energy).

It is wonderful.

Exceptional product like the smooth connection to our iphone for trending and reporting high blood pressure to our main doctor. In general good product.

Easy to use. Record of pressure reading we would an impressive function.

This is an great device. We use it 3 times a week works like a beauty.

We like the product up until now. We are getting constant however incorrect readings. The paperwork does not do much to help. After some research on the internet we found out that if you get readings that are regularly too expensive it is frequently brought on by an arm cuff that is too small. If you get readings that are regularly too low it’s frequently brought on by an arm cuff that is too large. Presently we are in the procedure of looking for a properly sized arm cuff for us. If we find one that repairs the problem we will increase our ranking by one star. We would provide another star for better paperwork. We like the android app. It permits the export of information in csv format and in pdf format. The csv format is tough to check out nevertheless it is a perfect format to import into a spreadsheet. When in a spreadsheet it can be quickly controlled in any style you like. The pdf export format is good if you want something easy to check out. That will permit us to take the information to our doctor if we wish to in the future. In general we would have offered this product a perfect rating if the following were repaired. Better paperwork. More accurate readings. (may be fixable with the right arm cuff. We will upgrade later on if this works. )upgrade 1: we just got a response from client service. It took days and then when we got the response we felt as though they hardly glanced at our support ticket. The response they sent us may have been computer system created. It had to do with a watch despite the fact that we plainly defined the high blood pressure monitor by design number. We checked the design number on their website and the one we provided is right. We are waiting for a 2nd response. Update 2: we got a 2nd not so handy response from client service. This time it really seemed like they were paying attemtion. Generally they stated send it back. Our research on the web recommended that because our outcomes were regularly too expensive a bigger arm cuff may help. When we examined versus the arm cuff that came with the device it appeared our arm would fit by their computations however our arm just hardly suit their suggestion. We spoke to two various pharmacist. The first pharmacist checked our high blood pressure using her machine and then using mine. She stated size must not be a concern. When she determined our bp she put the cuff around our lower arm. We have never ever seen that prior to however the systolic outcomes were 30 points closer to our medical professionals outcomes( an hour previously) then they were when we did the very same test at the medical professionals workplace using pyles positioning suggestion. The pharmacist compared the reading she took( cuff around our lower arm) to the measurement she took with her machine. Only a 14 point distinction in systolic. She stated that was an appropriate distinction and it was a huge enhancement in accuracy. The other pharmacist stated size may cause a distinction. He asked our arm size and at his suggestion we purchased the following product at our regional drug store. It lay behind the counter there. Http://www. Com/omron-h003 d-large-adult-accessory/ dp/b00009 zy40/ ref= sr_1_1? ie= utf8 & qid =1409445915 & sr= 8-1 & keywords= omron+ large+ cuffas a test with the new cuff we examined the pyle reading versus the reading at the drug store. We have done this two times and it was within 2 points systolic the very first time and within 7 points the 2nd. We think that is well within the appropriate range of mistake or potentially just a the outcome of our high blood pressure changing a little. Due to the fact that of bad customer support and due to the fact that or the extra expense of the replacement cuff we will not provide this product 5 stars. Other producers let you select the cuff that comes with the meter. If your arm is 15 inches or bigger we do not think we would trouble with this device. Must you still want it inspect the outcomes and get a properly sized arm cuff. We plan to assess this versus bp results we get at our medical professionals workplace and we will upgrade.

Great bp established. We like the bluetooth ability and software. Paperwork is a little doing not have, nevertheless; can’ t figure out how to return into the physical profile to enter our height. Nor can we figure out if the device is really closing down; information and date/time are still showed even after sitting over night. Is it expected to?05 dec, upgrade; individuals at pyle really do check out these evaluations. Got an e-mail on how to turn off the display. All we needed to do read the instructions a little more carefully. The thing is working extremely well. We would advise it. R3.

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