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RUNDOING Smart Watch for Fitness Tracker with Sleep/Heart Rate Monitor

RUNDOING Smart Watch for Fitness Tracker with Sleep/Heart Rate Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of RUNDOING Smart Watch for Fitness Tracker with Sleep/Heart Rate Monitor.

  • 1.4 inch color LCD screen ‘- With a 1.4 inch color screen and intelligent Bottom touch screen (Not full touch screen) manages rather of the traditional push button design, the Smartwatch is a lot easier to check out and run. In the app ‘H band’ there are 7 main user interfaces to pick from, you can use it on various events, like sports, celebration, work, treking, taking a trip and so on.
  • [Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Measurement, Monitoring Sleep] – Automatically and properly monitor your high blood pressure and heart rate in genuine time, monitor sleep quality in a prompt way, let you see present information in the watch and view historic information in the application. In addition, the fitness bracelet can record the variety of steps, range and calories burned. Help establish the ideal training program and improve your lifestyle.
  • Call & Message Reminder ‘- Offers suggestions on your phone messages and calls (However can not react), consisting of SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram Twitter, etc.), If Fitness Tracker and the phone have been effectively linked, you only need to open the News Push in the app, the watch will vibrate to inform you when the phone gets a message or a call. Help correspond with others and not miss out on any essential news.
  • IP68 Waterproof & Durable Battery ‘- With IP68 waterproof function, Sports Watch can fully satisfy your daily requirements, consisting of hand cleaning, bathing, swimming, etc. Approximate. 2 hours charging time and 5-7 days running time. The Bluetooth Smartwatch is geared up with a USB magnetic charging cable television, easy to charge.
  • Guarantee & Compatibility ‘- The Fitness watch can link with most mobile phones with the system of iOS 8.0 or greater, Android 4.4 or greater and Bluetooth 4.0 or greater. We provide 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, However please message us first when you have issue using the watch, to prevent misconception

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on RUNDOING Smart Watch for Fitness Tracker with Sleep/Heart Rate Monitor.

Question Question 1

Does This Work For Iphones?

Yes it does work well for iPhones, however the watch is not extremely durable the watch battery split onMe after using it for a month.

Question Question 2

Is It Dital Time Or Analog?

This is not digital time.

Question Question 3

We Purchased And Im Using Oppo Reno2, And Its Android Version 9. We Conncet However If Not Full Function Like Wen We Link In Samsung Phone.What Can We Do?


Question Question 4

Where We Can Get A Screen Protector For This Watch And Accesories?

We do not offer screen protectors for this watch. extremely sorry.

Question Question 5

Where Can You Get Various Bands For This Watch?

you can not alter bands on that watch.

Question Question 6

How To Trigger The Steps?

Amazing smart watch

Question Question 7

Does This Have The Breathing Control Function On This Watch?

It does not however it does work great:-RRB-

Question Question 8

Con Que Corres Es Compatible?

Si. Tengo un iPhone 6 plus y funciona bien.

Question Question 9

How Do We Get A New Charger For ThisWatch The One That Included It Stopped Charging?

Inspect where you prchased it, ir gogle taat watch and se if you can find one.,

Question Question 10

Our Watch Only Keeps Acharge Have The Day Do You Know Why?

we think its not a good watch and the band is not adjustable to a guy’s hand.

Question Question 11

Compatible Con Huawewe P30?

yes, it can

Question Question 12

Does It Deal With Oppo Reno2 Its Android Likewise, With Android 9 Version?

Uncertain, we use it for our iphone8

Question Question 13

Is It With Hebrew Support?

Idk purchased it for our hubby and he doesn t like it.

Question Question 14

Does It Have Aluminum Case?

The case of the watch is aluminum. However the watch box is not aluminum.

Question Question 15

Will This Watch Deal With Iphone 11?

The iPhone 11 is certainly offered. The watch can be linked to most mobile phones with iOS 8.0 or higher.Thank you quite for your question.

Question Question 16

Can We Shower With This?

You can only shower in cold water.

Question Question 17

What Are The Sports Mode?

Hi There Ana, we do not use it however it appears like a timer for when tou donyour exercise

Question Question 18

How To Trigger The Calories And Find The Phone?

Thru the App

Question Question 19

Se Le Puede Cambiarla Correa?


Question Question 20

We Had An Apple Smartwatch Series 3And Lost It.Id Like To Change With A Comparable Watch However Only Want To Pay $150, What Do You Suggest?

Waiting for a reconditioned product.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on RUNDOING Smart Watch for Fitness Tracker with Sleep/Heart Rate Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like it since it tracks your steps and it tracks your steps and it your heart beats your sleep quality all in one we have hypertension and it will inform us when our heart is beating to fast and it a reminder to take our medicine so we don t have a tack so we are super happy we got the watch whatever is touch screen it came with a protector for the screen so thats cool thanks for reading.

We definitely enjoy this watch and it looks a lot like an apple watch. The app works so well and it always provides our notifications as quickly as gotten. The band likewise fits with other brand names also. For the cost we highly suggest this watch. Just so you know if you unintentionally close the app in your phone you will need to open back up and reconnect for your watch to work and if we do to the next space in our home without our phone with us our watch will let us know that is not linked. We enjoy this watch.

In spite of the truth that it states that the bands can not be altered, if you acquire a cover for your case * which is 38 mm * and the skins that comes with case and band you can alter it. Has good battery life, the app works great. We enjoyed this purchase.

Great product for the cost. Purchased as a gift for our 9 years of age. She ‘d been desiring a smart watch and something comparable to fitbit for health activity. This was an amazing buy.

Love our smart watch, good quality and extremely inexpensive.

Watch worked splendidly and was extremely quite. Only factor we offered it 4 stars is since we can no longer use it the metal and band is made out of something that made our wrist get a rash.

Initially we were not pleased with our watch and the business reached out and put in the time to make it right. Not only did they ask us about our concerns however they sent us a new watch. Thank you & we highly suggest this watch.?????.

Amazing all the important things this watch does. Bought it for our child who was pleading for an apple watch and she enjoys it.

We were considering purchasing the apple watch however we are happy we didn’t. We didn’t need whatever on the apple watch, all we desired was to see time, steps and messages and it does all of this. We don t need to respond to text, we just wish to read it if our roomie or member of the family need to speak with us or upgrade us on strategies.

Got this for our child, in general a good smart watch for the cost.

Truly cant rate it yet. Cant figure the important thingsout Directions not worth a damn. Does not wish to link to phone.

We think every buddy who likes sports need to buy this watch, since it is actually customized for individuals who like sports. Highly recommended.

Ok so it s a great watch all around and it s hard to see where the bezel and the screen fulfills which we think makes it appear more quality and premium and the mobile link app h band might be better however it s all around alrightlike the watch thanks.

The smart watch looks precisely like shown in the website, easy to use.


Excelente producto lo recomiendo.

Fits conveniently. The app does not work much with a google pixel phone, however still a good product.

Good relation expense vs revenue. Better battery period than iwatch. Touch screen with good touch, however short in alternativesnice appearance.

Got this for our relative and she enjoys it.

We actually like this watch this is a great smart watch. We would certainly suggest to others.

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