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Russ Brandon Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Full Touch Color Screen

Russ Brandon Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Full Touch Color Screen, Waterproof Pedometer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Russ Brandon Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Full Touch Color Screen, Waterproof Pedometer.

  • 10 sports mode ‘Stroll, Stepper,Outdoor Flight, Indoor Flight,Outdoor Run,Outdoor Stroll, Indoor Run, Indoor Stroll, Elliptial Fitness Instructor and Rowing Machine.
  • 1.54 INCH LARGE SCREEN ‘This male smartwatch including a 1.54 inch full-touch color screen. High delicate large HD color screen make it easy to run and offer you clear insights to the display. There is 5 stylish clock desktop for you to pick
  • Multi- function ‘Heart rate and sleep monitor, high blood pressure function, pedometer, calories, range, message and call reminder, alarm clock, inactive reminder, remote cam and music control, IP67 waterproof
  • FAST CHARGING, LONG STANDBY TIME ‘2 hours charge, > 7 days use, 15 days standby time. 200 mAh large battery, while the watch is slim with a lightweight. With ingenious magnetic charging technique, quickly change to charging mode within 1sts
  • Never Ever Miss Important Notifications ‘With the bluetooth connection you keep your smart device and smartwatch linked to eachother Get all your inbound call and message notifications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. on your watch. Never ever miss out on essential notifications once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Russ Brandon Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Full Touch Color Screen, Waterproof Pedometer.

Question Question 1

Does This Watch Fit And Is It Compatible With Replacement Apple Watch Bands?

Yes we think it would be

Question Question 2

Is Alexa On This Phone?

No there is not Alexa on this smart watch

Question Question 3

Q Correas Kid Compatibles Para Este Reloj.?

Las de iPhone

Question Question 4

Por Que La Aplicación H Band Desde El Android Se Desconecta Tantono Hay Otra Aplicaciones Para Descargarla Al Celular Android?


Question Question 5

Do You Need To Have It Linked To A Phone For It To Work The Exact Same?

No however you can’ t keep an eye on your daily information unless its links to your phone

Question Question 6

Can You Make Calls?

NO you can’ t make calls, you only accept call remind.

Question Question 7

Is This Compatible With Iphone?

it can compatible with Iphone

Question Question 8

Does This Has Replacement Watch Bands? Does It Fit The Apple Watch Band?

it does’ t has replacement watch bands, however can fit apple watch band.

Question Question 9

Is This Watch Compatible With Galaxy S9Plus?

Our smart watch compatible withios 8.2 above and android 4.4 above, so it can compatible with galaxy s9plus, if you have any issue please inform us by e-mail.

Question Question 10

Is This Watch Compatible With Iphone 7+?

Yes our smart watch compatible with iPhone 7+

Question Question 11

Can You Download Extra Various Faces For The Watch?

yes you can download more deals with and it is essential to have the app “RS Intention”

Question Question 12

How Long Does It Require To Charge?

Charge Time about 1-2 hours

Question Question 13

What Is The Range Range The Watch Has With Your Phone? Don T See Those Specifications. Do You Have To Have Your Phone Near The Watch?

Yes you need to have your phone near to the watch, abot 1-3 meters

Question Question 14

Is This Compatible With Samsung Keep In Mind 9?

Yes it can compatible with Samsung Keep In Mind 9.

Question Question 15

How And Where Can We Get A Replacement Watch Band??

dont trouble this watch is scrap does not measure miles properly

Question Question 16

What Size Band Do We Buy For A Replacement Band?

our smart watch size is 34 mm, if you have any issue please inform us.we will attempt our best to fix it.

Question Question 17

Can You Check Out Text Messages And Can Swim With It?


Question Question 18

Where Is The Apt For Texting?

You can not text from your watch however you can see the message that you get from your cellular phone on your watch, go to the app, click” mine “, then” message notification” and click” sms” so it is on

Question Question 19

Battery Life For Mine Only Lasts About 1-2Days It Takes About 2-3 Hours To Charge. Anybody Else Have Exact Same Problem?

Charging time doesn t take that long however battery life isn’t as long as assured. Mine passed away within 4ish days and all we utilized it for was time, steps, and heart beat check.

Question Question 20

Where Can We Find Various Covers For This Watch?

on the watch at the menu, Other Setting and you pick “Change Style”

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Russ Brandon Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Full Touch Color Screen, Waterproof Pedometer, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like it. The pink is not really bright like on the photo, however it s even better, it is more like a pale pink. Really soft to the touch. The design looks a lot like apple watch. It works completely with measuring steps, heart rate and even high blood pressure. If you switch on the function, it reveals you the messages you get. Likewise the tracking of your sleep is really handy function. It was really easy to match it with our iphone. We had actually miband 3 prior to and it didn’t work good, this one is a great replacement forthat Absolutely advise.

We had a fitbit prior to and we required to change it with something. So we were looking for a charming smart watch. We saw this watch and it looked super adorable so we chose to attempt it. It was a little hard to connect the band to the watch, once we figured it out it was smooth cruising. The color of the band is more pale pink that photos, which we like better and the watch has a lot more functions than we anticipated. You can choose various user interface for the watch, which we like. You can count your steps, see the number of calories you scorched, monitor your sleep, read your text and muchmore We have not done checking out all the alternatives this watch offers yet. The app that goes with this watch is easy to set up and it is self explanatory. We had this watch for over a week and up until now we have no grumbles.

Excellent watch. Strong battery life) we like that it counts steps daily and track our sleep. It is really beneficial to me. Likewise, look cool on the hand.

This is a great smart watch, we do not do fitness, we need this watch so we do not miss out on calls and messages. The watch works with all messengers and even instagram. The watch has numerous vibration modes for inbound notifications. The watch is light and comfy thanks to a smooth selicon strap. The strap can be quickly changed with any other, it is universal.

This is our first smart watch and we take pleasure in. The watch comes with an extremely adorable box that looks really professional at the rate of this watch we anticipated it to have simple functions and not a long battery life, however this watch beat all our expectations. It has a great battery life and has most of the functions of other high rate watches. After offering the birth, we are doing our workouts, running and need count our steps. And this watch helps us to make our life simpler ).

Functions great with android. It holds battery for a very long time. The setup was easy. We likewise like that it is thinner and not as large as a great deal of smart watches. Cost is affordable.

We do not like composing evaluations however we do like this watch. Has whatever and the app sync works great compare to the last watch we had actually purchased. It monitor your hr & bp. Accurate and truly does a good task when you stroll, run, and it does exceptional steps counting. Many people believes it’s an apple watch?? however they are intriguing in getting one so we share the link to our whatsapp to our pals. Hope you men would be comfy with our evaluations on our purchasing this product for yourself.

Really cool smartwatch. Fell in love with them as quickly as we got package. Really thoroughly sealed, ideal for a gift. We bought with a pink strap, the color is really delicate, you can pick which user interface you like. Hold the charge for a very long time, look really cool and comfy on the hand. Using the application, it is really easy to integrate with the phone, and this, in turn, is really hassle-free, notifications pertain to the clock, and this specifically helps when you are driving) it is likewise really hassle-free to monitor your health.

We got this watch as a present for our child s 11 th birthday and she likes it. It looks similar to an apple watch however without the expense. The only distinction is that you can t address the call or texts from the watch however you ll still get a notification. All the other functions are just the very same. The size is likewise perfect.

We like this watch. It does so numerous things. Among the very best things we like is that our texts and call come through on it. Which is great when you’re at work and can’ t always be at your phone. There is an alarm on it which helps either wake you up in the early morning or advise you to do something by vibrating on your wrist. It has the heart monitor, step tracker, exercise tracker, and let’s you know when you have been sitting too long and need to get up and do something besides sitting. This is a great watch and a great rate.

We have been using the product now for 10 days and we have found out the following cons about it. 1) it detaches itself multiple times a day and appear to be counting steps even if we are sitting idle the entire day. 2) it does not always offer us a notification for inbound calls and messages. 3) not able to control the music although there is such choice to do so4) app requires an upgrade huge time now. Provided all it’s okay an offer at all. Greatest pro being it looks precisely comparable to iwatch and feels in hand too.

It does not keep an eye on our sleep schedule, although the program is on there. It appears to think we must sleep after the sun decreases. Not possible. We work the night shift. It likewise does not have the spotify app on there, or a way to get it on there, although purchased it for this function. Dissapointed. We have a $30 watch that currently does allthat We invested the $56 on this one due to the fact that we were attempting toupgrade We are hoping these software issues will be repaired. We need the spotify control function to use at work.

We purchased this fitness tracker for our relative as a gift for her new fitness activity. She likes the design, it has all the functions she requires, counts steps, the number of calories you invested, range you stroll, your heart beat, high blood pressure, find phone. The pink version is really girly and goes with any lady’s clothing. And the very best is the battery life. She charges them like only ones a week. Really pleased with this purchase. Highly recommended.

We are truly happy with this purchase, it is easy to use throughout an exercise or walking, we got it to mainly help us with our exercises due to the fact that it counts the steps, range, the heart rate and touchscreen works great with no bugs, we like that it is water evidence and we can swim with it on, we sanctuary t attempted it yet, however may upgrade if something fails later on. We likewise didn’t know that it can work getting call and texts if you link it to your phone. Actually worth. We advise.

We like the watch it s whatever we were looking for buuut our main problem is we do not get our notifications it reveals when somebody calls however not our text or absolutely nothing and that makes us upset cause that s among the factor we got it cause our phone is always in our pocket or in our bag however other than that this watch is whatever we are happy we got this than costs over 400 for an apple it s really important for women specifically if you wish to broaden your family thank you.

We can not figure out how to alter our objectives. We set it for 2000 steps. We need it to be 1000 steps. Manual is small & needs to use magnifying glass?? to check out. So far we like this quite. It doesn t do whatever a fitbit does, nevertheless it has functions that aren t on fitbit versas. On edit we did figure out how to alter our objectives & figured out why we get that image we published. It suggests you re away from our phone & we can sync it to our phone when we return.

Great watch. We required just those simple for the sport. They look good on the hand, hold the battery for a very long time. There were problems with the setup of the strap, however whatever is great and the strap is really hassle-free. Really great delicate pink color.

Had actually never ever had a lot control of our sport and health life. On the screen we can see our heartbeat, and exercise. Alternatives likewise reveal us our high blood pressure – who know how it s being done however it s super cool. Alternatives for rest time management and women s days something we are excited to check out and use. Thrilled to learn more about this watch.

Exelente, lo compre con duda pero creo que fue una buena elección, la batería dura, es una buena compra que hice no us arrepiento. E comprado otros modelos y us han decepcionado. Creo que hice una buena compra hasta le cambié las correas, todo lo que indica en las instrucciones eso es lo que hace. Se los recomiendo.

We purchased this watch for our child who desired an apple watch. This watch is great if you do not wish to invest what it cost to buy an apple watch. It synchronizes great to our child’s iphone and she likes it. The battery life is great and all of the functions work great. We would advise this watch to anybody looking for a more economical fitness watch than an apple watch.

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