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SIKADEER Fitness Tracker

SIKADEER Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SIKADEER Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Multiple Function ’24 hour constant Heart rate and Blood pressure monitor, Sleep monitor, Pedometer, Calorie counter, Step counter, Bluetooth Call reminder, Caller’s name display, Caller ID display, Turn down respond to the phone, Call & SMS message notification,Health tracker, Inactive reminder, Remote Electronic camera, Alarm, Countdown, Stop-watch, Female physiological duration reminder.
  • All- day Activity Tracking ‘Properly records your activity information such as steps, range, calories burned and weekly/monthly information, you can see your targets at a glimpse permitting you to control your rhythm of exercise, making your exercise more effective.
  • Heart rate monitoring & sleep tracking ‘The fitness tracker can automatically monitor your daily real-time heart rate, and track your sleep quality status to get a better understanding of your health.
  • Great battery life & Compatibility ‘The fitness tracker geared up with 1 charging cable televisions, it takes about 1 hours to full power and standby time can depend on 5-8 days. App supports cellular phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above( not for tablet). Support group: iPhone (not for iPad) iOS 8.0 above,Android 4.4 above( Samsung LG HTC Huawei etc).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SIKADEER Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor.

Question Question 1

How About Waterproof Performance?

Its works great after cleaning your hands and even in the rain.

Question Question 2

Can He Program The Heart Rate?


Question Question 3

How Long Does It Last On A Charge? Good Quality?

1. The standby time can depend on 5-8 days at full power.2. The strap is made from skin-friendly and soft silicone, comfy and durable. The fitness tracker is really firmly sealed to prevent dust and water

Question Question 4

How Is The Battery Life Of This Product?

2 hours can be fully charged, One charge can supply you with as much as 7 days of work time.

Question Question 5

Any Other Way That We Can Contact You?


Question Question 6

Our Call And Sms Won T Work. Any Tips? We Have It Set To Display However So Far Absolutely Nothing?

Switch on all authorizations, consisting of video camera. we had the exact same concerns

Question Question 7

How Long Will The Battery Last?

About 4 days

Question Question 8

Can We Have Wallpaper, Please?

It has a few various choices. However you can’ t make your own

Question Question 9

Do We Just Press The Symbol On Front To Switch on Since We Have Been Pushing And Absolutely Nothing Begins?

Yeah, make certain it’s charged. And after that press the button for 10 sec

Question Question 10

What About The Function Of The Watch?

Not accurate on our system.

Question Question 11

Can You Modification The Clock Face?

Yes. There are few various design choices

Question Question 12

How Long Is The Band? Is It Made For Large Wrists?

it is made for large wrist. It Is long enough.

Question Question 13

How Is The Quality Of The Product?


Question Question 14

We Just Got OurWatch Our Android Will Not Download The App, States It Threatens. Anybody Else Have This Issue?

What do you suggest harmful? Mine downloaded fine on our Iphone.It turns out we are alergic to the tracking back.

Question Question 15

Can You See Overall Daily Calories Burned?

Yes.It has that function.

Question Question 16

Does This Watch Capture Your Actual Heart Rhythms?

No. It will do a reasonable task of tracking pulse and steps. The high blood pressure not even close.we attempted numerous of the generic (more affordable) trackers and was dissatisfied by both.Finally broke down and bought a name brand. It did not have the high blood pressure, however provided good information consisting of in-depth sleep phases an O2 No. It will do a reasonable task of tracking pulse and steps. The high blood pressure not even close.we attempted numerous of the generic (more affordable) trackers and was dissatisfied by both.Finally broke down and bought a name brand. It did not have the high blood pressure, however provided good information consisting of in-depth sleep phases an O2 variation while sleeping. Don t waste your cash on the low-cost replicas.

Question Question 17

Is This Watch Waterproof?

Yes, IP68 Waterproof

Question Question 18

How To Switch On H Band?

after you charge it there is a rectangular shape on the bottom just touch it and a huge green button should show up for power

Question Question 19

How Long Will It Last On A Charge? Is It Easy To Run?

Extremely easy to run, It last us about two days

Question Question 20

How Long Can This Watch Be Charged For One Time?

2 hours can be fully charged, One charge can supply you with as much as 7 days of work time.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on SIKADEER Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This watch is amazing. We have purchased two other( more affordable) fitness trackers in the past that were okay, however this one is a lot more accurate, practical and streamlined. We think the important things we like the most is the magnetic charger. No take apart required, and it comes with two of them just incase you lose one. It offer it 10 * s if possible.

Stunning sikadeer water resistant sports watch that you can use to monitor your altereal pressure, heart rate when you sleep or when you exercise, steps, calories, etc. It likewise has gps that will help you with range and speed in genuine time when you stroll or run. Download the application on android or iphone so you can record whatever you do with your sports watch. With a charge of 1 to 2 hours, you can use it for around 5 to 8 days. It includes 2 usb cable televisions to charge it and the user’s manual that will make it much easier to set the watch.

We want to discuss, that if your battery life is less as you ‘d like, switch off the continuous bp and hr monitoring. We are puzzled, we checked out the unfavorable evaluations from 3 stars on down. We had no genuine difficulty establishing this fitness tracker. Yes, we needed to go over the menus a couple times however it’s new to me, what do you anticipate. Not exactly sure how accurate it is yet. We can inform you that no wrist bp is going to be proper so keep that in mind. The unfavorable evaluations stated that the bp or hr didn’t appear on the watch however it does. Comes with two cables for charging, some one stated it didn’t. We presume they ought to as for an exchange. Our guess is somebody returned one and they got the return??? our best guess. We purchased one for a buddy of mine and it turns out we paid more for hers and we wound up with the exact same fitness tracker. Up until now, we are all in on this one.

Our evaluation is based on comparing the $124 fitbit charge 3 and the $26 sikadeer fitness tracker and using a samsung galaxy note 8; we are 5’10” and 185 pounds for reference. Here are the functions and how they compare to each other after a week’s use each:1. Display: the sikadeer has the exact same height however really somewhat narrower screen than the charge 3. Nevertheless the sikadeer has a color screen while the charge 3 is black and white. The sikadeer, we feel has a cleaner and much easier to check out appearance. Winner = sikadeer2. Alleviate of use/intuitive: we went through both gadgets without reading the guidelines first. With the sikadeer whatever appeared really instinctive other than including the timer and stop-watch works to the device (needed to go into settings on the phone app), and needing to wait 30 seconds to get a high blood pressure reading. The charge 3 was somewhat more instinctive however insufficient to state it the winner; likewise the charge 3 does not have high blood pressure ability anyhow. You can not switch off the charge 3; only way is to run out the battery. Why? you can switch off the sikadeer. Winner = tie3. Step and range tracking: we took about a half-mile walk and the charge 3 determined 1311 steps and 0. 6 mi. The sikadeer determined 1,278 and 0. 6 miles. That’s only a 2. 5% distinction in steps and we weren’t ready to count them by hand however we think the true response depends on between as the charge 3 appeared to be more on the high-side. Winner = tie4. Stop-watch, alarms and timer: both the sikadeer and charge 3 work the like far as the stop-watch and alarms go. With the countdown timers the charge 3 only appears to do as much as 60 minutes, whereas the sikadeer can do up to 24 hours. Winner = sikadeer5. Waterproof: both gadgets worked great throughout and after 10-15 minute showers. We have not attempted swimming however both gadgets ought to reasonable the exact same. Winner = tie6. Heart rate and high blood pressure: both gadgets appear to be relatively accurate with the heart rate, with the charge 3 running a little on the high side by about 4-5 beats. We just recently went to the doc and had a high blood pressure reading and the heart rate on their machine was right in between the two. Only the sikadeer can measure high blood pressure, and while it had to do with 10 lower than the high blood pressure cuff at the docs, it remains constant. No reason for a device that costs practically $100 more to not have this function. Taking a look at you charge 3. Winner = sikadeer7. Sleep monitoring: the sikadeer only determines deep and light sleep. The charge 3 steps rapid eye movement, light and deep sleep. The charge 3 was likewise more accurate with the wake and bedtime. The sikadeer still believed we were sleeping 20 minutes after we awakened. The charge 3 likewise enters into a lot more information in its app with bar charts and portions of each kind of sleep and a 30- day average. Winner = charge38 Getting sms, phone and other informs: this was not instinctive for either device. Both need you to make changes in their particular apps and the in phone settings for each app. The sikadeer began getting notifications instantly after setup. The charge 3 only got the call notifications instantly. Sms and other notifications only can be found in seldom with the charge 3; the sikadeer got all notifications. In its defense the charge 3 does not list the samsung note 8 as one of its supported phones. Versus the charge 3’s defense is the reality that the note 8 came out a year prior to the charge 3 and is among the greatest sellers for android phones. Over 10 million were offered in the first months. Winner = sikadeer9. Cost: the sikadeer costs $26 and can do whatever the charge 3 can and more, other than measure rapid eye movement. The charge 3 costs $124 and while it does measure sleep better, it falls brief in other locations. Winner = sikadeer ** note – some individuals have grumbled about the sikadeer disconnectingfrequently We too had this problem till we kept the app open. If you close the h band app then the sikadeer will detach. Keep the app open and it will stay linked throughout the day. ** so unless you need to measure the 30-120 minutes of rapid eye movement you get, we think the clear winner here is the sikadeer fitness tracker.

Here is the evaluation ‘wow wow and wow, we are so happy with this purchase. For only $24, we weren t anticipating for it to be this good. Our other half and we were thinking about getting a fitbit however believed we d conserve some cash by offering this a go and after testing it out, we needed to evaluate. Its performance is similar to a combo in between the fitbit and apple watch and we like it (without some apparent distinctions). We both work out every day and it has been great to get to track our heart rates/running steps on the band rather of needing to use devices. We have likewise showered with it on rather a few times and for now, the waterproof claim holds true as the performance hasn’t altered. Will upgrade later on if this changes. For this cost, it is well worth it and for anybody who works out frequently or doesn t want their phone in their hands all the time for notifications, we would certainly suggest it.

We are really amazed with this fitness tracker. We were just looking for something to track our steps and wasn t anticipating much due to the fact that of the low cost, however this has surpassed our expectations. This has a smooth design as most fitness trackers, and is really comfy to use. The display reveals the time, however when you swipe up it reveals steps, calories, miles, heart rate, and sleep. We have been playing with this throughout the day and the battery life only decreased one notch, so it needs to last 2-3 days on a charge. We would highly suggest.

Color was what we anticipated. The guidelines had colored photos and easy step-by step guidelines. Easy sync procedure to phone. Easy app dl. Functions on app are amazing, it will push us if we sanctuary t moved. Light weight so it monitors your sleep and it doesn t trouble me. It s currently set with time and we delighted in as soon as we input it advises what we want based upon weight and it height. First time using one and we like it and got here relatively rapidly. Prepared to fulfill our objectives.

We like our watch it helps us monitor our blood pressure-steps-heart rate with great accuracy. The only thing it does not succeed is track sleep that well. In order for this watch to track your sleep better we would recommend including an on & off tapping function so when your all set to sleep the watch can track your patterns with more accuracy. All in all this watch is perfect.

We just recently got this sikadeer fitness tracker. We marvelled how well it works. We have never ever had one previously. You must charge up the tracker first. Then get the app. Follow instructions and “bam” it works. Lots of functio?s from high blood pressure, steps, pulse, etc. We suggest getting amongthese We like the tracker likewise due to the fact that it is streamlined and has a good rubbery band.

This is a great fitness smart watch that can carry out loads of things. It is comfy to use and does not cause inflammation due to sweat like lots of other watches in its cost range. The uwe of the app is excellent. As a whole it is best fit for those who go to health club, travelling and running as it tracks our fitness objectives.

The watch itself is molded right into the silicone band and we like that it utilizes a correct buckle rather than some weak breeze. With the buckle, there s no possibility the watch is going to come off unintentionally. We have been using the product practically a week and here is what we foundout First of all, if you need basic smart watch function, it has whatever. However, do not anticipate luxury touch screen, due to the fact that it is not what it implied to be. Only one point touch to scroll in between the menus. Otherwise the screen is bright and legible under the sun. In general it is what we anticipated and will upgrade our evaluation if it stops working or stop working. Up until now so good and we are happy with our purchase.

There’s absolutely nothing to state about the quality. It’s been utilized for lots of days. The waterproof effect is excellent. It’s okay to clean your face and clean your hands. We have not attempted to take a bath. It’s really practical to measure the steps. We likewise like to use it. We can know our motion quickly. We have not lost our hope these days. All the functions are rather practical. All the functions have been evaluated. There’s no issue. The high blood pressure and heart rate are likewise really accurate, the standby time is long, the brightness is excellent, the screen is likewise large, and the display is practical.

This product is great and so fairly priced. We have been attempting to lose weight so we delight in the step counter and likewise like the gps include so we can track how far we ran. We likewise like that the high blood pressure and heart rate numbers are really near what we get from a stand alone monitor.

Best fitness tracker we have ever owned. We couldn’t wait to test the waterproof function. First thing we did was go for a swim with it on. It still works. It s a been a week. Extremely accurate and lovely looking. We have gotten lots of compliments on it. Highly suggest.

We definitely like it, specifically for the cost, the only factor it’s a 4 out of 5 is due to the fact that we can’ t get it to link to our phone unless our phone is really open and we are using it, for that reason we do not recieve any notifications from our phone nevertheless, that has made the battery last even longer we are on a week and two days now and the battery is still on half. The business has touched with us attempting to worth with the problem of connecting it with our phone which we value however truthfully, im not going to be fussy we have a costly fossil smart watch, we desired this one that would be more comfy to sleepwith All in all for the cash hell yea we would suggest this to anybody.

Good quality. Not comfy due to design and our wrist being small. The watch needs to be tight for it to get the vitals, properly. A circular or square design may be more comfy or a design in which the case is curved. We like the capability to monitor our heart rate and high blood pressure, in addition to our activity level. The sleep tracking has yet to be accurate; it is accurate possibly one day a week, ifthat We have 5 star, due to the fact that some of the concerns are unrelated to the quality of the watch. We want to see a more ergonomic design for smaller sized wrists. (the evaluation requires to provide a location to submit images from a phone. ).

We like the range of functions. We need to periodically close and resume the app then resync the device, due to it detaching suddenly. However it hasn’t been excessive of an issue. We only want it had an alternative to customize the heart rate monitor, like you can for the high blood pressure. It has a tough time precisely reading our pulse (we tend to run high at all times and it was typically 30 bpm too low). However in general we are rather delighted with this fitness tracker. Specifically for the cost. The battery lasts a bit over a week for us when fully charged, and the magnetic charger is a great touch. We do not need to stress over the charging port loosening from use.

Monitors activity, pulse, high blood pressure, and sleep amongst other things.

We purchased this to monitor our high blood pressure. It gets close adequate for our requirements as soon as you figure out the very best way to hold your hand/arm. It was easy to establish and we like that we do not need to keep it synced as soon as preliminary established is finished as we do not have our phone on us at work.

This is a lot easier to charge than all the rest where you need to separate the band and plug it into a female socket usb. The magnetic charging plug on the usb cable television sticks itself to the back of the case to charge it.

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