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Sivan Health and Fitness Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Sivan Health and Fitness Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sivan Health and Fitness Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set.

  • ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE MAT AND NECK PILLOW (GREEN) Offers countless stimulation points, for instant neck and back pain relief it likewise enhances sleep, eliminates stress, pains, discomforts, muscle stress, Blood Circulation and energy levels
  • GREAT FOR HEALING The mat and pillow is a Swedish acupressure mat, influenced by ancient Indian healing custom
  • SAFE Thought to have been around for countless years, today it is “re-invented” in a contemporary kind, with countless non-toxic plastic spikes, safe to the skin however with all the healing benefits of its famous forefather
  • ALLEVIATES STRESS While setting off the body’s inherent way of healing itself, the countless acupressure points make the Mat and Pillow a really effective tool for alleviating stress and causing a state of deep relaxation, while renewing and invigorating
  • 100% NON-TOXIC PLASTIC NAILS Hand washable detachable cover Procedures 15.98″ L x 12.76″ W x 1.73″ H

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sivan Health and Fitness Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set.

Question Question 1

There Is Noyoya Brand However It Is $40 Exists Any Distinction In Between These Two Since They Look The Exact Same.?

we do not know what the other brand names appear like or what is the distinction.All we understand is it didn’t work for us.

Question Question 2

Can Somebody Please Provide Precise Dimentions Of The Mat AndPillow Thanks?

mat is 29″ x18″ and pillow is 17″ x6″

Question Question 3

We Are Pretty Heavy, 5’10 250 Lbsdoes This Intensify Effect For Better Or Even worse?

we would state better

Question Question 4

How Is It For Sciatic Nerve Pain?

we are not rather sure how it helps particularly with sciatica as when we got the mat our sciatica had currently relieved substantially from doing other treatments like acupuncture and using a 10 system. The mat helps with neck and back pain though and helps you to unwind and sleepbetter It s easy to go to sleep on the mat.

Question Question 5

Does This Featured A Mat And Neck Pillow?

Mine did.

Question Question 6

We Are Trying To Find This Neck Pillow By Itself. Is It Offered Separately, And If So Where & How Much?

we dpnt know if its offered independently

Question Question 7

Does The Mat Have Any Signs On The Back Of It?

Mine appeared on the back.No signs or styles at all.

Question Question 8

Can The Mat Do Anything For Knee Pain?

If you place the pad under the knees,, yes.But its made for the back

Question Question 9

How Lots Of Spikes Per Disc? We Know Another Brand Which Had Actually Been Upgraded To 8892 Overall Spikes From The OriginalDesign Is More Better?

If our computations are appropriate there are 7,056 points. we could not inform you if more is better, however personally, we do not think we might stand much more.

Question Question 10

Does This Mat Feature A Travel Bag?

No it doesn t. In our evaluation we discuss how we use this mat on travel.

Question Question 11

Is It Meant Only To Lay On Your Back? Can You Lay On Your Stomach?

we would state you could. You d just need to get utilized to it. This specific one doesn t work effectively, so it might be great for your stomach. You can hardly feel it on your back. we found the real Spoonk mat works much better.

Question Question 12

How Long Prior To The Spikes Break?

we just purchased mine.They are still shaaarp

Question Question 13

Can You Use This Mat And Pillow On The Bed?

we think you can use the mat and pillow on the bed, however the flooring is better we think, more support. And we wouldn t suggest sleeping on it. Just use it for 15-20 minutes.

Question Question 14

Does It Contain A Memory Foam?

Yes it does however you can eliminate memory foam to clean pad.

Question Question 15

Can We Lay On Our Side To Help Hip?

we do not see why not

Question Question 16

How Do You Clean It?

we do not clean it, we always keep the mat under our sheet cover. im thinking you can hose it down with water and soap.

Question Question 17

What Is The Return Policy?


Question Question 18

Description States 15.98 Inches Longby 12.76 Wide However Customer Question # 2 States Its 29 In Long X 18 Wide In The Question And Response Area.?

we comprehend your confusion. we were puzzled also.we took out a measuring tape and this is what it revealed: The mat is 17 1/2″ wide (side to side) and 29″ long, (top to bottom.) Not consisting of the neck rest. The neck rest is 15″ wide and about 4″ high.Hope this helps.

Question Question 19

What Are The Measurements?

It is 29 by 17 inches

Question Question 20

In What Nation Is This Produced?

we don t know where is it from however we can inform you that this mat relief our pain.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Sivan Health and Fitness Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We remained in a major cars and truck accident in 1992 at the ripe age of 21 and was informed that we required physical therapy, etc. We believed we would be great, what’s the huge offer?. Fast forward 25 years later on plus our body having 4 kiddos and there have been numerous days throughout the years that we could not even get out of bed due to neck and back pain. A few months ago we lastly “snapped” out of 6 months of extreme sciatica pain where we believed we were going to lose our mind as our hubby can vouch for. We have attempted it all. Injections, physical therapy (when we lastly wanted up a bit. ), massage therapy, muscle relaxers and good old bed rest. A little over a week ago our lower back began tightening up and we began expecting an unpleasant time beginning and quickly began attempting to figure out what we might do to ideally prevent the extreme pain this time. Good old popped into our head and we just began clicking around reading evaluations and came across this mat. At $20 00 we believed it deserved a shot. Well, it deserved every cent. We laid on it and really stayed up on our bed, turned our body right to left and our lower back felt the loosest it’s remained in years. Years. Our 17 years of age child always has tight shoulders to the point she does not like them rubbed due to the fact that it harms. She attempted this out and when we entered into examine her she was sound asleep. We woke her up a bit so we might take the mat out from under her and she stated, “mother, our shoulders are so unwinded.” and they were. We might keep raving however we think you comprehend?? our experience had to do with 4 days earlier and we have still not had any neck and back pain, even after this last weekend where we were working outside around our home.

Just got the mat & pillow the other day. We have had acupuncture, which assisted however was only short-term relief. We didn’t know spect excessive from this little pad with plastic spikes.:-) enjoyable surprise — up until now it’s much better than we anticipated. We utilized it for ~10 minutes with a cotton fabric in between the pad and our skin. The pain was very little and the huge ‘crick’ in our back that woke us in the early hours of the early morning was 90%better The effect lasted for practically 3 hrs. Fyi, we are persistent pain victim, so anything that supplies relief is uncommon. We are eagerly anticipating attempting it throughout the day to see how well the effect lasts.

We purchased this mat due to the fact that we have trigger point neck pain and absolutely nothing appears to work. When we purchased this our neck had been injuring for days and we were essentially digging whatever into our neck to massage it. The pointy spikes do not harmed and we are quite delicate gal so do not hesitate of the spikes. They just feel strange so do not let that stop you from purchasing this. We have attempted it with clothing off and clothing on. We choose clothing off however you can’ t always do that:-RRB- anyhow, the first day we utilized it we went to sleep in just a few minutes. We awakened 20 minutes later on. We felt good:-RRB- we could not inform a distinction in our neck pain however we continued to use it daily and whenever we considered it. Whenever we have utilized it, we wind up dropping off to sleep which is strange for us as we can never ever take naps or go to sleep. This is a big plus and now we set on it to rest. We gradually discovered our neck pain decreasing and after about 2 weeks, our neck pain was entirely gone. This is neck pain we have had on and off for years and normally takes a deep tissue massage to disappear. So we got lazy and stopped using it given that our pain had disappeared and one early morning we awakened with pain once again. We began using the mat once again and it is disappearing. So, having stated all this, the mat works for us, effectively. We are happy with it and plainly think it has been useful in assisting our neck pain disappear. By the way, we lay over the pillow with our neck curved around it and the back top of our head touches the flooring. We wish to attempt this for our plantar fasciitis as we think it would help recover it too. Likewise, we had an bad sinus infection and we just could not breath, we utilized this and it provided us short-term relief of the pressure in our sinuses each time so we understand it’s making the blood flow and moving things around. We would state it has a great deal of great benefits for numerous conditions. We understand it has instant relaxing benefits due to the fact that we use it as our nap mat all the time now. Really happy with this product.

Greatproduct Reduces muscle discomfort or pain. We like basing on it the most although it s a bit extreme. Wonderful for the rate too. We investigated these a fair bit prior to buying and the rates varied quite considerably. We chose the shot this one due to the good evaluations and low rate and we were not dissatisfied. Kids like it too. Oh and the feline.??????.

Like others stated, unpleasant the very first time once you get utilized to it it is deeply peaceful, our kids really contest it and wish to take it to bed (ages 6 and 9) to sleep on. We need to go take it away after they go to sleep so we can go to sleep on it. Then at some point we toss it out from under us in our sleep. We likewise utilized this the other day to ward off a stress headache that we typically get regular monthly and we didn’t need to take excedrine this time. We like the size and that the pillow is not connected. We like that we can position the pillow under our thighs or knees while laying on the mat which in theory can help with cellulite however likewise unwinding to have that pillow under knees for a cushion. We likewise liked the simple rubber bands that can keep everything rolled up together. We do that and take it with us to hotels when we travel. We absolutely experienced the heat after unwinding into it followed by deep relaxation of the location being utilized on. We likewise like using the pillow and positioning the side if our face. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant initially however helps target a and eliminate stress in the jaw and deal with muscles. The rate was great. We have been wishing to attempt these mats for a while however put it off. When we browsed once again and found this mat, the rate was much better than previous choices we had seen prior to and chose to go for it and am do pleased we did. Likewise we in some cases much like to stroll throughout or base on it for a 2nd whenever we see it. We do not know why. However in between the kids and we we can barely leave it alone.

We have degenerative disc disease and rheumatoid arthritis found this mat to be really valuable in easing some of the pain. We will be 76 quickly and lay on it for 15 minutes every day. We think it is assisting us sleep longer given that we have always been an early bird we find our self now getting up an hour later on. This is only been given that we have been using the mat. We go to sleep every night at 11: 30 up by 6: 00 to sleep little later is genuine deals with. We call this our bed of nails after your on it as long as you lay still we don t feel the nails we have not fallen a sleep on it likesome We would suggest this to anybody who would want some relief from pain. More we use it the better we feel.

We provide it a 5 due to the fact that it provided as guaranteed. The flat area is smaller sized than we believed it would be (to be sincere we did not check out specifications) however it is plenty huge for our upper body, and we have a huge upper body. We have only utilized it a few times and most evaluation state you need to use it for a while prior to enjoying the benefits, however up until now so good. We are huge person 5’10 250 so we put this thing to use on a hard flooring. First time might only go a few minutes however afterwords it felt strangely stimulating. We work 10 hours a day walking and lifting boxes, it has felt respectable after work worth the $.

We like this may. We were doubtful about it would feel, these sharp spiky points poking us in the back. The very first time we layer down on the mat it felt really pokey. After about 20 minutes, we might feel our body completely unwind and we fell under a deep sleep and slept for 2 hours. We awakened sensation great. Despite the fact that the mat is washable, we attempt to use it after a shower when we are entirely clean. We have utilized it for naps and likewise right prior to bedtime. When using it prior to bedtime, we find that we fall deeply sleeping, however get up after about two hours, eliminate the mat, and fall back asleep. We likewise like the little travel pillow. Portable and small.

This surpassed our expectations. We figured it would help with some difficult situations in our back however it helps our back overall. And oh ouryyy does it feel good to base on that mat. So a lil info: we are healthy 32 year-old however due to capturing a falling individual suddenly, we have got sciatica and a pinched nerve in our left shoulder, in addition to consistent stress headaches. Right off the bat we didn’t find this mat unpleasant to lay on; it s absolutely not like needles on your skin. The body parts on the mat do get warm after a few minutes – in the very best way, seems like blood is streaming and restoring your body. After the first use, our movement was better and movements that usually worsened our injuries were hardly visible. We didn’t understand just how much pain we remained in till we began using this and experiencing relief. We eagerly anticipate using it everyday as it unwinds me, offering us the possibility to practice meditation or a minimum of concentrate on what our body is informing me. This shiz deserves much more than it costs.

Two weeks ago we lastly started and acquired an acupressure mat. We have been experiencing pain and tightness in our upper shoulders/ neck location and even after getting a massage – it was still eliminating me. Among our buddies has among these and has raved about it permanently. We now comprehend why. We lay on this mat for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, however longer if we are able. It’s taken our upper shoulders and neck pain from a 6 or 7 pull back to a 2 or 3 on the pain scale. We like that this was a natural choice rather of taking medication. It likewise enables us time to be still + clear our mind throughout every session (added bonus offer).

We got the acupressure mat and pillow set on july 7 and began using it instantly. We have utilized the acupressure hard plastic plates prior to, so it was not our very first time. The distinction in between these two products is that it is a lot easier to endure preliminary minutes when you set on the sivan acupressure mat and need to overcome some pain prior to you begin feeling warm and your body unwinds. We have good outcomes with the eliminating muscle pain in our upper back and neck location and likewise assisting with sciatica pain on the left side. We typically do it in the early morning for about 30 minutes. And location acupressure mat and pillow on our bed. The whole experience is rather addicting – we would invest in a mat longer if we could. No surprise – some customers state they can go to sleep on the mat. Up until now, we have being using it for 10 days and have favorable outcomes. Uncertain for how long the effect/benefit will continue and if there is such a thing as getting familiar with it. We will attempt to upgrade later on with extra information.

We provided this a full week of use prior to evaluating. We were at first really doubtful of this product; though acupuncture has been proven to be effective for 31 conditions (per the world health company) usually this list describes acupuncture created to treat a single location – not a mat-type format. This product is really easy to use on the ground or in bed. Laying on it the very first time seems like a really bad sunburn and is rather unpleasant and hard to unwind into. The first session all we might think of was our pain however we continued for the full 10 minutes. The instant sensation of relaxation in our spinal column made it all worth it. Over the next week we utilized it daily and slowly the pain associated with laying on it lessened substantially (though it still harms a bit to lay on, you rapidly change after daily use). We now have the ability to use the mat for 20-30 minutes every early morning and find that time indispensable. We practice meditation or do breathing workouts while laying on the mat to begin our day on the ideal foot. We have discovered a substantial decrease in tension-type headaches, occipital neuralgia-related headaches, and thoracic neck and back pain. In addition we feel that this has considerably decreased our stress and anxiety levels. We would suggest this for everybody who is thinking of purchasing it however is doubtful like we were – it is a great product that we will continue to use daily.

We are definitely in love with this item set. Upon first use we meant to lay on it for the recommended 30 minutes however it caused such relaxation, that we went to sleep practically quickly. The pressure is perfect & the positioning of the numerous spinal columns makes it easy to access any location of the body to eliminate pain & muscle stress, which we suffer with daily. The foam is soft however so supportive that it does not lose its shape even after sleeping on everything night (which has taken place) it is sooo relaxing. It is our go-to device for natural pain relief & to help in unwinding tight, locked or injuring muscles.

We have invested a great deal of cash on products to help our persistent osteoarthritis pain in our neck and back. This “pokey pad” as we call it, has worked marvels on our pain. We likewise have degenerative disk disease, scoliosis and stenosis and more going on neck to hips. We are a go-getter and when we begin to harm, we rest on the back pad and neck roll for 5-15 minutes and feel a lot better when we get up. We have even gone to sleep on it when we meant to stay only 15 minutes. We suggest it highly and have been talking our pals about it.

We were really doubtful initially. We have had it for over a year and didn’t think it would do anything. It has cleaned up our headaches and back pain really rapidly. We left work previously today with a migraine and an aching back, got back and utilized this. Fell asleep now feel a lot better.

We like laying on this at the end of the day. We understand that it will get the blood streaming to the knots and the stress kept in our muscles. It s the perfect relaxation tool. Our advice: develop your tolerance. It will hurt just a little initially, however by day 3, it ll start to feel good immediately.

Fascinating product, really ingenious, it does increase circulation and eliminate pain, we would buy this againwe have upper neck and back pain and it is really challenging to treat, even with massage, when we use this mat it releaves the pain, it is unpleasant to push sometimes however the pain deserves the ‘getting utilized to it’ time.

We have had this on our wishlist for a long while however have been reluctant tobuy We lastly purchased it for our so for xmas, and we are pleased we did. We both have neck and back pain (mine is upper and his is lower). We were having a great deal of upper pain just recently and utilized it and we felt a distinction after the first use (we laid on it for about an hour). It didn’t make our pain disappear entirely however it did reduce it. We utilized it once again the next day and felt better after once again. We think constant use every day would help make any neck and back pain disappear. The mat does not harmed nor is it that unpleasant. It’s just an irritable feeling on your back. Would suggest to others.

We are not one to compose evaluations however our hubby and we like this thing. He utilizes a foam roller however still has neck and back pain. Due to an injury, we are scared to use the foam roller on our lower back. Laying on this thing for 10 minutes even with a gown on relieved neck and back pain for us that no massage might have assisted. We have only attempted it as soon as on our lower back without clothing and geeze. It that example that harms so bad it feels good. Certainly happy we got it.

This is a lifesaver for somebody with persistent pain, swelling, circulation issues, tiredness, etc. Prior to we placed on our shoes and rush to work, we base on it for a few minutes, and we are good to go. If you’re ill and packed up, the neck pillow will get things going as well. This is something that no massage can offer. Mistakenly purchased two, and provided one to a buddy with persistent migraines, who is now doing much better.

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